Nintendo Can Sue Whoever They Want, But Roms And Emulation Aren’t Going Anywhere.

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The very popular emulation and ROM website, EmuParadise is closing it’s doors for good due to Nintendo’s aggresive stance on ROMs and emulation. Do you think Nintendo can curtail distribution of their classic games on the internet. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great content!

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keep it up up and up alright ladies and gentlemen I need you to find your tits you got them okay good I need you to calm them down I need you to beat about the breasts and make sure they're relaxed because I'm letting you know right now that emulation and roms are going nowhere I don't care how draconian Nintendo gets the emulation scene isn't going away anytime soon so if you remember in late July I did a video talking about how Nintendo was suing two big ROM websites out there that were called love retro dot Co and love roms and if Nintendo had their way with the lawsuit against these two websites they could receive up to a hundred million dollars in damages I'm sure that's not gonna happen a Nintendo's not gonna receive maybe even any money from the owners of these two websites but they're looking to make an example of them well anyway one of the biggest rom websites out there called mu paradise which has been around for almost 20 years admittedly I have been there numerous times and I'm sure many of you have as well they are feeling the pressure from what Nintendo has been doing to other websites and they are preemptively shutting down they've been around for two decades and they are now shutting their doors they do not want intend to take legal action against them mu paradises founder actually wrote a statement on the website and this is what he had to say about the situation many of you are aware that the situation with regards to emulation sites has been changing recently what you probably don't know is that we at mu paradise have been dealing with similar issues for all 18 years of our existence to be honest with you I believe it through the years I've worked tirelessly with the rest of the MU paradise team to ensure that everyone could get their fix of retro gaming we've received thousands of emails from people telling us how happy they've been to rediscover and even share their childhood with the next generations and their families we've had emails from soldiers at war saying the only way they got through their days was to be lost in the retro games that they play when they were children we've got emails from brothers who have lost their siblings to cancer and were able to find solace and playing the game as they once did as children there are countless stories like these now look I'm not condoning piracy i'm not telling people out there to have every single rom of nintendo's first-party IPS out there or Sony's or Microsoft's or whatever the case may be and start distributing them all over the place I don't condone piracy but I have to ask Nintendo have you not learned from history have you not learned from the music industry and the movie industry that you can't stop this you could hinder it slightly but you can't stop it does anyone remember Napster some of you were probably young that you don't because it's crazy to think that the whole Napster Fiasco happened in 1999 and 2000 and people were not even born yet when that happened and some of you may even be 18 years old now that that's really insane to think that that's how long ago it was but anyway Napster was one of the first mp3 distribution services and the the thing about it was it was the Wild West and the artists weren't putting their homes on there literally all of the mp3s and music on Napster were pirated straight up they were that was dealing what you were ripping your CDs making with mp3s and you would distribute him on Napster and other people will download them I remember one time downloading an album on Napster via dial-up that's how long ago we're going back well anyway there was a big shit storm in the recording industry you had major artists like Metallica who were going after Napster who haven't made a good album since the early 90s but that's besides the point and eventually the Recording Industry won Napster had to shut its doors in 2001 the name was bought by someone else but it was not the same company they tried to legally sell music and mp3s on there but my point being is that the recording industry's I got we got rid of Napster we won mp3s are no more and how did that work out I'm sure even people that are you know like 16 or 17 know that downloading music digitally has been an unstoppable force now things have changed the whole music climate has changed where a lot of people are signed up to music streaming service services such as Spotify and Apple music but once the digital Pandora's box was opened with music it never closed and the same thing with roms and downloading games and emulation I mean I remember and it's been around forever I remember being in high school having mystical which was one of the first Nintendo emulators and having a rom of the original Castlevania and playing it on my computer in my high school library it's been a emulation has been around forever a Nintendo could sue whoever they want to and shut whatever website they want to shut down but do you honestly think that there isn't quite possibly this could be true millions of people out there that don't have the entire library of the Nintendo Entertainment System the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Super Famicom Famicom Sega Genesis the original Xbox so on and so forth you don't think they have every single game ever made archived on their hard drives I'm sure there are countless people that do and I'm sure there's gonna be a million other ways such as BitTorrent and other websites and other means that these roms could still be distributed and that's another thing I'm seeing all over YouTube and the web right now I see I see a lot of people fear-mongering saying oh my god emulation is in trouble look man there have been lawsuits countless times in the past before and look at what happened with the recording industry with Napster like I just said did Napster being sued into an oblivion stop people from distributing music via mp3 no it didn't stop people from sharing music via mp3 in the internet if anything Napster going under made more people at the time aware of what mp3s were and it accelerated music being shared and distributed legally and illegally via mp3 on the Internet so Nintendo could sue whatever website they want to sue and they could go after anyone who has the library of games on their computer archive somewhere like the music industry did back in the early 2000s where kids would download me via Napster or LimeWire and then they would sue the parents into a financial oblivion that was that was really classy are a good for you but Nintendo trying to go after Rama sharing sites is like someone single-handedly trying to stomp out every cockroach on the planet you may get a hundred of them you may get a million of them you may get a billion but there's still billions more and you will never be able to stop out Nintendo every single ROM website out there you are wasting your time I assure you if you don't believe me ask the Recording Industry of America they'll be more than glad to tell you now a concern that a buddy of mine brought up on Facebook and it's an excellent point is they're afraid that history is not going to be preserved at least officially preserved like I said there may still be a ton of people with a bunch of games archived on hard drives or up in the cloud somewhere I don't want to see the games from developers and publishers who have long been the funks since maybe even the late 80s and early 90s I don't want to see those classic games get lost and avoid somewhere and we can never find them again and that's my issue with these websites being shut down is you know damn well Nintendo doesn't give a crap about those licensed less games where the developer and publisher is defunct they only care about the games that are making the money they don't care about preservation they care about profit one of the games I think of that I enjoyed when I was a kid was the Battle of Olympus for the NES now Nintendo actually published that in Europe but that's an old IP and I don't ever see them bring that game back now watch next week we'll see a remaster of it but it still is a good example there's a very good chance we'll never see the Battle of Olympus be re-released and if a lot of these major ROM distribution sites get shut down that game may get lost and avoid somewhere because Nintendo wants to really make sure you'll keep on Reeb eyeing Super Mario Brothers over and over and over again and if it means great classic games where the developers and publishers are long gone need to get lost and avoid somewhere in there collateral damage Nintendo doesn't care care about preserving the past they care about making money they're a corporation this is why I always tell you guys whether it be Sony Microsoft Nintendo whatever corporation is out there don't pledge allegiance to any of these people or any of these companies so they don't give a damn about you they don't give a damn about preserving history they give a damn about making money and that's it and if beloved games from the past get lost because they no longer have developers and publishers to own the intellectual properties that's no sweat off Sony Microsoft for Nintendo's backs they don't own the IP so they're not profiting off of them preserving history be damned so look I'll end the video by saying this I understand the news topic is quote unquote old and I'm a day late and a dollar short getting to it but I still felt it was important for me to discuss because I saw a lot of fear-mongering saying oh no it's emulation in trouble is emulation gonna end and our people no longer gonna be distributing roms in preserving history well to all the people out there saying that in their videos let me ask you a question the Recording Industry Association of America tried to kill off mp3s how did that work out this is rich a review tech USA signing out have a good one

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