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⭐Apex Legends is a new Battle Royale game with mechanics similar to Titanfall 2 and Overwatch. Apex Legends is the same concept of games like Fortnite and PUBG in which you need to be the last team remaining. Apex Legends has plenty of customization options from skins to guns to characters in the game. Apex Legends is the new, best Battle Royale game. Enjoy all our Apex Legends Gameplay you see on the official Best Apex Legends Moments YouTube Channel!

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Oh Mac same with the 500 it said hey man happy back you think FX chance to take over for night I mean I think any game has a chance to go before night it's gonna be nearly impossible but I think this game specifically good anyone's it's anyone's guess at this point I don't think yeah I think it's gonna be near impossible for anyone to be able to do what cornet has done and what do they continue to do day in and day out and update their game 3 one of the reasons for night was is so successful how they've constantly updated their map their game without changing too much I don't know what I don't know this is true or not but on Twitter there was some trending that said that apex had over 10 million people in 72 hours yeah the devs confirmed it holy moly ten million seventy that was yesterday so I'm wonder where they're at now that's kind of crazy for it I didn't move that facet it I don't think here's the thing that is that Hornet has set the way for games to move that fast now yeah I just hope I don't have to fight with that smiling robot house kid he is 400,000 would it be possible before they jump down but in the caustic tried to out caustic me but his thing doesn't affect endocrine aid so garbage it to talk again there's someone all right now play my dog show okay great great breathe breathe I don't have any ammo I not even I don't know chat you know at this point it's just like I let him down – yeah I went for it all how to play hundred guys hundred and ten percent my fault I literally walked up behind the guy who didn't know I was there which one oh yeah all I goes a long boys thing you know that I guess I just now getting that finisher boy Bob we're here probably later BAM that's me man by the way what a bad spot Jackie D Telly's out no I mean till the time until tell me everybody sound MIDI on bro kill him oh my god dude that was so stressful for like 30 seconds I hate being under the gun dude and it's so annoying we can't just keep me in that spot run along holy look all this blue oh my God he's fucking I don't know where he went braless too busy raising it's the wrong right next oh yeah the time right goddamn airstrike I have no idea what I literally have no idea what's happening right now you might be getting shot from behind out so scope look we guarantee to win and guess what happened I'm nowhere near you Dennis I'm spotting any yep I'm living up on that I solo guys I'm moving up on these guys very low very low how we talk what is this it's just invisible well I smoked us what guys look we're gonna have to fight I think no matter what right now okay was down oh the last guy is up there bro that's the last guy I broke it again here and walk is the bomb unlucky oh you die please homie well you're allowed to drop you know that right yo yo hi mmm there's a whole of the team here oh my god Jack I want to use the biggest hug then it mattered I know oh my god bro you are nuts ridiculous I'm gonna go ahead and have to ask you to send me your dpi and your in-game sense I appreciate it thank you I didn't know you did 26 hundred damage he was like right on you guys huh see what I can do a 25 volt in a dream nice this guy came out of nowhere I don't know how you snuck up on us like that I want to do is feel that well let's see how this goes chat the medkit nickel portal they like under guys bags yes no they're chasing Hugh yeah he's like right on top of me I can hear oh my phone is gone my portal expired

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