New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe with Tim & Paul

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Here’s an archived stream of Tim and Paul jumping into some Peachette action with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on Switch! Follow us on Twitch for more daily streams:

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oh and welcome back we have exactly 20 minutes to play Super Mario Bros u deluxe force which Nintendo really does not want people to memorize the names of video games they just want I think they want to colloquial eyes it they want you to say hello have you played that new Mario they wouldn't believe wait do you want to do one okay so um one of the criticisms of Super Mario Bros u when it came out on the Wii U was that it involved this character named nabbit who makes the game just too easy do you want to be nabbit do you want to go total easy mode here a bit you have you played us nabbit I've never played navitat so toadette and nabbit are the noob characters I'm not a new but Mario you're probably not a noob you know so what we're gonna do is we're gonna NAB it can't get hit by animal it yeah and nabbit just okay so first of all as you know a we can we can bounce off each other's days nice you get that co-op so I really really like Super Mario Bros you let me know so I'm gonna show you oh there's a princess right away oh look at that Wow 1 cent so we went in 25 seconds we went from zero it was exactly 25 seconds by the in-game clock zero to peach it hell yeah they are not hiding the peach at all I don't know they give it to you right off jump so she is I've experimented a tiny bit with her look watch you don't even get hurt say you can pick up coins but you can't pick up power-ups on accident so it makes you like the perfect co-op buddy for a noob but without being like you know like like something about it mode like yes you get points for picking that stuff up and points matter in this because it's a party style Mario so you know it's it's not insulting it's not like the Super Mario Galaxy you can you can pick up the star chips by the moat around that's really insulting it's like it's like the bare minimum for engagement I'm gonna become squirrel so now I'm squirrel cage squirrel toadette now I'm peachy yet again and squirrel the squirrel version lets you float and P Chet can float – all right I don't even wanna be featured so here we go I know where the tasties are oh we got to keep track of time by the we're keeping track we're keeping track all right yeah because Nintendo will literally knock on the door outside of this Nintendo will not let us play this for more than 20 minutes on the livestream they will let us capture a couple little clips which we're gonna do later oh yeah we can do that with that voiceover and then we can record voice over later and pretend that we're playing it yeah wouldn't that be funny that would be funny to do play we're gonna do that we're here live we're here alive oh my god it's okay it's a little bit more jarring than I thought it would be for her to suddenly become like a full proportion human I'll get all get all that so I love Super Mario you I'm ready to make a long video about this game oh we get to parents at the same time I want to make a video that's longer about this I don't like place it within the Canon well I'm in canonizing I've become a weird super deformed little tiny anime character thing again and now I'm a human again it's weird it's it's kind of a little bit freakier than I thought it would be no bout that unfortunately give me that bow set so I got conversation topics that plants in the conversation times we only have 20 minutes Oh Shh yeah you're not gonna die don't work you nabbit he's got that big bag where did it come from now it's just a wild boy who was born on the weird side of town is that a bandana look at that nice instant flagpole flagpole sitting black both sitting was a a fat in the early 60s it replaced honker ring as America's hunkering replaced phone booth stuffing I look all of these ad uniforms with stuffing now phone booths nothing was dangerous people were getting stuck in phone booths they were hurting themselves up hurting themselves so it's like this game comes out on the 11th of January there's just how many lives nabbit has the 11th of January 1 1 1 everybody ninis everybody becomes a numerologist when it's possible to get all the same numbers oh my god I'm a tiny little thing again I can't even I can't do anything yeah yeah but you can you can collect coins can collect coins and you can also get to the goal and you can carry the team so team oh my back so I really like genuinely love Super Mario Bros you me and my buddy devoured it in like a week and me and my buddy Doug Jones in Indianapolis Indiana shoutout to Knapp town Doug Jones we we owned this game in like a weekend and we ripped it apart and we had such a good time yeah I had the Wii U but I didn't have this game it was it was like a formality for a certain type of aged gamer what would buy this game and just because they had to yes look at this weird little playful stuff it does that's cool so it's like there was a Mario on the Wii there was a new super mario bros for the Wii and three night world is super slept on start that up 3d world is definitely gonna get a remaster probably announce today's rates won and they they better had some new content I wanted DLC in 3d world that's all I wanted in my life was the only thing I ever asked anyone for you know that soundtrack is like that oh my god good yeah yeah it's real good it's got all those horns yeah I think that nice now see I'm of the mind of the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack he's like super I'm dead I lived I wall jump a wall jump in look I lived so when Lena when Super Mario Bros came out for Wii the going opinion see so you get your your symbol on the flag cuz you got there first this games all about getting there first just like just like the finish line shoe store ad campaign in the 90s it's all about getting there first so when it came out on the Wii and now I'm a tiny little thing again that's creepy nice you can slide down any incline surface even this mild incline let's take a look at the physics of this here it comes oh look at those hot fellow my god I really wanted to jump through one let's let's try again let's see how her physics are here how does it even on smash oh yeah look at that oh did I do that and you didn't die the that thing did I'm all up for stuff dying so the criticism when the game came out on Wii was that the multiplayer mode felt people were saying it felt rushed it felt attacked on it didn't feel real because it's like you're just bumbling into each other do you ever plan on the Wii yeah that we would you just bumble in like wild things 3ds one and it was like an ultimate like friendship burner you know it would just kill people people were killing each other because of that game it's true because they're just bumping each other off platforms and just yelling at each other so this one was balanced much better for party time stuff just like much better it's like a much chiller party time thing yeah and I love that so these levels are just like party style there they're a little bit more spacious there's a little bit more stuff going on the obstacles have a little bit more flavor to them I got a 2000 I get I get open I won see like you have the little little touches like your character's symbol on the flag little things like that this is a very good game to play it is a great little brother character he's got that bow set or about that that a Bowser jr. bandana bandana thanks a million for your help I don't know what we helped you with man ooh delicious nice I'll eat that yes we're doing good we're doing good we've only been on for about me have a timer going no no but I have a timer going in my head it's we've been on eight minutes so I I played this in portable mode and I will I'm pleased to report everything about it always runs at a constant 60 frames per second it's constant 60 nice and you know saying that on the stream like this is begging for somebody in the the comments on we're gonna we're gonna skip that we're gonna go straight to the fortress that's why the shout-out dice games comment t-minus 12 minutes until Reggie busts the in Reggie's gonna break down that door and he's gonna say I'm here to kick butt and stop you from playing games that's a reference to his first appearance it's like look at these these party time obstacles I call them party time obstacles I really like the level design in this game and then they really super Luigi u a year later and super Luigi u just they went they went hog-wild on the level design she looks weird with her ghost fireballs love with that color palette ghost balls don't get crushed don't get crushed don't get killed we can nip it die huh no no you can't die well you can die see I call that party time it's party time level design it's just like every every little screen feels like you're doing something yeah gotta get my buddy grandpoop grand Pooh Bear now shout out the grand Pooh Bear if you're watching we got to get him to come in here and play this which is speedrunning yeah we're gonna be nabbit do the speedrunners use nabbit let me know so super super Luigi u I love super Luigi you so much it's like the ultra hard version of this and it's included it straight up on here Anshu I just say this game lets you mercilessly kill skeletons I just boosted you sometimes you got a buddy you got to boost that buddy look at that it's right I've boosted you can do this buddy blue so Super Mario Bros you added this while Superman New Super Mario Bros added the little little little pirouette jump oh yeah that's good I wish I loved a little bit of a little bit of a ballet of thing and it added these wall jumps and I think the wall jumps are extremely good I like the Mario maker levels that there's there's a few Mario maker levels out there that are made by people who understand that Super Mario Bros you use actually good yeah and it's like so what I want to do and I'm announcing this now I'm going on I'm going to Indianapolis Indiana tomorrow shut up to nap town once again I'm gonna play this game with my friend Doug Jones on his TV in his house Doug Jones we're gonna play the heck out of it I'm gonna play this game the whole time I'm there I'm gonna just rip through it I'm gonna reassess it because I when I first played it I remember having this extremely favorable impression I'm like wow they made a really good 2d Mario in the God darn 21st century and it's really good and I just remember like maybe part of that was the party time maybe part of that was the fact that I just eaten dinner at wah Oh like Waffle House in Greenfield Indiana though like I just like I want to reassess it I'm like I'm dead i straight dad oh look nigga technically died but my his his soul lives on oh my god I'm dead I get in there you got it you gotta let me out of that bubble I can gravitate toward you another party time Ellen that's cool you can wall jump yeah the wall jumping feels really good in this game does it feel as good as Celeste no it doesn't feel as good as Celeste it's a faster game I kind of liked Odette she's alright she's not a she's got a little bit less inertia she feels more more modern more indie you know yeah oh look she's like faster and she kind of stops faster yeah yeah you always gotta just poke around oh yeah I like when games encourage you to just poke it stuff yeah just poke it it's like poker it's right in there I got up to the door just in time for to not be like look like I was embarrassingly behind there we go here it comes boom-boom room beloved Mario character made his first appearance in Super Mario Brothers 3 and he's here now he's mad let me get the final hit alright it looks bad if nappy yeah yeah nice we should keep going to nip it though that sounds in here he's Navitus he used the bag but like where did he come from who is who is he what does his mouth look like beneath that bandana yeah maybe they added some content or let you find out so I always felt weird like Nintendo announced that they were gonna do stuff like DLC back on the Wii U right right they had some DLC like Smash Bros had some aggressive DLC released some characters cloud or you right so it's like why didn't they do a whole bunch of God darn DLC for this why couldn't I have new Mario levels cuz these are all really good level designs yeah word I mean they basically made a game for you to make DLC yeah so this is like look how the camera pulls out so nicely the like to accommodate that four-player I want to get that I want to get more peach it just once more I love so like this is just a kind of wholesome obstacle you get this thing that's just rotating and it's like you see it they give you a really big one and then pretty soon they're gonna give you smaller ones that are moving faster I can't ride Yosh you can only abuse him yeah I can eat you there here you are you fun huh would you like a ride would you oh my god no get that guy Oh get out of my mouth I'm gonna get this I'm gonna go in here a nib did you want to come down I can come back up oh no no it's just like nope it just automatically doesn't you're going give me this stuff give me this oh yeah don't phase me you're nabbit he's got shoes of Steel we gotta be I work together there's there's a hundred and sixty four levels according to the back of the box a lot of contacts completely wild I love it they're remastering loud I mean witness Mario maker coming over though for real come on just make that happen yeah Mario maker would be perfect on switch I mean it literally would because you could draw the levels with your guy darn finger yeah and also they have their online and sort of sorted out now oh my flag oh my god I love Mario I love Mario that's getting moderated I don't know why I apologize I get that auto mod but sometimes people do jokes that are like too hot for the Box too hot for the bus it's a cool bot I can't wait to play this game on an airplane tomorrow I've been rereading the works of William Faulkner lately I go through this phase once a year or so I was like yeah I'm gonna read I'm gonna read the rest of As I Lay Dying on the airplane tomorrow it's like no I'm oona plays it's like my peach my tasty peach oh yeah Rodney Yoshi heck yeah that skirt is a kind of in conflict with the Saturday she's not riding sidesaddle she's riding wild saddle that's death that's one down for now no you know what and lead yeah finally we get to it let's let's just turbo turbo run fast run just run fast yeah I'll be out of time we're yeah we're pretty much out of time thanks for the boost so it's like the teamwork and this is essential the whole boosting so you get these things it's just kind of showing you these invisible wall no it finds the ghosts of the world we have four minutes four minutes four minutes all right thank you okay so we're gonna just turbo through the next level get into the next level and turbo three let's turbo it up Oh final conversation topic what did you think of the Nintendo switch in the year 2018 and where do you think it's going in the year 2019 oh that was that real just like how fast after that was great yeah what do you think uh let's go to this one but that has much more jumps let's go to the hop in zone I think the future of the switch looks bright it looks real good we got this coming out in January I think the future also holds Mario maker in my hands yeah I want that Mario maker there's gonna be Animal Crossing this year this year was good you know with my first year with the switch I mostly played it uh I mostly played it docked dock meet you yeah I'm also going to talk to them this year I think I mostly played at portable you know what I like about the Nintendo switch I don't know what your particular optometric situation is but I this is the first game console I've been able to play without my glasses really yeah and I appreciate that you know what it is because a lot of the Texas design for it I mean I might say for every game and damage is so fast but so much of the Texas design for it to be read and handheld so it's nice and big and chunky oh yeah that God darn know I want to be I want to be the big boy weirdo we're just the couple we're just a couple of weirdos hanging out here Oh coin oh it's up to me it's up to nabbit daddy toadette is dead dab it for nabbit oh and of love nice that's okay my flag wins nice how many more minutes do we got let's take a look um what I'll leave I believe we have one more minute you didn't answer the question with the future of switch I think it's gonna be good there's gonna be that animal crossing it is gonna be Metroid Prime trilogy probably there's gonna be a god darn – I want Super Mario 3d World to get announced oh I want I want them to pour it over that Skyward Sword I like Skyward Sword that I want all of that stuff oh yeah I just I want all of the stuff because I'm a real stuff grabber you know whenever there's stuff I'm like no I'm like nabbit I want to throw it in my bag it's true Tim's grabbing stuff in the dragon quest 11 Xenoblade Chronicles X blade I want that Dona persona 5 she Megami Tensei 5 which was announced and then disappeared from all public record I like how they're not afraid to do multiple levels that have kind of the same like background same little motif going on there just oh well I die I die I think you might be out of time I was I'm a stupid freak and I was born to die that's true I think well I think it's time to say goodbye me die I'm like I'm playing sloppily because of Nintendo's weird yeah weirdly rigid God darn I'm just not playing with all my Mario's my Mario's my Mario's are flying out the car window pane if it'll carry it across the finish line as we yeah see he just you just can't die well when you fall in a pit you done can't stop won't stop as we all do okay how do you want to die in real life do you want to fall into a bottomless pit that wouldn't be bad because then you wouldn't necessarily hit anything one way I don't want to die – I don't want to die of hunger oh and finally we end with another pretty pretty princess PJ it's what you came here for I'm gonna tell you what well of all the eldritch Horrors I controlled in video games in the year 2018 she's by far the weirdest and by far also the most graceful beautiful that's beautiful welcome welcome back to daddy's bingo goodbye from daddy's bingo goodbye everyone twenty minutes is up goodbye everyone Reggie is outside the door right now yeah Reggie is here and he's ready and he's gonna beat me to death

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