New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Switch Review

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The Wii U ports keep on coming, this time with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. We’ll check out if this Switch port is worth your hard earned coins!

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Many thanks from the SwitchWatch team – James, Juan and Jordan
as one of the very few Wii U owners in the world I'm probably one of the rare few that have been incredibly happy that Nintendo have continued to transfer the majority of their big games from that system to the Nintendo switch the latest and hopefully not the last is new super mario brothers you this time where the dual looks title I'm joining from switch watch and I'll see how this holds up five years later I'm gonna say this straight the new Super Mario Brothers series has always left me unimpressed as an onlooker right from the very first entry even as a Wii U owner I didn't pick this one up until very very late not because it's a bad game in fact it's rather excellent but because of the clinical lifeless scientifically formulated nature to it I mean just watch the trailer even Nintendo couldn't be bothered to try and liven it up well as they did it is a fantastic game and even if I can't infuse myself to play at any point I'm always happy that I did whenever the blue moon had risen do I really need to talk about story for a new Super Mario Brothers you do looks unless you've lived under a rock for the past 30 odd years it's pretty much the same situation as always peach has been imprisoned in her castle and it's up to Mario to save her from the grasp of Bowser after being blasted away from the castle right at the beginning Mario and his friends must traverse the lands to head back to where they originally began between him and his goal are the Koopalings Bowser jr. and his many minions while I'd never criticize a platformer of this nature for not including the story I think it's time for Nintendo to be a little more expansive in these 2d Mario titles just a little Mario obviously found a perfect balance of small story parts to intrigue the gameplay narrative so it can be done this title however does very little to provide one that's fine I guess the new super mario brother series is all about the gameplay considering everything else surrounding it is pretty weak its lucky that the gameplay is sensational it's just standard Mario 2d platformer one that you've played before especially of the new variety that uses very simple platforming mechanics to absolute perfection you travel on a world board similar to what you may be used to in Super Mario World or Mario Brothers 3 where each world has a set theme and a handful of levels within each you start offering a standard entry grassy kind of level in ACORN plains but soon will branch off into the icy levels forest levels pretty much everything we've seen before and interestingly there is a slight non-linearity to it as you can choose which path you want to take opting to skip a world or level if you want to it's just standard Mario gameplay as you hop skip and will jump your way to the end goal of each stage and even though there's a little bit of being here done that there's some nice level design once you've got out of the starting blocks of the first world there's a lot of content to considering this release bundles the original game and it's Luigi starring expansion which pretty much doubles the amount of content that's a lot of platforming action and by this point you know Nintendo have pretty much nailed level design to a tee there are lots of cute powers but nothing quite as iconic as previous entries you have the super icon which transforms you into a flying squirrel type thing which you'll probably say is similar to the Cape from mario world or the raccoon suit from mario 3 but it lacks the personality for some reason the penguin suit 2 fails in the imagination department yoshi returns in his classic big green form as well as in three baby forms something which we haven't seen for a long time until this point while green yoshi is pretty much what you'd expect the baby varieties offer something a little bit different for example the purple yoshi will expand like a balloon at the press of a button while the blue one blows bubbles again like the power-ups found here the Yoshi's don't really add a whole lot I feel they make the levels ridiculously easy at times because they swallow just about any enemy that comes near you for me it's just about the pure platforming and everything else feels a little tacked on I have to say it is a game of two halves the single-player is very clinical all most bland in its experience and it can provide some thrills with its level design and challenge I know that seems contradictory but there's no other way to put it the other half is where the game actually comes alive multiplayer this is where up to four people can traverse the levels together in an amalgamated cooperative competitive experience I didn't have a chance of playing this one with a full roster but having played it on the Wii U version with four people before it is just fantastic having a couple of people sitting next to you truly transforms the game into something that produces laughs after laughs after laughs the beauty really is in all the wonderful accidents that happen whether it be jumping on a player's head sending them down to the desk below picking them up and launching them off to god-knows-where or stealing that extra life that they so badly needed with the right people it's hilarious even with people who generally don't play computer games and that's another thing I need to touch on and something that's a sensitive topic for some while the game can't present a decent challenge even for veteran gamers Nintendo have included various assists for those of a less than skilled nature even more so in this rerelease if you fail a level too many times you can take advantage of the super guy which will pretty much automatically get you through the level NAB it's only an antagonist in the original is now playable has the ability to not get hit by anything allowing players to stroll through levels toadette another new playable character can get the super crown which turns her into peach ex giving her abilities far superior to the normal characters I for one actually applaud these aids as rather surprisingly this Mario entry can provide a stone challenge especially if the Luigi portion which was specifically targeted at being for the more hardcore Mario player you know the ones who proclaim that the original Mario 2 to be not that hard while I'm in the business of coddling young gamers to instant gratification I think for a very young audience who really just are finding their game of feet these are welcome additions what struck me as odd however was the fact that if you're playing with a full house of people the fourth player is stuck as playing as either toadette or Nuggets I'm not sure why there's a lack of choice in this department is it means one person will be forced to play as one of the characters who is seemingly for those of a lowest skill set it even more obvious when playing the super Luigi expansion when Mario is missing I didn't find this to be a huge problem since Torrez abilities are hardly omnipotent but a little better thought from Nintendo would have been nice aside from the overwhelming double campaigns there are extra modes the boost rush coin battle and challenge mode the start of these is definitely the challenge mode which tasks you with an all manner of weird assignments whether it be completing the stage in a quick time collecting a set number of coins in the stage or even surviving for as long as possible I did not originally play these during the Wii U days so I'm happy that I've actually forced myself to play as I can see it being very fun going through all of these challenges it's worth noting that the original game had a mode called boost mode but this has been taken out because of the lack of a Wii U gamepad but as someone who's played that before it's not really a huge miss at all one of my favorite little additions is of HD room or HD Rumble is a wonderful little invention from Nintendo that I'm constantly impressed with and while this dual looks version isn't the pinnacle of its use that will be Kirby it's still a subtle upgrade that I can appreciate very much I like the little touches as you collect a powerup or hits a block you can actually feel it in your hands very subtly I really like it moving on from the gameplay we do need to take a nosedive in the quality department when it comes to the visuals and later audio I'm not criticizing the visual fidelity which is obviously very strong for a simple looking game now boost it up to a nice 1080p from the Wii U version but the art style is mostly very very bland there's very little personality here and there's an air of emptiness when it comes to detail it's so by the numbers probably to get it out in time for launch of the Wii U and it's really missing something that should make it stand out from the rest of the new Super Mario Brothers games or platformers in general some of the different worlds do have a nice weird take to them something that we've never seen before like prime example being the van Gogh looking weirdness that is positively great these standouts are few and far between however I will say that it looks fantastic when played in handheld no 2 it's so much better than when I used to play on the Wii U gamepad it's just night and day how much better the switch is it runs very smoothly – as you would expect I experienced no hitches in the frame rate whatsoever the audio is pretty tame at least for the standards of what you expect from a flagship Nintendo title with koji kondo Nintendo's legendary composer taking a backseat in a supervisory role the two composers Shiho Fuji and hater Yokota provide a little bit of safe 'no Stu your ears as you platform around you're accompanied by overly Pleasant melodies that are slightly mixes of one song over and over again there's no catchiness or memorable choose like you would expect I'm not saying it's bad or anything but it's far too safe clinical and unambitious for a Mario game in my opinion looking at value Nintendo are still aiming for that premium price I'd that other Wii U ports have asked for 49 pounds 99 on the uke shop and 59.99 in the US I recommended Donkey Kong tropical freeze at that price but that's because that particular game is one of the best games ever made the pinnacle of the genre and it wasn't fight to that price that stopped it getting the full fat ten out of ten from me you do looks is a far more tricky decision though those who owned or played the Wii U version are advice to stay well away unless you're really issued for that Mario experience on the go for new players it's still a little difficult to say whether it's good value despite the wealth of content between the base game is expansion and the challenges I really think Nintendo should have notched this one down 20 pounds or dollars and I would have given it a haughty thumbs-up at that price as it is I'm on the edge about the price sure you'll get a good 15 to 20 hours from normal play plus a lot more for 100% completion getting all those star coins will not be a quick task maybe wait for that once per year sale where Nintendo will knocks a cent off of course you could just buy the Wii U version for a crazy amount cheaper or there is a physical switch copy which is probably going for a bit cheaper than the eShop and if you're gonna buy it then consider helping us out at the same time by buying through our Amazon shop in the link below it's at no extra cost to you and it helps us out so much to reinvest into the channel before I get into my final thoughts don't forget to subscribe if you're new to this channel we are a switch focus channel hell-bent on providing the best Nintendo switch reviews gameplays and features honestly it's well worth it guys overall in the absence of any other 2d Mario game new super mario brothers you do looks is a fairly welcome addition to the Nintendo switches library even if it's probably the least inspired release of them all fantastic gameplay devoid of any desire to play may make this one tough to press the Buy button on if you can force yourself past the sterile nature to it and grab a couple of friends then you'll soon realize that it is actually a fantastic game it's not the game you want to play but you'll be happy you did as you and your friends have a roaring blast play through the generous amount of content on offer I know this has been an overly negative review at times but that's because it's not what you would want or hope for in Mario's adventures but it's still a great game when it comes to gameplay it's an 8 out of 10 if you want a different kind of platformer then head over to watch our review of donkey kong tropical freeze which as stated is a Titan of the genre and an essential game for your library I've been Jordan from switch watch and I'll see you guys over there take care

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