New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Acorn Plains 100%! (Nintendo Switch)

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New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Acorn Plains 100% Gameplay!
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Acorn Plains – 1 ► Acorn Plains Way
Acorn Plains – 2 ►Tilted Tunnel
Acorn Plains – 🏛 ► Crushing Cogs Tower
Acorn Plains – 3 ► Yoshi Hill
Acorn Plains – 4 ► Mushroom Heights
Acorn Plains – 5 ► Rise of the Piranha Plants
Acorn Plains – 🏰 ► Lemmy’s Swingback Castle
Acorn Plains – 🦑 ► Blooper’s Secret Lair

Thanks for watching my New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Gameplay and Walkthrough! I’m excited to be playing on Nintendo Switch! You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature my impressions, reactions, and commentary throughout the full game story mode including the ending! If you’re a fan of Mario, then let’s play New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes today!

Join Mario, Luigi, and pals for single-player or multiplayer fun anytime, anywhere! Take on two family-friendly, side-scrolling adventures with up to three friends as you try to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Includes the New Super Mario Bros. U and harder, faster New Super Luigi U games—both of which include Nabbit and Toadette as playable characters! Two games in one, for double the fun! Simple, straightforward controls, new playable characters optimized for younger and less-experienced players, and a wealth of bonus content—like a Hints gallery and helpful reference videos—make this a perfect choice for anyone looking to introduce their family to the wonderful world of Mario. All a player needs is one Joy-Con controller, so two people can team up right out of the box! Tackle 164 platforming courses in the two main game modes and enjoy extra replayability with three additional game modes in which you can also play as a Mii character: Challenges, Boost Rush, and Coin Battle!

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Name: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: January 11, 2019

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what does a guy Zach Scott here playing new super mario brothers you deluxe for the Nintendo switch that is a mouthful I played this on the Wii U but since then the game has been updated to include toadette and of course her transformation into peach yet if you like to win a copy of this game then you're in luck because of dollars smash and I have partnered to bring you guys a contest the full details are in the description but you've got to watch this video in his first episode as well thanks to you guys my channel has exploded in popularity lately in fact my first episode of super mario odyssey now has over 6 million views and that's all thanks to you guys living over fifty nine thousand likes I will be thrilled to this video got even a fraction of that so thanks in advance for any likes and comments you can give me on this video series also thanks to support we now have surpassed 3.4 million subscribers December was one of my most subscribed months in a long time that is incredible I cannot thank you guys enough I will do my best to bring you guys even more awesome videos just leave a comment letting me know which games made you subscribe and which games you'd like to see me play in the future now without further ado let's play new super mario brothers who deluxe again that is a mouthful but we are about to enter the first world now ACORN plains when I played before on the Wii U I would do like one stage at a time or a couple stages at a time we're gonna do the whole world ACORN plains we're gonna heavily focus on toadette today so that you can see peach at there's no bow that though unfortunately but this is the first world we are gonna have some serious fun today again I appreciate you stopping fine do not forget about the contest I think you're gonna want to enter here we go alright we are starting off a corn Plains as Mario and I'm gonna do the first day does Mario just kind of get the basic controls down I know I played this game before but then I'll switch to uh I guess toadette so that we can see P chat in action of course I don't think we'll ever be able to see bow set in action that's so unfortunate ACORN plains way the sacrum Plains and – one so let's get the get the main controls going here okay good good so far and a mushroom whoa watch out for that kinda guy has an acorn how do I get him how do I get him how do I get him okay we're going back it's okay go back we're going back can I go in this tunnel now acorns gonna turn you into like a squirrel monster not a monster beam on him saying it's kind of turn you into a bit of a squirrel and you can kind of glide and see the walls and whatnot you gotta take one oh there it is here we go so check this out don't dance dance okay so how do I glide just get rid of that really quick take bag Goomba hey girl so got my first point I'm gonna be getting all three coins for each level basically doing 100% playthrough when I played this for the for the Wii U I I even went as far as to do some of the challenges like that are that are outside of the main story mode here I may not do those it really just depends on how well the series does on the channel because I've already done them and I don't think I don't think that I'm gonna be able to give you guys anything extra if that makes sense but I mean so but we'll see we'll see how it goes all to believe there we go got that low that's gonna fall hold on there must be a secret here oh there is a secret here but that's about it just here I thought I could go through a little bit further that's okay gonna be looking for that extra coin can I there we go thought so thought so I thought so you get confused about grappling into the wall all right we don't have to get every coin let's see okay I'm looking for an extra is always good those are with points okay here we go I just want to see if there's any other it's been it's been like years since I played this obviously so we just wonder really really as I'm joking around there you really got me okay hold on let's see all right got it all right give us a reward an acorn of course of course I think they call a coin so you can kind of glide on the wall it's gonna stick to the walls and whatnot I'm nervous about missing the uh the next there we go Oh are there you go are you ready to rumble so you can go up here let's find out look I should focus on getting those coins especially this one right here there you go get the third big coin guys okay this is exciting now now we're doing what we're supposed to be doing I should have been focusing okay you know I'm not gonna get a hundred per second coin walkthrough or anything like that but uh here we go having fun regardless here we go so we just slide through here this might take you to a flag oh yeah it does one up so we got three coins and now we're going to the next stage Mario time so now what I want to do is I want to go ahead and switch off two Toadette cuz she's knew we could be P Chet let's see how it works let's look at the menu really quick how do we switch change characters okay so yeah by Mario there's Luigi there's toad and then there's toad at easier nabbit the easiest I'll be you know it's fine with means that it's easier I've done this whole game before in the Wii U you can go back and watch my series but sure it's fine with me that it's a little bit easier ACORN plains – tilted tunnel we'll see how much easier it is so what's your ability over this tilted back all right so we got a mushroom is there anything to this over here like check this out is there anything going on over here it almost felt like it kind of go into the back there but now alright so like I said we're gonna be aiming for three coins per stage of course okay sure and I don't like it to toriel anything hitting a bunch of coins is not a not a trivial thing it means pretty good right because you can get a lot of extra lives and the more lives that you have the better I don't know I I just got done playing the you know that first spyro game and okay what's happening how do I get the crown I mean like how a parrot is there it is I and now Pete Jett awesome she can float I think pretty good on her on me this is basically the the whoa that's a good jump whoa no one saw that coming like I said it's been forever since I've played this game I guess her jump is a lot taller is that the deal with it have I found any of the coins yeah any of the the big coins what's going on alright this is a good there we go and that's the first one okay good job all right so we see these guys here we know that they're gonna be trouble let's run come back here get some more coins there you go now like I said we're gonna be see oh darn it I didn't mean to grab that I mean I actually did mean to honestly if I'm just I meant to but I didn't mean for it to gate my ability so that's that's where kind of gets disappointing to me because I wanted to continue being there you go there you go now is there something going on there hold on what is this what's the deal here okay oh no okay well how do I reset that I don't think I can reset that I think it's already the damage is done I want to go for that vine though so I don't really know like I just have to say goodbye we got the checkpoint I want to get that vine let's do it I don't want to I don't want to make any mistakes you know I want to leave anything behind I know that died on the second stage I know I know this supposed to be easiest right but no we're fine I just really want to get that vine I don't know what's up there but we got that one coin you know so we're okay with that there's a mushroom okay eyes a little extra spin you know the little extra spin with the Java so there you go perfect let's see what's going on up here there might be a you know coin I can use here we go oh nice got it I thought I was to do some fancy gliding there but now I didn't all right so okay got to low right now there we go there we go there we go right secrets like I said although it's been a while since I played I don't feel like I've lost my style you'll know what I'm doing technically make all three coins so now we can get out of here skedaddle and I am up a jet right now toadette version of peach is there anything else I need to do here I mean sure I can do this so I guess what I like is that she has the extra jump that's what makes it easier it's like hers her thing is not just a spin it's an actual extra jump so like if you're moving along let's say that this is your thing right and you like maybe maybe you missed the jump or you like oh I'm not gonna make it I can make it you can just zoom up and then get the flag for real there you go so yeah most of my time here since she's new I I will probably end up being toadette /p gent but only cuz they won't let me be browse it alright let's get a move on let's see what's over here whoa what just happened what just happened Oh Bowser took over the castle I'm coming peach peach is coming from peach so here we go here we go ACORN plains alright pick a block and I'll give you whatever items inside like I got it you don't to pick the bad one alright so that one's the bad one I'm keeping my eye on the bow and I should have been keeping my own the good one but I kept my imbalance in the middle mouse to the right middle right alright but I don't I don't know what the other ones were so here we go I think great great I'm done yeah yeah that one was the bad one alright got two items including the crown that would turn me into peach yet can't wait to give it to Bowser to see what happens alright awesome now the one thing that this game is lacking which I don't know if you remember the Wii U me verse no me verse here so I can't like leave a comment about the stage about how you liked it this is crushing tower and ACORN plains let's do it my friends okay look at that that is awesome so cool thanks here we go what else do I need here you know what I mean like I don't need to get those things okay don't crush me okay here's an idea put myself up here here we go now but was there anything over here that way I'm missing out on un amigo there's a secret there don't mind more sort of if it's a secret right it sure looks like a secret oh there's oh here we go yeah yeah yeah that's number two they're jumping powers are supreme oak so I really care about these haha I was a one up of course I care I'm a caring individual alright the other coins surely on this side I don't get crushed by the crushing cars I don't want that although it's cool it takes it takes no don't touch it no it takes away my cool peach mode which is the whole reason that I decided to come back to this game honestly because I was like man I got it I gotta do something here there we go what's this just launched me up you think oh yeah memories just right all right we're good we're good we're blazing we're gonna blaze through some of these I think because I'm I'm gonna be fat like my original episodes were short but that's I'm doing the whole ACORN plains this episode so it's gonna be different like I said this is a different time in the zackscottgames history you know I can't stick it like Mario there we go now what now you want to third time's a charm huh there you go boom boom and that is what we're doing here guys this is fun it is a little bit easier with peach but like I said I've already gone all the way through with other characters I'm just fine going through with peach now is there a secret exit sure is there a secret exit to the stage up here let's find out all right here we go in this game and we get up there alright here we go aha Matt now I I'm not a believer that I got to get every single coin in a game like this so that's my typical but I do like to have fun in a game like this there are challenges in this game where it's like all about sorry oh she left you behind to fend for yourself now your how many of you want to eat all of these oh shoot that hungry Yoshi you're glutton all right we're fine okay let's go up there's a secret exit somewhere right that's what I'm understanding about this all right whatever okay let's get one of these one more of these apples dude I for whatever reason I'm in my head I was thinking fireballs but darn it I forgot no one up there that's the takeaway so I could have got a one up there that's okay what am I gonna make today get what's in the egg I wanna okay let's go like a big jump I love it and I float down so nice let's go working on that next point that's it's gonna be somewhere so much going on where's the last coin there's another okay that's fine where's the other coin oh I forgot all about you Yoshi sorry Fred that you can't jump to jump we're in deep Yoshi go no I'm not peach editing barge Oh daddy blows fire okay okay well can you make it you cannot seem to make it okay let's figure out where this other I gotta get the coin before we do poins still back here okay that's okay we'll figure it will flick it out together somehow but it'll happen no okay how do I get up there I gotta wait for this okay great oh okay perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect this is what we're talking about but there's no I thought there'd be a co a big coin up here where's the big coin good now I'm perplexed is this something I can go down in person the Bitcoin other visit the ranking on the red what where is the coin I literally don't know where this coin is like how much do I got a backtrack to find this coin that's good to say they're right what the heck hold on hold on that's a star I mean cool but what the heck was the coin I'm just confused I feel like I should have this coin by now yeah oh here this is something I got 72 seconds we're fine hopefully easy let's get out of here now we got this Yoshi we're going to the moon here we go not literally not figuratively okay haha fireball interface one for you too almost got all of coins see ya alright without you Yoshi alright happy enough I am happy enough so uh what are we gonna do so what's gonna have is that just a way to pick up so that was a path obviously do I got to get both exits what do you want hey I'm baby Yoshi looks like you go to find food so I guess I'll follow you yeah thanks please do follow me um mushroom Heights is a complaints for and this is ACORN plains 5 ok so maybe there wasn't a secret exit bus number 4 before we do 5 of course let's go yeah so I bring this joshing around because it's defined food and then hopefully I get a full-blown Yoshi right so how this is gonna work what do I gotta feed it anything okay this is this delicious will you eat this thank you that can we doing here Oh what I didn't know that worked okay like I said it's been a while since I played this game but I didn't know that was a thing you know what I mean like I didn't realize that was an actual thing that's so cool though do I gotta feed it like I mean do I really need to feed this guy balloon me no all right I messed up well that things still come with me or not or no okay so you know what I didn't need you anyway Yoshi oh here we go was that is that it was that in the previous version of this game I don't remember probably who knows I'm going to a next episode you know switch it up some not just constantly be peach but you know maybe try nabbit it says it's the easiest I wonder why come on let me up there alright here we go I just really wanted to be heard because this is this is the new thing you know alright good stuff the stuff smash on through to the other side come on gonna be joking kidding me I got one coin though point out their own no all right I need something to get this how would I do it before like before this before clearly there's gotta be a way kick in okay here's a question can you Barney can you get those for me okay let's just plan on having peach by that point all right sorry I can't believe I lost so much that's okay going back in here we go if I peach obviously the answers easy on how to get that but the question is can I get that in time there's a mushroom like for real like what's the what's the what's the way to do that you know once okay not a fan let me in there I'm in here here not yet it's okay we know what we're doing well there's one that one's easy enough right [Applause] okay that's the third one how do I get all the way up there I mean it seems so easy it seems like all I'm supposed to do is like maybe start it up here all right there we go there we go going down tell me there's something here for me yeah I give it a crown cuz I'm the princess alright alright we're good we're good right now I get that second coin please probably get up here have any stages been like three up for the moon have any stage has been changed significantly that's the thing I don't I don't know there you go that's how that's done we go all three coins let's let's be on our way let's not interfere with these guys is life anymore clouds are clear touch space here jump up we've got our three up already how much can we glide how much can we just glide on out of here we can make it all the way to the flag that's right I Tony would know what's below but we got the flag awesome horse clear you did it good job I did it actually I was controlling her she don't know though okay so what will be next I got that done so I still I'm curious about this little monster here the second time I said the word monster today alright bring you along let's see what this next stage how many times you're gonna anyway number five a quorum plains number five let's do it rise of the Piranha Plants hikes come here what does this thing want to eat there's something there hold on Arnott there's something okay you gonna stay right here be right back tonight here I need you again you were so helpful last time that guess what thank you I thought maybe there would be a coin okay no point that's fine come back I don't know what to do with that thing man forget it come on now come on now there we go easy I'm just gonna go get that not a problem I got it regardless jerks chopping it I got it though for now till I die all right hey buddy you want to help me out hell yeah you want to do something for me thank you why only got one of them hey it's the crown and I impeach yet again you know what we got it we got it we could be out of here now sorry I didn't fulfill Yoshi's wildest dreams but we're done time to be coins we're done with that stage I move it on course clear right good job you all right and again I'll spice it up next episode be different characters for different stages and whatnot but mostly I mean I've done the game before this is what's new this is what feels right for now alright so yeah go get some extra lines or whatever right I like to believe so alright these cannons are about to fire a barrage of coins of what apps okay great I got it what's gonna happen exactly perfect thank you yes oh that was close oh no I just got like three great okay probably okay yeah four but like what for the others – yeah cancelled out darn it anybody grab so many that's a shame okay we're gonna move on though and you're my wife now oh yeah yeah yeah what you want what you want what do I do this is all about alright hold on excuse me what okay I'm like wait a second NoHo to work come on there you go never mind okay I know I know it's I have a time limit here I understand there we go that's what it's all about I had a star okay good for me I'm having a hard time remembering which parts are new because it's been so long since I played this game I don't remember that thing was there before I don't remember if the little Yoshi's that you grabbed her there I feel like they were this is yet number four let's look at the helmet Matthew cool oh yeah it looks good okay but wait min you what are we looking at here so we got a star coins there we go this is a way to look at it so yeah ACORN plains we got them all until the final thing zooming out again though really quick what is over there I don't get that it's probably part of that stage okay anyway but wait go back out what oh yeah no that's just okay we're fine there's another house okay let's go up north we got to get all three let me swing back castle all three coins is what I'm saying and can I get a crown thank you I get there no okay very good me I can probably get up there if I just do better hold on hold on oh yeah buddy oh yeah that's what I'm talking about this okay there's the first one of course land nicely thank you all right we're still doing great great job all right hold on okay we got one whoa okay this is easy this is easy we just uh there you go alright alright here we go give me that one up oh this is something down here to worry about it could be what is down here Madison I can't believe I don't remember so much about this game it's trying to drop down like it's smash now we're done okay let's go fight some clown here let me write what's behind the door what's in store behind the door I'm having fun are you guys having fun hello jeez he's big he's big we're gonna get him out run faster run faster let me on that ship all right I like I was build a castle and a ship that's pretty cool right hey buddy I know your patterns gotcha move all the way around cancelled out there we go tow dad aka Pete Chet comes to the rescue and we've beaten the first world ACORN plains that was pretty snazzy I'm not really sure you know I mean what else do we do huh that was awesome next episode we'll go to the next world that's what it's all about right nicely done oh right there's a flag done and that was done perfectly right I think so well it's just sure save I mean was it perfect is there like a certain score that you're supposed to get let me go ahead and look at the menu really quick star coins yeah we got all that done now looking at um let me get to go to the main menu really quick I do appreciate you guys watching let me hit the main menu really quick and we just saved it so we don't to worry about that going in so yeah we've gotten now what are these other stars for I don't quite know but we got one of the flags down so that's good you know also we could place new super Luigi u that's pretty cool these other challenges boost rush point about all this stuff is just oh it's gonna I don't know I'm gonna do the rest of that but I mean we were doing the story mode okay I actually forgot one thing I there's a secret level so let's go over to it I will lock it down here and world – I believe I picked it up okay yeah that's right I should have pocketed that long ago but I didn't but now I did and then over here this is world – right arenít level – a Quarren Plains – there is a secret exit here we're gonna get to it so let's let's get on with the here we go yeah we're just gonna power through really quick excuse me this is the way we're going now she has a jump to this jump is gonna be very helpful actually for unlocking itself excuse me everybody darn it sucked about how helpful it's gonna be like this is gonna be amazing alright now I'll take that for now just for now until I get the crown you can call me queen bee all right excuse me move move move it well crown not fare crown how about here is a crown here there we go that is what I'm talking about we're gonna skip the vine there we go this is a lot easier with her all right excuse me excuse me is this it up here no not quite not quite it's okay probably missed the one that potential I did all right it's okay it's okay so this is fine this is relatively by past here so this is the all tonight I knew that there was a stage with an alternate X I just couldn't remember where it was I went back to my old videos to find now where this was so it's up here just like keep going there's another part where is it where is it hold on we'll figure it out hold on yeah see see it looks cool it looks cool like this but there's there's more to no hold on we'll figure it out hold on [Applause] there's like a whole other section up here hold on what the heck is it up here there it is okay got it I only watch my video once this like I couldn't quite remember okay so let's go let's go let's go let's go boom secret exit right awesome and then this is not gonna be a problem we're just gonna go over here okay nice nailed it okay so this will take us in a secret stage of course lovely indeed okay totally forgot about this and the thing is I already rendered my video too and I was typing out the levels I was like what I'm missing one okay here we go look at that beauty all right so we just go over to this and this won't be such a big deal there you go ACORN plains squid basically it's a blooper but you know who knows what emoji I'm gonna use in the comments and in the description I mean copy squid all right let's get this done now swimming is a lot more forgiving in this game than a lot of other mario dang it I'm just complimenting this game Adam mess me up you know actually this would be really helpful dang it I got you guys you guys are dorks ha ha how does that feel do you feel anything dang it I got to stop boasting no there's the first one up there got it alright please let me squeeze on through I don't care much about the rest of the heats honestly gosh that guy freaks me out oh there's another one is it dummy I think it's in here okay excuse me wait don't come over here Bluebird hey over there know what that was I was I was happy of my fireballs dang it is there anything oh wait there's that there's a tunnel that might be yeah okay great hi that's my first priority second priority is getting out all right I remember next episode to look out for this kind of stuff there we go good enough one up there we go I'm happy about that yeah yeah yeah you did it buddy all right well that was something right give me that thanks a million for your help take this gimme gimme okay just a mushroom Thanks I guess you really are thankful for my help give me a crummy ol mushroom all right well that's it for today's episode I got I think I'm pretty sure all the stages what does this take me to what is over here what the heck what what that's a whole new world right that's like a skip it's gonna warp zone unless then I just took I'm not gonna go that way there we go you got all the star coins and acorn planes it's what we were looking for what so thank you oh yeah I got the mushroom so that's what that's the message I was looking forward to let me know that I 100% completed it and there it is as promised 100% complete come back next time for some more I will see you then goodbye I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not if you liked this video and want to help the channel grow all you got to do is click the like button below thank you so much for watching you can now join on YouTube and become an official member of zackscottgames and if you want cool shirts like this visit Zack Scott come back next time for more

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