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Just Cause 4 new modded vehicles including a new cargo plane, gold plated private jet & two new car skins in Just Cause 4 Mods!
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hello everybody and welcome back to yet another episode of justice for as you guys can see behind me what is this look at Rico it's just like wait a minute this youtubers telling me there's something behind me holy shit let me have a quick peek right there boys moats are kind of buck and Jessica's far as you guys can tell cuz I have some new vehicles or some new skins for vehicles they're not new vehicles but they have been kind of redesigned aesthetically or artistically I don't know how to put it okay but essentially a mother has created these a different variant of the private jet in Jessica's for as well as a different cargo plane they're racing sedan and the electric variants of the racing car which is different with this checkered kind of pattern with a lot of what's that shape again it's like prism param it doesn't matter but if you guys want to have a look at the mod for yourself the link is gonna be in the description bars you guys can see they look pretty sweet my favorite is definitely this their private jet holy shit it is properly pimped out look at this as tinted windows like gold trim everywhere and it's all black kind of like a matte slash chrome black which I know those two contradict themselves but kind of look at this if we look at it from now I kind of can't find the angle it just looks like Chrome okay it doesn't matter I thought from this side it kind of looked like a matte block and from this side it looked a bit more chromey now that I think about it it's kind of reversed holy shit okay you know what maybe I'm just not gonna talk I want to see if we can potentially use the private jet to catch up with a different jet and try to bring it down we're just basically gonna wrestle with a jet in the sky nothing could go wrong I mean there's actually a jet taking off so I'm gonna try to crash into it head-on no god damn it oh god oh shit look at that I kind of landed on a building and I could see all the Gold's that's on the inside of this plane holy shit I think this plane is made out of solid gold not the best to be honest because gold is kind of a soft metal whoever designed this plane goddamn it dude like what what were you thinking what were you thinking nope stop stop stop stop stop there's no how you stop Oh probably some but qualified pilots god damnit turn turn faster yes okay it's working don't worry boys we've got this I'm just gonna drift this plane right now I hope you guys are ready here we go here we go here we go nope don't like this not like this no like this Oh God that almost was a disaster I managed to save it because I'm a war hero now I will war hero okay a self-proclaimed war hero because why the hell not okay that is just ridiculous there you go do your thing do your thing and now I'm just gonna catch up with you god damnit maybe duh honestly I don't think we're gonna be able to catch up with that jet that jet is taking off way too fast Oh a too fast or maybe actually if I just get my boost back we might be able to do it so this is their voice the chase begins the chase the wrestle a plane with a private jet which is gold-plated come back you scumbag just get your ass back here gone dude please just slow down a little bit why it's like your cruising altitude or cruising speed so much faster than mind I do not approve of that a single base my calculations might have been wrong I am possibly much slower than that jet in front of me holy smokes just just come back oh so what does that say this never mind it doesn't say anything like I thought there was a secret message on the engine but it doesn't look like it or if it is a secret message it doesn't make much sense to me oh shit there's a jet and it's kind of following my flight path so maybe if I just turn slightly to the left and the kind of position myself right in front of it it's gonna come underneath me and then we can just like kind of strike from above holy shit I'm basically like a hawk right now scouting out his prey I'm ready for this I'm ready for this I was born ready maybe DUP forget – no God I like the design of this cargo plane I'm now kind of I hope like the potential for texture design in this game it's quite nice because that way we might actually be able to get some sick-ass designs and potentially like new models as well obviously I don't know what the modding is gonna be like in this game and so far it doesn't seem promising I'll be completely honest with you but as far as that we have gotten so far is yeah we can access the console commands and also who we've got a an interesting looking cargo plane I mean don't get me wrong I like to look at this okay but I expected more that's right everybody agree gee youtuber strikes again be like I want to make videos on mods but there isn't enough mutters get over your lazy asses quit your day jobs and start making mods okay thank you no I don't want the red one the red one looks disgusting I want the regular one the regular microjet which is the military one right Oh a pre-order oh shit what is this a pre-order microjet is this basically the stealth variant of the microjet I think actually might be there it is go inside slow and steady slow what's steady beautiful look at that now Park it nicely why's there so much like tire screeching just stop it stop it goddamn it and there you go now all we have to do is just take off in the cargo plane and take the micro jet out of the back of the cargo plane and fly back on the inside it's gonna be a piece of cake it's gonna be like a walk in the park for your boy body daddy the best stuntman in Just Cause ok self-proclaimed keep that in mind before I see any server hate comments be like you know the best stuff man yes I am self proclaimed by the way now all we have to do is open up the cargo bay doors and jump oh the insight is does the insight it is holy shit I've got most of the HUD disabled because it makes things look a little bit better let's get the hell out of here boys easy look at this easy ejection just like that and now all we have to do is just fly back on the inside of the cargo plane but I'm gonna take it slow okay I'm just gonna let the cargo plane get away a little bit before I lie myself up properly and we fly inside of it okay my jet is kind of going cray see darkness Oh God Oh God okay go back ah I'm stuck I'm stuck somebody help me I need help right now mission abort I said mission abort are you okay jet I mean one of your wings is cannabis buzzing out a little bit just just a tiny bit hold on I'll give you a nudge okay just a small little nudge with a couple of airlifters there it is there it is there it is see it's working not really I'll be honest with you give me more left we're gonna push the cargo plane up everybody this thing is never going to crash oh god I think I think I spoke too soon why are we done well what have we crushed into Oh God that wasn't me was it I think it might have been oh Jesus I'm so sorry this kind of give me an idea is it possible to actually veto this plane using boosters so if you guys don't know what veto is it basically stands for a vertical something okay I don't actually know but all I know is it's basically a term used for a plane taking off vertically if I'm not mistaken or like hovering in one point I'm not actually sure anymore so we're gonna try to do that we've a private jet using boosters because why the hell not it's just gonna be more experiments brought to you by Fadi daddy that's right we've got these brand spanking new vehicles so we gotta test them out a little bit let's not quick tests this is gonna take off okay it's a bit back heavy when I say back heavy essentially it's it's going crazy and hopefully that's gonna be nice and balanced now still not how the hell now Oh almost why is it got doublet Jesus I've got so many boosters at the front of this thing just do it properly I've gotta get rid of all of those and we're gonna try it again I was that going to look oh this is actually pretty good look at that I mean it's going slightly backwards and it's a salty Rika right now I'm gonna have to call my lawyer buddy okay you do that one more time and we're out of here holy shit it's working so well how I am so confused I absorbed oh stop stop it don't know don't crash why do you got to do something like this to me alright let's try this this is gonna be the first veto flight of a vehicle in Jessica's here we go here we go now activate the end just fuck god damn it oh no wait we're inside the jet it is gold-plated we survived the plague that is ridiculous okay it's looking pretty alright it's looking pretty alright here we go here we go here we go yes we did it look at that now question is can we launch this thing we have managed to take off using veto but now how about landing obviously I don't think the the Jets is actually gonna be able to slow down properly but let's try it okay we're just gonna bring it down very slowly I'm basically holding it on the brake button so slowly but surely just bring it down bring it down Oh God we just keep going up constantly I said bring it down bring it down steady okay we're gonna crash into a mountain why are we going to do you to the rights I want to go to the left this is bad this is bad don't go okay okay it's fine it's fine we're losing altitude fast oh Jesus that's not good all so that kind of gave me another stupid idea I haven't properly tried attaching booster to the back of a plane before in order to make it go faster so how about we try that we just add five boosters on each side I mean right now it's not really doing I think it's still he's been pushing the plane forward maybe the handbrake is on hold on let me do active eight that shit so by that I mean slowly start rolling forward oh my god it's working I'm not even pushing forward yet what are you kidding me that is kind of crazy so we might be able to take off without using the actuations wait what I'm not using the engines oh they kind of activated themselves if you go fast enough that's interesting let's go faster let's go as fast as we possibly can okay look at this boys it literally makes no difference to the plane if I switch on the Boosters or not that is to say the least like what I'm confused yeah it doesn't do anything is it better for maneuvering oh it is not it is not good not good not good at all excuse me lady you're going way too fast I might have to confiscate this boat by taking it up to Valhalla yes go with me baby go with me don't resist it just go just go don't go just go just go keep on going keep going are we even floating yet I don't think we are okay lady I'm now in charge of the boat you don't seem to know how to use air vehicles in this game oh god she's kind of attached to the boat right now that is not nice we're at the sky we've got a lady just get it absolutely demolished by the boat itself oh god I just realized her face is right next to the propeller oh I made a long boat look at this this actually working surprisingly well are you joy how this basically went from kind of like oh look we've got a mod so I'm gonna demonstrate to you guys what this mod does and showcase the old vehicles to up we've got line books that's right just goes everybody oh my god cata spoke too soon we have managed to glitch under the ground I've completely broken the game at this point holy shit is there any Easter eggs I'm looking I've got my eyes peeled voice I've got my eyes peeled I can see someone walking oh that's that person I kind of killed them I'm so sorry but anyway guys that is gonna do it for this episode of Just Cause 4 I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to leave a like in this video subscribe if you're new to the channel and I'll see you guys next time thinking good bye bye bye bye bye

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