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Hey there, try it here iOS 12.1.4 Update by VincentPerkins works as of 18 February, 2019
so today there was a release on a brand new updated city alternative for you to download straight from your iOS device from this website here which will be linked down below in the description leave a like on this video right now hit the subscribe button red button right there and also later I enabled the bellboy to receive latest notifications welcome back guys in predictable with a brand new video so today I'm making a video show Houston you when updates it it's not a brand new although it's on a different server although it's a different i/o you probably recognize App Store for iPhone so this is the website that has been updated updated and it's been released by the creators just like a moment ago and I was like you know I need to make a video on so yesterday's video I can add I can add as you can see on the video I didn't do that well I'm hoping that there's a lot because I'm recording the same day this video is going to go nope yesterday if you want to watch the movies upside to get free movies the link is going to be right here at the top so it gets mushed 50 50 likes on this video it would be at me it would mean so much and so yeah basically this is pretty much I wasn't good from everything but what I can do on this is pretty much basically option so at this time I get a jailbreak review apps and then get help button right there at home and then you get these little things tabs at the bottom that you didn't used to get on the older version so this is quite nice it's very I should clean so I'm if you tap on apps here you get straight apps like you can download paid free apps get tweaked apps App Store unlimited in that batches but which app like hug games or like in the unlimited coins and get movies musics at screen recorders in your HDR breakups duplicated apps and apps plus post apps and rubrics so this is quite cool it's only one pp on bbm – I'm sure there will be a lot more in the near future so you get like tweaked applications here Instagram Twitter whatsapp normally get some money and then you get like new movies as well so you get Cody that's a cool video our video online beaver and then onion the second one was the third SAP I guess that means you do get iOS basis and I'm assuming that iOS 11 is right there so watch os3 base of remover to update which is quite cool if you're not like older virgins and you hate that pop-up version like update now what I would say could click this and install it I guess it removes it I was still in beta develop a basic right there so this fourth tab is themes so this is actually a very cool get I'm not sure if everything is working at one point that if it says it's there but doesn't may not mean it's working and although this it does so air-launched bring a guess these are like theme support hours device if you want to make if want me to make this video on smash the thumbs up let's get 50 like for now will consider it so the more tab is right here so basically get like help change log sign signing services and about me so if I should go to signing services said it does say paid so you do need to pay for this although for everything else it's completely free so I'm gonna download I'm gonna download the game actually so I can prove it to you that this does work so if I go to okay let me find a good game actually so I'm guessing you can click on these that I could be like an arrows I don't know so you can click on these two probably gonna do it so I'm gonna go to like pay top see guess you legs anything gave my lane to all of them so you need to finish downloading so I'm gonna try to open and see what we got but I'm assuming first of all you need to go click cancel and go to settings once you when settings go to the bottom general scroll against the bottom profiles of device management then click is think it's just one click trust trust and a head over to the application itself and tried to have banana should work perfectly let's give a try and let's see so if you do encounter nightbat 'justice MLM I can close your eyes closes itself unless you have a clock which I did make a video yesterday no yesterday you see what's yesterday blink is going to be over there so I can check it out and I'm gonna skip the spot while it's loading I'm maybe not so basically as you can see is currently working so you get these features so I'm not gonna go go it's a good if you know so if you enjoy this video smash the thumbs up leave a like subscribe to this channel and I will see you tomorrow adios

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