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there's a new goal in Grand Theft Auto 5 oh look at it it's called the sequester Debbie on – I'm very good at pronouncing words for five hundred and twelve thousand dollars you can buy this beautiful par it wasn't as beautifully proportioned as the sub rate or as fast as the Dominator but that didn't matter in the 70s the real brother I can't say these words anymore we're buying one a green one order you have insufficient funds oh come on we talked about this mom mom please oh that's better thanks mom okay wait now we actually gotta buy it all right there we go we're gonna park this one my arena work shall be – oh my goodness here it is gotta say the green color is ugly especially if you compared to my other course look at that that's way way nicer but if we customized this thing for around a million dollars we could make one of these sickest muscle cars in the game all right let's start off with some armor all right a hundred percent fifty grand worth of armor mmm it doesn't really do anything I don't know why I'm spending money this way but it's okay brakes we need those race brakes you know this is quite a fast car so if we want to stop the vehicle from driving with those wave breaks bumpers now this is where it gets interesting but before we do that I say we respray this thing to a beautiful crew collar oh yes but what's at the top why is it black I wanted to be green and on the front we have the ugly green coming out as well you see that what this ugly green – I don't want that can I change it with the secondary color okay oh whoa look at the lights they like turned green oh and the edges of the mirrors whoa but still the top of the car is black I'm a little bit confused here okay we can't actually change that you spent five hundred grand on a car but you can't change no nothing alright well we'll change the trim colors later and everything else let's go to the bumpers so for the front we currently have a stock bumper but wait the stock bumper is really good so you can remove the splitters but it's so ugly come on we need is sporty far what about plastic splitters yo that's ugly – I'd rather have the stock one what about the primary one nope extend it no chin no plastic extended nothing what is this the stock front bumper is is just as good as the carbon spoiler splitter why would I spend money yeah I'm keeping the stock one how about the rear bumper currently we have this I don't really see a difference between that one the chrome with plastic strap the primary oh so now it turns into that color primary bumper chrome bumper carbon bumper yo I feel like Rockstar Games is kind of rushing on these vehicles because this is just weird this stock rear bumper is the exact same as the primary bumper but it's just in a different color but I can change the color of this one too so what's the point of buying this one alright well by the carbon one just because the roof is probably carbon – and that way we trying you know have the same colors but I'm sure we might actually change the front bumper to the carbon splitters as well because we got to spend money alright I just asked my mom for money and she gave it to me so we got to spend it to level four engine upgrade that's how we do it exhaust is the stock one the rear exit sweet the stock ones on the side that's actually super cool what about the dual rear oh or the squared dual slide okay you know what I like the stock one better than the most expensive one but I think this one is my favorite and look it kind of fixes the gap as well because now there's a gap there but it fixes that problema we're going with the dual rear voice that looks good for the grill we currently have a stock one which is like what about the single grill well the dark chrome oh the dark room slacks oh yes that's more like it Wow oh my God look at that The Phantom grill what did the headlights even go yo I love that the dark chrome phantom that is sweet but it's so cool alright so with the hood we currently get this like I don't know it's a raised hood because the engine is quite big I guess we can change it to a carbon hood what just makes it carbon or a vented hood let's just put some vents in there I guess but what about the secondary one well the exposed charger wall that's new that's really cool to scoop okay what that's actually kind of insane the carbon charger Jesus Christ or the carbon scoop I'm feeling this one man the open engine with the with the thing rolling their headlights so we can change the headlights oh my goodness that's pretty sweet I gotta be honest here all right let's go with like a new color I don't know blue looks cool pink pony pink red orange yellow electric blue actually looks really cool what about neon kits front back insides that's right can we get blue as well electric blue I actually like that that's cool all right so what the roof we're going with oh we can change the roof so the stock ones black then we can make it green or carbon I don't know let's go with the carbon one I don't know what to do really but I said we're going with carbon so we're going with carbon spoiler her so currently we have no spoiler even though it looks like a spoiler to me it's kind of like a duck tail what if we make it spin to it smooth duck tail see it literally is a spoiler what about a carbon one okay that's not really nice the knotch oh wow look at that the roof flip whoa I like that the boot lid plastic boot lip no low level spoiler kind of small for a big car blow secondary drag wing oh wow that's cool I like that adds he's kind of like these spikes will go with the carbon drag wing I do like the look of that suspension now this is quite important the car already is really low but we can actually lower it by like a lot look the tires aren't even visible they're literally inside of the car I love it transmission alright nice super transmission turbo turbo tuning wheels okay this is interesting so we can put some high end wheels on this but it looks weird it looks really weird don't you think how about we try and put some carbon mussel rims on that I don't know if they exist or not I love these as well the old classics I mean I think they're cool but I've used those before though so maybe it's good to change it up a little bit you know what about SUV rims no but you know rims what even is that how about something like this oh that's cool it's nice and retro I love it so we can also change the wheel color what color do we want here today so have the electric-blue on the headlights so maybe we should go with some kind of blue on the rims I love it all right tire enhancement we can put some things on it sure makes it look a little bit special and obviously we're going with that crew smoke actually let's go with blue tire smoke just for a change windows are obviously gonna be limo oh my god this cars lookin so good now most importantly stickers currently the car is kind of clean you know but how about we add some stuff to it yellow pinstripe gray stripes where do they go okay okay classic white stripes some reason they're a little bit gray negative stripes oh that is sick two-tone oh I actually think it's really nice the RJ the arrow gasoline not I like that too many ads the alpha-male I mean it's nice but adds lowrider oh yes only this was black I love the Green Line but maybe if we go with this one the 2-tone maybe we can change the tone I don't know let's go back to colors oh look at that oh my god that makes such a nice trim look at that it's beautiful we add these green lines you got the black top you got the carbon wing this is perfect this is absolutely perfect what about the interior wait it literally doesn't do anything oh it only changes the Oh actually does something jeez the seat car we're going with gasoline green which is kind of like a blue it kind of works out with the blue of the front lights and the neon and the rims you know this is a dope car alright so I pretty much think we finished customizing it don't we miss anything I don't think so how about we take this thing for a spin I want to see what it does alright it's an early morning and grandpa thought of 5 at 6 a.m. which means you can beautifully see those neon lights and look at the headlight haha isn't that so cool this is one of the sickest muscle cars that rockstar games have ever released I mean look at why this thing is there's no way we're gonna manage to park this thing properly actually good good question jelly oops we can give the parking one a try I guess right there's this car fit in the parking spot feel like it's really wide ok it actually fits quite well maybe it's because the parking spots are wide hmm alright so I don't really know what this car is based on but according to my research it's an old seventies beautiful muscle car kind of revamp to the world of 2019 you know putting some sweet things on it a good engine here and there a good look at interior also belongs to 2019 you know let's give it a little try zero to sixty all right I want to see what it does alright so I'm looking at the speedometer you can't really see it we're just gonna have to guess a little bit I can see it when I move my hands all right three two one go is it moving okay the car is moving okay we just passed 60 all right that was really slow yeah we lost a lot of grip going from from standstill if it was the drift that was trying to do let's try that again let's try that again but this time we'll look from the outside so we're doing a drift whoo I loved the custom tires and look at the smoke alright here we go it's slow it's slow it is slow and fortunately I thought that we'll put a brand new engine in this one but it looks like we got some old stuff it might also be because the car is kind of heavy you know a heavy car doesn't very it doesn't do very well with that going fast we got some flames oh yes we have flames coming out of that beautiful exhaust I think the exhaust in the back just looks a little bit better it makes the sides look more clean and you know it actually kind of works out with the two-tone design of ours I'm very happy with the way this car turned out honestly I am if you're too then make sure you like the video subscribe down below click on that dull button it'll catch you next time when rockstar games releases themselves a new color and I'm just gonna do some some drifts donuts I like donuts you like donuts I mean I like donuts dude I'm trying to do donuts could you please move really look up look how beautiful that dough and it is and you just ruined it thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly store.com

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