My Son tries to takeover my Rocket League stream.

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  1. omg look at that heartbreaker!

    what a cutie

  2. Only like if you can relate

    How is LilSandKid better than me in rl???

  3. New challenge with Rizzo. Rizzo KBM with Brice on the controller vs Jon.

  4. The song is social house – magic in the hamptons at 4:20

    Yes i said 420 LUL

  5. Guys sorry to promote myself but I make cool hunting and fishing videos if you wanna check me out

  6. Jon playing with Brice is exactly the same as when rizz and sizz play with Jon

  7. Jon your sons eyes are beautiful I wish I had eyes like those ;(

  8. You are the worlds seccond best dad ever (ofc my dad is number one xd), and i am so happy for you getting another kid! She's a lucky girl having you as her dad.

  9. i love how your a 30 year old man with two kids and he still listens to rap. lol, keep up the good work jon.

  10. Jon, I would KILL to play with you. On or off stream, idc, I want to play a game with THE JONSANDMAN. It's important to have Life goals

  11. When John's kid scored more goals in his first :50 seconds of a game than I did in my first full game.

  12. jon loves this so when he messes up he can just blame it on the kid

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