MY FIRST GAME in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4..

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COD Black Ops 4 My First Game or 2. This is the FULL Release of COD BO4 Multiplayer!
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hello and welcome back out for is officially out this is gonna be my first game this is the original full complete game and I haven't played a game because even though I got the game early the server's went live like last night like 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning but that time I was sleeping I decided to get a good night's rest and grind a little bit black ops today this is pretty much what they say other calling at the beta rewards calling card for the beta warrior and then a permitir unlocks so thanks for playing the call of duty black ops 4 multiplayer beta participation helped us improve the game on our experience with fans around the globe yadda-yadda-yadda here you have prestige token for levelling up or reaching level 34 etcetera etcetera all four redemptions congratulations you have a diamond offer and the below items have been added to your store 2400 call of duty points people saying where the where the supply drops there's no supply jobs well the fact that you have 2400 caller 3 points means that there probably will be supply jobs Day of the Dead outfit wait what yo that is badass that is super fucking cool dude welcome to multiplayer alright we already know what this is more or less so we got scorestreaks it's UAV health storm and attack chopper let's do some TDM then we're gonna have to do some team deathmatch because there was no lobbies and free from here we go our first game is gonna be in summits this is gonna be interesting reporting in I literally have no class setups Corti doesn't even have a foregrip man whatever we'll do it join and let the sweat fest commence guys know the first couple of days is always a fucking sweat fest in this game nothing changes here we go I just prayed hey guys look a little chicken hey you got somebody here Hey what the hell I did not see that man god I am fucking block this is gonna be quite interesting Jesus Christ my god get off of me man shit I need to remember that I do need to regenerate my hell that's one thing I do need to remember wow this is fucking annoying news go back up the same way then that's another one barbed wire there all right I need to get rid of this fucking barbed wire dude look at him waiting for me there this cordite is amazing but man without a foregrip or anything it's the recoil is for real man I got stuck in the window and I'm not gonna lie like I I do feel although there's a bunch of try-hards here this multiplayer mode is super fun dude I feel like the maps that we played on the beta were not even like the best to me my favorite maps are the ones from black ops 1 and black ops 2 like the throwback maps oh nice oh my god dad out of it so dice yeah that other team's full of fuckin sweat ease man sup with a sweat fest here dude I'm gonna go back up through the bottom of course why why the fuck would I go through the bottom doesn't matter man we're still winning all right that's what matters come on boys tighten that ass up man these dudes are eating fucking bullets for breakfast Jesus Christ know what for the next match I think I'm gonna try the AEK because the quartet is amazing but man I had to die there didn't I I just remembered I could have used my permanent Allah but then again I can't create a class because I'm not level five yet I just remembered that I'm gonna go for the mad docks because it's it's obviously the highest fucking oh yeah hell to the yeah scavenger lightweight and ghosts yeah that that's that's that's fine so that's gonna be by class set up of course I don't have anything for it but I have three I have the ICR the MX 9 and Mattox those gonna be my go to for now and uh let's let's do one more match here this wow this is fucking crazy nice dude holy crap there's one of the new variants that was not in the release that we played it in or at least in the early copy like on private match I listen you just took both my kills yeah we get it go around here oh hey I'm in your team man we're gonna do this let's go now we have a decent SMG Monts time to kick some ass and some it smg's man this fucking fx9 is Delia's shit whoa oh my god I hate that little fucking let's go back around boys sorry is somebody here we're here we're here we padam but I'm not gonna lie the mx9 is still just as beastly as it was in the beta I mean it melts up close dude like this is that good this is the gun to use up close dude look at this shit ah you little bitch there's no way these people are not playing with teammates like there's just absolutely no way there has to be a bunch of people playing together here shut up wait war-machines up it's Warmachine time impressive that was nice I still hate the fact that we got a call killstreaks with with triangle I still think that's such a horrible feature but I guess they did it so you can have like all the emails and all that stuff on your d-pad not too comfortable with that when you get a class set up when you get a custom class set up shit changes around here right shit changes awry here right yeah that did absolutely nothing for me Oh chopper yes it is the attack chopper is standing by indeed it is yes I got some good teammates up in here now we're talking I got haha dama we got trapped there with that frickin shield to him all right chopper come on Trey Erick said they buffed it they said it was devastating I want to see how devastating it is no no no no no no fucking fuck it ate that dog I'm not gonna lie this is probably not the best map to calling a chopper you know what it is what did it what the fuck man anyways as I was saying probably not the best map to call in a chopper but that's what I got I still got the default fucking help help okay all right oh you guys were lucky I was about a war machine your asses into smithereens we got play of the game thank you appreciate it dude that war machine is amazing my favorite specialist so far is battery 100% so I guess that pretty much concludes my first leg game for section I wanted to play like one or two games I just don't wanna do one you you really can't consider your first game like when you have like these shitty ass fucking default classes right I was able to obviously unlock my creative class I also used one of the weapon variants just pretty cool and now I think I also unlocked the reflex and the suppressor yeah this is gonna be fun right here still a bunch of camels we have for multiplayer in zombies blackout I guess that's gonna be on its own it was a little bit different when we went to go record you can kind of see them through here which they look really cool I'm excited to unlock some of these camos but that's gonna be it for this video guys I hope you enjoyed it you guys have bought yourselves black ops 4 let me know in the comments are you enjoying it are you playing it what are you playing most we playing blackout or you play a multiplayer you noted comments thanks for watching again if you enjoyed it leave it like I catch you guys later

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