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Part 657 –

Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

In this episode we play my go throw mini-game in my funland.

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hello this is stumpy and welcome to a minecraft let's play video and video inside of stampy's a lovely world good morning William beep that was impressive I am now worried because today's episode is all about using enderpearls to get around the place and that throw was perfect look at the legs that William has landed on that is a ridiculous well done William and hello fizzy fizzy there we go that's what saw something looked different I was wondering what it was fizzy forgot to wear his trousers and then Polly is I think she's end up earning somewhere around her I don't know where she'll oh no I don't know where she is she's somewhere just hair drool just dropping all over the place anyway today we are gonna be playing my ender pearl game I go for a beanie game which I've just built in my fun lab of us of course I need to go and have at my breakfast dee-licious Barnaby you go set up and you can join me and I've gotta watch so to the love garden kind of today they are added to the love garden but you're not going to be able to tell that they're added to the love gonna be just explained we're playing on the the Xbox one just because ender pearls on my 360 world were lagging really slowly and for some reason when I put down the sign it just came up censored and I just realize there any sign that I write and Xbox one comes up censored it must be some sort of setting I went through the privacy stuff and I can work out what it is so in the next episode you'll be able to see their name properly but for now it's just gonna be censored but it's kind of like an old fro back who remembers when like I started my lovely world and all the signs use to always saying like awaiting approval for ages until I was able to you know actually have them showing up it's a nice fro back to to that but yeah the puzzle I'm adding to my love garden is more I don't know that's how it's pronounced but it's M o L and the reason is because of this really cool drawing that they did of me of course very very happy it's celebrating about some cake and I just love the the position I'm doing just leaping up in the air and excitement it's seen a cake pretty much what I do in real life so thank you so much they're doing that mall and I'm sorry that you can't see your name today but it will be in there in the next episode and every a single episode after that yeah once we switch back over to the 360 oh yeah as I said we are playing the other go for a mini game it's basically kind of like end a pole golf but you're gonna be using boats as well so rather than it always been they're the same every time kind of where the the boats are are placed down is gonna be where they yeah where they're gonna be for each round and you can also destroy the other person's boat sir as well so there you can be a kind of mean and miss up at each other as well so oh I don't even get a dog I have chosen Barnaby to join me today normally don't get admitted to join but I intentionally decided Barnaby would join us today a hundred was sent on purpose right the teleporter we need to go and press a button number let's go I think button number one we can go tutor today and let's go up to the fun man okay we are now at the fun land I don't think I went through the the most efficient teleporter to arrive at where the the the video game was but hey it's not too far and it gives us a chance to to wonder pastor a few of my older minigames and I've been so joined dude they're the Stumpy's Funland series by the way I don't if you've seen any of them but basically I'm doing a series wrong going back and playing loads of old minigames and like some of the games we go back abarim a little bit broken or maybe just not any fun but then some of them ones that we haven't played literally in years at you know some games that we literally only ever played once and we go pack one like card is really fun why we already played this ones has been kind of really cool going back like I feel like I just know my Funland better because I've already build a game I basically just forget all of the rules I forget what the game is called it so it's been nice kind of free familiarizing myself with some of these older games but today we're not doing it all game we are doing a brand new game and this is it's the the go fro game so let me just go over the rules there's a few things that ever have changed since the last episode if you saw it so are we gonna be using the the dark oak and birch boats basically you have five each that you're going to go and place around there the top in feel and oppose you basically take turns these item frames they're new basically that's just gonna be a way for you to display how many boats you were able to land in and then this is new and this is basically just gonna be a way to decide who goes first so inside we have some some birch and some some dark oak as well basically you press the button whichever one comes out that is gonna be the person who goes first just because there is a bit of an advantage quite a big advantage actually for whoever goes first I for randomizing it is the the easiest way to make it fair and the rules for the boat is that once you land in a boat you can switch to any other boats that you can see from that boat you don't need to jump out of your boat which was coming the way we did it in the last episode so yeah that's the the only things that have her have changed but a problem that it should be should be they're the same so William Cena's high-poly it's over this over this way I went through the wrong teleporter oh there's visible okay everyone is showing now right William soon as you were here first though you could be going off against me I'm gonna do one of the ones and then the winners are gonna play against each other in the final so you can be either dark oak or you can you can be birch so whatever one William starts taking I will go and be the other one too looks like he's gonna be dark oak so you need five boats William so one two three four five let me go and do these and then there are ladders you climb up you could baby ender pearl up but I feel I should oh let's not let's not end up on up because let's keep it fair and not have any extra practice we would just go up the ladder and go and place these around so this is quite an important part of the game because I can make it as difficult as I want for William and I want it to be very difficult so let's do like this one right on the the edge the only rule does it can't be overhanging the edge so it can't be overhanging the outside edge or the hole in the middle because otherwise they can go and block people off so I like I like doing them question low if I do this one here yeah and then that way if I can land in this one I might also be able to destroy that one I kind of I kind of find it fun when they're close together as well so let's do this one here then let's do some a little bit more spread out just in case really who's really good it just ends up getting all of these straightaways this goes do that one there and then let's do one right back in the the corner down there there we go that is my five boat spread out one two three four and then there's one behind me the five dock old ones are there as well so that's where the game set up so now we need to see who goes first so let's do the the colorblock that comes out for the ones that we need to get in so if it's oh I need to try to get into dark oak so if Doug Oh comes out then I go first if birch comes out then you go first and it looks like I'm glad I made that the way round it's supposed to be because I was able to go first I'm sorry Williams alright then let to the the top and then let's see which ones I can get so I need to try and line close to the dark oak bow so there's two close together there let me try oh no no I want to go to these ones don't I cuz that's the the ones that I set up to be close it's very lucky I'm able to go first so I don't want to go too far forward maybe maybe here I promise you I have not practiced at all at this since the last episode wasn't where I wasn't very good at all I landed on the top so what I can do is I can break away the the birch one I don't think I can land in that one but I can land in this one here so long ago I was able to destroy one and then I was able to sit in one as well so I can go and gather these up and go and drop back down that was pretty much the perfect opening of course there is a world where there have been an opportunity where I could either destroy your land in two boats but to be there that is a pretty unlikely so to under posed so if you just if you just stay still and wherever the second one lands we will can I know I think William has an opportunity that was perfect he literally is landing on the boat so you want to destroy the dark oak one and then sit in the the birch one at all I mean there's an endermite he broke he broke the glass if you have any other blocks just go place them down at it that was that was pretty amazing but we are even we are level at the moment I mean I think I should have some sort of advantage just because I didn't break the game on my turn maybe we can just add that as another obstacle to be there the chances of you end up all learning through that hole are so unbelievably slim I think I'm just gonna leave it because I think would just be really funny if someone threw that oh right so there's two there and all she there's two dark oak ones pretty close if I get right between those dark oak ones I might might be able to get both of them I need to be pretty close to the center I think that's gonna bit too far and all I can definitely get rid of this birch one though but I don't think I'm gonna be able to get or can I reach this guy over there no too far away but I can go and sit in this one here so there we go that was once again they're the same so I basically did just as good on that go as I did on the first go but now the boats that are remaining are all quite fast right now I don't think there's gonna be any more opportunities for us to be able to both break away the opponent's boats and land in our own boats so all we need to do is make sure that we keep like the utmost perfect efficiency but the big thing about what's happening now is that the round will end when all of the boats are gone and I was able to go first so I am basically just riding on the fact that I was lucky enough to be able to to come out of the dispenser purse and it looks like yeah William he can't break away of there the dark oak ones but he was able to get the the birch one so it's basically as good as he could have hoped for so those two dark oak ones there I mean they're close now but they're there they're not close enough that one looks like it might be easier to get the one kind of slightly on the outer edge so let's go for that one the pressures really on because so far we've all been doing things pretty perfectly the advantage that I had is obviously I went first and also I was able to get them when they were a bit more grouped together so we we are doing so good if you saw our test ago though we did in the Velasco we were like landing all over the place like we were offered no even line to get the the top things ever yeah we're definitely doing a whole like bunch better now than we were doing before so what is my what is my score I've got three points at the moment I might just go and start displaying them kind of as we go I just put them in the the item frame and O'War Williams Fran is this going let's go and watch what's going on first I know oh he's going to destroy it so some interesting strategy so I guess it doesn't really make any difference because you know you could even try and just destroy the other ones or land in your own one so he went for the the aggressive strategy rather than trying to to get his own points he went to stop me from getting any more points it probably doesn't make a huge difference but if the boat was in an easier place as it looks like it was then that might be a good reason to do it so now I want to repeat they're the same so I cannot get any more points because there's no more boats but I can stop although I can't reach I can't reach it's too far away I've failed from the moment you land you can't move at all and look how close I am buddies out of my reach Oh William may have just been really smart and he might have just been about able to save this round for himself but he now needs to be able to land inside of that boat and then I think I think if he does then that would make this a draw and then I wouldn't bear to win but always that too far is it please beat or no I think it's perfect he said that perfectly and then he's got to land in the the boat without moving and I think this woman's got to be free free cuz look I have two of his boats here and then he has a has a me either the three down here which means it's ended up a draw he saved that so miraculously but I was so unbelievably close so close but I wasn't able to quite do it so me and Williams go is a is a draw for for now so we're gonna do is we're going to have Polly going up against fizzy and we'll see who the the winner for that round is and then actually no let's do a tiebreaker oh we should do a tiebreaker okay what we're gonna do is fizzy you can go and you can take one birch boat and you can take one dark oak boat out and we're just gonna actually no just take one boat put it up there can you tell I haven't played with this take one boat put it up there the first person out of me and William to land in the boat will be the winner but we'll throw enderpearls at the same time that's the obvious gonna be exciting it I think this is actually better than having like a proper winner so there's gonna be one bow in the middle me and William are both just gonna be in the center at the same time I'll go three two one go we throw ender pearls the first person to land in there the boat will be a winner so we just go and cut head in there the video until it's all a setup and and ready to go and oh yeah we can see which one of us is gonna be going into the final round okay fizzy has set up his boat right on the very edge so I'm gonna make sure I'm only holding one end of Polk's I was I know I'm gonna accidentally throw more than one which would initially help because it was just kind of teleport you all over the place so yeah I go three two one throw the ender pearl first person to be sitting in the boat which will kind of block it for the other person where she will be whoever's in the driver's seat because whoever sits in a boat first is in the front aren't they so I guess whoever's in the driver's seat of the boat is gonna be the winner and going to the final round so fro in three two one and go right a fro my ender pearl or auto I smashed oh look I get it I get it I guess do you know – William Idol my enderpearl I threw it it landed on the edge of the block but it made it so I actually landed on the top of it and then I was able to get in like there you had no chance even if you were ender pearl had made it so you landed on top of the boat I was still one that was crazy that's a it's a bad way for for you to lose William I know but we had to have a winner and that was funny and you did break a hole in my minigame as well so maybe it's what you deserve right so it's now gonna be hope that's dangerous it's not gonna be a polygon again Swizzy so if you want to both go inside of the side the chest but grab five boats out of there the chest and then we can see who's going to go first just in the interest of time because these rounds do last for a little while this will be sped up so I'll let you follow all of the action but ah or speed up the the video just to make sure we have time for our grand final so well they're all getting ready and deciding who's going to go first I try to think like where's gonna be the the best place to watch this from just because I don't go to the tops I'm gonna be in everyone's way I guess just kind of down here because then I can kind of watch will the ender pearls going up and where everyone ends up being so yeah I'm gonna go and set up here so then we can go and watch all of the action and then we'll see who the winners gonna be and they're gonna be facing off against me in the final okay guy is the end of a round number two fizzy going up against Paulie that was a pretty great victory by fizzy fizzy looked really good I mean he looked really good far from the the point where he died too hungry and to hurt he's a bit of a dangerous game it is a game where you you know every time you for an Interphone you do take damage but yeah I think that was four to one I believed it too fizzy as a bad luck to Polly like the theme of this game is this a game where you can completely perfectly learn it like if you learn that like okay this is the arc of the ender pearl and if I put my back against this wall and line up here like you can eventually do a hundred percent success right so this is a game that is gonna be better if we don't play often because if you play it off and you're gonna get too good and then it will end up not being fun because you're too good at it and no one's ever going to mess up anyway it's gonna be the grand final now it's gonna be fizzy going up there against me in the final showdown so which color boat do you have if you if you have any fizzy if you go and grab some I see you're grabbing so fizzy scrubbing but I need to go after but so let's go and grab one two three four five dark oak let's go in there and spread these around and now see the question is is do I want to put them closer together so it's very important to make sure you don't know who's going first because let's say I knew I was going first I could put like I could put all of these boats together I could pile them up in a stack and then as long as I get in the the right place at the beginning I'd be able to get rid of them all but of course we're gonna do it so you don't know who's going fast so that won't happen at all fizzy wants to put his boats hey I think it's literally trying to put it on the boat I don't think it lets you don't you know need not knocked it off alright so I'm gonna do the I see one right on the edge over here I think the ones in the edge can be kind of quite hard to get then let's do one right down on the middle cuz their triggers are I think physic is he is just putting them all right next to each other let's reach let's do this one is just a huge group it's just Paul load the valta together in a row let's do this one down over here this is good this is like the jackpot if you get that group there that is the absolute jackpot then let's spread my final one well away from the jackpot and I go and put it down here as well so I need to eat every single one of them together this is gonna be exciting this is gonna be an exciting final I don't know what's gonna happen like it's not gonna necessarily benefit either of us but it's just gonna keep things fun so I need to try an aim to get the the birch boat so if birch is the the block that comes out then I get to go first so feel free to do the honors busy press the button busy is gonna have the first attempt to go for the jackpot if he gets that jackpot is probably gonna be almost game over but but if he misses the jackpot then there's gonna be game on for me no she's gone too far yeah he's gone too far he's not gonna get the chapel you got to break away the boats first and then see if you can see in any and I think he can reach he missed the check for all the door has been left open for me I need to not mess this up though I need to get that jackpot where all of those there's our feet don't break think really William did as an accident busy just breaks a whole fruit right I do not want to end up flying too far forward but I don't want to fall back down the hole that I just went up in I think maybe like I'm doing like such gradual movements like I was I was good for you I did not do anything to mess you up I just say I pied I had just lined up perfectly and now come on fizzy don't break don't break the rules come on like it's still the beginning I haven't even thrown yet we can't even like this I'm not one yeah I still gotta get I can easily do what you did I know is that too far oh it is too far oh I nearly fell down the hose that fizzy broke can I reach any of them so oh I can't so I need to get in the birch ones I can break away this one and I think I might be able to get in both the birch ones that I'm not gonna be now allowed to break away that next one there so I can get these and then jump back out and then I can go and collect them up so I got the jerk and it was good I got two points but I didn't get in the middle of a jackpot so I wasn't able to get maximum value because I wasn't able to break away the other boat for for him so yeah it's still absolutely a game on at this point and oh that was beautiful I think he landed on to say yes he's like on top of the boat that is a ridiculously good of course it didn't didn't work out as well that time because um yeah wasn't there the jackpot but still I'm not bad whatsoever as he goes and rides his boat but down the middle I want to do that that looks like a fun way of doing actually no because otherwise we might accidentally start picking you help each other's boats in this area right then so there's two boats pretty close together it's quite hard to see the the dark oak ones at nighttime now but let's go right against the wall so I want to be close to the edge is that too far hopefully that's not too far is it too far it's too far no this is there really is game on like I fought like it would be whoever gets the jackpot they are basically going to win well this is absolutely game on now because physi nailed his go and got two boats and then I miss him that my one so probably seen as it's his go in hand we're probably just about equal end oh no he got the ones I was going for that was the the pair that I was trying to get and he was able to get it so that was two points for for him and I think there's where's the target as a dark oak boat there so if I just line it up with that purple line there then at least I know that way round I'm gonna be close enough I just need to not throw it as far as I did last time maybe like this might be okay but rather do not far enough than too far okay this is good so breakaway this one no I can't reach it can I get in this boat although I'm so close but yet so far us okay I broke the boat away I just if I was able to get it can I get it I'm sure I'm not moving at all I'm just moving my aim I'm turning I'm not moving but no not close enough okay that was better than nothing at least I broke away a boat but I wasn't able to get a boat but at this point in the game in the grand final that might not be enough when when the rule kind of paired up like this when you get one of them you can't have to get ever no oh but physi wasn't able to get one either that is a really good law is that is that the last bow I think that book guys this the last boat I did not even realize that I didn't realize we'd come to this point in the game okay I really want to get that boat so let's line it up and I want to go further than I did last time so maybe about there I don't know if that's far enough that might not be far enough but I don't to fall off the other edge at all that is my boat though I can go up into and collect my winnings physi if you stay down and if you go and arrange all of the the dark oak boats that you were able to collect in the United oh no it wasn't the last boat I told a lie it was just too dark to see I totally though fizzy a fish he had his fro and he completely overshot it but there was one last bow up and there the top here so I can't score any more points by getting this boat but if I do break away the boat then I will be able to stop fizzy from getting it so it's right in the middle let's go like start in the center and just go ever so slightly forward hopefully this is gonna be enough there is it is right next to that hole as well but yes I was able to land once again that is two in a row where I've landed directly on top of the other boat I am a rather proud of that so right then let me go and throw my boats in the the item frame I was able to collect three of the the birch boats by the looks of things and let's go one two and three oh that one's winning upside down for some reason so I got three points and fizzy was able to get one two and and some birch boats and a blocker as well which made by only a one point which is kind of ridiculous after all of that crazy shenanigans no I mean in that round by only one point I was just about able to win the the go fro game that was such a crazy round the game was smashed up at the top down that was a whole load of fun so yeah go go go fro that is my take on in the poke off hopefully you enjoyed this service video on a say thank you at all of my helpers for joining in and playing there the game with me and behind me for joining us very rarely a Z so does in one of these a minigame episodes over now and I thank you all very much for watching and I was you later

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