Minecraft Fnaf: Funtime Freddy Falls In Love With Everyone (Minecraft Roleplay)

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Minecraft Fnaf: Funtime Freddy Falls In Love With Everyone (Minecraft Roleplay)

In today’s video Freddy tries an experimental potion from bonbon and instantly falls in love with everyone at sister location. How will funtime foxy help freddy or he stuck like this forever?

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WARNING: This Series is not meant to follow what happens in the games. This is fan made With Fan Theorys and Ideas.

This FNAF Sister Location Minecraft Roleplay based around the Five Night’s at Freddy’s Game – Sister Location, The series revolves around the Animatronics and what they do when no ones around.

This series is based off our speculation,fan theorys or ideas of FNAF Sister Location(and other fnaf related topics). There will be developments in this game’s story that do not directly follow the finished game.

All music comes from Incompetech

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head over to superfine share calm now we have all kinds of awesome things for you like this cool hoodie with meat on it or this awesome shirt with circus baby so head over to super fun shirt talk on today and get some items now while supplies last all right all right just a couple more ingredients and then no effects what might be permanent oh I'll be right back ooh what's this whoa that's really good I should really get lots on this place okay finally I have cleaned up all the chicken creeds from this room I don't know why Fred to keep coming in here and rubbing chicken grease all over the walls I don't know why he's doing it but I finally cleaned it up now it's time to go and take a relaxing break oh hey foxy hey Freddy I'm I'm going back to my rod I got just something where you got me something would you get me I got to something you've wanted for a long time a fern yeah it's the show by affection uh I don't think you mean it that way if it was mostly poison ivy get it cuz poison ivy is like Raschi and hurts no it's real you know I'm gonna give that back to you I'm gonna go back to my room hello no I think we should hey where you going you can't just walk away from me huh well I did except except the flower come on that's a fern it's not a flower I kids spill what are you doing hi hi foxy hey lo but he's acting weird hey I like the smell of your hair thank you I've been using a new shampoo it's pretty good I know I used the same shampoo del wait really I eat it you're not supposed to eat the shampoo maybe that's why he's acting so weird maybe who's it that's lovely hey little bit hi Freddy little bit I'm just gonna come right out and say it I think we should go on a date wait wait what I'm not gonna hide my feelings any longer a little bit Freddy me and her going out you just get straight up ask her on a date when I'm standing right here well actually you're doing I'm flattered but no thank you what no why do I feel a is gonna fit and wrong really really wrong yes I agree um well but you might want to run well there's that for you or for me I think this would come in handy eventually I think he's taking you a grave I think you just know that saying you dug your own grave you literally dug your own gonna be digging his own grave are you digging your own grave it's for all three of us wait for me ready phone gosh she's so behind me wait foxy why you burned it away from me friend just try to kill me foxy wait wait foxy foxy I'm sorry for my actions I got you a gift okay is it a knife to my to my heart I don't want that beyond old it's it it's an actual present foxy oh go up hey sorry there you go okay do I just open it well course oh it's no his noodles assignment foxy Fox y'all gonna come right out and say it oh I I think you should leave low bit and be with me but I love love it you're my friend yeah I give for you but but what let's have all been do this yes huh yeah she can wag your tail – can you wag your tail if I try hard enough you don't have it – I don't think I have it – yeah I wanna see great foxy come on I feel like you're not listening to be fought I am listening to anything for you yes yes I know it's just so coming closer you don't agree to be with me I'm gonna be sad uh-huh what has happens if you get sad okay it's not solid I might I might have to use this shovel for what I always like to get a grave dig hey wait foxy I really dig you this is a wall get it because I have a shovel that it's like get it this is like yawned area all over again but not a little bit but Freddy huh I know what you're saying you want to play hide and seek all right what I find y'all gonna give you a big kiss why – oh gosh ready Oh No I went into the secret area again why am I here hey weird how did I get in here oh no I don't want to be in here foxy are Gabe started you better hide gosh no Laura hide me no I heard love it I don't see all your Carter hooked um so yeah so I can't get ya is he okay I don't know ready okay I think that I was counting or I'd be pleased why would I hide you I'm busy Israel thought I'm busy reading this I love Dhoni who is Donnie I don't know I throw the Turtles I know that I'm pretty cool at all but Donnie really all of this I know you're talking about how you like the smart guys I see smart guys is this person a smart person Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle why might I hold that phone hi fun time foxy I don't care about to hell whores thank you oh he's your problem he'll be me he's my nurse what nice wrist muscles you have oh thank you I'm a hair model thank you hey blurred who's Donnie hey Freddy it says right here I love Donnie I think she loves Donnie oh yeah Donnie who's no good what I I'm wondering if you know who he is do you know who he is what isn't why is he better than me oh okay well it's Donnie what's wrong beautiful eyes you have I can only see it to your soul through them up lore we should start backing away very quickly because he's gonna do something very negative in a couple seconds he tried to bury me a little bit in a hole then he tried to stab me bull Vora and he was happy noodle son oh yeah I'll really come right out and say I liked it I'm not gonna hide fro by feelings anymore balloon Freddy why why should why is it's not like you put poison in this get away frizzy oh you had your chance now it's just you and I yell words around to bother us that that that's fine now it could just be you and I together forever wait wait forever oh yeah of course we're animatronic so we'll never die so forever Laura didn't know what was happening at all you do realize he's gonna trap you in a row proble and keep you there for a long time just to make sure no one else can have you well that hasn't happened yet so I just came hard and never do that Blore cue just standing right here for me look in that little cubby Oh okay think boys you're too precious to be let out into the world I need you to be in this condition forever she likes this my little action figure ya know or do anything anymore you're stuck in there we're animatronics it's because you're so buff that's why you're my action figure what look at those toned muscles no yeah I get a very tall these two folding chairs with those don't you say that about my action figure me right now Laura I've decided huh if we're gonna be trapped in here we might as well be trapped in here forever foxy yep sorry help ya yo my action figure give me a solution I'm in your back room oh I fell down here right let me up boy let me out oh no what is your didn't make you jump did you I made the second jump Freddie doesn't work I'm sorry you've run off with the bike with my boo Laura foxy Oh Laura I think you know they pay Laurie fixed up though though the wall oh there's a slight problem your other entrance exam oh this one over here Paul this is every situation altogether oh god why is the water right there there's always been water there if I get us outta here what's wrong with Freddy by the way I don't know oh oh that was me one second nope just waiting waiting I saw that oh this is hey boy I'm gonna go first hey hey ho ho hello hey boy I think you're safe now Oh help us the sad soul that's now I have to deal with this oh yeah get away from me oh thank goodness I'm saved look at those stripes look at those those tears look at those tears you could tell he's really emotional I am personal look at that red lip slash chin I don't know what it is let's both Wow hi foxy Fox wondering if you wanted to go grab a bite at the mcfriendly really quickly at a brisk pace where's that how dare you because we've always Atlas you stop talking to us what's up with you yes I know let's go to the big Freddy together puppet why would I I just invited foxy did you meant to say Freddy the best up mmm I you guys both start with F but after that you guys kind of trail off a bit so I don't think I made the mistake well I guess it's finally come to this then foxy you win you would know you're gonna destroy us all together weren't you take this foxy you gotta let me do it no I can't leave you here foxy let me do it elite child do it he's a bad man what's wrong with you Freddy how ow pop if I can't have you don't what kid pump it I love you I'm gonna have to ask you to not pump it please return my feelings foxy I'm by to get really emotional Freddy I have something to tell you oh yeah I'm milk products what your guy yeah he's milky white so come on dude you couldn't tell it was like straight there he's like he's both milk you saw a strawberry milk and it's like chocolate milk too well I guess that means this could ever be if you know what they say if you love something you have to let it go it always dies that it wasn't meant to be butter I'll forget that ever you end up forget me I'm trying to help you Freddy pray I'll go this oh no Fox oh no what a nice tail you have thank you I've been brushing it on hard times a day I want to brush it oh I don't want you to brush my tail come on get out of the way you know this is awkward get all the way all right go ahead where you going baby you didn't give me a big kiss yeah you heard him you're hurt all right Turkish baby I'm sorry baby already you Wow foxy if you'll excuse us yeah my scared watch this I want to spend time with my new wife what I'm confused yes aren't I but Wow you're now the next what an adorable big red nose you have next in what what's happening I'm convulse I'm gonna say nice big red rosy cheeks you try the fairy a little bit with him he tried any trap lure any uh a glass case with them and he just murdered straight up murdered puppy foxy if you're trying to break up me and my new wife you better get out of your break now I'm scared you're not the only scared of what froze gonna happen next you're very close can you back up please oh yeah sorry sorry of course you know what circus baby I don't care how many faces you have you're still all that matters to me I have room in my heart for all of you every single face stole my time just like hard to get really hard to get go back here this is my Freddy still single go back here is a bit obsessive what foxy oh wow what a nice voice box you have thanks baby run he likes me again Dorcas baby okay what majestic orange hair reminds me of that of a pump online Bob might help how pretty my old hands open everyone doing here radio staff you've aged a bit still as handsome as the day you left my hand no well thank you Freddie you know what bud bud I think it's time we reattach you why so we could be together forever Bhagavan I have this we've tried this already when that was your hand well that's never too late no choice hold still this you might feel tiny tiny be run by you have a chance no I'm safe in here Freddie it's good we fried this out it just didn't work out when I was your hand puppet why are you hiding over there with foxy oh no thanks thanks man again have you no shame why'd you let me be happy about that bonbon I know how to fix this Freddie no Freddie Bamba I'm doing this for you do I see you baby hold it for everyone Freddie me I I love you Oh what foxy you yes box that's really weird all right elbow but you said wait wait whoa live why boxes Chaney what why bossy you just told me you loved me I think of you as a really good friend but I think love is probably a bit too much are you a little Bob on right now uh yeah baby no babies cool but I I really don't like the two faces thing I think that's so I think it's kind of like a metaphor you know so uh did you kill puppet on accident or did you mean to do that and ouch that that's kind of that's kind of me I don't well is the question I'm gonna take my camera somewhere else going back to jail that's my camera wait why are you act like that what do you mean acting like what I don't act like anything you're just you straight up you fell over everyone in this business killed everyone oh so that's what you do I mean knows what's happening I didn't even that is do anything I just I came down here I drank bonbons drink and then I next thing I know you're saying you love me it's been a very weird day my mind what did I tell you about love potion number nine Oh what are you talking about love potion number day I thought you made no more love potions at all because a love potion number nine uh protocol well we talked about this is like 219 no it's called love potion number nine protocol oh he no longer is in love with us what I miss everything okay foxy said he loves me okay everyone I know but here's the thing the protocol said not to make little potions that made make people fall in love with other people I was making one to make me fall in love with carrots this konso my carrots your bunny that makes sense because everybody has a little bit of carrots in them like the guy that that agreed to get hypnotized so that he would like tomatoes I'm using a potion instead Wow it all makes sense I'm really glad that was cleared up at least I didn't do anything weird or crazy follows under the crazy stuff you also try to bury us in a Koopa trap floor any a prison of glass you are a straight-up kill puppet he's now gone the killing with kindness yeah he's dead Oh like I told him a funny joke and he said no no no why is baby in prison oh there's another thing baby you locked yourself in prison trying to escape from you oh I'll go keep her some company huh well you know I you're more for being two-faced Oh Friday and apologize I don't like that Batman villain I think the paint is better I'm not I said what's happening oh yes sir I don't leave the city this happened me there what a weird day maybe max I don't know where you went what wait for me watch movie okay oh wait what's where we going Freddy where it's me and love it only Fox's room no you yeah sure Roxy's room oh well you're still here well in that case click on the video to the left to watch another one of our videos or if you want to click on the right to watch a video from one of us or one of our friends well I would walk by

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