Minecraft *COMPLETE* Fortnite Battle Royale Texture Pack!

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hey everyone what's going on I'm so so happy to finally say that the fortnight Battle Royale texture pack is finally complete now before I start talking the downloads are in the description one for 1.12 and one for 1.8 the popular opinion it's what everybody wanted so I've got it down in the description all the textures are finally complete so you guys can go check it out and have some fun on high pixels Battle Royale currently the best server for the Battle Royale game-mode all the guns look awesome and some of them even have the original fortnight texture just so it's got that feel from the original game I'm really happy with how it's turned out and I'm real I've really enjoyed playing with it with the texture pack on so right now guys I would really really appreciate it if you guys could leave a like on the video and a nice comment on what you think of the texture pack really means a lot to me and I really appreciate it I've made this video shortened to the point pretty hectic at the moment I've got this done though and I'm sorry I couldn't really review it as much as I'd like to thank you guys so much for watching please leave a like and subscribe if you're interested in the content on my channel now I'll see you guys next time enjoy using the texture pack

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  1. Just so everyone knows to use the 1.8 version you have to un-zip the file before you add it to the folder. Not sure why but that is just how it is sorry for the complication

  2. brooo u are best u make it for 1.8 tnx i will share with my friends

  3. Damn I Have seen the video just right (the other) and ive posted so many ideas xD but here only say are these good ideas ;D
    can you make the bow like a scar? and i have more ideas:
    Wooden Pickaxe: Normal Starter Pickaxe
    Stone Pickaxe: the first of the season three battle pass
    Iron pickaxe: Chomp JR
    Diamond Pickaxe: Rainbow Smash
    Gold Pickaxe: The Pencil
    TnT: C4 Bundle
    Piston: Jump Pad
    Fire: Campfire
    Door: Like Fortnite door
    Golden Apple: Chug Chug
    Potions: Fortnite Potions
    Netherstar: Battle pass
    Horse: Lama
    Noskin: Fortnite Noskin
    (Im German sorry for bad english)
    So thats my current ideas 😀

  4. Is this the best pack ever?!
    Ive never seen anything so good and Ive been through packs by loads of yters like latenci, apexay etc.

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