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we made her babbbbyyy dadddy! baby daddy looking all types of hood! i also gave you guys a mini tour of his penhouse condo!! after this video i will be posting my storytime people and getting back to this lets play after! hope you all enjoy! the sims 4 lets play create a sim

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what's up guys it's a girl play pears here and today we are creating to me as a future baby father we're naming him O'Neal and like we said before he's gonna be a drug-dealing bad boy so I created him from scratch I hope you guys enjoy it and for those of you waiting for these storytime remakes a people I know in my real life that will be posted soon we're actually gonna make every one that we make from my story time into the sim townie so they will be a part of our gameplay from now on we're gonna make their treats exactly like the people I know in real life and we'll see how that all turns out so enjoy and after this when I make him I'm also gonna give you guys a tour of his penthouse [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] alright guys so you saw me make O'Neal hair this is Tamia's man to be he has a drug-dealing wait let me go into his settings so I could tell you guys exactly what I made him so Neil's goal in life was to have a home that was worth a hundred thousand dollars and we accomplished that yes we did we accomplished that with cheats because bitch we got notes out there will you talk about I made O'Neil a sweet-talking drug-dealing hothead ok I think those are the perfect traits for a man for Samia so I decided not to build his house with you guys already made it I already furnished it everything is ready to go and let me give you a quick tour welcome to MTV Cribs so when we first walk in we have these benches where you can like sit and chat or put your shoes on or something we got these beautiful African inspired some type of mystical black women all up on the walls you know we got storm over here some of them have blanked out eyes beautiful beautiful artwork this is custom content I will link them in the description box down below but this is the first thing you see when you enter his home and mind you he's rich okay he Scott's the money's alright because he's a drug dealer and you'll see his drug-dealing room in a second but first isn't this just a beautiful entryway like I'm loving it I think it's everything I wish this was my house okay now let's move over to his office so over here is his office let's go over to this fireplace here okay we got a cute little picture or whatever and on top of his fireplace you know you gotta have a basketball because he's fit or whatever he likes to play ball or whatever we got some Chinese New Year money we got some what is this rolling papers we got a bag of weed seeds a bong and an empty weed jar obviously because he is a drug dealer then we got this little display of the city because we plan on taking over the world me and Tamiya or him and to me I should say a bunch of bookshelves because you got to look smart even if you not know this is his desk he has his computer here with the fish tanks another bong a packet of weed some tissue paper cuz the bitch is gonna be crying over his fine ass and this little door right here I don't think y'all ready it's a stash room all right we got high quality weed we have grade-a Columbian nose candy aka cocaine we got a big bag of cocaine right here you already know what it is and this goes all the way up so whenever he meets his weed to sell to his people he has a stash stuff you feel me stashed up honey I like this room I think it's nice and like professional like yeah I might sell weed but like at least it's organized you know me and my cocaine is all point to and organized as well it's that bricks on bricks on bricks like don't hey so when he's talking to his people he can just walk in there grab what he needs to grab give it to them give them a tissue to say you gonna love this weed and then he could say yeah now once he leaves his office he is greeted by this waterfall which is just beautiful and then we enter his really nice and simple living room okay you have a management money tree over here a little bit of artwork some candles make it nice and romantic you know I'm saying because the condo came with this and I can't move this fireplace so I wanted it to be real romantic it says in the mood fireplace a flirty vibe radiates from the beautiful fireplace in this apartment the landlord won't allow the fireplace to be removed or sold that's what I had to work around it we got the candles going you know it's nice and romantic all or whatever are some roses like yeah he might be a drug-dealing hood nigga but you know how to decorate this house you got some roses for you like and then when we turn around here now we are greeted to his kitchen and dining room well kind of a dining room she's got you know a cute little spot where everyone could sit down and eat here we got two stools here we got a winery dog bowl for his dog I think this is nice cute and simple you know you got a nice view of the city while you eat like thought it was mad cute or whatever and I think Tamia is gonna walk in here and be like yes my baby daddy my baby daddy and if we go to the hall now through this door we are greeted to his gym but before we go in his gym we're gonna go into his washroom I'm sorry I'm Canadian bathroom his bathroom my bad y'all so we got some custom content going on in the bathroom you got this tub this marble tub as well as this standalone shower yes this is a shower laundry basket for his clothes a nice towel rack Ottoman this is a sink you got his two brushes to paste some some what does this call the end face lotion he got some MDMA some pills is on and poppin over here and this is a six think it's custom content as well and then we got three mirror sorry for mirrors here where he could look at herself and you know admire his himself another beautiful view of the city right here look at that damn bitch you live in life life you live in life life I added a little rose here for when the ladies come over or whatever is a bunch of cabinets cuz I don't know what else to do I'm so sorry about it and then in a separate room we got the toilet and then if we put the walls up you can see that there's a window for the toilet so when you come in if someone's taking a shit and you decide you want to watch them take a ship for whatever reason you can do that while you wash your hands okay and now moving on to the gym so I want O'Neal to eat well and take care of his body and work out and just be very healthy you know what I mean so he's gonna do yoga you're gonna work on the treadmill you're gonna workout in general got a yoga mat here we also got a massage chair I think this is a massage chair somewhere where he could box and then inside of his gym BAM that's a sign of room yeah I wasn't ready for that y'all was not ready for that that's what the walls up it's a gym with a sauna okay I'm excited about this I wish this was my home and leaving the gym now we over here to his bedroom where he got a big-ass screen TV some couches you know a nice little bed also custom content where he could sleep with multiple women or just to me I will figure it out he got a regular computer table and then a deejay table just this is just a hobby we're not trying to make him like a famous DJ or anything if it happens while he's just doing it then okay cool whatever but that is not our goal our goal is just to make him a baby daddy and give to Mia some damn money that's about it so this is him with his dog killer and Killa is obviously a blue-eyed pitbull dude got a ton of rings on his fingers he's a drug-dealing rich ass nigga who's about to take over the sim land so now we can officially really start playing with Tamia after this we're gonna have to make them meet someway somehow maybe at a party a mutual friend's house I don't wanna like just make them meet because that's like I want it to be a story I want them I want them to meet in a way that I didn't create you know what I mean they have to meet naturally and really vibe with each other from the get-go make it happen by forcing them to talk do you know what I mean and as you guys know I'm deleting every single sim that was made by the Sims and I'm creating my own neighborhood so everybody in this sim world is not going to be EA created every single neighbor every single townie is going to be made by me so I've been working on that no base game characters in my game I don't okay so when I make my characters from my story times they're actually just gonna be townies they're gonna be walking around they're gonna be causing trouble they're gonna be doing what they would do in real life because I'm gonna make sure that their aspirations and their traits are exactly like the people I know in in my real life so this is gonna be super interesting okay so I'm gonna switch between Tamia's gameplay as well as me making new townies and people from my story time so you guys stay tuned for that thank you so much for watching today's video I know it was super super short but I got a lot more things to record and I know we all want to see me make my story town people so that's gonna be next and it's gonna be very frequent like there's gonna be a lot of uploads after this back to back to back so stay tuned for that thank you guys so much for watch this video and I'll see you soon totals

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