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my brows oh my jebus I think that killed the guy right over there it didn't kill him what is happening what is happening hey guys level-cap here today we're gonna be taking a look at the m-19 22 medium machine gun that just became available for the support class through the new tides of war content update it'll take you about an hour and a half to two hours of objective or rather assignment oriented play and then you'll have this machine gun all to yourself and it's a beast let me tell you in terms of the medium machine guns that are currently in the game this one might actually be my new favorite even topping the mg42 especially with the new bipod mechanics in the game making the medium machine guns a bit more usable than they were before you get slightly more versatility with this weapon although I wouldn't say you can use it effectively in an offensive situation I would say medium machine guns still seem to be almost entirely relegated to defensive roles so if you're defending on a game of break through defending on a game of frontlines defending on a grand Operations game-mode basically anything where you can set up your bipod and wait for the enemy to have to push into you this gun will do pretty darn well however if you have to push the objective and sort of move into the firing lines of your enemies the set-up time with medium machine guns is just too darn long to make it useful so that's not advice just for the m-19 22 it applies to any medium machine gun the mg34 the mg42 the VGO they all kind of suffer from slow bipod setup times slow ledge setup times making it so that every time you round a corner and somebody with a non MMG engages you you got about a second before you're gonna start returning accurate fire on them and that's just a second you don't have now let's take a look at the specializations of this weapon and what sets it apart from the other media machine guns it starts off actually in a pretty decent state 770 around permanent rate of fire and pushing it down the left side progression tree you get less vertical recoil lower flash and the third unlock gives you a rate of fire upgrade to 900 rounds per minute and then if you switch over to the right side the very end you get a longer time to overheat so you can basically just shoot for longer at a higher rate of fire on the right side you have the option actually give it increased accuracy with ported barrel and a bigger magazine of 250 rounds if you need more than the hundred and fifty it starts off with but I found these less necessary the machine gun itself is quite accurate even at further ranges and that's what kind of sets it apart from some of the other machine guns for me it's got far superior accuracy compared to the mg42 and a rate of fire that is nearly comparable and I think that's why I like this weapon better the iron sights themselves aren't too bad they give you a little bit of magnification and since medium machine guns don't come with any other real magnified optics sometimes it's nice to actually have that 1.5 times magnification as opposed to what you would get with one of their reflector sights which is zero magnification or the anti-air sights which i think is 1.25 I might play around with the anti-air sights just because the body of the gun is very close to the actual iron sight of this weapon and it can obstruct some of your targets at range but I really didn't have too much trouble using the irons in I would say 99% of the situations I was in now I got into a game that was basically the perfect setup for a medium machine gunner and now that I think the m-19 22 is probably one of the best medium machine guns in the game this thing just went to town on twisted steel playing defensively on a grand operations game mode in airborne it was so easy just to keep the enemy at bay setting up in nice little nasty defensive positions here just mowing people down prone gameplay is well it's overpowered in battlefield 5 thanks to the insanely hard to see player models with reduced visibility going prone and waiting for enemies especially in a cluttered environment like twisted steel is the ideal situation for any medium machine gun it's not choke pointed enough where they can predict where you're gonna be set up they have no idea and by the time they figure it out there's already a hail of machine gunfire headed their way chances are they're not gonna survive 900 rounds per minute incredibly accurate with a bipod deployed what can they really do to defeat you and at that point you're already prone so you're a very small hard to see target plus we really shouldn't disregard the flash list propellant upgrade the one thing drawing people to your location is a big muzzle flash sure they can still try and follow the tracer rounds in but if it gives you an extra half second before they realize your location that can be all the time you need to take him out before they even do any damage to you long sightlines with pre-built sandbags that I can run around to for a quick bipod deploy allows you to really just mow people down on many different angles of approach and I gotta say I was having an absolute blast here I did get a bunch of hipfire kills this round actually you'll see some more towards the end of this video when I play a little bit more aggressively it can kind of handle its own with hipfire combat but the thing that I don't like about medium machine guns when trying to run a gun with them aside from the fact that of course they're relegated to hipfire only is that there is a very long delay between running and being able to shoot with them and that basically gets you killed most of the time if you're in a full-out sprint and a guy pops around the corner the time between you being able to stop moving and shooting at that guy is usually so long that you won't even get a shot in before they kill you I think dice could definitely balance this out a little bit or give us some weapon specialization trees that push us down a line of maybe bumping the medium machine gun to be a bit more of an aggressive weapon sacrifice some of your bipod and range skills or something like that some of your accuracy when by potted and shooting it for the range targets for the ability to shoot faster and maybe some better hipfire accuracy I think dice could make this class far more interesting or this weapon class far more interesting as much as I do enjoy setting up a bipod and mowing down enemies that are running into me there really isn't a high skill ceiling with the medium machine guns in fact there entirely dependent on the situation far less your skill if the situation is you're sitting there and enemies are running into you over and over and there's poor visibility on the map then it's perfect you're gonna do well with a medium machine gun it doesn't really matter too much on what your skill level is other than being able to basically just kind of aim in the general direction of your enemy and I think it's why people rage against them so much because anybody can do what I'm doing right now it's not hard to go prone crawl around and just shoot at things that move like it's really not hard especially when they're not returning fire because they don't see you they have no idea where you are and so when you die to it you don't go oh good shot man you you got me there it wasn't like a fair firefight there wasn't any sort of interesting engagement there it's just something that anyone can do and so if dice evolved this weapon class to the point where somebody who is maybe a higher skill player could start using it in a slightly more aggressive way where you're alternating between bipod gameplay and aggressive hipfire gameplay that could be really fun and more interesting and we could start throwing a little bit more skill into this weapon class and here I was just like what is going on with my enemy they're just like running down this hill into my machine gunfire which is great if you're a medium machine gunner but it was like blowing my mind also we got this gun up to rank 9 in like an hour maybe less I'm using it on this map so some weapons take a while to get up to rank 10 or something this thing just we blew through it very fast so I can start working on some shingen assignments very quickly now here I'm actually going for a little bit of aggressive gameplay at the very end of the round we're just shutting them down so bad that it made sense to kind of push up here and try and aggressively take this point that see you can see the hipfire there it's not good that guy should have killed me and I just kind of ran into a lot of situations with this gun where I'm like I should be dead right now luckily my opponent sucks and they're they're not shooting back accurately that guy right there didn't notice me till I got the full reload cycle off so it's fun to run around and hipfire with it when it works but if you're up against good competent opponents that kind of know where you are it probably won't work ten feet or closer is probably my recommended hipfire engagement range and even then anybody with an SMG and the ability to dance around move fast and shoot quickly from a sprinting position to a firing position is gonna have a big edge on them so obviously not the ideal situation to use this weapon in but as you can see the round is wrapping up here and we just pour it up this round just mowing them down I had chat off but I imagine people work quite upset with the hail of machine gun fire they kept running into I highly recommend this weapon if you had all enjoy medium machine guns it's probably one of the best ones in the game thanks for watching guys and I'll see you next time this is level-cap signing

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