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Super Luigi Odyssey is a mod by Wexos & Atlas that makes Luigi the main playable character in Super Mario Odyssey. If you’re interested in installing this mod, please check out the link below.

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it is here I wasn't originally gonna stream today however literally I got an early heads up that this was about to come out and I feel like chat I need we we need to experience this right away because we've been talking about it for so long we've been waiting for it hyping it up for so long oh my god chat this is literally you could literally see the logo in the corner I'm dying hold on I'm just waiting for this screen to go through I'm waiting for this are you guys ready let me get a let me just get a get a yes in the chat if you guys are ready make sure I'm on ok I'm on a completed file alright oh my god I'm so excited I literally so I just installed this over top of superstar mode so I haven't touched anything with this oh my god this is bro you guys I've been waiting for so long bro I'm on I'm actually kind of scared to like move let's just get a look at it chat luigi is playable in Super Mario Odyssey oh I'm so excited this is absolutely insane oh my god oh my goodness where is he even at you where's look hmm well the Odyssey I'm done well I'm done the Odyssey is freaking green bro now let's go ahead and try some costumes on chat now there's one outfit that I'm actually really really inside bro they they modeled via they changed the color of the inside too that's freaking crazy okay yeah let's do this okay I want you guys in chat to just say in chat a costume and we'll go and we'll look at that costume okay the underwear that's crazy now what I am really excited to see the Mario 64 one oh my god that's actually incredible dude oh my god there's something very important we have to do something very very important that we have to go do you guys know exactly where we're going facts all right we got to get a good little a little picture for a tweet okay boom and now the world knows it the funny thing about this chat I was literally editing a superstar mode stream I was like editing it was like to have it come out tomorrow and then I got a message from crafty boss that this was about to come out and I dropped everything I was doing to go and watch the premiere for it to come out dude oh my god dude look at these oh wait no the classic bro that looks so sick we get them bro we get the Mario costume oh my god so with Mario it's gold Mario but you get silver Luigi instead of gold Luigi oh my god oh the sunshine outfit bro I'm just I'm freaking out dawg I'm freaking out dawg I'm sorry but I'm losing my mind right now I'm kind of losing my I'm kind of losing my losing my cool at the moment I apologize hold on I don't follow Atlas on twit let me follow him on Twitter go fast bro doesn't that just look sick that's crazy well oh my god oh my god Mario is the balloon world this is absolutely incredible oh my gosh dude I they've they've outdone themselves I don't know what else to say aside from like just this is incredible where does he have the sound effects and everything – he does you can hear it in the background oh my god this is so uh waluigi odyssey coming up next or I'm gonna just where the original outfit man I think that'll just get the point across I'm gonna do I'm gonna speedrun it in a different stream probably the next stream I'll do a speedrun of it okay because I have the super star mode stuff like I bet I literally like I just put all of these files in with the the superstar mode stuff already so I'll have to remove the superstar mode and have it to where it's just the base game but with Luigi okay like I'm not even joking stream I will probably you never play Odyssey without this without these mods like because literally what I've been waiting on is for the Luigi mod to come out so most of my Odyssey videos heads up probably gonna play as Luigi just throwing that out there for you there's like the compasses green I just realized that the compass is green crashing the what Luigi he's he says Luigi bro thats outfit isn't halfway fancy considering you were invited he actually says Luigi get ready – Luigi oh my god oh my god I just love how like the pause me home wait what if we start with like a brand new game I'm actually curious about this – hold on cuz like you guys know how like Mario is like sitting on like the Start screen right at the beginning of the game I want to see if there's anything different there I don't know what else to say man it just looks so freaking cool I am done bro I'm literally weak in the knees dude I'm actually like losing mice I'm like I would have swear so bad but I'm doing my best to hold back on it stream okay you guys will watch the first cutscene let's watch the first cutscene let's watch the first cutscene I'm just curious to see how the presentation is oh my god all his hat no not the Hat not quite on the hats throw the Hat Daisy should replace Pete oh not for my wedding jealous Luigi this is literally the greatest thing on the planet dude I'm actually losing my mind is it gonna cut the hat oh the Hat tuned as a collective we're all just losing our SH right now dude it's crazy he has my hat she has my hat I rode their high road oh yeah oh my god that's an original cutscene right what do you mean original cutscene cavies eyes are green now – wait we're his eyes green before or are they red before oh whoops I'm dead I tried to skip it they were red before I didn't realize that okay let's go ahead and let's watch this first little cutscene here all right I'm not gonna like watch all the cutscenes because I'm gonna do like a proper like full playthrough of super Luigi obviously like another day so we'll get into it oh no watch this real fast okay the voice would he dies Oh No so I run away like that he startled me and I do startle easily I saw having you earlier who's quite the winger cat kingdom under attack by the same monster that's a Mario sound effect taking a picture of that that's going on my Twitter I honestly just want to keep on tweeting stuff about Luigi Odyssey bro bro this is nutty bro I'm weak I am so weak oh my god bro what the H so yeah like I said guys I'm never gonna use Mario again all of my videos from here on out are gonna be playing as Luigi so there you go

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