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Commentary by @MLPDota & @johnxfire
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we are finally here for our grand final between low tech and boom I do not blame i'm so hyoe already gonna find himself in a bit of trouble burr be and we'll make the chase quite a bit of damage actually botlane is where the first blood happens ohio does still manage to get one milli creep but that's certainly not the exactly what he wanted but bot lane beside of boom ID aren't gonna be too happy looking at that Mikoto as expected is having a pretty good time on the Padma I say that chuan moves forward gets disarmed with the decrepit I Mikoto gonna play around with this with another blast now the rotations as well but try and understand his grin and we'll find the kill cares cute comes in tries to clean him up and does do so you himself backs with whose records we just be free I mean again going back to my previous point pugna's not very tanky here to have Mike his own life away and ends up losing it of course meanwhile mid lane though chuan is gonna be in trouble cares cute is there chuan holding his ground does have one charges available now turns around with the races the nether blast is their swan we'll find a cure but we'll end up losing his own life and now Raven should be the secretary and he will be Makoto will find a double for himself on the pugna still a level behind scam but when he's at the point where he can kind sustain to slain so low we can if he was gang before on me should be able to have a nice tank you a lot more insulin let's go I spray plate coming out from the side of boom ID they dragon yamete and chuan to that mid lane and they both get cleaned up not feeling too comfortable in fact raven will spot him out now and they do get the silence off with the inks well as well stroke of fate however does miss but it should still be a kill surely they do get the X and they will find the kill this isn't really a t1 tower guarantee but don't be able to get surely have been a chip damage going although while that's happening bot t2 is under attack ohayo jumps in they are going after fbz but he manages to chain away now they'll chase the putner as well the psalms is there F easy he'll return back in to try and help out in fact they may turn this one around but chuan comes in on that shadow fiend and they walk by Neff be seen that's a big pickup now Mikoto as well he's even bigger but it looks like he will be able to run his way out and wouldn't help out quite a bit if he was but they will go after Ohio at that bot Lane with that frost shield he does God's strength up but is he really gonna be able to man fight here it looks like God strengthing was just enough for them to back off and now they will engage yamete extern is there stun as well but it's fbz on that timber he's a really hard secure to go for with just right-clicked still got about a half HP going frost shoot as well to keep him tanky although double inks wall is there and now the ulti comes out tron though he doesn't up dropping and now Joe cam in there with the chain frost where's the bounces it's very unlucky but they will finally end up getting yamete on the last bounce Ohio will be able to back off Makoto still making a chase on to Raven and it looks like he will just be able to find him decrepit by mr. Blass live train is available but he won't go for a rather he needs another nether blast he swore however he's gonna try and turn this one around Joe cam comes in a double ynx wall there but they will end up binding the pickoff fpz where's the chains those get there surely Ohio stuns him up teepees in front of him and he will not make it fbz oh why seem to be having a decent time on that shadow fiend but I don't know how welcome this hero go they do engage top lane and they will find Raven joke am falling low should die the tide does connect but no it's not quite enough Joe cam the boat will also not connect he will manage to walk his way out of there and he does have up roshan is being sneakingly taken by the side of low tech and it doesn't seem like boom ID are actually weird this though I say that they have smoked up and they will run past they break the smoke as well but they ever realize that the Roseate now they do but the requiem was already there by Troy and he blows two of them up now they run in with that live state of trying to think that Roshan but Fermi is losing too much HP and he's gone all the side of low tack actually fbz he got the aegis he managed to sneak it but he gets X back and he will get taken out can they take him out a second time Motech fbz all alone he's gonna try and fight this by himself in fact Mikoto comes back in but the ex back on fvz dragging him back into the pit they will take him out and that's four down for the side of boom ID it's easy actually going back in but this five here is around him right now there will be the sole bind out Ohio doesn't really want to go for this teamfight but they are forcing to stick around twine now thinking about turning around they will go off the FBC who's falling very low there is the Requiem f ez is down though curving is a massive problem on that lifestealer but now he's making a run for it as well now I'm gonna continue rolling in Joakim those aren't the skim he keeps the magnetized going as well but they have grouped up the chain frost is there but it will only go onto chuan meanwhile skin getting started with that BKB Makoto will end up getting Raven in the back lines although they will lose Joe cam as well on the side of boom I D the gaze is there to hold down skim he has the battle trance and we'll get started on kiss skewed though that frost shoot making a really hard to actually hit anything and scam looks like he will end up going down to Mikoto who's currently ten to one with six assists by the way you know who is that bur bein is still chasing down chuan and Tuan should be dead and he will be and a nice engagement there from boom I D in fact they'll go straight for the t3 towers afterwards it looks like boom ID will probably play this safely and they will back off the safety again skin actually walks past them skin are you doing he's baiting them in BKB frost shield was their skin has the battle trance available the chain frost will bounce around and does absolutely nothing salt mine is there as well Joe camp jumps in after Tuan Requiem coming out the boat does miss everything Joe cam still arrive throughout all this although they are making the chase Snell and looks like low tech will be able to find something surely although fbz in those front lines making sure they can't come off anybody and now they will chase kiss cue or throw a nice kick back onto yamete he ends up dying scam is very very low and he ends up going down as well and it looks like Joe key I'm gonna make the final chase out onto the grim stroke and he will end up going down raven could not survive that there will be black backs coming out from the side up low tech but they're losing those heroes very very quickly and bourbon is full HP still it's rough Mikoto where the hell is Makoto he's at the Felton apparently he's still finding kills they will get Joe Campbell the GG calls already been made and look at those tips coming up the skin boom ID absolutely we have I mean they really want to rub that into the skin it's it's for sure gonna be interesting it's uh it's gonna be a mid plinks it's like ball lane he'll wave up there will be a bit of an engagement Ohio finds himself in trouble and will end up going down to fur bein Joe cambers well falling quite low but he'll turn around with the shackles and with that raven should end up losing his own life and bourbon ends up getting him he's just been ferrying himself some reach and every time making treatment up keep spam feed haul bot lane Ohio he does manage to get Joe cam but ends up losing his own life certainly not worthwhile if you are the cool raiser to get a support kill or the cost of your own verb Ian OHP just more than happy to sit there and keep farming up there's just really not much these supports of low tech can do about this Raven tries to do some harassment but ends up copying a lot more just never a smart idea to try and trade if you're in Malia Mele support against the lifestealer yeah usually doesn't end up very rock they will make the chase onto Raven as well and will Ohio gonna trying to help bail but Bourbons already found the kill now the storm hammer is want to make sure fur being can get out of there safely and it looks like the shadow shaman has just been stuck in the tree line will end up going down on a nice little pick up there from low tack immunity Raven can I find cares cute Oh Casa cute actually finds him and now with Joe cam there as well this should be a kill although the stomp it will not go through or will it they will find the kill scam gets kicked Joe cam the wall was already dropped as well so no need to be afraid of that either they will get started on the static link with fpz meanwhile the miqo'te gets started on Chuan and takes him out immediately in our higher will be the target on the razor fbz continuing the chase the stomp will do a pretty nice job at stopping the backline fvz actually going too far but apparently not they will end up finding Ohio and they will continue the chase with the storm hammer on the scam shackles will be there as well boom ID really just playing all around low tack that engagement finding quite a few kills for themselves stomp get the shadow shaman in Ohio will move forward immediately although a nice fat comes out they will be able to find Joe cam regardless and now they want to go for more scam morphs into the spend once to get that storm hammer off whenever he can and it looks like the stop will lock it up static link as well some low tech do manage to get a t1 and to hero kills and smoke up and rush in though drums are there on Ohio it doesn't look good really matter they even drop the warts just in case it looks like Ohio will just end up dying yeah that's reasonable enough at best pump you damage over a fair amount including some farm people with BZ the plays they do have the surge stolen as well the nice wall being plays that won't do too much for his sake but it looks like he won't be able to search his way out eventually bourbon may turn around but he's being a citizen status static linked up they will manage to get Raven the other elder Titan does have yamete running into him but it's just a warning mission right now gammites a actually gets spotted out placing Ward's down and will end up losing his life as well as his wards it looks like AK know he will be able to walk his way out but the ward certainly aren't very safe Ohio though gets surged in and wants to try go for something here though Ferb Ian comes in and this doesn't look like good plan from the side of low-tack the radiance is also up on Furby and right now they do manage to take via the bounty rune but it's not gonna be worthwhile if you lose your whole team but scam actually man fighting will get fbz on that morphling much much worse navier– now fer bein again going in by himself but Ohio just saps all this damage why even turn around Permian you're dealing no damage you probably healing him up right now although in the back lines again boom I did getting caught out and nice stun coming up but it's not gonna be quite enough and cares cute goes down as well as joke am curvy and what what what how he was morphing Ian does spot out a Rubik but rather just go for the t2 mid tower of course but Ohio will rush in the hex was there was stolen by the rubic and now they're trying to burst Furby and down Ohio has caught himself between a rock and a hard place and the back wall comes out as well nice earth splitter but it doesn't really do too much damage in Ohio he'll start moving forward with that false promise trying to get Sun body and fbz is the target he has no mana left to search but he just gets up at the hex again comes out from Tuan an F BC will end up going down to Ohio they do end up losing their Oracle but who the hell cares about that maybe our net clinks as well scam gonna deal the damage of Makoto will end up going down to the morphing and now Furby and however he binds o higher and he finds scam on that morphling couldn't be a better time for him to get it but do they know the Roshan is going on well surely they do because they are running that way Ohio of course the first one in he will start the static static link up unto the live steel up and he does take all the damage away from Serbian in fact even more than that and I sleep in the back lines Robert scam nice earth spinner as well can they deal the damage however care secured he will be the one to go down first although they bind Joe cam as well the shackles is there on to scam the false promise as well and well there's a lot of by Mac's coming up from boom ID right now Ohio will get caught out Tron also ends up getting taken down scam he's just trying to make a run for it the rest of boom ID making the chase Joe cam he gets the surge he wants that hex and he does find it has the shackles available as well can't they feel the damage however he does not have manner for them for the wave in fact no he does now but he's still gonna end up going down by the looks of it and with that I mean I can't say I wasn't expecting the tips to come out at this giant point John they seem to do it every single time they did force out a lot of buybacks from boom ID to get that job done though there will be a smoke over coming up from Berman in fact who have they found there it is birdie and but this doesn't look a bit of a bait and it is Ohio jumps in but the back wall was there now they study mop as well boss promise we'll keep him alive long enough to steal even more damage but he's copying a hell of WOD himself and he should just end up dropping off of that boss promise surely in fact no but no the infest does get the job done it's a lot of deaths coming up for low-tack this could be GG will play John III will be going down and they stop this Ohio he can't afford to die right now but it looks like he has no choice in this he does enough going down and it's a tie back for him scam trying to do the best he can but that is one down fast lifestealer and he will find two and surely the ules will be there but it won't be enough he does get taken down T fours are still open for the taking this Carly to Naik's is chasing each other scam gonna try and man fight this he's actually doing a lot of damage suburbian who raises up wants to hit somebody but can't hit anybody right now in fact he finds Tuan you find scammers Warren heals himself back up throughout all that scam still trying to fight throughout all this madness he actually goes to a G morph and I don't know if that's gonna help the cause he does end up going down that's a GG call coming out as well John was that the second time that happened did I just did I just am I blind did I just see something or get 18 whether or not he shifted right but

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