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Commentary by D2bowie
Vega versus Team Liquid this is game 1 keep getting CS madara kinda low the rope will actually hit him in the face but there is no kick so that man control can get the Evelyn toss damage mind control still trying to chase gh no gets turned around the tag team from the toss just shreds him relatively well right here in terms of HP the tiny is super low is being chasing gonna give him a divine favor now is healing for 22 HP regen pretty sure don't want to chase him and they will try and get the road this time it looks like liquid will be successful at finding Madara the blink strike away he will doe be hit in the face with a huge tree not a lot of damage back so once again very low HP here looks like my Cointreau and kuroky are very interested in that kill the toss will give them the kill the kick is there maybe next time might be in up goodbye tower might not fall and if it falls they still have the chance to deny they actually bought ATP's back in oh Michael choice back HP and mana the power of the chair avatars is here but shorts walking my control in place they will get detecting with the blink strike or damage me none situation if I just kill you thicket and I'll kuroki the shock wave will affect him they do not have our P but he have stifling dagger in three seconds they decide to chase kuroky mind control might be a hard kill so they will just gang up on to Crockett whereas the average they actually have our toss can heat this hare the mango and toss someone back no he tossed someone into the air the tech team is here they find mind control but PA and the tasks are also that there is no skewer for this ring so he needs to be careful with his words typhoon dagger gets committed divine favor the kick out rook is going to be fine GH any roll our way he's trying to indeed don't get on top of him and now mind control shows up the app is there can he eat the mango yes he can the toss locks the P in place but Patara will commit the blink strike for it but look at that matter moment shows up with the bear can you commit that beautiful sevens were launched without the kick me with fag nice our fee on tutu and a bear the eliminate dues a lot of damage and stifling mega fines 1q blink strike towards croaky can they get disco the blinding light duration not enough they're gonna find now the Magnus nice average they do not have mana for another toss the stick charges are here they don't even need it that is a dead Magnus will committee and you get there's no miracle snatches melty blood rights committee can they get a good sharp block back so it's gonna get Silas but with the tech team it looks like miracle might die did you get a good savage for a miracle monsters the other direction he has all know the RP is off the market only infects the bear can they keep chasing Kelso has the T regime but that you find a favorite orange in the plastic are you gonna lose the toss anyways at the same time it looks like there's a fight here with Roshan I'm gonna get a good roll on to diem yes is dead they had Magnus that bear buffs going should be a producer major that bear buff is getting nerfed right after this tournament dude I am certain like they have to do something about this like if they're not gonna nerf the values I'm gonna I mean the damage they have to know if the coup don't want the mana cost or like the duration 14 seconds as that's just pretty good and look at that bear this boy alright here he has 25 armor but the divine favor just makes him unstoppable he will get the will-o-wisp nice crit onto croaky they will jump and does know about where though okay looks like they don't find a cure finally the water sponge claims kuroky he is dead without a buyback did commit the hand of God they're gonna stifle and argument to my man here do not have ages or anything so liquid you have to be careful not to be overconfident but the bear is very confident he does not fear for his life and he is walking up behind right here but to my man moves forward Iranians on the band's own in Kazu they will try and get a good team urchin here on to that beard cut up what still doing damage and they will at least find one but there's another one being micro by the chin and he's already tipping in they don't have the divine favor which makes this a little slower and with that crate are gonna find a pair but to guess what there's another one liquid they won't you join a roshan potato actually take despite it you have the blink dagger with a smoked magnus coming for you let's see if you're gonna be what you find this kill fast enough roshan is actually taking a long time to die and all right looks like Ezard ergo the row is going to find everyone be a bullet gets committed maybe next time very very low where's the will-o-wisp it looks like he was on who now anyways it is in a stoppable streak for our i'm a tumor man the RP was never Meeta Magnus just Falls and it looks like the magnetized from liquid was more than enough this fight was underwhelming to say the least Pecola tries to get the barony here oh there's a little PA setting up the shards will review two heroes Merkel as blood rage and rupture of a bow can they find this tusk does have snowball but not enough time to cast the spell and now liquid a whale collapsed into the ocean but looks like the Earth's profound himself a double damage usually would like to give a true miracle or the lone druid but it doesn't matter looks like they're trying to oh they cancel the TP and they will commit that apology H taking a lot of damage candy find askew this G H is so tanky actually finally one credit lumpini is not enough the ever tossed pies the PA she is silence can t get this kill so many misses but still this is not going to be a kill not only daddy cancel the TP from the keeper of the light and he looks like miracle he's gonna get himself a twofer right there liquid just outclassing Vega you got roshan every single tower all the shrines and melee barracks you're going to be ahead Oh looks like the Earth Spirit actually dies here Dara didn't go for the flats and there you go have a toss Madara you're already solo and that's exactly what I was talking about even if you pop the BKB home knowing he has a ghost scepter de bordo gets commitment Madara has that BKB he doesn't care about that damage and they find the key own chuji HD well now the BTB wears off in Madara nice using age to toss though old boy but Terra the blowdried blink strike for DNA disengagement is going to be alive but this Magnus the blinding light by sometimes forced f-word miracle he is so freakin fast but he actually getting good what they should kill the Bloodseeker that was a good turn around and I'll pack so he wants to maybe stop to liquid the shards kind of connects with man to man but not enough and ope actually regions and they want to take this fight but you have to be careful after all the avatars from that tiny strong and you don't have your BKB for 30 seconds godlike all Shuba to my man but finally Madara and find that shit and you're gonna get the RP candy get the damage will always be locked him down for even longer but you're not getting the damage to savage or from tea beer actually stops the entire comb room with two Mon trying to disengage he's very fast the Willis doesn't trap him they're gonna get a good ever toss whether I have of life too though and it looks like the best rats and they find that kill Jerry is Norris someone I want to say yeah 36 seconds with no reason he will find a ghost after on cue the boy in okay savage rotor tried to disengage the pa does fall didn't have enough time to pop the BKB has buyback they're gonna give a chakra magic is it called blood rage it's blood rage really took liquid by surprise evident oh look at the damage with that okay Castle try to disengage by the blademail does not kill miracle and also doesn't really do much eliminate flying out you're trying to defend this but Cass who unfortunately has no buyback that you will hold on to the PA by back but they don't have RP and that is why like we just pushing even without the ages they are trying to spend as many blinding lights as possible but liquid prepare it doesn't know what to stop he has divided favor the blood ride will be laid out Matara gets Alice but he has the BKB he's going for it there you go much my man taking a lot of damage and they find is filled nice cure actually brings them back a little bit Matilda men will perish but at the end of the day the melee barracks were already acquired are gonna get a good good magnetized Anshu everyone a blood right doesn't sounds the PA so she can blink strike for the ghost scepter do we're off th with the row but because receptors not going to connect he and you got to still day ago the kick is there blink strike for mind control will be fine looks like your TP has arrived here but at the end of the day there is only one range barracks but liquid they don't you leave that's kind of all they're gonna get a good ever toss with ours – well that's time fling dagger at level 18 Daraa they keep on moving forward and with the second blowing strike they find a killing spree so in a better pc they're gonna find themselves a GH but you just casually follow me some gold doesn't care biting light they also don't want your massive GH they know this might be a cheap a the row is going to connect on to the test they will get a good magnetized onto for do they have follow-up another row on to the mangoes another magnetite are gonna jump this point and they find this kill there's a dead man woman and this fight could actually be looking good on the side of Vega first they're fighting outside of your base Mirko Cro mr. rupture madara's the key is going to rock and they keep on fighting know that the techie but he gets the creation life – so much in our rupture is not lethal which means Madara can actually TP out and they get a twofer they don't lose the PA there's no standards resistance on the PA for now no sange and Yasha rupture it's going to be committed Madara is a forest to the base but for now they're gonna be fine you're gonna actually force the timber so into that blow dry they're gonna toss PA back but the are still up this mantra has a rupture going needs to buy a couple of extra seconds mind control it's that she's Jesus Christ except they're tiny it looks like this fight could still go well all there's a plane may launch that bear be careful Madara they're gonna get the glimmer cape BKB gets Pomodoro nice who disengage buy yourself a cell right now sir and that is a wasted beekeeping Oh Eddie you can want here for willows yetsko minute it is locking the heroes from liquid in position a blow-dry gets committed just zoning the timber saw out his guy gets a nose RP on to butt cheek and some centers and they find this killed ahead of buddies here you scepter buying time and the saboteurs ornament are out it looks like gonna lose the task instant buy back stance on to the Magnus but he doesn't have our key anymore scepter friend it gets come into the row onto the PA just have to give me any more force that they really need to play around SP a it's Madara first to the world what right gets committed Magus following suit you're gonna get a texting right here blood the blinding light holding them in position but the damages coming through man to man they're gonna get another rupture the desire on phantom assessing the heavens halberd once again they're trying their best but it looks like this p8 doesn't have to damage you just get one crit but the rapiers on the ground and the ashes will fall nice attempt but unfortunately like where they were just slightly to hat it was looking good though and let's see if both teams will deliver once again there's gonna be a little bit more of a power curve in this 90 we've got on one second tails both you limited gets channeled it will find back so this actually first blood nicely done by th right here and that's a hasty Chan all at the same time bottom Lane I heard and illuminate and it looks like gh still is half of that stack and he looks like they also still the catapult once again kill most onto the hex oh and the crystal maiden just evaporate diem will find Corona cannot put block though nicely done by claps gonna be there and kuroky will fall Mayan control gets pinged out gonna get a kill us both raishin stun and they find another disable milks like mind control TV sitar playing body blocks from Hiroki really riff comes through and that plays furious probably more than half damage did you get attic ratified whether you're fucking a man not fast enough to Disney EXO defines ghe stone panas gonna be back up they will get on the crap fio2 miracle he's going to pop that healing or but I instantly taken out by Castle Jerry is beta free available for a miracle but he's holding on tree the thing is there is winter skirt so I'm not sure miracle will be able to disengage keeps that there I go finally they're gonna commit the winter scarf gets committed willow is buying time can mister miracle disengage the dude is engaged but I will always gets community I got a four seconds to launch it crystal made him at the cordon brace will buy time can they protect the Crystal Bay the 300 HP you will be able to survive three second stun on together with the omnia slash the the gratified doesn't come in time miracle still look like Crystal Method no actually runs to the top side of the map the chaos boat does cut out a Madara but he has a lot of physical devil medication I'm not sure about this the crits not enough not a book not enough chaos both once again massive teeth is coming from Vega Mayan culture he's gonna get slowed down and there's going to be a spinner classic where is it still holding on to it the storm hammer gets there blinding light zoning them out the Gauss translates through trying to zone everyone awake and they find mine control the clap is going to be up in seven seconds but Derek doesn't have the mu speed work right in one second this could be enough they finally come into work right the healing Ward is once again amis summoned from tell him gets committed but the clap actually forms illusion so fast healing or still up illuminate flies out in Vega it looks like they finally give up on this chase but liquid might be able to find one here miracle very fast drums charge easing its own food out and finally there you go the blade fear can you GP after the key oh it looks like he doesn't so they keep on fighting them and Superman Bart's show up they're gonna stun the fear the winter wyvern here's another winters curse that's how long this fight is gonna pop the Arctic wearing at the same time signer brew gets committed played for once again the man is infinite because of the card oh but look at that the birds have they're gonna find a key watch the juggernaut God strap-on about two men it looks like liquid they are overstepping their banners a little bit about ads it happens you're going to recall the karo and a five stars in the middle lane it looks like this tower also for fell down they will get a winters curse chasing with the Primus play in the back lines mind control pops the phantasm looking for the pugna but he's going to be the crappy fire they also lock him in oh in the exit disappear all illusions with the broom Ezreal they get the gossip chasing my control but he has those armlet toggling a favor they're gonna use a crappy fight you slow him down the willow is bill holding everyone on set of Vega they will get that blade fear but it's a miracle actually gives up on the kill we are trying to TP down with my Uncle Joe you will be successful nice clap 1 2 3 but the healing ward you never want to have to go to bring my control back with the hope that's not a good idea though it's gonna be taken out can they find a healing mortals out there you go DM will find that one and the clap is going to be available in two seconds gonna buy back the crystal made of GH taking a beating you will have the force to have available dope can they get this one is freaking fast Oh finally DM gets it done but the double damage omni's lash looks like TM is going to perish brewmaster with the the flats on the way alright it's gonna come in but quickly disengage willow is we will lock him in place but if he has the creme fire on to him the obvious life screechy boss you a quote embrace and the creme fight targets this is not enough damaging now professor will be able to disengage Micheal Chall take a lot of damage without a whiff that got chef or staff to low ground and you cannot engage because the willow is finally it does dispel any keep on trying to chase nice use of winter skirts Matara will try and set up right here can they get a good stunt as they can about Superman still trying to live but they will find it heal the blade fields for a miracle not enough to find the skin radiance still not up and this fight it would be so different the visit is looking for the crystal Maiden but nicely peed in there and they do find a one bard it looks like the second one will be able to drop they are just camping that OTP from the crystal maiden Oh what they stopped the TP this is weird they're gonna force this by the force deficit quit embrace they will get the kills boat all to the winter wyvern they lose the crystal maiden that was very underwhelming be beyond my control chasing for castle but he's going to outrun that seek at the same time and are still holding his BKP as well as the that the out is actually on who died when the brewmaster is going to be forced to TP out but there's upward already following him can they get the drop this tells the burden out of everyone and that is the right move Kenny he blink out though that is the question he doesn't but the 4-step is there in DM with that cinder the drunken brawler will be able to disengage he played from the jug but they don't kill the Brewers you're gonna get a good stun here for staff on the chin the suck 70 HP on Shakur okay one attack ferry fires there but a clap finds the killer now that's a dominating streak for maybe next time they keep on chasing one hero that on side of liquid they finally get that got strength back and look at the damage the court embraces there but DM actually having to take so much damage they will get that signer brew where is the storm hammer another stun but they will be able should be dodged a Tokyo's boat onto him he's ready thankful they're gonna commit Fantasma right here and he commits is out the cordon brace was not here only the crystal maiden she does someone eyes but not that type of ice looks like arable cancels the freezing field I'm gonna get a good good cordon race right there protect impacts we know we do a lot of damage nice use of D blade tried to save the ck but way too much damage bonus at Omega winters first lock-in miracle N and they are fighting right in front of Roshan the first will always be the second willow is can they actually take despite so much damage with that Amna /ml madera he doesn't know what to do is fully locked and and liquid once again with the double willow SGH single-handedly wins liquid this fight it may be the game there's absolutely no buybacks on the side of Vegas this was any other hero Vega day do reserve respect they play the best they could and they were playing at the highest level against Team Liquid I'm sure they're gonna be able to defend this the birds are coming through my coach of the kills about four seconds to clear Cape is gonna be here they will get that he played on the crystal maiden for step forth and it disengages actually that was a good good dissing a towards my boss but they're gonna try and fight DOMA to my man with the crappy fight are gonna get a grave to their suck comes in but instant drop from the boards and they actually get the perfect timing right there quoting race trying to save Cass or the same time looks at the wyvern will be they had no time to cast winter squares their turn rate proven to be pretty annoying they do fine miracle here where is the less boop miracle will perish but okay fine what I have so much damage CK he's gonna pop the armlet here but I'm not sure gonna be able to arm lithography his way out of this what there you go they do lose the why friend but they did find three kills on the side of liquid and now it's meant to my man looks like they will find a lot of kills the question is can they roche during the downtime of all those heroes the glimmer cape will allow him to another splendor blossom committed a Madera very close to the level can you panic pretty you used to see why he's gonna go for you're gonna get ii gotta fight it looks like the miracle trying to focus on an editor gets the crappy fighting with orange with a lot of damage to whip that got hurt but to a man trying to stop him they do get a four second stun on to that it's been at the same time the cordon race save in cancer for a while but the man that dispels the frostbite from pack so the fight keeps on going but it looks like Madara is trying to leave through that go scepter but he doesn't work like that they try and get the healing work but they don't they're gonna root the juggernaut they're gonna try and suck him nice oh no but the healing ward is there can you actually find this goalkeeper of light will be farmed by a miracle net is the first biomagnetic will commit or chance the ancient is exposed Matara doesn't have god's strength is going to be forced you buy a refresher right now he doesn't have gold fred more seconds done with that uh that he plated a lot of damage so assumption is there but i couldn't raise him oh god keeps Madara alive ever sold out no there's going to be a bird drop they are trying to save him that a crap i will buy time there's no little fire on the city just yet a lot of damage to flying through a lot of trips he looks like DM is trying to disagree she's not level 25 he doesn't have another primus where the 4-step 40 will get a really tall to catch the court embraced by time they're fighting their hearts out but finally the double willows comes in and it looks like is done if this game miracle that's a triple kill yeah she is exposed it looks like liquid they are finally over with playing around here look so you want you finished again right now they do get a good gossip but they are doing a lot of damage leaving through those creeps but those persons they don't want to die they have to find a favor they have solar crest Kenneth our extra q1 but no the drop is there is going to be alive the suck keeps coming through but the GG flies out the ancient finally Falls and seemed liquid they are the third team to qualify towards the major

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