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Commentary by D2bowie
looks like liquid have a plan it's a per bracket winner gets a qualified remainder so whoever wins this area or from his area towards top so I don't expect the delusionary to be use open wounds on to puppy here he does give a divine favor to himself so yes I'm HP regen should work with here and now gh strange battle puppy Andy yeah gh nice crypt side doesn't have mana for dead chaos boat oh he actually gets been up from me up sir but doesn't even need the mana the crap flies out and that's just a sure Cal worth watching because it's only going to be farm oh the kick action is Lowe's I download a little bit one crit and they actually keep going they have the divine favor in whole that is the beauty of chin and this seeking right huge area go that's the chaos boat inside finds his second kill already being a part of 100 percent of the kills on this side of liquid a note there you go 3-0 for liquid that rage still has a decent innervation that you find a favor here home look at 318 crit seven minutes have you ever seen this in your life I never seen this with two mermen finally gets the Poynting rage but he's holding on to it doesn't want to waste mana and he gets completely zoned out by the desires just look at this he's just destroying this line just by himself I mean he does have that divine favor let's be honest puppy had we have to consider that puppy is helping here and you're gonna lose my to my man's eye he's just fighting to heroes mind control is losing to my dispersal agh we'll get the ROE away can actually find him he do have vision because of this war sigh oh my lord this ck you just cannot be stopped he's gonna eat the tree here oh my god so much and the favor is dead give me that crane come on site 254 item crocus face is slain to divine favors from people Oh looks like the hero dies this is a nine in zero game by the way is this a bo3 yes this is a beautiful Hales boat we'll find her here oh my lord Nisha is eiders just there just in another level right now the flats oh this is I think this game is gonna hand so fast and do well against yours and you just kick him and you row out and there's not much you're gonna Oh once again gh actually doing pretty well here another here that just tries to approach him and the kick saves him nicely the problem is through your tower is calling another jump and this time with this you can only kick one here oh there you're gonna get a really rich on to the tide until where is that this value will be able to walk it off the ice blocks as I in place but having that solar crest makes the physical damage on the side of secret even stronger than before Oh actually gonna lose the tinker there trying to control trying to battle here Ziya very low you was able to kill the tinker can liquid actually punish them a little bit about they fine here two kills and these two kills are actually very very important outer towers every single outer tower already down for liquid so right now they're just farming the map waiting for a roach at bottom lane in shadow plates will find oh that's a nice design anchors mash to kappa ooo you know so GH steel holes that Lassiter Santa Felicia has no fuse to one minute thirty Seconds forty ages should be reclaimed they're gonna get a good willow is right there two heroes all know that's the witty fight they're gonna get the devil will osg she will be able to actually live there but Nisha yes a biggie but to mermans radius makes absolutely no damage to him and what to my man oh boy okay so this is the first thing the barracks the rows going to be you're actually off the mat once again the magnetized gets used but you just destroy it all I mean there's nothing to pass okay they're gonna get one ravage the ravage use damage okay it was actually expires they lose the CK I am surprised liquid okay I spent locking them in but mid one shows up with those little boobs daddy's a dead dead your tire even after two mil a barracks now oh okay that's at that jakirah this could be a pretty good in there go ravage in close range candy get this kill before oh no the way Louis is going to be here Oh No with the enrage so much damage that's good to be at bad that laughs Larry Michael throw his juice is not enough and that will always oh yeah sir they had you know if this was a 20,000 go Laden order 36k goal did for secret maybe they actually burst out years and they all sometimes drafts are just superior that divine favor ck I think like when they're not gonna give that away to secret again that divine favor CK was just insane we're gonna have miracle plane shadow fiend GH playing grim stroke I think you have to go like 3200 first blue top they do dive the Tony lucky shop okay I'm gonna get the axes right here on some but to amend a grave chill will allow to mention disengage indeed have that info is the stun duration enough it's going to stop him for quite a while oh nice wore something to get Inferno blade I think it was a mess once again it's a mess once again since miss girl you cannot get it right they will get deeper later to puppy but you're going to bring mid one to this Lane what a perfect time structured sent him here and it looks like Heroku will perish very shortly initially super fast in the y axis from the tro fine that there's no way man controls any now he didn't get the the toss into DeCoteau he toss him if he shouldn't looking for some stat Karina's let's see if I can get that double stack oh it looks like the Vistage dies once again as it's another rotation the Chan once again bringing me to ensure that bottom lane the kuroky stop is going to hold him in place by the swashbuckle top a fight is starting to put out the illuminate is going to find out action finds three heroes on the side of liquid the Vistage is already dead and dismissal back he isn't stopped we're gonna get a good ever toss with the were stopped do they have enough damage they actually get that kill at the same time Chan shows up candy bring more heroes don't there you go that is actually a good stick charge usage by kuroky is good to be able to survive the swashbuckler minute finds out my koto actually running circles and he will be able to dodge the road from anyone but here we have another slash pocket there you go that another hill for me though the ever actually connect can he get the double race triple race six HP mid one here is swashbuckle to victory yes oh that is a girl for sure the stroke of fate from down time perfectly placed he actually had the exact manner whereas in the other game he had like those Midas's and absolutely like no hope at all day we've got a pen at this your launch miracle with viscous NASA who they're gonna bring mid one again but it have to be careful the willow is ported everybody plays crocus range of battered oil OS but Kenny do eating so you can vision and that moves before a miracle Kenny actually run away Force X off that gooey doesn't have a lot of armor you have to disengage but there is no hope miracle he's dead he only throws a raise at puppy here oh there you have it and then they pop the smoke and oh look at that Ward I think this is a good setup this is actually a good setup candy find a requiem eobseo will always miss here they were ready there you go that is the top wolf the Chen and the Cardo Cardo by the way is already dead a rolling Turner doing a lot of damage gh is kind of stuck because of the willow is Chan is going to be zoned out ain't well I'll check rookie trying to proc it they're not gonna find it so this is that shadow fiend for a dead karo the average finds one kill but that is to support that for sure he's gonna try and move forward he's a little afraid where it's a divine favor from the champ up he's actually holding a oh no they usually only caterpillar just tank you for the capital I'm not sure you agree honest oh it looks like a puddle already guys it will get a doom on to the ping earlier this is a very important target he's not gonna be able to use their ears what the liquids actually taking despite inside that angle your buy back from the karo what is happening it looks like they're trying to fight is the double drop from the PIRs the the willow is is zoning most of the liquid hero stroke and try to disengage with this course after gonna buy back the penguin as well as all the damage being done by that diffuser plane YCJA and it looks like that is a dead that mind control apps are already keeping back and it looks like they're gonna get a double kill for Sai tiny and doom already dead the raises are going to be here if we'll get the stylus all Rolling Thunder gets canceled by the bird drops pretty good but what about the Crimson Guard can you there's a lot of damage the wrecker muscles will hit all janeshia but it looks like that's not enough they have so much sustain with that divine favor intro keeps on moving it doesn't have the ages but it doesn't matter the damage is going to be done anyways tower already falling down and it looks like Nisha also wants to happen gonna lose miracle he has by a bit but now we've put out a record muscles or Souls can he actually do anything a lot of damage was done she's I but he will walk it off they do get a good stump here with the doom nice shallow HP but if you have the swashbuckler Baxter's to up secret may be diving a little bit too much sure they will get the divine favor on ship up in the liquid maximum on birds will get a two men two men word drop alright that so that girl Kido is going to buyback liquid it looks like you are the ones that got you painted not see you're going to fall the damage is done and it looks like this is a dire back or the shadow phenom I'm not sure liquid has what it takes to in this game anymore this Nisha TRO is out of control and the GG unfortunately lies out like all right so a little underwhelming you know two of the last years that we wanted to pass that up into zeros

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