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I I don't know I don't know if I'm on yet hello I'm a little bit off camera there we go let me check the chat what happened to the game oh I don't want to see the story yet bitch okay hold on here we go what let's tell y'all I'm on okay what all right before we start let me say a couple things number one I know about the Resident Evil 2 demo trust me everybody and they mama is talking about it I'm dying to play it so trust your boy okay I know what's up now voice is good I appreciate that Jessica thank you because you know I was gonna ask now um so yes Resident Evil 2 demo I'll probably make that into a gameplay video might put that up like Monday or something I don't know yet but um super average I see you so so yeah so don't worry you will get Resident Evil 2 I'm hyped for the game when the game drives I'm gonna livestream the shit out of it so yes we're getting that game that's number one wait what's that number two cuz I don't already forgot number two Caleb I appreciate that that's Kayla said that she looking good thinking all the right places but look so um so yeah we're gonna get that residual – it's a one-shot demo I don't know if you guys know how that works but you literally get 30 minutes after your thirty minutes is up it's a wrap your Xbox or your PlayStation explodes it doesn't explode but you can't play it anymore now um so we're gonna super I see him at the call you were but $20 okay that's a phone call right now I'm just kidding all right no but a stop all right it is hot as hell let me turn this AC yo oh you can play it I forgot you can play a speech and the law and the little dude with he like just robbed the bank and he's holding the shit and he's he's running so let me uh let me know yeah at the AC I almost forgot what I was doing all right I'm gonna show you all my snacks in a second we're gonna get this started cuz I know y'all is on patient on patient or impatient is the M I think it is is it I am or an in patient or impatient cuz I don't know okay I'm fucking up let me turn my age is it in so it is impatient I'm seeing I am and I am so which one is it y'all fucking up to I don't know which one it is alright here we go let me turn this AC down alright cuz you know thickness needs to breathe a little bit so let me belong get the AC down snack time now I got something new on deck so here we go so um of course we got the baby Bell cheese you already know we got these on day please remind me to eat these okay water and one more thing you know in my retiring Pirate's Booty I don't know if I'm retiring it but I'm kind of on these veggie steaks oh look it's green break there so it's it's blending it with it with the background so I'm on these veggie sticks right here okay these veggies raus raus mistakes but I mess with these veggie straws my boss what let me see how many calories one back is 130 that is not bad at all now let's get into this game because I know we um Christy you know what's up you know what's up with the busy sticks all right um all right here we go boom let's jump into the game here we go let's see what I don't know that I don't know what's new or you could play the new Luigi sweet I don't know what's new about the game let me see should I should I happen to the Luigi joint or should I hop into the Mario joint let's jump into the Mario one first okay and let's do that you can play as Mario Luigi hey the way he look it's like bitch you better pick me you see the way he looking toad toad ant you know she make it real stop and this bitch okay so you can play these characters right here now um I guess I got like difficulty so like it's easier with her and then it's easiest with him so let's play as the new characters and let's hold on let me let me go back what what did he say when you pick them one more time one more time all right deb-deb napat is that where they got the name throw because they're like you know when people get married AB nabbit know like maybe I hear a rabbit but he's not so it's an Abbott get it rabbit cuz it's not a rabbit so it's an Abbott alright here we go by the way new members and donations I will be shout y'all out towards the end of the stream don't worry don't worry unless I happen to catch it like oh come on they they used to this look they have so much time to jump in they have so much time come on my boys come on man y'all deserve that where's not be there we're nabbing it okay here we go no fat ass Yoshi's and make sure everything showing up on the sub box all right here we go we good all right um the volume below low all right I got you all right let me turn that up but I know I'm loud as hell so I gotta I gotta it's got to try to match my shit cuz I know if I'm loud the bong gon be alright so we're gonna see how the volume looks now okay that might be a good medium right there is that that's better right there okay ha ha ha ha ha ha ok there we go now now it's a little high I mean I just cannot find that medium that's better okay we good all right okay all right here we go let's see what's the deal with this character right here okay he need to calm down that's number one but let's see what's the deal with this and how does this compare to Mario maker that's another thing holla holla cuz if I'm not mistaken you cannot get hurt when you playing this hit look I'm gonna try to have somebody hit me hey somebody played my boy come here come here it's like I'm one of them back 145 hours for Moses what's going on Moses back back back stop stop stop what'd you do it all right listen um so what was good with that cuz it's like you you just can't get hurt I mean you could do a speed run and beat their whole game we gotta switch characters after this cuz I don't like this you know I like a challenge so yeah we're gonna need a challenge we can have this right here my boys listen but a brook way back alright okay he can still do the low but it's okay bitch go do that okay here we go let me slide backwards on it okay forward all right so you get items to just get points for them you don't get anything let's get this shit right here I'll let you can't get hurt so it doesn't matter back back what do I get another another one of these shits but all they do is give you them shit they don't even okay let's finish this level and we're gonna play usto day if I hurt toe dead really know how to make me you need to stop okay so all right so let's not play as ham cuz that's too easy you know your boy like a challenge alright so let's pick okay calm your ass down let's pick on the switch characters how do you do that there we go change characters okay we're gonna go with toadette she need to calm down alright it's on here like calm your ass down I don't know how she is so I don't want to like okay okay okay okay she get big on y'all ass I'm mr. Damon can she do twirls okay she can do twirls and all that bop bop I was going in let's see huh Dileep off I have to do a creep alright hold on let me see what's going on here this don't even feel right okay grab your little coolant Stowe dad grabby little cool weeks back you know she's trying to go light Louboutin or something you know get her whining a little Lou Vuitton helmets back okay here we go bitch all right now be good okay slide down with it go backwards okay get me what the fuck okay hold on cuz you come you come people for princess peach bitch bitch bitch – there we go okay so what was her name Val's it is that is how she is now okay she fucked bitch she float on your last again I still have flower power away all right let me see hold on hey she flipping on your lap she used to be in gymnastics no y'all ain't no a damn beat oh all right all right hold on let me go look okay I said bitch let me okay a little too easy wait cuz she got the firepower – or you turn back into into this I'd rather have crispy there we go okay okay there we go so I don't understand like you get the crown so is it really bitch bitch bitch bitch or is there somebody else like who is he Oh bitch goat okay you got it you got it I don't need no all right I don't remember but I feel like ah calm your ass down let me see what her little winning pose is because I don't know how long with the street today I'm not sure yet we're just gonna play it by ear my boys I don't know how long with all Street oh it should be eat you can fly over the shape oh you can I um okay so let's keep it moving let's keep it's only the first level you know I I'm waiting for that challenge we got to get that challenge I'm not gonna getting no little cheese no Lola look what we got going on here okay I'm calling bullshit let me tell your wife who said help me if I'm peach right now so if I'm peach who over there you said I'm saying something about unless unless write a check this theory out what if right what if toe dead and Pete switch places okay they switch places and now told dick is in the castle you feel me I'm peach it is hey is that her name production P check on them okay no we're not gonna get that we're gonna stay with peach but so so cuz if I I never go through all this to rate to rescue told ed I'm sorry I just don't care that much so we're gonna okay okay we're gonna go up here we got our first little boss battle here we're gonna see how far we could get I'm just gonna speed run through this cuz you already know I'm a boss at Mario so it's like that's that's no secret we're just gonna you know I'm not here to collect items we're here to kill it ain't we might be this gay what if we do that sure I'm seeing new members I'm seeing y'all and I'm not acknowledge y'all just give me a sec wait chance Sims I see you I see you I see you okay let's keep it movin we're not all get hit once bitch almost got hit kill this bitch okay bloop let's go let's go for the box okay do not get bitch stop okay all right I thought I killed this bitch okay do not get choice on choice I don't wanna I don't want to see toe dead I told Dad lost all that weight stop bitch stop dad wait whatever is doing what was that what what is these these magical stars and shit hold up I can float up like a bitch I must to get the montage published alright let's go let's keep going alright now I like that move this is too easy oh no this is too easy we're gonna have to switch up to somebody else okay chill out chill out with the spins bout here we go I know there's some secret right here look come on man come on look a peach well Oh hands like this although shits alright here we go come on man come on come on come on come on come on but oh oh I was gonna do it in style okay now side we still got him though we still got him let me read that get yourself four thousand tacos order of supreme your lady no like sour cream congratulations you now are a sour gee what the fuck just happened Charles how you doing what yeah save the game but I'm trying to figure out what I just read all right here we go my boys um okay I just said that calm your ass down um you can peep under her dress and see the poop-poop stop gah need to stop let me check something real quick okay here we go we're just gonna run you know what I shouldn't just pick regio Mario just like the run oh I think I asked to get started playing a video all right here we go okay can we get Beatrice on does she whack all right here we go then we get Yoshi here the homey Yoshi's here a lot it's kind of weird to see toad a Rhonda homey yolk all right here we go okay you gonna eat the little apples and then he go they're gonna come out the booty is there something down here let me see there is but I don't care we're just gonna keep it going bop let me see what he's gonna quit when you get the last damn bitch what's gonna happen when you get all the athletes oh ok now you got peach on yo hold up ok ah yo please don't do y'all shit like that mari already doing like that enough bop Yoshi Yoshi ok here we go I was about to let him go boom you know what I wish that the resident in eighth is the resident evil AI answer disperse because I don't know is the Resident Evil 2 demo only Xbox and PlayStation 4 is it not on the switch actually neat that she gonna leave Yoshi there Yoshi said I go over her ass is it only for is it if it's on switch i'ma download this bitch right now but I don't think it's on switch cuz I don't like switching consoles in the middle of a stream because it's too annoying y'all yes it's only for Expo it's only for xbox one so it's not even on PlayStation uh he need to calm down you trying to get it he try to get a little bite of that feed oh alright let me get another one ok here we go kill that bitch there we go hey you suck my boy dancing hold on hold on up we're here that backpack my boy hit that bop bop oh let me see another turtle because I want to see him death No ah keep it going with speedrunning does he dance – he doesn't dance only the low Koopa Troopa dance get this bitch get this with my little turtle so I can see my boy do that little dance bitch I almost died all right come on let's get to a harder level man but this is cakewalk for you boy after what you put me through on Mario maker this is nothing okay bitch dance watch him that's kinda cute I almost don't want to kill him it'd be cool if your character dance with him watch him watch him watch them and I killed them right through that bitch dance that's fucked up okay here we go back they ask you to do the gooferz do the coop goombahs dance – let me see if they dance they jump but also fuck bitch disco there we go okay now we're talking anything appeared nothing okay peach just slide with your shake okay all right hi peach I see you okay let's get let's go oh do we got a castle what I don't care about that I'm not here to get them lives like let's go hey here we go let's go give me a challenge please please give me a challenge cuz I'm dying to die what if we go oh oh this look kind of serious but I got peach I should have switched tomorrow okay after I beat this right here pause I'm gonna switch to our Mario let me let me get this yeah I'm gonna switch to Mario this is too easy for me any challenge here boys Bob okay here we go keep it going keep it chill chill Bob kill that bitch but imma talk about it a little look uh uh uh this way No I didn't know that shit the ground turns you into princess told that becomes a pig chat with the crown boughs n is a fan-made version okay I appreciate you for clearing that up I almost died I didn't know that you could do two shits in the air cuz it was a rap of peach okay bop bop bop okay calm down with ayaat shit ah bitch look at me look at me rollin look at me rolling what bop but up come on man come on Oh Oh we good we good I wonder if there's something down here let's look let's be thugs about it what could be down here let's find out I want that shit for that okay somebody say damn that's it reading quicker now Hey after all these years I've learned it a little bit you know stop being a thug about it my bad name Navy is a Nadia or Navy it's probably not here we go stop so let me see something you could you could do how did it how was I able to go to jumps dance she got mad up all of a sudden you can read properly sometimes you know if it's important information I could read if it's tough I don't care about what here we go for real for real do I throw it back to him oh no I just jump on it all right hey hey you think when peach getting ready to jump on him they try to get a little peek at the dress under the dress back come on man come on I think they try to get a little peek before she come up daylight hold up please what kind of underwater milk that big-ass dog hold on oh my god bitch NAB this bitch I might be hurt all right if one more person tell me about the Resident Evil 2 demo I've already acknowledged it I know it's out it's a 30-minute demo and that's it I will be playing it but I'll do it as a game play all right what's going on oh oh it's cheese stop this chick guy tell me about the cheese here we go she stopped okay all right here we go what yeah we are gonna say this shit come on here we go let's keep it moving we're switching characters imma change to Mario – you should try Babybel cheese Danny that is literally what I'm eating my boy where you be here we go no I wanted to switch okay wait wait let me back out cuz I this is too easy no change play it there you go oh you can do it and what no one person the fuck is all is I wanted to change my characters not the damn players oh I guess you can't you got to do it outside the level alright let's knock it out okay we go bitch come on do they all dance let me see when they hit that bop bop I saw my song alright now let's do all them hey thanks ok they can live damn about there I mean PJ I mean so that I know she could do flips to she little thing I honestly didn't say she could flip all right she was a cheerleading squad Oh bitch I almost died yo she needs to calm her ass down all right here we go now we bout to switch now we're about to switch come on okay I don't care about none of that I don't need none of them items my boys like I got this listen listen listen look oh this is terrible some weirdo first of all why he gotta be all that you know you don't even know – dude you know I'm saying just cuz he got a little faith maybe he's insecure what if we got like a lot of acne you don't want nobody see your shit you over here to tell my son weirdo first of all you need to calm your ass down cuz the Twitter get ahold of this they don't cancel you real quick that's number one tote all right calm down with that judging people like that timeout this weirdo that's number one I'm sorry I just this weirdo stole a bunch of my stuff and he's so fast and I'm not cuz I'm short and thick Jessica Jessica what's happening just like a system ah but no but not with cheese in your mouth up pull up I I gotta get back to the situation Jessica I'm sorry but this is look I'll never catch him because I'm Way too thick please you got to help bitch I'm you but a girl I can't catch them either we the same amount of thickness look well yeah I gotta go lay your foot back here ah that ain't happening that is not that I'm sorry but I am not looked told that was my all-time double favorite stuff and I may never see it again that's a personal problem a boy like I feel bad for you but you're not putting in the effort to go get it yourself it's 2019 tote you got you can't just be burdening people with your problems handle your own situation like come on man I'm a little disappointed in him all right ah this is no time to stand around he was headed for there you go okay oh I almost forgot pipes are a surefire answer when you're in a rush all right Simon I'm gonna let him do a sting I like the initiative that he took um so let's change characters now let's go to Mario and then maybe I'll do Luigi after that Paul alright here we go we're gonna go here we're taking the left way um here we go okay okay this feels a little bit more familiar now I like this bitch pump okay where I need that so I could go over this bitch okay here we go here we go there we go my boys okay calm your ass down okay okay I need to see what's up there hold on watch our job that bitch came up with me okay I can't risk it now unless I kill him I wanna but he's still got the spikes okay it ain't worth it it ain't good old bitch can I get person basically say Mario maker what my first dev I'm a little saddened by that but you know what I was a little too cocky with my shit I was too cocky so now we bout to do this like its own now here we go come on that bitch a mature oranges or something okay here we go let's kill this okay give me the mushroom do not lose it okay okay watch out watch out watch out cuz he's gonna go up with you oh no he's not he's over there about get that fuck kill that bitch okay now see what's here see what's here okay I need that I need that come on bitch okay came up the shit here we go it's on now it's up here we go okay come on – come on you on your Mario make the shake drawn your Mario make a shit what's that bitch okay that I thought it was I was dealt I go underneath go underneath okay that's alright cuz you got this right here three there we go it's starting to get a little bit more difficult cause I don't know how many pipes okay here we go they getting a little serious all my shit okay hold on see I wasn't expecting it to pop off like this is he gonna fly up okay I can't go that way oh my god alright I'll just do that do they look do they fall from the top no they don't ah okay just relax hi there we go we made that we made that my bliss boom boom okay um zoo backs up hey maybe I didn't care I didn't care if I went to the top to the bottom thanks a million for your help here take this what am I what I'm gonna do with that like what is that shit somebody said dashi we're splotchy you bi are you chewing look Oh y'all wanted to play with me okay but what did I say Oh Touche mommy all right here we go oh you want blinken come on a little bit out of out of oh this sounds serious alright come on we're not you know we just we speedrunning we don't care about I just saw some shit fly we're speedrunning we don't care about you know getting no items not like that let's just go Bob get that handle that boom splat bleep oh man I got too much Mario maker training to even be worried about all this bow look come on man let's go Bob black oh wait you gotta keep going you gotta do it Lauren all right but up then you go keep spinning on the ass but you gotta wait for these bitches to come through to these little triple shit now go why do they want me on that floor what do I don't need none from there they want me to get some kind of secret shits all the weight I don't tonight let me be a thug about it okay I guess you can't you have to activate the shit okay I have it on boom boom that bitch swore to me that's right get off of me that's your punchy okay here we go somebody said that you stop being cocky all the time and then you've gone that look how big that driver is okay i'ma call a bitch moist bones because he is not dry that bitch is big as hell bop bop there you go they go – they go they used to bring me you gotta use bring me when you playing it Bob look at me okay now we're gonna go up like this sleep come on man boom boom yeah I get that freeze that bitch Bob not about to be real wet here we go come on man hold up hold up see they want they want they didn't know I was this good they like am better look stop ah I can't make that last shit oh I know what has to happen here I know what has to happen here okay I now have to go real quick alright come on oh oh this is the problem nah wait I'm not ready for this shit hold on okay wait wait I was I wasn't I wasn't ready for that one I wasn't ready for that one hold on okay come on man again where y'all gettin some protein what weight gone through the ham him a little bit our protein powder okay see now he all raged up get your bitches what he ain't even that intimidating come on they need to set big bosses up bitch all that go suck what I got alright we got him though we got Ando Mario a little cocky with his shit he's got a little hat look he don't even open his eyes he closed the shits why do they call it a building if it's already built I'm trying to hear this bitch screaming again somebody said what if – she plushie comes to life bitch I'm gonna be scared you seen Chucky this little bitches want to kill me I here we go Oh bitch alright that's right this is easy shit is that it and I got a star oh man please huh I see the new members although I knew it I knew this bitch was gonna run into me man here we go I let's go I only know items I'm not going in there let's go this way come on I'm not switch to Luigi too because I kind of want to give the homey Louise a little bit of time as well just a little bit of time all right I chill chill on my last battle Allah Allah yeah give me that give me that there you go mom okay what's up bitch what's out there give me a checkpoint already come on now ah here we go oh shit okay I lost my shit you gotta calm down you gotta calm down now alright come here I need you bitch I gotta get back ah okay that was thugs moves that was thug moves go chill chill chill chill okay here we go come on man like I'm still waiting I'm still waiting for the challenge like please give me the time waiting for the challenge please give it to me alright here we go we bout to beat this game to date I mean probably not cuz it's kind of long but still we could have probably beaten the luigi one though cuz that's alright think that was shorter alright here we go ah sure to switch to Luigi here we go that pool alright let's go man we play back back freeze bitch lookey lookey shit or midair what you think about that lucky come here bitch bah give me your vehicle hey come here hey lookee lookee wait ah ha ha ha looky come here Camila keep it up got it bitch let's go let's go hijack that bitch and I'm throwing ice our body around here there you go yeah everybody get froze up today can I go through here oh shit wait okay stay up here cuz it might be a shortcut back chill fuck home with that back hey that's a big bitch Wow I thought he was gonna get a job you don't learn come here come here I wanted to freeze his ass up get your ass out of here here we go alright you sound hungry as hell give us some chills freeze yo ass up or the club the club ought to disappear Oh bitch again get your chance out of there get on the car bitch here we go alright a good classic Bob back finish that shit threw me off tell me you're in city class on my son Bob Bob with his mouth I know y'all saw that I know y'all saw the clouds say Bob Bob with that bitch mouth I'm not the only one come on somebody saw that if you need to rewind it a something you need to rewind that shit but that's it I swear to god the clown said bop bop okay here we go whoo finally we gotta catch them maybe this looks a challenge come on alright and no I do not want to strike cranberry pop top you go so ass on the play boom we gonna we gonna speed running through it cuz come on man got chill well that's a big buddy hold up can I go up here I feel like I can I feel like I have to know I don't maybe I do come on no no you don't I see a pipe up here though secret pipe Ola a pause oh it's just to get this I mean I'm not as well since I'm here all right come on he doesn't acknowledge new members ah yes I acknowledge new members first of all you're trying to start shit okay I said I'm gonna acknowledge everybody at the towards the end of the stream that's all my he doesn't I got you man who said that I will stop this live stream right now whoever said that who said that comrade oh I'm put you out comrade I'm gonna give you a sprite cranberry it's it's real calm that down Wow see I almost died because of that I'm not getting that shit hold on you're killing it you're killing it back oh shit aside I thought I could have gone back for it but I'm a thug bitch Oh watch out watch out watch out Wow God okay I see what's happening now I see what's happened it's got like Tetris boom okay hold on hold on but now we're going we're gonna wait we're gonna wait for it and then jump on this shit when it gets to us watch this now how did you get that oh I see I see you got away – the shit separates and you go like this wow great I need that here we go boom maybe there was something here anyway in otherwise okay here we go we go into the shit Malou know your real order that was for Conrad okay here we go hey do it do a flip there you go Mario that's how you do shit oh okay ah all right here we go my boy got a little megaphone oh that's that's a hammer oh hell no hell no hell no wait oh here are some other shit whoa get him okay they stepping it up now my boy don't jumped over the shit I could kill him before he summons this bitch whoa okay they look like spiky oranges Oh ar e and GES a commitment by let me see if I could jump on this bitch the four he summons the oranges like right now oh god I knew it I'm gonna have to wait I knew it come on man all right hold on – she spells sand like orange I see what you're doing go there Martin whooping his ass I'm trying to eat I'm trying to be some of the comments w I appreciate that I appreciate y'all's double use try to beat Mario without power-ups but what do you mean like like like just staying short or insurance the whole game is that what that one's okay here we go eat the Betty state I don't feel like eating that yet my boys which way should I go I feel like I want to go to sparkling waters no I should go to frosted glacier now I'm about to open the veggie steaks while y'all tell me where I should go stay down or up which one I saw two downs water frosted sparkling water spa come on bitch I wish I have some sparkling water right now all right these shits are delicious okay here we go we're going down I know what y'all want me to go down it's cuz y'all know I don't like water levels I see y'all y'all think y'all slick but that's alright that's gone I'm ready I'm ready to do this let's go so right when I get my momentum um It's A Wrap that bitch I got Chu Chu Chu Chu I hold on there you go they go they go bow give me something give me something I like that there we go watch out watch out watch out oh look a rainbow alright grab that grab that I feel like they want me to grab alright here we go y'all all right I'll get right to that boss cuz I'm not playin ok hey even the flowers go back man their attention to detail there was a head of a time with this how do you got the flowers I'm on some Bach hot flowers talk that's not question ok here we go y'all know I don't like water levels but we're gonna make it through this no deaths was that what was that what is that sound ok the fishes twirl on y'all ass fries that bitch a soap so if Mario was a cop if you like freeze that bitch won't wash me for my bad joke he ain't have to do me like that y'all I thought it was a decent look at this big bitch Paulo they bout to pull you in okay we got a little shit right here it's raining coins on your last here we go hey chill oh shit I was trying to maneuver or rap okay hola hola hold up that bitch looking at me look does he dance too does he twirled his mouth move hey when they go three look at his lips and look you see it did you see the lips I'll be there hey he need to he better watch out you better close that mouth okay I thought that was gonna be some stay on it here they want to be they want to eat my Mario sit us down let's give Luigi a shot let's go let's go for the homie Louise I feel like Mario needs a little break cuz he think he can't be doing all this shit let's give him a little break here we go alright relax okay go on wait no no stay down stay down oh bitch that was close I feel like Luigi has more stamina which is maybe why peach in them you know they try that's why Daisy know what's up you can't go in there all right let me get this mushroom I think it's a mushroom right now this was nothing that's fucked up okay chill chill chill chill just stay low stay low on the ass this is the mushroom Louise I know you a little bit taller lankier than Mario but don't don't let them turn true true what you watch to watch the shit watch this bitch okay watch the little bitch he coming through he should be in school but this bitch over here swimming trying to chase people I gotta wait just go just go bitch is this the one where he says I'm a winner no I think it was on the phone game he just called ya'll a hoe that's fucked up weed you ain't have to do them like that alright here we go we got a castle let's go let's do this hi we're just starting on y'all laughs what's called weed you got this can I get out can I get a mushroom shit getting a little serious now hold up all right oh this is underwater shit okay I'm a little intimidated okay I need that I need that what else no bitch okay oh you gotta hurry up what where you oh hell no wait what is there other secret taps I was about to say where did you go where I lost my mushroom bitch let me get another one there's probably one right here okay good good good all right Lois you got this my boy come on Oh bitch them shits go all the way out like that hurry your ass up oh wait wait hold he doesn't come all the way out right okay he turns around good back okay let's go okay this shit I did somebody said who made this level Jah wobble Oh y'all stupid for that one all right hey hey hey when it goes tick tick a thing my boy twist is heard on his head around like The Exorcist hey watch him watch him down there watch let it go think the dick you think that bitch Twitter's whole shit around like this hold up either I'm tripping on saw that happen let me see oh I need that I need that bitch wait come in all right watch him it better happen cuz I'm gonna be mad right here right here watch him I knew it I knew he did that okay here we go okay oh all right all they all do it oh my god go quick bitch alright here we go alright my boys we got this we got this again with that protein shit that's fucked up lying on your ass what you're gonna do what you're gonna do Oh bitches spin to the back come on Mandy my boys is easy man come on come on man [Applause] sorry in the light a little odd ain't in Kansas anymore get it goes like a tornado like the wizard wait where am I going alright oh I don't like this um so check this out right I'm just really hyped because I got these dope coasters like look they look like little PlayStation games I got it if y'all watch my Instagram stories bitch a little piece of baby stick got stuck these jokes just happened a veggie stick got stuck No so these are adorable you know they look like little PlayStation games you see that but but but they're coasters come on that right who thinks it is alright here we go okay paws on that stick kitties I see you a Zeus okay bitch I do not remember that I don't remember no ghosts haunted question block sets okay why why I mean this is perfect for Louise because of like you know Regis mansion and everything can I not go down there okay oh they sure can come through all up and get on that pole weeds Oh Oh hold up Luigi oh I got a hundred dollar donation can't wait til I be home from work yo trovato oh you got your bottle you got you got Jessica and you got Moses y'all just go in there with the donations members new members I will acknowledge y'all unlike what's-his-name said earlier towards the end of the stream I will go through everybody name and I got y'all chop-chop oh he don't acknowledge new members I should grab something and it here we go Luigi handle that wait a second leach wait Ritchie what one reason Laurie okay here we go bitch what are you doing reaching you about to die you're dying oh there's water okay you can't die okay Lindsay gray I see you we got a situation here with this alright here we go why do I feel like okay that's a good door here we go all right come on I don't know what do I have to go down there oh my god they gained enough look at this bitch I don't want to know what's there all that stuff that backpack to toss out the backpack all right here we go I knew it I knew it okay Luigi come on we ain't fucking with this this shit getting serious now oh my god you can't even trust question blocks now I don't care about that star oh my god they all turn into demon fish can I get a checkpoint I'm little Ramo your was good get ready 14 moles damn Ram oh I see you everybody bitch 3G calm down I didn't share with you okay ah wait okay yeah I need that I need that it's shaking a little serious now my boys hold on and you slow down I can't be cocky with it you can't be cocky if you can't see what's coming up you try and link that booty they trolled me that wasn't even a real door bitch that's fucked up wait Ola he's still coming for me I wish it was here get that where the fuck is the door is it down there hold on don't don't go up that ghost is really trying to eat the boots hey let it's wait there's more up here they gettin who made this level David Rambo what's up can I get a checkpoint now I'll trust nothing I can't trust nothing now oh this we at the end bitch I tried to start on theirs but that's I I was about to say – eat on but this bitch some I saw made it ok what is all these donations hold on I'm not to read these that y'all overwhelming me with this and we just got another one in love your channel and content that should keep it up HR kill them you killed me Wesley levar entrants how do I become a member loves Mario maker my boy how you doing there is a link in the description of this video and like every video that I posted in the last months click that shit and it's there okay here we go okay we're going this way let's do this Owen Chartrand now she loved a video she was fair I appreciate you my board multi major I said hold on cuz I gotta focus okay now hold me Josh it's a wrap now oh it's a wrap now we're just going we're gonna speed running me and Yosh Yosh we got this we speed run in boom Bop we're not even playing we're not even playing Yosh let's go look at we don't even need that get your Apple – I know you hungry I'm not getting that let's go slaughter man's back okay relax relax relax again cocky bye oh you killed the fish oh you're so sorry oh my god okay wait maybe Yoshi's here – okay can y'all stop jumping out the ship okay they need to stop Yosh oh my god I thought it was a rat look at all these members oh my god i'ma shut up let me try to shot someone mr. Jung Steven Lopez there's the ones that I see right now I could y'all killing this oh my good it's everyone else getting incited because he hasn't picked up one coin y'all better now I told y'all I'm not worried about the items we just gonna speedrun this that's what we doing today somebody's birthday Jamila happy birthday I'll see you why okay here we go we got a birthday's coming in grab that grab that reach we got the gold fishes I talking about the snacks that's what my ass get for the stupid ass jokes hold up we got this big bitch following us now we don't need this holla holla okay you can't kill them but you can't make him throw a little quicker swim bitch lose that bitch trying to get bitch stop oh my god stop okay here we go we got a checkpoint look at him that bitch is after me it's like a horror game if we put horror music on this it would be like a horror game look at him heat swirling this you're trying to be cute is that shit ain't cute alright hurry your lab stuff so I could pass oh my shit now I lost my shit now he gonna really get the booty okay I don't know if I should give this enough now I got time for that this bitch will be eternal suck I see eight Wrangler I'll see you with the new membership it caught my eye on the corner of my shake hold on oh go around my shit go around my shit ain't got time for this hold on Bob bitch about bitch here we go get that booty okay gotta say some different made it like Louise no Mario like it's Mario time since say some dough and you want to want Mario the star come on man all right here we go we've run it through this we're just killing it right now man down let's go I'll do at least four worlds today maybe oh wait I just did you did y'all catch what I just said I you know I like to put myself on blast I like making fun of myself I don't feel like I'm above anybody I'll fuck up all the time oranges come on I said I want to do and I want to do like four worlds today maybe even four bitch I just said four twice does that mean eight stop let's go come on we're eight that was an Elfa me okay where am I am what's going on okay when we take on to that fence you know Luigi don't ran from the cops before so he no oh oh okay let's relax we need we need this give me that give me that okay they don't get me nothing right here okay I do not want to get Schwartz I do not want to die here all right please give me Oh then bitches look vicious it looks something out of like cuphead all right here we go all right yeah keep aiming that way no don't aim this way bow there we go all right let go the checkpoint right there never said hoho get back can I shoot the bullet you can oh but it's only for a limited time – oh wait do I go that way and I'm about to now I don't know where the hell I'm going but we're going what is this about I don't care bout these funky ass coins give me a mushroom or something okay maybe I'll get a mushroom if I get all these shits never go well give me something to okay good I like that give it to me there we go there we go Oh bitch what color there we go there we go – you see them skills is y'all seeing the skills come on man okay back ok Oh are we killing it killing it well that Mario make a train there I'll be telling whoa okay here we go let's go – you got this was stand on the a sweet then you damn and then he slid – all right here we go come on man he's gonna be a challenge oh shit it's a rap it's a rap man come on yo Taylor J I see you I'm a winner I'm a winner hey PJ was good I see with that membership um I remember my first Mario game says you remember your first Mario games I do too well I think we're telling comrade to chill is he causing trouble are we causing trouble in the chat I'll be gone I'll be causing trouble – she wants juicy I'm juicy damn Jessica you good how you doing just was first $100 now this oh there homie shred Master I that's the homie first of all how you doing bro I talked to him in a minute that's the homie uh you remember – Traverse Jason video he was Jason in the video that's the homie right I see you I see you y'all I'm glad you're watching my project rich hold on don't dampen it right now why didn't I just jump off a lot of like this level coming up oh that bitch don't kidnapped me okay here we go we got 11 live still soda jungle come on I'm not intimidated by this shit what the fuck is that how did that kill me come on man let me step on that I want to see what happens okay oh I can grab them oh is this shit this is like on some Super Mario 3 shit okay calm down I don't need I don't care about the stars so don't even care hold up let me activate that I want to see what they want to give me got it bitch give me some juicy okay oh I get it I know what I'm supposed to do about I mean I got it just because like why not that's why I got it somebody said I've been trying to get dashi to put hold up what store wasn't what job what are you guys talking about while I'm over here playing this innocent ads video over here took my food juiciness Wow what is going on in this chat room yeah Wow see look what happened look what happened made me lose my shit because y'all over here talking about the juiciness and all this other stuff oh okay that blew up okay how we in a floating ship and we on the water that shit don't make no sense see they expected me to lose my shit right there that's why they giving me extra flowers not me not today know what bitch oh okay okay alright let's go let's go let's go back okay my boys oh shit I don't move my whole camera okay oh I think I remember I gotta make the bullets hit him hey come here hey c'mere oh shit okay yeah but that's fucked up because if I fall underneath BAM he's gonna get all this bitch getting mad come on throw your little shit you ain't got nothing better to do with your time trying to over here trying to kill me yeah perfect bye bitch he could be our whole play you know Nintendo three years or something this bitch are you trying to kill me Oh throw your next shape let's go it's a wrap for you come on come on Superboy right there right there right there oh hey watch out don't go on the meet round now you've got two chances to get hit with that way yes man did I move my camera right that's the problem we just got stop right there yeah take them hey I want this bitch go go oh okay here we go Alexis Perez I'll see you with the remember I got a lot of members to go through at the end of the screen down yeah okay why is there somebody at my front door don't go anywhere hold on one sec oh it's a good thing I had I had a I have shorts today I have shorts we got a package in the mail today save it yes okay but I didn't have shorts so all right so it's from Amazon see what's in it I prepared okay let's go to the next I don't like this level right here so it's a it's a game I'm playing right now hold on how am i playing the game if I'm holding it in my hands I feel like this music is going perfectly with this situation like hi here we go calm your ass down bleach alright hold on that's my little music all right – you need to calm your ass down I just I just making sure everything's running this move everything's running smooth and people here how you guys doing I want to appreciate y'all for being here with me um you know I know I talk a lot I'm annoying I you know instead of playing it getting wet it's going on I'm flipping the shit the screens flipping when it doesn't need to flip okay um maybe I should give the game away but it's you know I don't like doing giveaways I'm gonna tell you why am i doing giveaways that much because it's like you you give it there's like okay for example there's 12,000 people in this in this in this thing right here right but only one person wins genders like 11,000 not honey eleven eleven thousand nine hundred and nineteen there's a lot of people who are disappointed that's why I don't like doing giveaways right there that's the reason why I don't do giveaways right they're my boys because I feel like there's so many disappointed people and I don't I don't like to leave anybody disappointed and yeah somebody said well looks like a lottery – like I get that it is a lottery but I don't I don't like that my boys I let's play we gotta figure this out all right about okay oh oh we're like okay so will I near like a chemical plant or something and everything biggest fuck that's what's happening here okay we come down with the whole shit oh can I be real big do I get like real big on this – does that happen here okay wait wait let me see cuz maybe they have a big mushroom know that it was on the 3d s game I think that they did the big shit I don't think they did here they should have well maybe they do have it here but maybe it's oh shit okay I can't all right we got this shit I want it to be big as fuck what but I feel like it would've happened already they don't give you long enough for the loveless uh-oh what's up bitch boom Bob stun on the a sweet oh shit I got charged wait what's down here what's down here bitch they don't let me go down here I'm gonna have to do this oh wait wait I see that I see the opening hola okay okay we must get attacked by a beggar multiple targets a katana I like that I like that okay that basic cha okay I'm not gonna get any of those power-ups can we go straight for that castle or no okay you need one more level we're gonna go to this one um hold on bitch shit okay I said my bad y'all here we go okay in the chat earlier y'all was on some shit talk about some uh moistness pull and all this other stuff so I gotta see what y'all are you talking about I see you $50 donation I think I missed that one this is from no no yeah yeah I remember HR kill them yeah I remember the homie okay here we go oh I was about to say what the fuck did you do here okay hold up can you kill this bitch I think only if we hit him in the center okay oh you see that aim come here okay that didn't work okay come on this bitch got plunger for arms like if your toilet get clogged up that's what they call I wish – you have triple thighs I cashed them thrice with a pokeball oh shit see that comment made me do that Oh fall down okay here we go what's up okay what oh if you little little you can go through that pipe but I'm not that you can't I'm not that little look you gotta be like super low oh that bitch said bye bye you know what you're right bye bye cuz I'm not to switch back to Mario that's what your bitch-ass gay we're trying to be slick with your shit about though bye bye he have to be you know like yeah I caught it ill you don't matter of fact we won't go to this level now how about that okay here we go okay what is that I can't throw up throw up Oh bitch I'm trying to make it and see what's up bitch state okay it's just that I was hoping to be the big shit okay is that I pick a worse level that shit rolls okay good I need this I need that okay what's up cuz it's rolling on y'all ass bitch that's all that's automatic dough you ain't no coming back from that Oh am I good okay Oh about that let's go can I go here okay let me see what y'all over you're talking about my boys stunted on your last day and he went up that bitch held the pose for about one point two seconds and went back down and then said ma real time I see them like ETS I see you I will be so happy for that okay like et I think I say your name right ladies like et's I don't know but I think I said oh here we go I got a feeling that this might be serious so here we go come on why don't I still got the big shits here like why it is this castle big shits what is this castle about oh-oh-oh-oh bitch I feel like this is gonna be in a problem this is gonna be a problem they should let you do all this shit on Mario make only you know bitch oh my god oh shit okay okay oh shit oh shit oh I needed that shit what the fuck is this oh my god okay wait now you got the little baby one don't pay attention to the baby one we got a checkpoint right here oh all right Oh Oh watch out watch out Oh give me that okay relax wait which way you going bitch you trying to trick me I don't want the star up who know which oh wow I knew it I knew it don't get shocked okay I want whatever's here grab it bitch Oh No about to look way there's a p-switch there do I hit them oh shit okay this shit serious Oh see they try to trick you right there oh no oh here's the boss wait maybe maybe there's a shit here yes see you always gotta check by the doors cuz they got the invisible ships right there give it up okay here we go with the protein shake he's gonna make him real big oh wait you gonna do okay see that's that steroid right there and nobody telling me that is natural come on oh I should have jumped on him come on yeah Wow that's right get him get got him okay my boron that creatine that's something thinking they're okay oh bitch look where we going what hell yeah I must say that come on look what we going oh it is my favorite area I was gonna into game play but we might have to kill this world my boys a whole lot um let me read everybody comments real quick – his baby girls always keep it juicy this looks some so much fun like Mario 3 but updated that that's right Timothy it's something it's something like that okay no we're not ending the gameplay we got to keep it going cuz this is my favorite area right here I love this shit okay here we go damn somebody in the studio killing that little triangle bitch I was a geek cling cling cling cling cling hold on but yeah wait a little triangle do that that's the highlight of the song right there killing that triangle or is it the arm oh is it the xylophone my bad alright here we go oh pull up bitch I'm ready that wasn't right okay all right here we go I don't like this already you said you got like a that's fucked up lucky all right this gonna be one of them joints what you just picking random doors and you hope you picked the right shit what the fuck was that wrong with them get your ass on the one oh he's coming wait this is all right here I'm back at the fucking beginning alright here we go oh you gotta stay on the platform or in one month we got a golden oh he floats oh no what yeah he eats the ghost hey yeah yeah come over here my boys you over here singing harmonizing in goes to shit wait hello oh boy hitting them notes well then make sure they ain't no hidden doors bitch I am at the beginning which which was the door that I went through hallo there I go in here hold on I have not been this way what the fuck is that eat them shit there you go yeah they rang what they pitch a skit yeah you have a piece my boy have a feast oh they gonna take my shit what's that for I don't give a fuck about that there might be other doors that old shit little ol oh look look secret shit hold on hold on hold on I don't trust that door I don't trust that one either hold on Oh watch out okay that's a bullshit door with a fucking mind eat that bitch look at this big bitch they fuckin up the song kill this big bitch okay we kill them okay Oh God okay are we sure that this is the door let me check okay we did it y'all get that get it while it's here Bob jump here pop it up you have to let him go like that bitch left okay I don't like the levels like look at my boy I don't like the levels like that because it's like it's a guessing game you never you know it's right come on man alright let's go which way should I go I mean obviously maybe I'll go here okay here we got my boys let me see what y'all talking about in the chat I'll be your tongue bow – you have a girlfriend all to say you're nosy your are nosy in the chat today tell my some moistness baby girls all kinds of stuff in the chat today what what guy little oh shit hey – E is this game worth it in your opinion alright I must say it like this if you've played it for the WiiU because this is look this was originally on the Wii U if you've played this on the Wii U already then I don't think it's worth rebuy in it I mean they added some stuff to it but is it worth like paying another 60 bucks for it I would have to say no not if you've already played it now if you like really love the game on the Wii U and you we play it then yeah go for it so it really depends on you you know I'm saying I feel like if you haven't played this game and you have a switch and you never got to win you they get by it if you're already plated don't buy it unless you love the game and you want to replay it on the go simple as that my boys simple as that hold on cuz I don't want to get rushed again okay cuz we got ghost assist and underwater shits and I'm not feeling this combination watch out watch out no that bitch what's up oh my god God that bitch almost had me bitch shit visit I've just had an invisible oh I'm hearing that shit oh man let's go I'm killing them – what business shitting do number take me in a circle that I went through all that for nothing alright let's knock this shit out here we go it look like a Picasso Pete come on ah it look good though I like this level I like how this looks come on give me something give me enough grain roll with it watch out because that that's instant death on the floor on the that little purple grape soda shit look good but now that shit is instant death relax all that motherfucker not again okay now I need to call my ass down Oh bitch is going down okay Check Point boom I feel like there's something in there let me check I knew it okay bitch is going down fuck we just got a checkpoint so we're good though let's go see I could use an item I know I have items but I'm gonna do that cuz I'm gonna talk about it 14 let's do it boom okay that was nothing there hello do is this only a taka taka taka in here or can I get a item okay that's fucked up I'll need that shit okay what's in here what's in here skills skills okay relax relax yep yup you see them come on bitch what going down which way down am I going I know I missed it I know I missed it they want me to go down there I got I knew I was sacrificing the cha cha cha okay we made it we made it wait a minute somebody said jazzy said don't fall into that lean – look I feel like it's gonna be another circle cuz I think you have to beat it a certain way pause okay they fucking with you I see what they're doing I see what they're doing you're supposed to beat it a different way pause again I think I know what it is because the arrow was pointing down let's kill it we're gonna kill it right now watch boom I did just say we're gonna kill it right now and the bitch died so we did kill it technically let's go come on – okay call let's go okay come on come on I just want to get to that one part because I know that that's what you need to do that no more deaths – no more dos okay them girls need to relax give me some there we go I'll take that boom squeal ah who you saw that why almost almond but I did double cha-cha-cha that's alright we got this because guess what but ah there we go um okay let me get the ketchup packet Becca why not like why not get it I mean it's there for you so you know why not okay anything here bitch okay go back up that bitch okay I say I'm a duck I'm a duck okay hold up let me see where they wants you to go down give me a second give me a second right here hola oh it's all somewhat busy trying to hypnotize you then my boy just said this way okay so I guess we're going the right way come on let's do it come on man that bring me I'm not playing let's go all right hey we're going down can I just leave or do I bitch come out come over here oh can I get another surah okay don't give you another one I got 20 seconds okay there we go okay get the shit okay who said that Jesse said how Mario got more dope quotes in there homie Luigi I agree I feel like they'd be chipping out on the region they don't be hooking them up with some dope quotes that's the way where am I going get the fuck out of here get out that low area now let's go here cuz it looks friendlier than the other than the other path come on we're almost at that both I'm killing this world and then I'm killing the stream he moved that booty like that go for the flower shit see I died on purpose because I want to go to see how the little worm do the little booty thing and also I'm going to switch it to Luigi I'm gonna switch it to the homie leech Bob I feel like I feel like he need a little bit of love right now so we're going we're gonna switch it to reach here we go you're on believe me all right look at the booty watch Hey okay come on I know you got ups back okay all right what's in here maybe killing that low booty dance hey I heard that in the song okay stop blowing damn that was smooth what's it here okay nothing reach flounder yes finally ass Oh watch out bitch okay and I'm playing today run up that shit back slide oh man that's fucked up let me see what's here okay Oh watch out watch out watch out because you don't have the flash shit no more let's go okay just relax okay boss time let's go I'm ready it's this midboss of basketball play no games I appreciate them w's I appreciate the Hannah blurry I see y'all oh shit this shit look kind of serious I was hard til I see how serious this look or a dorsum I said it maybe it'll come is that okay okay relax uh-huh – you can't do that you have to wait for that yeah oh yeah you almost made it my boy you almost made it okay I don't care about that get that chick clean watch out watch out weeds I'm so I'm being a thug about it you know what no okay give me money because I earned that shit no do we go up the pipe fuck Nick – relax relax relax yeah yep let's go let's go I know there's something here there's always something there but I'm gonna keep my Heights biatch let's go come on – you got this shit calm down with all that laughing okay style pizza stone my boy was doing oh shit yo this bitch is crazy I'm not fuckin with him oh my god Oh got you last twice as what your bitch ass get I know let you go upside down again remember yeah come on wake your ass up yeah week your ass up wake your ass up oh that bitch is quick go got him I like him though I like him come on maybe you just beat the boss up myself I'm a winner system that very HR shake say something different give me some variations of shit I'm a winner oh shit i won say something else here we go calm down with the whole whole shit alright go bitch yeah say that shoe okay so we have the next one Oh rock candy mines I remember this shit this shit gets serious this does get serious my boys okay alright let me just look at the first let me look at the first level oh you got I think you do got some minecart situation and all that oh let me see what what powerup they give you here nothing oh the homie Yoshi no Yoshi I'm sorry I have to let him go oh my god okay no bitch go this way okay Yosh okay I'm sorry about earlier my boy Apple out of apples move I saw the apples going bop bop dance that's the second time that bitches not gonna believe me okay oh we're at the end bitch sweets ride my boss says shoo he was he was relieved on that one um it's like I want to end it but I don't wait what happened yeah oh you got to push this year I'm like what the fuck happens okay let's do the second one too I mean I I'm kind of getting into it my boys okay yeah well we're gonna keep it going at least for this little mess around and beat the whole damn the whole damn game whoa that bitch is not playin can I kill him my aim was better I could oh my god no see that's why I'm get Soros bitch no no no bye-bye we got this we're going back in we're going back in okay okay I gotta watch out for this bitch no again I'm not trying to kill her hey y'all see that's being a thug about it y'all see what I was trying to do right but that bitch is fast we're going back in we're going back in got this shit just wait for it don't let him Oh bitch hold on Jessica what's going on Jessica first of all sends me another hundred dollar donation telling me to keep it juicy Jessica you you good I appreciate you down I mean I gotta give you like a hug a song for that look I mean I have no choice but to keep a juicy like I have to keep it juicy no to do now alright alright oh this bitch is back I just killed them again okay what chopping for big buddy come through got it oh he's back okay that's like cuz I got a come here let me try to kill him oh my god come here hey bitch let's go I need to hurry up before it comes back but I want to see if there's anything up here nothing okay I just wasted time oh no what the fuck was that give me a mushroom thank you watch out before big buddy come through oh there he goes oh my god I can't wait no I need you hey no I'm scared of this bitch here big-ass bully oh no no no fucker bye-bye Louise come on we gotta get this here we go okay at least we got that checkpoint come here come here jump it chest hurry up and go before this bitch come back give me that let's go I need you boom come over here while you outta kill that bitch – there you go I like that I'll also talk about a dagger but I don't well hurry up before he come back this bitch made me nervous I feel them then he going let me see what's up here okay I don't care we out of here yeah yeah you didn't make it reach me everyone can see that okay come on okay um what y'all I was in the mix don't always be a thug about it that's facts it's so hard for me to stop now is this is this it is that 11:00 oh no no that's one of these shits we might as well write like we might as well beat this pause okay this is the last one and then I'm done we're gonna beat this level right or this shit Council and then that's it oh oh my god oh my god these motherfuckers this impervious to bullets I got that from Kill Bill I've never used the word impervious in my entire life so I don't want to sit here in front to y'all cuz I keep it real so I have never used in pervious DOE and also I do not know how to spell so let's keep this keep that real oh that's a few low low which op can you go inside anyone no look at these big bitches they missing TV okay I kind of killed that I feel like there's something here I like I like Ouija rocking this combination about fit it's like a turquoise with the green overall jumpsuit shit situation aids to cracking Louie you hear me talking about you are you looking at me right now I see you okay here we go okay oh shit okay that's right cuz we got it back okay what's up what's up Rob can I go this way no keep that there is a backup watch out watch out that motherfucker I'm not gonna go back down for that back up though let's shake a stay right there there's gotta be something up here anyway look right there right where that shit is I mean these little things cute but what what is the threat to these these are not a threat look at him they just well what they do you know here we go I don't even know what y'all over here Tom I in the chat cuz y'all just going crazy in here hi here we go okay this bitch bullying the heat drink redbull get it cuz he got wings I'm sorry okay oh he met oh he met whoa do that again do that shit again fuck enough Oh No why do I always get launched once I always get you once and like every boss I can't just beat the motherfucker alright okay it's like I want to keep it going wait was this you better say that you better say that did I save it I I don't I don't remember I mean I didn't I wasn't looking like I usually catch it through my peripheral about it you see let me light blocks dark tower hold on let me let me let me take a look at whoa can I exit they don't let you exit a level which I'm at the end this okay well should we keep it going it's hard for me to leave okay I mean I'm kind of killing me if I die once all leaves bitch stop okay let me see what's over here the fuck I gotta make it back but I'm a thought about it so let's go man tell okay oh what oh shit I see what I have to do oh oh I wasted a lot of time oh you can hit this one well that's not bad cuz they got in my ear so if you if you fuck up its gonna pop right here do I go up alright now you can't make it again oh I see what I have to do hold on eight Chelsea Rose I see with that membership they want me to go back in did I fuck up do I even need to go this way I feel like I need to go that way but how do I make it over there everything yeah okay what let me go back in here this shit is racking my brains I can't I can't make it through the shit I don't I don't get it I don't think I need to go that way so we're gonna have to go up figure out what we need to do oh I see what I need to do okay I see it now okay we got this lakita I see you and I appreciate licky licky take regr weekend this one come on my boy we getting this takka takka takka just gotta be patient let him dance to it I thought not kill him okay we didn't get the wound up but that side all right see what's coming up hey I'm baby Yoshi you look like you know where to find food why don't you want to say like I know you're talking to me and not reach so I guess I follow you but I don't want you to fuck all right I mean I guess if you have to Mike what was was old ski welcome Jonathan Guerrero okay I'm about to finish this I'm about to finish this livestream and we're about to read all the donations and the and the members cause y'all know when I'm focusing like oh shit oh he ate that bitch though okay I left that bitch what worth reach well it's time to read um memberships here we go Oh Luigi calm us down here we go y'all hey y'all doing okay let's read some names here let's start with the members new members evan AMC is the meme guard Fahad I'll get Tommy happy fucking up people's names and I'm sorry Jacob Mercado hey Mercado like a Mercado when you go shopping that no xoxo so label Mike was those Wazowski I remember you for a second ago I saw you write something like eat would hell sick Collin O'Connell I see you Roberto Rodriguez really literally rolls off the tongue Roberto Rodriguez no I'm sorry now I needed some ROC boyo I we got did I miss one okay because Roberto Rodriguez kind of threw me off um okay he'll say Collin Roberto okay I found my spot galaxy DJ X meter Charles Edelman I remember you from earlier Isabel nadir or Nadia are you naughty stop I'll stop Davis Timothy na Qin Xena I think I said that Rosanna M de Nazy Brown Jess be angel of delft 666 I fuckin with you chance Sims Ruby Jules random Harley hell I know you I know damn well your first name is not random but we're going we gonna roll with it Mike totally I totally like that I tried Marc Anthony now you know you know you ain't no more Anthony like Marc Anthony Anthony Mark Anthony no maybe you are y'all brothers he got money telling break you off little son Eric Francis sir swears a lot I thought I was sir swears a lot but apparently we got a that a member here named sir swears a lot well fuck ladies Kenton Powell Omar Sousa jr. hey what's up senior okay Ashley gamer 64 Marcus Joseph poles Josh pillow hey hello hey hey don't take it the wrong way but that name sounds soft yeah not like you saw but you know like like a pillow like see Beast Kody Jalen white cool name CJ white see JW z topia 27 Konrad McRae he was the one Conrad seat now you don't messed up because I remember you from earlier it's about oh oh oh oh oh oh that's it – you don't even say the name I'll be telling y'all I can't play and look at the thing at the same time sometimes I catch it through my peripheral but I always Waitrose the end and then I say I'm sorry about that Conrad you don't we go let's talk to a fresh start how you doing Conrad I'm dashing how you doing good to meet you thank you be nice to Conrad don't be mean to him okay pause on that all right here we go um okay so we got glory in Figaro I almost mess that up I feel like I said it right Jacob Bob Dodd Maxim may the duck the fuck AMV legend Molly Youngblood 8 Youngblood hold up you know this ship I dropped it's bothering this I don't get it now it's gonna stay there for years and I'm never gonna recover it and then I'm gonna get all kinds of insects and shits I got a dope with my I got it with my toe Molly was good samo some oh okay I see you I say us real soon yer Michael Lynch but Rochas okay I'll get it back cuz you got like a Batman thing so it's like bat TRO she's okay jewel suni these are all members by the way I'm Neil blue / manifest destiny music I see you so you may beat solo big country mr. young we got a lot of young got Youngblood mr. young Steven Lopez Brian Baldwin you're related to light all the ball went brothers because they got money so hope that you know birthdays and Christmas Nicholas Otero Kayla lioness ape Wrangler I remember saying your name earlier cuz it is one of the names act caught my the it was like the left area of my tabby oj I remember you too Andreea shred master rich was good I might get you up John Bo nabis oh damn that's a hell of a name oh boy the perfect golden life form time fuckin with that name I see you Royal Lynn Alexis Perez super slick ha Nick I can't even mess with that name my boy named super slick ha Nick Wesley lavon's Shane fields zachary lark ham like ham you know I'm hungry right now I'm out to hit krill up and me like yo let's get some food move ahead legend sanders your first name legend that's what's up your parents a legend for that one she sue coochie ha is that like from Naruto like oh is that really a last name I don't know and then last but not least on the member tip over like no I think I'm not done yet hold on I kind of accidentally scrolled a little bit too far okay I found my spot I found my spot Colby Benson Jonathan Guerrero so Kota Embry your bowl games I beat gaming 97 I'll see you I begin to Jesse dela Cruz Noreen VC PPG gaming then you got probably got a good ass gaming channel infected bear I'm not fucking with you if you're infected Dragoon no cold blood drops on swim Dimitri's fields Janet Lopez if you related to Jennifer Lopez and we got Marc Anthony – so like you know I don't I don't think they stood together because I don't really be following that kind of stuff but I feel like they were at one time together so maybe like Bryan marine mega extreme and last but not least Bryan mec grew McGrew hello okay so that was all the new members of course we got some honorable mentions people who kind of went wild with the donations of course you know Jessica was on there trovato was on there going crazy product prodigal son was on there going nuts um let me see uh you know you got Rambo of course Jill uh uh Jamila where I see you Moses I see you Marc Anthony again Marc Anthony what's coming I know you got my um let me see then veggie steaks on my finger so like you know I'm gonna all right a dog 265 yeah he has a question to um what is your favorite Resident Evil game you know coincidentally my favorite Resident Evil game was it's kind of a toss-up between two and foe and I like three two so I was probably in the third spot but I want to say – I think – was my favorite that's what I'm so high for this demo and the game to come out so I can't wait to play that I mean I'm like do not screenshot that please super average I see you my boy with the donation John Pro not Paul John Pro um albino is always with the love this was from last night so cuz last night when I scheduled when I scheduled the stream sometimes I'd be you know in the little chat room chat with job but alright let me um I think I think we've got some new members since I started reading t swerve swerve TV okay so would that be a semi boys I'm gonna go um somebody said you so good at swerving what okay oh but guys I'm gonna go thank you guys for coming to the stream I will see you tomorrow at the premiere for Mario maker so I will be in a chatroom chatted up with y'all so y'all can see me get a little frustrated but I love you guys I'm a seat y'all tomorrow at the premiere Sunday I'm not sure Jessica I see we're keeping a juicy um I don't know about Sunday there's gonna be a live stream or not yet but I do want to do Sunday stream as well soon this song it may be I don't know so but next week we're gonna have a packed week full of videos Monday for sure probably resonable on Monday and then whatever else comes out you know what gotcha so I love you guys thank you for tuning in they got four other new members all the donations y'all just went crazy today someone's love somebody okay man um we but you I remember you from last frame you donate it as well you're working on your culinary classes when I've done come through hit me up for some food okay first of all like I do not need to be hitting up no food I mean unless you cook and help me I don't know I love you guys I gotta go alright I'm hungry let me let me wait let me save this shit before how do you save quick sick okay what does quick save down suspend your game and retain to them okay what okay bitch I hope that's cuz I don't want to start all over okay so you just got I I might do like Mario right here you see them this Mario right here my boy say hi I love you guys thank you for coming to the stream I'm a sea otter mom from Mario maker um let me let me hit in but I want to end it with a pose okay let me make sure I hit the shit oh wait I think I have to hit okay

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