League of Legends AUTO CHESS? – Teamfight Tactics

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so I gotta learn how to play this is this hard to play we're about to find out so far the loading takes a while so like this is gonna be no idea what I'm doing the whole time what the fuck is this okay so you play as a little ball are you supposed to tread it I think I already fucked up was there a tutorial oh there's a cheat sheet what the fuck is the cheat sheet all right guys this is gonna be I have no idea okay stage one one shared draft is that's not me right zoom out oh yeah this is me right here that's me that's my guy that's me I didn't even fucking recruit him what did I do Guardian one of two Glacial one of two check how do you give him shit each character can only have three items if I do chainmail how do you give four items give the tank just drag it oh you literally just look like it needed to do something bf sword 200 health dude the items stack it looks like it upgraded and I don't know here's some mana and I'm fucked I'll do a sorcerer and and mordekaiser oh fuck oh oh we're dead oh yeah we're dead here we're dead we're dead I was I was way too slow actually maybe not maybe if they died they're dead dead are you fucked after this is that Gigi am I supposed to do something oh no so I just was that bursting another player right there so 94 that's the HP if people are still at 100 cuz they didn't take anything so I took 6 damage for losing the round so if I put this guy forward you can't exceed the maximum team size to increase your buy XP oh shit so you can buy XP to do that ok so how do you know how to out of 10 so you can get to level 10 what if I I'm not gonna buy XP again do I have to buy XP for hurt you okay I'm gonna do another guns later bark I'm just slow dude I gotta read this shit yeah I bet you can stack gunslingers oh my god this guy's getting his ass kicked dude your gun slingers actually push up ididn't food you know someone link me the cheat sheet dude look what he's playing that thing's so fucking cute it's like a balding eagle thingy like a baby balding eagle how fast do you level up how much XP do you get when you win I haven't been paying attention let me see okay I've lost so yeah when you lose how much XP do you get per round it auto puts units in if you didn't – XP I got four that shit and then if you win what happens or is it always to XP so one two three four five six I can put six in I guess I want to find this dude phantom Knight or do I just keep saving I'll just refresh once while I keep saving the Ninja trait is only active when you have exactly one or four ninjas oh okay a ninjas game plus 40 percent attack damage oh shit no ball plus 100 armor so you need three so I had three tanks that's why that triggered okay okay alright alright no this isn't a 1v1 game but not last this guy's still at 91 I'm going to I don't know I like in this situation I think just like trying to upgrade your characters as fast as you can't is the only way to win by another re oh fuck this is perfect actually so triple wild what if I removed gnar for now so she's in and then this guy what if I do the ninja buff but I'll take this guy out get the ninja buff and see what happens so I have the ninja gunslinger Guardian wears wild I thought wild oh you need to wild fuck is he wild I should have kept gnar in right the thing is though is keeping najran better than one ninja who is this guy embarrassing right now where do you see his name wait 48 now I die why are some cards where I was that show guy why was he worth four gold just because he's a rare card okay so is a fucking purple card stronger than a level two or a level three I'm gonna go with this bitch she looks fucking crazy she looks like a sorcerer kinda common – legendary who is she glacial elementalist okay so if I try the fucking glacial build yeah let me close stuff let's just see is there a glacial thing glacial I need so I need to get two of her is it possible for a character to lose the first round no way am i read oh that's her cost so she cost – so what am i what am i I just need to try to follow this build and upgrade the characters so get like ashen stuff I'm not gonna put an item I guess I could put an item on grades if you sell a unit does it sell the item so I'll put this item on her because she is literally an elementalist and plus an elementalist is fuckin badass it's darius you get the item back I meant Darius alright so Darius should I visit worth getting the other Tristana or just waiting I feel like it's worth just waiting yeah just save save oh I'm bursting waffle dude Oh waffles got what's-his-face braum again uh-oh from survive dude survived just out of fuck about hold the wall dude hold the wall are you gonna fuck with me been shot huh damn it man what the fuck what levels are yes here's two level twos all you're gonna DTS this shit two men I don't see anyone I should really get here is there anyone glacial maybe just for the item it's worth it Kennan has the spatula maybe the item matters because if you look here you are an assassin the sorcerer blade master at night by tryst holy shit my bad so she's full level 3 now ok so that's what that bar means yeah we're not gonna win this is it worth glacial in a cannon for 3i what if I is it maybe I should have got the waste sorcerer and elementalist is different please survive this guy has five on the board as well oh my god she got fucking hone oh my god this is close this is close do it dude Kenan is fucking the OPA shit motherfucker upgrade what the fuck you waiting for Darius Veigar so now cho'gath Lulu Lulu Lulu what are we doing here what do we do here Chad who do I replace replace ash so ash isn't good fucking glacial I mean he's glacial she's glacial so it doesn't do much unless I have another glacial oh god I might how much HP do I have please win please come on do work do work No all I want to do is win once has waffle won once and does it actually say if you win it's like victory one game without chat okay fine this game I'm not reading chat at all is this gonna be a mobile I mean it looks like it will be and now let me see if I do this spells deal bird damage equal to 5% of the enemies bullshit I'm just gonna give him this all right one question is a knight considered a tank double graves pirate gunslinger Garin noble knight I could do two knights so these guys are gonna be my tanks and then I already have the knight buff which is 20 damage blocked and then here's another Darius okay I could do Kazakhs as well because he is void and have one assassin just for shits I've been doing so much Kazakhs but it is what it is I'll just have Kazakhs out I'm not gonna do graves cuz he's a gun slinger and I don't see double Kassadin holy shit Wow level to kassadin ton void Kazakhs I have a Kazakhs and a phantom knight ok I think we'll wait here as well I'm not gonna do anything else I could refresh but I'm just gonna wait cuz I'll get 6 XP I could spend gold hit a level but yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna chill that banish is actually really good because you can fucking you can avoid their tank and kill their main damage dealers fast and that makes us so your main guys can get mana that was actually kind of sick can you get really lucky and get Draven on like round two I'm gonna get the last pic so I should be looking at item over anything I wish you could right-click and just see what the fuck they are but if I'm looking at Imperial I need Katarina and she's not in this list so maybe I should go for HP maybe go for him to pirate just to build my tanks items oh my god fucking count oh my god wait the cop oh fuck that would have been my level two dude whatever whatever whatever shit man I feel like that's an orangey phase someone else could have taken him so whatever dude I was stupid of me but yeah all right so he's got it I could do another Kassadin I'm gonna do boom boom so now I'm loving five and let me see if I can maybe your dole sorcerer void assassin another Kazakhs why is it he pushing up to level three oh I probably have to wait oh fuck what the fuck am i doing attempting oh no the game went down dude I was doing so well early game I was finally I was feeling it I was fucking feeling it too

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