Last Mysteries of Red Dead Redemption 2

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Last Mysteries of Red Dead Redemption 2! Red Dead Redemption 2 Secrets! Red Dead Redemption 2 Mysteries!

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Western-themed action-adventure game set in an open world environment. It is played from either a third or first-person perspective and the player controls Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and a member of the Van der Linde gang.

On this channel I share helpful tips, easter eggs, gameplay, etc involving Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead Online.

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welcome back to yet another Red Dead Redemption two mysteries video I think we're closing in on some of the last couple of videos here I'll be doing for this game I just think that there's only so much content left in the game to talk about so I'm only gonna be covering a few mysteries today and while there is still tons of stuff that I haven't covered on YouTube regarding the content within the game I know it's a little bit pointless to milk this whole game dry since it would only be incredibly repetitive and boring for most of you since obviously I'm not the only person on YouTube who's made videos like this and I think the only thing that would keep the fun going is a DLC or something but we haven't gotten any word of anything from Rockstar as of late but with that out of the way I like and a subscribe are always appreciated as it only does take a second out of your day to make mine but with that said let's take a look at some of the last few mysteries remaining in the game a user on the Red Hood mystery subreddit actually found a stone with what appeared to be Nordic riding over on this area of the map I never actually knew about this so it came to me as a surprise especially when the person who randomly stumbled on to this translated what it said it says we arrived by boat beautiful land gracious people so we left them to live in peace so I think there's a few things we could take away from this whoever wrote this on the stone here was clearly a group of travelers from a far away land that arrived here by a boat on an expedition considering the lettering is Nordic I think it's safe to assume that it very well could have been Vikings and it's just a little nod to the fact that Vikings had arrived in America a long time ago there's even a Viking helmet and a hatchet you can find in the game in an old tomb so it definitely looks like it was Vikings who left this message here assuming that the gracious people it mentions on the stone ear was the Native Americans from a long time ago so it's actually just a pretty neat little thing you'd find here in the game upon closer inspection you can actually see that there's more symbols on the rock there unfortunately people haven't figured out what it's supposed to say yet at least not that I know of but you can clearly see that the symbols go around in a loop on the rock inside of what seems to be some sort of a snake or a serpent winding around the Nordic text I'm not really sure what a serpent might represent and what it might have to do with the Vikings but it's just another thing here that I wanted to point out and if anyone figures what the symbols around in the Serpent's say then it would be really helpful if you could translate it and put it down in the comments section below so we could all take a look at what it means because I personally love to see what it says so the next one is gonna be a bunch of frozen cows up at this part of the map and it's interesting because there's no reason for these cows to be up here and the snowy part of the map and in fact some people mentioned seeing newspaper scrapping for missing cows and maybe these are the cows that went missing how did they end up here and why did they all die that's the question your I don't think that anyone in the right mind would just take their cattle up north to watch them freeze to death I think it's safe to say that something mysterious happened here because I don't see any logical reasoning to this you know as crazy as it sounds I think that it could have possibly been aliens I know it's a pretty outlandish theory but UFOs are known for abducting cattle and of course UFOs are in the game so I don't think it could be a stretch for this to be a solid theory here maybe the cows were abducted and maybe they were probed and then dropped out here in the snow otherwise I can't really seem to find any logical assumption here for this group of dead cows so I mean I don't know what do you guys think about this group of cows here it just sprawled out here in the snow let me know down in the comments section below what you think it could be but I'll kind of use this to segue into the next mystery that people found and it connects with one from my last video like I showed in my last upload you can shoot the UFO in the cabin and it actually significantly damages it people thought okay well if you could do that with the first one that you must be able to do it with the second one as well and well it works with the second one as well the one on Mount Shan you just end up shooting it with something explosive like this user over on reddit did with a sniper and the lights are shot off just like the first UFO obviously we don't know if this is a visual glitch or not and it very well could be intentional but what's even more interesting about the second UFO after you shoot it is the fact that it actually never goes back up into the sky it stays there for a long time and you can actually end up seeing it during the day if you stay long enough I really want to know if there's a third UFO and to be honest at one point I 100% believed that there was especially considering all the things we found in the game that seemed to hint at UFOs and aliens but we just never found anything you think that after several months of you know millions of players playing that we find another one by now but we haven't unfortunately I don't think we'll find anything anytime soon if it does exist and I think our best bet would be for a Red Dead Redemption 2 to come out on PC so people could you know look into the coding of the game and see if there's any Easter eggs we missed out on like a potential third UFO here but I'm not sure I think it's just worth a shot and for the final mystery here I don't think it's much of a mystery but it's really hard to make out if it's just a smudge on this loading screen or if it's literally the third meteorite landing into a lake I'm not sure where this location is in the world and maybe if someone watching this video actually knows you can end up letting us know down in the comment section obviously it looks like it's somewhere in the new austin portion of the game but again I'm not sure this could be a smudge on the loading screen but the only reason I'm talking about this one is because it got a lot of people's attention and people thought that it could be the third meteorite we've all been looking for obviously I mentioned the third meteorite in the past and how it apparently exists somewhere in the game according to Rockstar and that if maybe you collected all three you'd end up getting a special power or something since of course it's known that the other ones give you smaller powers but I've already talked about the meteorites and the third meteorite in my past videos so I don't think I need to get too deep into it again this could be the meteorite we've all been looking for and if it isn't just a smudge and it actually is a meteorite then the location here on the loading screen looks like somewhere in new Austin and the meteorite looks like it's gonna land somewhere in this body of water here and that could be the San Luis River or something but I'm not sure I thought it was worthy enough to be featured here in today's videos so look out some more in new Austin maybe you know who knows I don't really know that you can actually go in the body of water because John can't actually swim and the only way to access this area is as John in the epilogue and if you play as Arthur and new Austin using a glitch but that's just not the way the game was intended to be played so I don't think that swimming out onto the lake is what you need to do to get this meteorite we know that you can actually fish out stuff other than fish from the water with your fishing poles so it could very well be on a location that we need to fish and maybe we'll reel out the third meteorite or something other than that that's gonna be it for the video if you enjoyed it in any way or found it informative a like and a subscribe are always appreciated as it only does take a second out of your day to make mine and before I sign off here I just want to mention that the game and the content here is drawing to a close and unfortunately most if not everything is already found and the only way for me to post more videos like this is if anyone finds any new things regarding some of the older mysteries in the game otherwise there's no content left I personally think Rockstar is being a little slow when it comes to updates you know we've seen small minor changes implemented in the online mode but it's nothing worthy of actual praise and attention in my opinion and I'd love to see them be more vocal about what their plans are for the future and you know any future content updates will be seeing what's the plan looking like for the future any story updates any online updates I just really want to know what we can expect for the future and possibly when I think I might make a video about rockstars lack of DLC in the stagnating population of players in the game but I'm not sure because there's been a lot of people that have already posted videos criticizing Rockstar and the way that they're doing things right now with this game especially with the Red Dead online mode I think that a lot of people can agree that it's completely dead I don't think that you know that's nothing further than a fact because it just is it's a fact the online mode experience is definitely not doing well at all right now because Rockstar is not putting out updates and they're not communicating with us as much as we like to because there's just some sort of like a miscommunication with them because they just never really tell us what's going on behind closed doors and I can understand I know a lot of people would say ok well who cares when once they put it out you know it's actually better than knowing what's happening which is true but at the same time in the world of video games these days everything's moving super quickly and if you're not you know communicating with your fanbase then you just grow distant and some people might never come back and that's really a tragedy because I would love to see the player base right now that we have right now continue playing the game for the DLCs and whatnot again it's just the way that the world of gaming is dealt with these days there just has to be communication from the developer and we just need to know what's going on because it just keeps people connected and playing the game and just overall communication is necessary for stability of the future in a game like this so I know a lot of you are gonna disagree and say this is Rockstar you know they don't need anyone's help they don't need anyone's approval at the end of the day we're always gonna be losing extra people that could have been playing the game so again for them that means a loss of money which is always their main goal at least not the developers but the people above them the people with the suit and ties so I don't know we'll just have to wait and see what they have in store for us like I said in the past I think that we might be getting a word of a DLC or a trailer sometime around late February or early March I'm kind of looking forward to late March and maybe early April now I really don't know but I really hope it comes a lot sooner than that at least some communication I might post some variety content in the future not really sure now maybe you guys want that maybe you don't let me know down in the comment section below would you like to see other video games on this channel but other than that that's going to be it for the video see you in the next one

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