JUST CAUSE 4 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (JC4)

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Just Cause 4 (JC4) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC includes a Review, Story Part 1 and Mission 1 of the Just Cause 4 Story Campaign. My 2018 Just Cause 4 Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Story Campaign. Thanks Square Enix for giving me the Full Game of Just Cause 4. Just Cause 4 also has Tornado Gameplay, Story Missions, Story Chapters, Cinematics, Cut Scenes, All Vehicles, Funny Moments and more! I’ll play the Full Game of Just Cause 4 until the Single Player Campaign Ending.


Just Cause 4 is an action-adventure game developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix. It is the fourth game in the Just Cause series and the sequel to 2015’s Just Cause 3 and is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One X.

Just Cause 4 is a third-person action-adventure game set in an open world environment. The player assumes the role of series protagonist Rico Rodriguez. The game is set in a fictional South American country called Solis. Rico Rodriguez takes on the Black Hand, the world’s most powerful private army run by Gabriella Morales, a newly introduced character. The Black Hand serve as mercenary group to dictators Salvador Mendoza of Just Cause and Sebastiano Di Ravello in Just Cause 3. When Rico is shown evidence that his late father was working with The Black Hand, he plunges into the South American nation of SolĂ­s, the homeland of the Black Hand in search of answers.
so guys welcome to Just Cause for I was really looking forward to this game cuz once I saw some early footage of it I'd really never got a chance to play it early so I'm able to post this early though so thank you Square Enix for the hookup and thank you guys for any and all likes you drop on this I'm hoping that if we hit like 30 or 40 thousand likes on this I'll probably do a full series but wanted at least do a few videos for it just kind of have some fun so I was gonna give away two copies of the game one for Xbox one one for ps4 if you want a chance to win see to like the video or leave the comments I guess of when you found my channel and I think it's something different but alright that's it I'm gonna start it up I'm playing this on PC so I'm hoping to get the maximum experience so hopefully it's 60 frames and all that so all right guys I love you and let's get this former agency operative Rico Rodriguez up to this point is were about something unknown since our withdrawal from Medici responsible for the posing half a dozen heads of state the black hands have encountered them before in sunny spirito where he assassinated our employer President Salvador Mendoza we fought him again in Medici where he overthrew Sebastiano di Ravello though the agency had some involvement misses his handler Tom Sheldon we've learned Rodriguez's motivation for liberating Medici was personal you have briefed me on this men before commander Morales we're preparing a test can we cut to the chase porfavor of course no Spinoza intelligence suggests that he is the son of Miguel Rodriguez my Miguel Rodriguez and and he's here in Solis now so that's my father super weapon project D Appa he was a kind man my father scientist doesn't make sense he would build such a thing my uncle was a good man too and they both ended up dead lots of questions hmm time to get some answers you can't do this alone I have people who can help us here I've done this kind of thing before this is different I can handle some bad weather it's more than bad weather Rico if you would just listen to me up a plan is a list of things that go wrong like to be mainly short just be ready when I patch you into that console you'll have to find Espinoza quickly answer my questions we destroy project the upper black where – where tape horsecar Espinosa better be ready to talk nice all right hear you loud and clear I'm going to monitor your progress from a safe distance you know I'm just Kevin having a little bit of fun with this getting used to the controls and everything what is this oh my goodness so you can just grapple on anything and then oh that's sick can I just do this forever hour-long video of just me doing net next to be kind of legit though alright follow the waypoints the road is walled off I mean maybe right okay where to now all right here we go here shoot time Espinoza promises it will change the world no more tornadoes or hurricanes and most of Solis believes you project the upper won't be a problem after today Mira if your plan works it will work so let me get to it nice we've gone face to face before heading up I'm excite right now this it it plays a lot like the third one already I can feel like the similarities so gotta take some I guess I'm used to getting this I work they still got the wing student here I kind of a jump up something just to try it let's try see if they got it no not yet I think you unlock it later on okay well now we know but I think it's supposed to be why on this controller oh I forgot you could do this too a lot of fun oh hold on we got some enemies I mean I guess just shoot him nothing fancy takes care of that I guess oh we're good forgot you could attach things so like for instance I'll be get some ammo right here I think really cannot get it from this side there we go all right I think we're good weren't too happy to have me poking around hey black hand are highly-trained marks and they're wholly owned by Espinoza his own private army good enough so right now we got the auto rifle with a grenade launcher attachment and we also have a really nasty shotgun so we already know something's about to go down over here I see those outcroppings no sweet wasn't too bad I think what I remember playing the third one I actually went to London for that they basically said that they took kind of like the running aspect out of the game to try to focus more on people using you know this thing so the grapple hooks kind of a big part of just attempted just to use this grenade launcher like a terminator walking up in here so some early impressions I'll say right now the game is a lot of fun to play it's gonna take some getting used to the ziplining and all that yeah we'll do this can you be fuckin grapple bring them towards me a little bit I want to say I think we're good but I don't think we are we got a lot of enemies imagine that's how you die I kind of want to destroy this really quick we do this oh my goodness look at that yo that's so sick I'm not even kidding like didn't think that was gonna actually happen could use this vent to get me up there can I do it from up here this seems like a good spot I almost feel like I shouldn't be up here you know all the waypoints to reach that alright reach the console it's way down there yes I'm saying I don't feel like I should be up here yet we got a guy on the turret right there it looks like can I let me try something I almost had the gun Hey got him not sure if anything else really detonates over here this is kind of where it would be nice let me jump off aren't here we go there's the little console right there if nobody else is shooting I saw the one guy on the turret that's like that's the only person I saw his first area has been pretty dark still trying to up that brightness for you guys okay Vita I found the console oh my god that's so sick [Applause] they're trying lady whistle take the high ground I mean what's the point really it's not gonna fight anybody if I don't have to do oh he had a sniper take your time I love how almost all the stuff is escaped you pretty much break got a nice yo that's so sick I love that he's unlikely here survived this long this is not an ordinary monster Spinoza we might as well make sure let's see what project the up buck can do shall we take a few moments for the court to reach full power do you think you can keep him occupied until then this is commander Morales we have a threat on site activating a bus defenses engage all artillery towers that woman with Rico at the airport sir do I think it was sea deal with that please with pleasure Rico Rico this is Mira please respond meetha meetha see my grappling what's broken yeah smells my wingsuit parachute maybe a few ribs I need to make repairs what's your location of course I don't know I'm sending you my coordinates hope it works got it I'll see you soon she's all right meet Mayra not having my grappling hook is like missing a limb I said I was about to say it feels weird without it you know can you go to these houses and stuff let's go to the front door shall we and base more still running like pretty fast right here I don't have anything slightly please so the gameplay is really smooth I liked how these games have always power meter might be right still watch my friend play the second one all the time and then I played the turbine on the channel I think it's kind of a partial it's very evil people here must not be afraid of heights I know you're not I'm not but I usually have a parachute yes kinda weird not zipping around everywhere I feel like I'm I guess like you said missing a limb we're gonna make this first part pretty long for you guys kind of give you a good sense of the game so if you want a full series you know what to do it's a lot of fun to just be playing these games for you guys I really can't thank you enough for we're almost to six not six million well almost a 10 million subscribers a little while ago so jump off the ledge she's dead it's not safe at all yeah okay yeah fine Blackhand chopper that's not good I kind of wonder and theater first trying to get away from SP no sign is black hands a little bit nervous about this area now cuz I feel like it's gonna fall out from under me you can see through everything – oh here we go finally finally made it you look awful agua the black handle casing the village that happen often almost never maybe somebody attacked there whether bass duels that's us I don't think I could take project the app alone I agree I'm saying I was wrong you were right so distress signal I didn't think you are with the agency anymore help me with these what do we do about a Appa between the blizzard and those artillery towers I can't get close yeah book up all the way ideas tell me wait listen your actions in the next few minutes may determine the fate of this community I am Commander Morales I have tolerated a lot bhisma for years to maintain order and justice in solis have allowed this place to serve as a refuge for the criminal and the disenfranchised last night's terrorist attack was launched against the project da ba facility the culprit was abetted by conspirator from this village Louisa Corina she was my uncle when I was a girl she knows we're working together if mera Morales is not surrendered to me immediately I'll be forced to conduct an exhaustive investigation every home will be searched every citizen's identity will be checked and all transgressions will be harshly prosecuted you Louis where is Meera where I hope to stop this Gabriela let him go cousin at least you aren't a coward your father would be disgusted with the monster you've become you to traitors can discuss your disappointment together in prison no turn to my chopper hi wait I think we just started a rebellion we didn't have to drag these people into this they are what we need to put down project D Appa well they'll need more guns yes so it's a factory down the road from here abandoned Castillo's Fazio's we used to manufacture black hand weapons years ago let's check it out Louise right organize these people anyone who wants to fight the black hand gets to fight sure for it it's a rental si Senor Mira I need to make sure my gear is working I'll meet you at the factory all right operation whiteout wings everything works oh here we go perfect yo this is the gameplay I was looking for that the factory sorry Enzo and easy did some research they can help you get this place up and running who's easy that's what you've got your AR lens Mira told me already done something like that let's get started I'm gonna tell you right now I think this is where these games are the best machine except it's your Ireland's will show you where to look it's only a matter of time before Gabriella saves more black man to stop us we need to get these people guns fast I just realized so I guess we'll start back I suppose just start here go ahead and go down really quick these games just excel in all these different things alright nice so what exactly so obviously it's not up here all right let me check down there I wonder if you take fall damage if you grapple down fuel burrows hmm it's one way to do it I guess generators well-shielded can you turn it off I think I can use my grappling hooks to rip the bleeding off we good destroy the generator can I just shoot it should do it right all right nice forget generator down fish it's been pretty straightforward so far who don't want to go the same setup at each building I pretty straightforward generator shit off how badass was that just now like they think that was gonna happen at all the electrical room I'm guessing is saying down there but I wonder if I need to get I guess yeah just go down here I guess I thought maybe I got to go on the building then go downstairs or something but here we go there's a weapon crate of your order let me grab this hmm get that way just a single Hennessey yeah I don't know if I like that for this type of game mmm I guess I'll keep it for now go ahead swap that out this is what I need right here none of this other stuff now we'll change this we're gonna get the SMG or whatever good rocket launcher that's what you need for a game like this hmm need to use my grappling hook oh I gotta go up with the donor nope I'll release those we're going up that's the first one so do the safety on the other side pretty straightforward I like that this one is same thing it looks like I get like so amped up ready to fight a wave of enemies here we're in business it's called everyone open the map all right the frontline is represented by these lines of your map this is where the army of chaos is holding back the black hand okay deploy squad okay advance it feels like the thing from for honor is it as simple as just touching this okay we're good you got Astros guns just in time they black hunter deploying their forces across a river we won't be able to advance the line without more fighters Amir appears we became soldiers after what you did in the slums create more chaos more recruits will come well army of chaos this is what you worry from the start Oscar Espinoza owns the silent Bay people can't fight him without losing their jobs their homes and even if they tried what chance would they have against a black hand we have a mutual goal Rico you help these people they feed their black hand and will help you get to a score Espinoza okay Mira we'll do it your way what's first I got some ideas Rico I will ready your eyeball with more information whole army of chaos sure army of chaos I like the direction this game is already going all right so we got Oh home I get the chaos bar haaa what is this alright today's your frontline needed new squads for your army to inspire people to join you to destroy Blackhand infrastructure and vehicles this creates chaos alright alright here we go let me take that Waypoint off the map – I don't know why there we go always bothers me in game to do that don't up the truck we're leaving in 60 seconds did you organize this ambush see most of the stuff you recovered is standard black a munitions but I also found some of these well not sure what they do we didn't want to mess with them there's a bunch more left in the truck good fine Sorento this could be useful anyone have a screwdriver are you adding that to your grappler no hold us you have to make do with whatever you find what are you gonna do with that get jinba near the least oh I'll drop the truck I've got a chopper nearby waiting to extract this make sure you get there in one piece but that's just par settle we're moving out alright grapple onto the truck well I still got the STG from last time or should I get the rocket launcher out hold on that balloon thing is pretty cool huh I think it'll come in handy where did you learn to plan an ambush hobbies you came out of nowhere and the black hand didn't know what hit him he was epic okay what's that in the road must have been some fighting here any ideas or equal oh yeah just one the hell was that oh the fire I know what that was sandy is grappling hook okay uh you can edit your grappling hook loadouts what is all this what a balloon action that is so sick what a sexy kind of sick like you keep your eyes on the road Sorento cause I think I could do it I always wanted to do something important it's complicated Sargento listo listo later yeah that again and you know what okay if I have some of this they're more oh my goodness well guess I'm glad I got this and take that overkill you're damn right it once this is actually a lot of fun little tethering it up before more show up oh it's not enough okay I mean let's take I wonder all right – should be good anyway improvise a lot in my old life Oh hot long gone figure stuff out this is what works for me Sorento do you find what works for you yen I guess for now just worry about getting us to the extraction point extraction bucho gotta watch this health bar so I'm trying to get too close to it hold on we got some company up here distel gun gun this is gemma instruction required at Bravo station at Bravo station we talked about this I'm gonna take more than that it's actually pretty cool I like how they've got this set up I just wanna blow something up like this big I guess this thing work innocent people watch out oh my god like that seeded Terminator 2 and he just hopped up on that dudes with show really I got to do this I have nothing else to shoot is there not ammo like hell with this that be careful there you work out those hiccups Toronto and you could be a real operations master for the army shit like you guess what we're in the shit right now oh my god yo just got like a Quan right here what was that all about I'm out of ammo really really need this am over come on all right think we're good at least I say that now gonna stay tethered it's like a jet ski type situation that's enough excitement we're here but extractions not here yet we gotta hold them off until that chopper gets here Lock and Load people the Black Hand want their supplies back um which one do I want guys let me swap it [Applause] Oh what just happened [Applause] it's got a ran over by my old friends and everything don't know what happened there so this is just a time based thing time until extraction it got a minute left almost I guess I could get on the turret or the mortar back here what about that better not be what I think it is take that here we go border time it's got a nice and easy sure they are sent oh alright train the army oh nice okay that's what s that means this I like that you can just kind of go anywhere oh my that was a rocket one in the world's oh my goodness yo this is sick oh my god watch out I can do Mia what I that's a start I'll bring them to the facility entrance have evac on standby oh wow this is the next mission okay well I just go ahead and do it cool party we're already here right I feel like we're bypassing everything big door so this helicopter hate speech like Metal Gear Solid 2 and liquid snake was in that Harrier holy shit take that art it's done finally my goodness that helicopter hated me alright now what do we got I'm gonna hop down just cuz why not you know as somebody doesn't have the best range but I'll take it nice let's go ahead and take that all right I think we're good famous last what really this person come from let me grab this ammo are we good I think nice all right Jason yo what's going on the army of chaos is breaking you free I would have to fight our way out look guys got some serious armor I had this light machinegun doesn't seem lighter doesn't you know every time I do a part one for a game I never know when to stop it cuz it's just I get the momentum going only got a barrel up there this thing is so weird he plants it on the ground when he uses it but I guess it is what it is you know and I just take it nice I've got a grill to the entrance send someone to extract him we're supposed to go to the other side now now figured after I finished this mission I'll just stop the first part here I'm gonna try to I'll see how this video does if you want me to a full series I definitely wanna it's game a lot it's just so different cleared out some first Oh watch out I'm going down [Applause] game is just very like chill doesn't seem to take itself too seriously no all right same thing there we go all right people it's time to free yourselves come on later vamanos I'll get a little bit of ahead of them you know I don't think is anybody else coming let's go that way which I doubt they will here we go the help Oh all right I think I got the gunner at least like I had some bullets for me same gun and everything let's get it so just destroying stuff helps everything apparently it's kind of fun when a game does that I'll be careful getting next to that please I want once I get past it I'll destroy it we can't go any further gotta go how do we get through is excellent on ideas use your grapple thing to pull the brake down my god all right oh my goodness just blow up the mechanism okay it's those little boxes of red things let's blow them up cuz it seems like a lot more stressful trying to we're good breach is open oh my goodness it's gonna kill me it's so much to live for oh my goodness Thanks hey come on let's just be nozzle shit it says zero of five so just destroy everything our one down run out of bullets all right three of five where's the other two all right i'ma tell you man not a lot of games do the explosions and stuff as well as this game does [Applause] I got getting the perfect person getting a perfect shield right now I cover the draftees is draftees and escape Oh same thing as last time nice yes oh my goodness you see this [Applause] don't we get some ham over here hold on nice nice get it I love this game is slightly there's a sniper next few there's no problem with that let me just zap up there and kill them really quick where's the sniper not even gonna use the sniper right now [Applause] I don't know if I got the kill there somebody else did nice that was fun safe army to advance nice causing Crito because chaos earned more squads worse reserves okay nice selected now Lauren this cost by securing adjacent regions okay get to in order to play two squads from reserves and secure the region nice idea good work people well that was a lot of look at this all my goodness straight up coast guard over here yo what's a what in the world I'm out of here yo it's too much mayhem right now oh I'm in the water not good now if I stay on this they can't really get home my goodness well as I said they can't really get me because they don't want to destroy their own nub their own friends or whatever so I guess they don't really care anymore so first off thank you guys for watching this video it really means a lot to me I just really can't thank you enough for all the likes the stuff you drop on it and if you want more of this game you know what to do and I'll catch you on the flip side guys take it easy

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