Just Cause 4 vs Just Cause 3 | Direct Comparison

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Graphical comparison between the recently released Just Cause 4 and Just Cause 3.

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welcome back everybody to another episode of direct comparison in today's episode we're looking at the recently released Just Cause 4 and seeing how it compares to its predecessor Just Cause 3 the game just officially released this Tuesday and has already begun seeing its fair share of criticism with many citing that several features look worse so today I want to break down all the main visual elements like textures lighting and effects to help determine whether or not there really was a downgrade just to be clear both games are being run on the same PC but the settings pushed up as high as possible at a 1440p resolution however because of an issue with Just Cause 3 s highest anti-aliasing option where any moving objects are unnecessarily blurred we're going to be lowering this to the SMA a setting instead though this works out because the TxAA option isn't even available and Just Cause for also bear in mind that some things like textures lighting and environmental quality can be influenced by several different factors including the in-game time of day the vastly different environment types and the highly variable nature of just causes open-world sandbox but I'll try my best to match these two games up and give a rough idea of where they stand alright so starting off let's take a look at our hero Rico Rodriguez Rico's character design in Just Cause 3 makes him look far more muscular and also a bit older his head appears much larger and feels like a significant departure from the character design in the original two games Rico and Just Cause 4 however seems to be a sort of a mix of the two styles he's still older because of the storyline and sports a full beard but he also looks less built and also has a darker skin tone the outfits in general are mostly the same with jeans and a jacket with short sleeves along with this signature wingsuit grapple and parachute combo equipped but unlike Just Cause 3 Rico and just calls for doesn't seem to have access to his dual handguns anymore at least not at the start of the game outside of some cosmetic changes the actual complexity of the character model himself seems to be about the same next let's see if the animations have changed from what I've seen so far Rico moves the same between both games the running jumping and various special gadget related actions all behave identically and appeared to have been directly copied over from the previous game there's nothing necessarily wrong with this decision as the animations still look great and the movement Scholz feel as food as ever the only minor difference I could find here was that the smoke effect from Rico landing on the ground after jumping appears slightly earlier and just calls for moving on we have some environmental textures as I said before the environments are significantly different from each other so finding the same textures to compare is difficult but I did notice some improvements at things like various remote textures and cliff faces that seem to be a bit more complex and detailed with greater bump mapping and ambient occlusion however I did notice of substantial downgrade to just cause forced grass affects a surprisingly nice feature and just cause 3 is the grass tessellation that allows for grass to not only react to the players movement but also permanently get pressed down after a Rico steps on it it's subtle but it's there this feature unfortunately was not carried over and just cost 4 and no matter what environment I tested this on in many different biomes I could not get the grass to press down like it doesn't just cause 3 also notice lower quality grass sprites overall and much less dynamic vegetation that's not to say these objects are static they can still be destroyed or even pulled out of the ground by the new tornados but we'll get to that in a bit moving on we have lighting effects again wedding doesn't seem to have fared as well and just cause for over its predecessor Just Cause 3 have some subtle God reacts that would shine through distant trees and the overall color tone and cover variety really helped to make the picture pop more just cause 4's game world and theory should be significantly more colorful bright and vibrant but much like shadow of the two mater earlier this year seems to have opted for a warmer color tone which results any more washed out looking image other problems include very abrupt changes to environmental lighting due to nearby storm systems and some really poor HDR implementation on the console version of the game again a lot of the differences in lighting can be attributed to the artistic direction but the lack of proper Gadre effects and the more dull appearance hurts the overall presentation of Just Cause 4 moving on from lighting we have shadows while the shadows look soft and more natural and just cause 3 they do have a noticeable shimmer that can look really bad when dude up close Just Cause 4 shadows have absolutely no shimmer from what I can tell though they are a bit sharper and I would have liked to see some smoother soft shadow implementation and now for the big one special effects just cause is all about special effects and very few other games in the industry can dish out the physics effects that the series is capable of Just Cause 3 had some impressive dynamic destruction that allowed for the creative freedom to blow up very large objects and caused some serious damage it's not quite on the level of games like Red Faction but it's still impressive and fun to play with nonetheless Just Cause 4 continues the franchise's tradition and pushes the insanity completely through the roof with even more explosive opportunities especially with its new weather system this twister for example which is always available in the center region of the game world will randomly travel around and pick up anything in the game world that's not nailed down including player vehicles and a ton of environmental debris it's an incredibly impressive looking effect that I think Avalanche studio completely nailed and it's also a lot of fun to play with outside of these newer effects just cause four retains the same amount of dynamic destruction featured in its predecessor unfortunately some of the other effects do seem to have been downgraded quite a bit most notably the water effects as noted by several users who've played the game early just cause forced water effects look horrible there's a little to no wave simulation regardless of where you decide to drive your boat and the surface of the water just looks like a repeated pattern it's a disappointing effect especially considering how great it looked in Just Cause 3 there's not even a wake behind your boat anymore explosions also seem to have been changed and I'm not sure it's for the better I still would like to do some more tests on this as the explosions in these games can be affected by pretty much anything including the surrounding ground and various nearby props but I do like the changes made to the fireball itself rather than just being a singular massive Gila fire the new explosion looks more complex and feels a little bit more authentic that being said the explosion itself looks a bit weaker with less debris shooting up from the ground and significantly less black smoke lingering around afterwards even less impressive was the gas station explosion despite the gas station had just caused for being larger the final explosion that causes the building itself to explode is essentially drowned out by some excess bloom effects taking away the awesome clarity of the explosion in Just Cause 3 the explosions are still pretty impressive but I can't help but feel the effect was better in the previous game and finally let's listen to a few sound comparisons for these comparisons I have a few clips of standard traversal around the game world in addition to a standard assault rifle being fired and the gas station blowing up while these scenes aren't going to be identical you can still get a pretty strong sense of the overall sound design including the level of reverb and quality of the mixing so which game do you think sounds better [Applause] and that wraps up this episode of direct comparison Just Cause 4 is a decent-looking game when shown in the right light but aside from some improvements that things like textures and shadow resolution settled the design choices seem to have hurt the visual style that was showcased in Just Cause 3 the explosions are hidden behind an annoying glare now and the water simulation is laughably bad I hope some of these things are just issues Avalanche Studios plans on fixing but as of right now if you're looking for the best looking just cause experience you'll likely still find that and Just Cause 3 thank you all for watching and if you'd like to learn more about just cause check out my history of Just Cause video which covers the full history of the franchise also make sure to LIKE and subscribe for more 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