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Karak sits down to discuss Just Cause 4 out for PC, xbox, PS4.
PC Footage. Edit: There does appear to be a hefty dynamic scaler applied to the consoles versions and maybe specific gfx bugs. Looking into it. Word of warning.

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it's up everybody this is Carrick with ACG and once again it's my continuing mission to bring you reviews that aren't two minutes long or filled with sponsored bullcrap and here we are looking at the Just Cause series I don't think the game really defies much explanation it's a combination of fast and furious sands Vin Diesel mumble hump and his way through the descriptions of family and commando with swartz negra movie back in the day that had so many different weapon kill combinations it looks like he sat in a friggin Cabela's the entire time and just let people come to him like different enemy waves but what if you added a bit of the movie twister in there as well smattering the world with a series of tornadoes that seemed almost sentient and their hatred for the main characters well that my friends is just pause for this is out December 3rd for the suggested retail price of $59.99 for the ps4 Xbox and PC let's see how it did shall we as always if you liked the video maybe subscribe so here's my review for Just Cause 4 trust me I know what I'm doing travis pastrana NPCs and the flying fish in the boat world graphics are first so this is both incredibly impressive n also shows that many times improvement isn't always holistic in a game the game really does an incredible job at times if the Just Cause series is anything it's the moments of anarchy mixed with just a little bit of peace in-between moments like watching the mellow green waters of lakes as your boat flits Eisley over them but also the continued focus on complete destruction presented at here a frame rate that is actually playable I think we all know that the level of destruction in Just Cause has always been a selling point for gamers I mean what other game basically lets you play a visual rendition of flight of the bumblebee at 2,000 beats per second if all the instruments were replaced by rocket launchers and the maestro was just a dude yelling fire that's the Sola just cause for Anarchy in the open world complete nutter chaos in uncontained spaces it's a joy to sit back and watch the physics play out of a tower crushing down on itself and not in the canned almost convoluted smattering of breaking sections like trees in the cone in MMO or for that matter most other games but instead a really true driven physics destruction engine almost everything is destructible here from cars trams Jets small medium and large as well as jumbo two towers gas tanks sniper camps and barricaded enemy ranks it really is sublime stuff and each game has up the ante just a bit and of course that's when the tornados start here true physics driven wind storms tear acin across the countryside like seven-year olds with their first unwanted Christmas presents it's amazing just kicking the shit out of everything and that all plays out in front of you the explosions the projectiles and your own body is you use the tornados to wingsuit your way to insane Heights and flying around seeing the impressive level of destruction as this thing tears through a base like it's a neighborhood in North Dakota but that doesn't mean everything's perfect here first the popping is noticeable even on a PC with high settings also noticeable in many locations particularly mountainous regions there are some low detail textures you will see sadly enough we have the same issues with spawning enemies as well all of them decided to rave themselves into existence just slamming around and trying to figure out where to go it's not all the time but especially in the water the lakes the oceans it is very noticeable and it may be funny to see this massive jet boat shoot out of the water like some majestic man-made dual engine turd but it really does hold back the presentation and adds a clumsy look to a lot of the systems when that kind of thing happens also I understand that the developers rework the animation system and while there are some noticeable improvements I still have to say that most of the time the hilarity of Rico's spider-man like hijinks continued to stymie any real kind of plan to make those animations look realistic it's just not at the fidelity of a Spider Man a God of War Red Dead but at the same time that isn't really their aim but one of their aims was to increase performance and did they yes they absolutely did Jessica's 3 was neutered so effectively in that last outing due to performance where opponents released even on ultra powerful Hardware frame rates vacillated between almost unplayable and well just acceptable just calls for luckily sees some massive improvements from that particularly low bar even though it's not perfect itself performance wise this thing is entire levels though above Just Cause 3 especially for a world this big with this much destruction with a current i7 at 4.7 and the 1080 T I was able to get 45 FPS and up to 60 at different locations at 4k with all the settings on Ultra now for a game of this scale it's actually not unexpected to get that especially as a number of the graphical options are a bit future-proof like support for the 2080 series of cards in there DL SS anti-aliasing 6,200 FPS was easily doable setting down some of the settings in particular shadows in SSAO SSAO at minimum takes about 10 FPS away from the top so while you could technically turn that off and surprisingly it doesn't have a nuanced setting for it it's just on or off I would act suggest having it on and adjusting things elsewhere as for the consoles they shoot for 30 fps and even on the Pro and the Xbox X there are a couple drops but across all the systems the performance is a great deal smoother than Just Cause 3 it's night and day especially upon release also the threading optimizations that they've had discussions in developer interviews about and implementing those after Just Cause 4 have really shown up in the bones of the structure of the console release you see a great improvement there of performance all that being said just cause 4 is basically Mad Max with storms his weapons and there's an easy to identify visual lineage in all the violence as the inside of the tornado while on the ground brings back those moments in Mad Max when you let a sandstorm creep up on you land you think yep I can't handle this right when it laid its winds finger on you and started pushing the best elements of Just Cause games are here with a small elevation and the anarchy and while performance is not perfect it is impressively increased from the prior game even with a couple of those graphical caveats sound music and voice [Applause] oh there's just a glitch in their hardware near that visto I'll drop the truck I've got a chopper nearby waiting to extract this make sure you get there in one piece and we're gonna do sound first today just causes a sound platform actually works to inform the gamer there's some bad guy with a pattern of punching holes in people's gonna be leaping into an oversized energy gun and spooling it up to attack you or the crackled are the first elements of electricity that start to collect as a tornado touches the ground or even the thump of explosions that are delayed just a moment by an almost flawless speed of sound implementation and when it comes to sound a game like this really needs to be informative to be able to know how to straddle the line between city leveling explosive concussions and the sound of a deer eaten in the woods it's the moments of respite that work in a game like just cause otherwise the level of destruction becomes the ground floor the poignancy is actually removed rarely do games utilize sound so excellently to help with those moments and just cuz four is one of them for example when you notice that you're speaking to a character and their voices fade and transform into radio broadcasting your headset if you move too far away it's a little nuanced like that that allows for you to be informed as a gamer and really does show a focus on detail music this is actually pretty good and while I didn't enjoy it as much as Just Cause 3 soundtrack at all I think overall it does what it needs to and the Just Cause games have never really been big on huge orchestral pieces or even overwrought moments during their action scenes it's a nice steady ambient undertone of Native Instruments and synths with occasional almost militant beats that mix in it's good but it's probably not something I'll listen to outside of the game voice now the jessica's games have never gone out of their way to slam the most epically well-known actor into any of the spots just to get some name recognition and just cause for almost entirely when it comes to the cast is patterned off that mentality from antonio alvarez to gabriella ortega to who's who of who's who and that's fine with me it does a good job of what they have and well admittedly it's not all love when it comes to Just Cause for as narrative for me everyone here does a fine job without any stilted or overly dramatic performances there are little elements that you notice though for example I love Rico yelling and excitement or humming March of the Valkyries while single-handedly dropping enough ordnance on the world the fund Lockheed Martin for the next 10 years it's not perfect and the writing certainly isn't but I would say overall the voice is pretty good and that brings us to gameplay and a bit about the story now of course what would it be without Rico Rodriguez here he returns to single-handedly fight for freedom by destroying everything he comes near this time it's a fake country called soulless a South American location smack dab between doesn't exist in made up for shits and giggles it's overrun by the black hand an aptly named private army that you may recognize from the prior games but if you haven't played the prior games or don't remember any of that it really doesn't matter because Just Cause this story has never really been its strong suit so if you haven't played those games just assume it's an open-world third-person shooter with a focus on healing the world by lighting it on fire and simultaneously releasing tornadoes everywhere to do all this you start out by helping various characters around the world with missions like clearing out an enemy base taking down a group soldier stealing vehicles escorting others and the typical third-person action moments you expect in games like this however there are some additions like you now have squads or resistance fighters and as you perform missions you get more of them and you can move them around the map freeing up locations and moving the constantly erupting battle lines out a bit further each time this is also shown within the game with enemy line locations having constant battles between the rebels in the black hand this extension of a mini war game really does become noticeable when you advance through the various new landscape types that just cause four has and it feels a bit more like a complete world than the prior titles and that means that one second or leaping from an exploding helicopter into a boat in the luminescent green waters of some forgotten lake and then the next akin a makeshift hang glider with a lawnmower engine through a massive desert sandstorm all the while the men and women of the world are gonna be fighting below you when it comes to Riku himself in his activities I will say I noticed a bit of a stretching out of the mission types but there's one severe caveat here that really seems to extend into Just Cause 4 and reduces a bit of my excitement and that is more timed missions and not just time missions where you're trying to kill something or get to a spot with a little explanation it's things like flying from one computer to the next and a massive complex while enemies shoot at you all the while a countdown in the background keeps alerting you to the sad fact that very little of this is explained deeply within the narrative and their inclusion in the main story really does hamper the experience removing a great deal of a flexibility that the developers in the game had elicited from players in the past and also reduces them to a bit of a road affair of ignoring exploration and deeper strategies for well this works fastest so I'm gonna do it does this ruin the game no it absolutely does not but a couple of the missions pop up and you really do begin to realize just how good the game plays when it's not putting any artificial limits on you but none of this would be that enjoyable if Rico didn't control very well and I think we can all agree that he's never been the most def 2-foot and sure he's the only protagonist that can go from a jet plane into a helicopter kill the pilot and then leap back into a jet plane that we actually have but as more grounded antics have never been backed up by a robust control set and in many ways just cause four is the same way if you were fine with Just Cause 2 and 3's control you're gonna be fine here but for those coming off some of the better controlling games this year the Just Cause series can always feel just a bit off despite the amazing antics some of us can pull off that is until you start using Rico's incredible repository of insane gadgets which should be a cookbook name somewhere everything from balloons to lift people cars boats and other items into the air to portable Jets you can strap onto things to a wide assortment of weapons always secondary fire systems and you can now customize three sets of grappling hook setups so for instance you can have one set up that opens doors and retracts a line between two spots quickly another that launches a balloon and lifts enemies into the air and another that actually does both these are all customizable like the ability to decide what the lift balloons do when you shoot them versus maybe popping or exploding for example a battle may play out where you enter into a location blow up some fuel tanks and strap and do to some bear will shoot them off like a passenger SpaceX then summoned a drone to take out some enemies all why you Electrify a series of bad guys who thought that hiding on a steel grate was a good plan when facing a dude who is basically carrying Tesla's lightning tower on his shoulder and that's a very boring example of some of the stuff that can happen here we've seen it on YouTube videos in demonstrations videos in top 10 videos if just cause does anything right it's allowing the player to feel like the world is a true physics-based sand and while it may have a couple issues here and there overall just cause for does a good job continuing that but with better performance some minigame add on some new weapons some new item drops and tornadoes of course what could go wrong Just Cause 4 does hit on all cylinders it misses a couple graphically for sure and those timed emissions can die in a friggin fire but it continues the tradition of the past games yet it allows you to enjoy them at a far higher level of framerate fidelity than the past titles it doesn't break a ton of new ground itself that's for sure instead it does the one thing it needs to do it lets the player break it an app for me is why it's enjoyable and of course all that brings us to fun factor I had an amazing time especially later on than the game and I won't spoil this but later on some of the items and the weapons and things that you get are incredible and elevate just cause beyond even what its predecessors could do it's a sense of exploring the items within the game world that never takes a second seat to the world itself but instead sort of walks a homicidal hand-in-hand line with it new locations allow for those interesting moments of pause where you're gliding in and thinking ok I'm gonna go to this tower to take out those bad guys then I'm gonna jump into the truck to take out some of the structures then catch the enemy airplane and hijack it that I know that they're gonna send when the combat alert goes out oh and one thing I almost forgot that I do have to mention as a negative is the worst HUD I've ever seen if he gathered a class from a 14 kids all of them held back and then said here's three socks some glue to sniff and about 49 ballpoint pens they would have made something far better than this its massive it's annoying it's cluttered and insanely uninformative at first glance when you go into the map you're greeted with this and while yes I guess in some ways it does look like JC threes map it also looks a bit like it looks a bit like somebody took paper mache pieces and just stuck them to my monitor when you're in the game itself you can only adjust one or two options and to be honest it's either pretty much all or nothing and lastly and some people may not know this but I want to make sure it is known they've removed one-hit kills from the game so for instance if you have full health you can crater like the Chicxulub meteor straight into the ground and you will live you'll just have 1% of health left where AC Odyssey did something like that with skills I would have loved to have had the option to turn it off I get why it was done but for many that's actually a pretty hefty change and adjust your risk factor most likely this was done so it looks more attractive to streamers but I just wanted to mention it so as you guys know I rate games on a by weight for sale rent or never touch it again rating scale with rent being replaced by deep deep sale on the PC this is a buy but there are certainly some caveats that you need to know when you go in there's few things more enjoyable than helping these rebels and fighting over a contested area and win and by dropping a cow onto the last enemy that's where it's brilliant but some of the decisions and small technical issues do bring it down a bit as well as that change to the death mechanic I mentioned earlier nevertheless the one thing you will notice here is that the limits have been pushed without the problems that Just Cause 3 had because pushing the limits is not always successful ensure the movies that have you believe that where they're encapsulated politically correct views and feel good endings where somehow everyone and everything works out in the end that's not actually true it's not true in many cases otherwise they wouldn't be boundaries or limits they'd be friggin averages Just Cause 3 tried to push the limits and it did so with an over-the-top destructive engine that was straddling the line in the sand called end of days with apocalyptic levels of destruction and the tools to do so but we're just cause for elevates beyond that is that it finally actually works and that's one of the most profound changes that we have here but I admit despite getting this early I got caught up in that continued call to go and blow one more thing up or take over one more base and I think that's actually one of the most positive things I can actually say about Just Cause 4 so anyway that's it for me I hope you guys liked the video if you did give it a thumbs up if you didn't give it a thumbs down if you get a chance check out Reddit or Twitter you can follow me on both additionally you can become a patron on the patreon website which allows me to give you guys reviews there aren't two minutes long or filled with sponsored bullcrap and as always I buy every single game I review and give it away to a patron even as a developer gives me a code peace out and enjoy the rest of your week

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