JUST CAUSE 4 Gameplay Demo (Gamescom 2018)

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JUST CAUSE 4 Gameplay Demo (Gamescom 2018)

• Release Date: Dec. 04, 2018
• Platform: PS4, XB1, PC

hello I'm Omar Shakir the native director at Avalanche Studios New York working on Just Cause for an hour new game Rico Rodriguez will hunt down the truth about his past on this fictional South American world of Solis you'll still use Rico's wingsuit and parachute for traversal but now we've added new wind currents they enable you to glide through the world wherever you see them let's take a look at Rico's new grappling-hook all this functionality from the previous games returns but we've added multiple new features including the ability to customize different loadouts and our current setup we have a powerful charge pulse that blasts objects apart when they meet a major addition to the grappling hook is the ability to attach multiple airlifters to any object in our game at the press of a button the player can disable all airlifters sending objects crashing back down to the ground the boosters are back but this time you can fire them from the grappling hook to remotely and precisely place them wherever you want let's get created and use a combination of the Boosters and airlifters for example we've taken a crane and cargo container and turn them into a rocket-powered wrecking ball as you know everything in just causes always driven by physics but it just calls for we've given you freedom that you've never experienced before now by adding more airlifters and changing the placement of the boosters we've made something completely different out of the same shipping container a makeshift Zeppelin now let's jump right into the action and check out some of the more extreme parts of the open world in this mission Rico's pursuing a massive tornado as it weaves a path of destruction throughout the grasslands and this is the storm chaser the only vehicle that allows them to do so all right let's see what this thing can do thanks to avalanches the apex engine everything you see as well as the trajectory of every spiraling object is being calculated in there's a storm chaser and get out of here I'll get the tornado back on track the black hand have taken over Solis is private Airport and to progress Rico must take out the wind cans that are holding the tornado like they the offs the player can take out the wind cannons in any way they choose right now we're using the railgun one of the many new weapons in the game and all these new weapons have a secondary fire option so in this case the railgun can shoot a powerful beam of energy and it can also deploy a drone that will fight alongside Rico you can even use this drone as a grapple point to propel yourself into the air for the next cannon let's get more creative and use some new features of Rico's graphic eyes that's all we're gonna show today it's just a small glimpse of what to expect and just cause for and there's plenty more to come when you play yourself on December 4th welcome to Just Cause 4 in the return of Rico Rodriguez a rogue agent on a mission that will challenge everything in everyone he knows Rico has arrived in the fictional South American country of solis the largest and most breathtaking world we've ever created every journey into soleus will uncover history secrets and danger never before has a Just Cause game offered greater variety rich in all forms of life at first glance Solis is a beautiful location but scratch the surface and you will uncover oppression fear and violence all enforced by Gabriela the leader of the private militia organization the black hand Just Cause 4 takes destruction and physics simulation to a whole new level with the introduction of extreme weather experience towering tornadoes that can tear trees from the ground and level bridges to sticks while some forked lightning unpredictable and deadly sandstorms roaring blizzards witness the spectacular destruction they offer both the challenge to Rika as well as creating fun opportunities for creative sandbox gameplay our vehicles have been totally overhauled with new additions that offer extra gameplay opportunities bulldozers car transporters cranes and even wrecking holes are all fun in our world we have new handling on bikes and cars as well as exotic vehicles like jet skis and micro jets Rico's grapple is now fully customized and has been overhauled to make it more intuitive for newcomers while offering greater depth for a more experienced player the grapple now has more tethers than ever before and the ability to deploy booster rockets in the all-new airlifters making the grapple an incredibly powerful and creative tool meanwhile a new story glues together our freeform go anywhere do anything gameplay that just cause is so famous for and the stakes for Rico have never been higher combat and Just Cause 4 is better than that enemies now present a far more intelligent threat to reach each archetype comes with unique abilities with AI designed to keep the player on itself Solis is a deeply advanced systemic world everything you've seen from the incredible physical eyes destruction to unparalleled draw distance is powered by the brand-new best-in-class open world apex engine and welcome to Just Cause you I was born to fight wars that no army could win there was no fear no failure but the rules have changed the enemy changed and no one was ready for it they black hand they are the world's most powerful private army but even they should fear what they've created this is in a war Rico this is survival does that happen a lot what me getting shot at all the time

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