Just Cause 4 | First Look! (Gameplay)

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Just Cause 4 is released 4th December 2018
Check it out here:

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hello and welcome to a sponsored video square-enix have very kindly given us early access to Just Cause for a favor of Alex Smith this is has a carnage overhaul whole new engine and most importantly a frantic grappling hook okay but Ethel explains so you're gonna mess around with planes like you today I mean look it's a pretty cool cool straightaway oh yeah it's so what's your flying absolutely control the wings so you can I mean you can dive bomb with this I'm guessing that's nuts like that's why would you do that I don't know I guess if you wanted to do any control when it's in that like mo yeah yeah yeah okay I'm guessing maybe you could do some stunts with it where you like dive yeah yeah yeah maybe a wing let's try it find a bridge see I'm just going to show you the the crazy things you can do in just course as if you know the franchise in a pretty nuts it's a little tedious and they've really enhanced the grappling hook there's also extreme weather they will show you some extreme weather later maybe the smoke here is a war zones yeah so if you want to get into some real bowel what's up little car that's going under go on retract it's gone grapple out there see what's happening on here oh these are your guns your friends you're gonna miss killing an enemy you can't mess with them okay let's mess with them give them a banjo point put a maybe I will do that now so this is the menu for customizing a lot of your how your grapple works if you can get really nuanced with it yeah so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna I'm gonna airlift these guys at the moment you've got it if you tap on the d-pad up yeah you'll create a high sort of strongest latent balloon yeah with helium it's indestructible yes guided which means your cursor wherever you're looking it's gonna follow it change that to just flow do unlimited peak altitude so yeah and what happens when you reach the peak poor grave and allograft you can't have all three types on at one well it causes a lot of chaos yeah these so these balloons on activated yet really very back heavy Oh oh my god it's so far once you reach the peak is gonna pop geez imagine it will eventually reach some sort of stress there at all well if it crash lands at any point we'll know what happens yeah yeah yeah you're like astronaut why you should treat your fellow nurse a thing mommy men and Robbie people with it let's get in here and then oh you have any control for two backs with that or is it just customize it so you can get that um you go as wingsu out there what – hi alright I'll start popping some balloons all right there we go I popped those so you can press down on the d-pad to pop them as you go yeah I think I'm kind of equidistant right now right I'm just hovering kind of soaring through the air yeah I've had a balance point thank you I think when in the gunner it helps you balance it a bit more oh so we never we're gonna do a couple of videos on this this one is us messing around thanks but but check out the second video because we're gonna do a stunt a new stunt off your turns yes that the stunt man will return in a completely different format let's spawn in the sky crane I'm gonna call this drop now oh all right that's just a shipping container yeah one size fits so small helicopter what look up it's a blimp oh you're gonna get that my son how is life know anything about the old cargo box can't possibly work Oh got him actually have it you've latched him all right let's go for eyes pulling it along with you really ruining that blimps day yeah I want to I just uh Oh leave him connected oh yeah it's got the weight of the water oh I try and fellow put some boosters on this um yeah yeah see if you can can you fly this in anyway yeah you probably can it's pretty pretty damaged now but I put a few beauties on its way send it on its way as we like to say so just tap right to bully on the d-pad yeah you've got ad loadout already there with just Bustos put them on the back I mean your how you placed them is where they're gonna go so that's gonna push me push it almost down would ya yeah that sounds great that's what yes once you really like tip the nose up and put old-school blimp crash and then you've got the hold on that so you can just hold it oh I think it's cuz this has actually been specified to only go in certain movement directions it's horizontal yeah yeah yeah I'm really very technically hoverboarding a blimp that's little waiting in a subtle way don't leave it like that limping he's fine look at this former glory why don't you instead of picking you know things that fly already we know these flight yeah and let's pick a small car well and see if we retaliate your own air based vehicle but it shouldn't be an air base vehicle alright guys here we are at this beautiful harbour so nice I am going to make one of these fly because why would import in the C exam possible Isaac go in the air me too um placements very important here yeah waiting right just on the right there probably bad you probably put boost around the back yeah I mean yep what's the matter yeah I'm excited to see how this turns out okay yep especially now I want to sit down you want to take the hill so drive and then slowly inflate those balloons Oh little bit to the right beside it that's why I was excited to see okay but you are soaring into the air and the Boosters I think they're working yeah hold on oh I'm dropping back down oh oh oh is it cuz I'm on follow oh oh it could be all the other yachts get in it huh Oh get in you son of a bitch Oh God wants to be free yeah what did you set for the airlift oh it's gone oh it's going I thought 15 years I thought it was 15 meters well there's a boat there okay please I guess if you put two balloons where the mast is yeah and then two right the right the bank it could be a bit more balanced exactly the Front's pointed okay all the buoys on the side I know you have Pythagoras I I am okay that's a boost that's a bit right – at the bank no justjust here at the back even well yeah you're gonna try Ross's idea okay I know exactly how it's gonna go he does yeah position you're a Precog honey I've seen it just spent a lot of time in salty baths please act okay what's good lighting up oh yeah yeah yeah bit nose heavy innit and there's a little bit no I believe it i tilt it Oh give it a little nudge off the dock there you go and now it's gonna grazer the dip okay good it's going come on come on give us some welly yeah okay the boosters are gonna drive him into the ground yeah but it's kind of countering okay well I'm going back we think you are yeah it's working though so either way your imagines no flying through the ocean yes it's a different design fuck spec yes do you turn left or right or is it just at the sea there's no two ways about that this is over for me so turns out I put the boosters on yeah pointing away from camera yeah yes we're flying towards the camera quite a career let me um well they get some air let me reset this inflation complete isolation stage one oh please it's very nice that oh that's and then I'm using the really well-placed boost haha the face of weight olicity can it does it allow you to those really revenues engines yeah now boost oh God that placement it's just terrible does I mean at least you got it floating yeah it looks great let's leave this thing to its own devices ya know when we hunt for a storm yeah go find a tornado boss extreme weather expert yeah I've seen you'll see with Netflix I have your extreme weather stream weather yeah well you just go to stand out in the rain for a long time pretty much I mean there's not much extreme I get much extra load of special effects guys it's fake I mean if you limit your area to Bristol you're gonna have some real challenges for finding let's try and just calls for okay thank you let me drop you will be imposed by Mary pop into the boat world what oh you're in Eagles just fall on to it what we got here what the states can't find some some pressure coming from the east drop in am an aircraft and fly towards it like oh I could do Oh some animals you call god I can you should get them out – I need to save the animals Sudanese safely oh my own first of Noah's Ark but we save the cows oh that's not saving them at all oh I just drop kick Oh Carrodus get rid of the evidence yeah get rid press upon the d-pad by I killed your accidently evidence removed alright save is just hovering there guys slowly they're just gonna start bumping into the windows okay okay yeah oh god it's a floating car outside I like Al's it's about the other ones are jealous of him so let's just send some of those into space no that's no I've done the same thing again need to hold it for a bit longer and enjoy your journey here rather than Chinese alone right now hold it down oh I am holding it down why I think you're just doing it problem is they have to Busan it's by now activate goat tap to be with lefty pad activate and tap back to see and then hold up hold up comet make a wish in a blintz yeah I'm a weatherman it's a pretty big go up into the super cellar where it's supposed to go I don't know how high I can go I'm going to try going it up so wait you should try and flow down the eye of the storm so try and get yeah ha ha come on get up through that cloud layer son oh we're pushing we're trying okay quick bullet mode well what happened you died how did you die I think probably just a director toy well they interact oh yeah yeah you can ragdoll all the way down I think the tornado killed me guys getting close ask your weather car isn't it is my way the car actually some just take it for a ride we gotta get to the are the store we've just put razor blades in the wind it's all the locals okay this okay close let's see how how is gonna pick me up making sure it go through don't you think it's gonna Oh Oh certainly where is it where is it I think you're part of it no oh it's right going to wing supermo press X is it why it's why say yes here you go round it use it round it gentle gentle gentle holy hold oh god I think you're okay oh it's okay just write down you've got to write these type of things I have write the storm ride the lightning so this is like so I have weapons facilities nice oh there's a big old gun that's massive that gun I just got to see you get my gun I'm sorry that this is this is the black hand guys the main enemy over just calls for this pretty bad like I came in hard died yeah stroke Oh brutal yeah that mini go behind you I want to go in the spinning oh no hate down down down down down with grenades guys how am I still alive you're quite a survivor that's nothing goodnight I'm out that's why do it less of a target just for the last second oh my god did he feel that oh oh wow yeah sound I think he felt that we have to blue it's caught but let's sound everything out Lee can we ride in it we're riding the gunner we're a bit upside down a little upside down that's fine that that is okay huh shoot those tanks there there's dripping – OH hahaha I don't have forgotten a nut balloons no no how can you tell I don't know I I can't see what's down people with your lightning garbage is this is it guys the death machine yeah press right fuzzy ball happy go don't you say it ok you go right tank is airborne kind of kind of look where you want it goes a lot of weight issues this way please boom there's my primary fire most weapons have a second fire this is like faceplant all to them I've got machine gun and cannon oh oh I'm gonna those your guys oh yeah there's the red aren't you though ya know where we guys will observe a ship floating tank causing hell oh man back in the air take a few rounds so the balloons are just making their own decision to go all down you pop the come have gone the two at the front of gone is outrageous drop just drive a tank normally for a bit yeah another vehicle drop something else in another combat vehicle go down there and give them something just rise over the hill quick get away yeah that's the combat expert obviously wait just in case I never know well you do your checks of course you don't flightcheck bird of course yeah yeah it might not go fast enough no just in case guys there's some red on there oops insane those done when are you shooting there right people I think the red ones yes all the bad guys down here yeah no they are yeah causing hell those mini guns are awesome oh so you don't want any normal crazy weird gun that's what we need there may not look like anything right now it looks like any old things are open maybe it a bit high-tech but let me build it up so good that the sounds it's good MIT Wow good really cool some hell with it oh I didn't let it build up here we go oh just go flying Oh imagine just walk into a room and firing this thing back Wow the walls have we just covered tank traps nope get out of here whoa Jesus he went the route the xt3 RPG will fire three RPGs I believe 83 Oh fire him yep that's pretty brutal although you can do there you go you can spread the nice little power kills over killer than a little overkill oh one C alright guys alright fellas for our next video yeah it's something special okay right you're gonna bring back the stunts Oh big way with stun right yeah that's it there's tons we're gonna play around a little bit more just calls for hope you enjoyed this yeah but yes there's more to come in our next video I will talk about stun squads yeah thank you very much Square Enix for providing this early access look for us yeah and yeah we'll see you next time

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