Just Cause 4 – Before You Buy

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Just Cause 4 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) drops us in another vast landscape with tools of destruction. Is it worth another trip to an explosive paradise? Let’s talk.
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hey and we're back with another episode of before you buy that sure would give you some straight-up gameplay and our first impressions of the latest games releasing and today we're talking about Just Cause 4 it's another Just Cause game this time the graphics are better there's new stuff to shoot the physics are improved there's more experimentation with more gadgets there's scary weather stuff and it all looks a little bit nicer we got a review copy so we've been spending some time with this one and I gotta say I sat down to gather some thoughts for this game and I'm looking at my computer screen and I barely got anything it feels a lot like Just Cause 3 love it or hate it depending on what kind of Just Cause fan you are and the whole formula for me is starting to get a little stale it's perfectly fine just cause game by all means but at this point I'd like to just see a bit more other than just some shiny new bells and whistles here now this time Rico Rodriguez visits the island region of Solace which is yet another tropical ish island dominated by a bad leader man and a military force it's like really overpowered only this time it's more of an evil corporation that's oppressing the people and the leader and his technology has former ties with Rico Rodriguez his father who was apparently a renowned scientist and there are new characters and new band of rebels and a pretty tongue-in-cheek simple story to play through if you can muster up the energy to really care about it it's really there to keep you occupied and string you along and for that it works it's pretty funny at times and more self-aware of how ridiculous Rico is than ever basically he is flying Superman spider-man Rambo crossed with like a spicier Nathan Drake and he's almost invincible and that's the fun with your grappling hook your glider suit and your parachute you can get around really quickly and not even bother much with cars on the ground at the grapple to wingsuit glide from Just Cause 3 is really refined here it's a nice foot move like from Jessica Street it takes a little bit more coordination to pull off but it's a bit more forgiving this time either way it's still really fun and it's like some of the best in-game locomotion ever and having it be somewhat skill based means that practice players can do some really cool shit I'm looking forward to seeing clips and stuff on YouTube and that also is the same with the new gadget system now your grapple can launch tethers just like in Just Cause 3 but now you can have get boosters and an air launcher balloon kind of like Metal Gear Solid fives fault and recovery system you can swap between these on the fly with the d-pad and totally customize how you trigger them and it's like the deepest the game gets in terms of customization besides some skins for your wingsuit but you can do a lot of shit with these grapple tethers to cause a lot of different types of destruction you can make a boulder fly up in the air and then drop it on an oil tanker fling stuff around create makeshift rube goldberg situations look it's really great if you're creative with game systems if you were the type of person that did fun exploits and breathitt a wild or another just cause or other games that are systems heavy and physics heavy you'll be able to do some weird and wild shit I'm not that creative personally so I mostly just used it to smash stuff together and cause a lot of destruction and destruction again is the name of the game here blow and stuff up fills up a meter that in spires a group to fight with you and from then you can spend them on the map to spread out your control you slowly build up the map from one central location and and spread and work from there which is refreshing instead of you know peppering out finish stuff across the map just wherever you end up cuz while you can go anywhere as soon as the game starts it's actually pretty focus is straightforward stringing you along which I kind of actually enjoyed it's a nice change of pace if you from a game that really needs it in terms of structure especially compared to other open-world games I've been playing lately you can still wander and barely do quests and just blow stuff up or do side challenges and races either way they're still fun to be had a lot of stuff involves the same old same EEB low up this steal this or quickly hack this computer terminal while thousands of dudes are shooting at you all at once it gets old really quick I was bored before I saw half the map thankfully the story does have moments of cool sequences especially like the new weather stuff that they've hyped up a dust storms crazy thunder and lightning storms blizzards and most notably tornadoes they're all pretty damn awesome and really impressive dodging lightning and thunderstorms are kind of annoying though but the tornadoes especially just make for cool scenarios that are fun you think it would make for some good destruction but when it comes to you doing your Rico thing there seems to be way less emphasis on blowing stuff up compared to Just Cause 3 I mean you still blow stuff up all the time but it doesn't feel like there's as much destructible dynamic stuff like destructibility which is a total bummer and speaking of bummers you don't really have all of the infinite throwable c fours anymore which sucks they try to make up for it in certain ways but I just like having the throwable c4 I don't know otherwise though shooting and doing stuff with guns because about the best it has which isn't saying much but it's snappier and punchier I wish ammo wasn't so limited at times because it feels like kind of counterintuitive to the fun explosive playground when you're stuck on the ground with no ammo and there are literal Rockets being launched at you from like 50 helicopters in the sky but you know the point is of course not to shoot guys on the ground it's to grapple up to that helicopter unrealistically and punch the driver and steal it it's still awesome you know but when you're flying around and back flipping off of cars and wingsuiting through snowy canyons or blowing up a tropical base the game does look pretty nice it's colorful and on PC especially it really handles the explosions except solutely well the gameplay here is split between PC and a ps4 pro that I recorder on if you're wondering when you stop and look at things up close though parts of it look boo boo and dated but overall Vista and effects wise the game is still a looker gotta be totally honest though can't wait for mods to get their hands on this and add some weird shit and like multiplayer and stuff and I wish there was more progression overall because like I said I got bored about halfway through you are a complete badass from the start and aside from his few small gadget tweaks here and there not much really changes well at least not enough to really freshen it up for me personally it's a fine game and some folks will have a lot of fun with it just cause fans that love three will love this but after just playing the hell on it just cause to me for me I'm not as satisfied with four I'm hoping the next game is a massive overhaul or a change in direction because for me I guess and my personal tasters wasn't enough to really keep things new just cause for like the previous games the emphasis here is really unmaking your own fun now it's a fine game like I said but what really matters is how much of your own fun you can make how much mileage you will get out of this game regardless though if you were looking forward to it if you are just vanna I'd love to hear your perspective it's dropping Tuesday December 4th so let's talk about this stuff down in the comments because this is a before you by give you some pros some cons and some personal opinions so we got to talk about this let's talk anything just cause down there but if you learned a thing or two clicking the like button really helps us out we appreciate it as we rap down this crazy fall season but if you're new I gotta point out it's worth subscribing and clicking that notification bell because we put out new videos every single day but either way thanks for watching and we'll see you guys next time you

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