Just Cause 4 – A Finger in the Butt!

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do y'all think I rubbed off on people about octopi chocolate or D on the ambans a little roar I think you were a little harsh but do you think maybe I was a little right no I think you got large yeah yes yes ofcourse you were right everyone stop talk about playing octa path traveller dude it's one of those years man you know probably a lot of people even people that were giving me fucking death threats drop that fucking game Brad a lot of people did completely walk away from and forget about that game but like I think that game does have a pretty devoted small core following I keep seeing I keep seeing like like fan art for pop sure that like had a bad fucking year so you got a latch on to some I get it you piece of shit smash is gonna be good I'm excited about smash smash to me crazy I'm excited I think I'm gonna miss that I hit mannequin guys just cause for there's no way though this year yes in fact are the person you want our giveaway last month when it just cause for so I like just cause for is gonna be a lot of fun and we're all really like you're kind of pulling my for player a minute but like I think just calls for is like you know gonna be a finger in the ass for a lot of people like not people expecting it but like no this I mean you think this one's gonna be like no ass is not reveling like like a nice little surprise like oh yes yes like yeah yeah but like I was not expecting this hey hey let me clarify what I mean like what I was getting at was I feel like just cause for is it gonna be real comfort food II kind of like I don't think it's that at this point I think I think the hype for surrounding is so non-existent that most people are not even like I think it's gonna come out you think it's gonna be super fun because just cause us super fun and it's gonna be like oh and nobody's putting undue hype on it well no I think people are just gonna realize wait a minute like yeah maybe I should get that I like yeah just cause but now we're spoiling my for a minute like watch some videos out there some videos out there of jail all the fucking crazy shit in this game and I disagree with that comment of like you're somebody stuck their finger up your ass and one and you that it never happened to you and you realize that you like it that would absolutely be if you're just like oh I guess I like things in my asshole that's something I didn't know about myself I think people are under estimating it now I can't tell you about a video game or a finger in your ass what's the difference what about a video game oh my god like oh my god like switch Wemo no what about the rest trance fibrate er mmm wait what you know and you're a rabbit you're not supposed to know I didn't know that's where you did you ever try that they're looking the switch garden you may know this the former it's got a chemical uh no I never tried licking my switch killer Rises trance vibrator had to protect Chris I mean I'm sorry but I did I had I had to know what everyone was talking about it had a sleeve so I stuck Mario Odyssey up my ass it was quite the admit was and you know what I could have warned you before you tried to tase no you didn't give me Zelda I'm trying to finally had his crowdfunding I only had Mario I chose it is a [Applause]

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