INSANE ROCKET LEAGUE NEWS FOR DECEMBER (Goodbye Old Crate Openings, Keemstar Gets Involved, & More)

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for all news any type of news John Salmons you save the day welcome to sandman news ladies and gentlemen welcome to the number one news show in rocket league i mean this has been Harrison Ford has tweeted out how much he loves it we're rated like 98% by Zagat is that still a thing I think that has to do with food crap yo we're also the New York Mets love us they'll I don't know why but I've gotten so many Facebook messages that just thank you for choosing us to be your number one rocket league news source I'm your host John Sandman today it's a very sad sad sad day um from for some of us I don't know I we're gonna get right into it our top story today if you open up the update we're gonna start with the the most breaking news for our community as you know we like to do create openings once a week and crates and keys there was a little line that said crate contents and now reveal with new faster unlock sequence I read that and I jumped out of my chair I was like let's go we can open crates faster my videos don't have to be 25 minutes they can be 20 I was really really excited for this I'm trying to remain neutral because that is what a good news person does so let me just show you what they're talking about I got a crate Thank You Meg elites for hooking up a crate I had no crates got a crate from the homie let me just let me just show you what we're talking about here as you can see we have a crate you go to the screen it's the same as usual and this is in the new update there's a lot of a by the way there's a lot of stories to cover today so work with me here this is just the first one because it ain't that so much we also got a bunch to talk about but everything looks or well you get to see your items and then you know how crate openings go you get the wheel and it's so it's exciting and fun then here's our new crate opening neutral stay neutral stay neutral hey guys so listen uh I don't know here's what I'm gonna say I hate it personally I die I'm not staying neutral on this subject I absolutely hate it there's no excitement for me um but some people that I talk to and some people on the reddit actually really liked it so maybe we can learn to love it I doubt I highly doubt they will change it back and here's why really interesting really interesting I did some research okay I think this has everything to do with it the Federal Trade Commission pledges to investigate loupe boxes I mean European crackdown now I know this is showing over watching stuff in the game but at the same time loot boxes and open and crates it is gambling I don't care what anyone says you can try and fruit no no no I know I'm gambling I'm also a 29 year old who like you know I I'm okay I'm not I'm not addicted to it in any way we do it every Friday it's a fun thing that I like to do with the community it's a very easy episode very fun episode but I think what's going on here and they're not announcing it they're trying to make it like all's good homies check out this new way of opening crates I could be wrong this is just a theory I'm theory crafting I think it's cuz this is coming and the way when you do it with the wheel it's way more gambling like than the way they're doing it now in my opinion it has more of like an addicting quality the way they're doing it now is not as addicting you don't get to see what's in front of you you don't get to feel like oh I was so close to mystery decal but I just missed it I need to open another one I'm bummed guys I really am I really am i I sent a message to the community manager we'll see if that's sticking let me know what you guys think of it though seriously what I want to remain neutral but it's so I mean we'll try it will do like a 3040 crate opening and then see how we enjoy it new crates are obviously coming out this season but rip rip what we knew in crate openings it's it's a sad day for me in other news a very interesting thing Before we jump into all the patch notes there's a lot of great things they added and I want to tell you about that but a really interesting thing that happened recently that a lot of people are talking about is on Twitter let's go right into the news we have a very prominent youtuber in the community named Kim start now some people love him some people hate him some people are in between but whatever you feel about the guy he is a powerhouse when it comes on YouTube he talks about he does a news show much like this very different okay a very different news show this is the rocket League news okay he does a different kind of one I it's a you know it's for more general things some good old drama in the YouTube community but he tweeted out do you play rocket League if so follow these people on Twitter YouTube twitch sunless Khan squishy AJ which is dope right we're adding you know he we can obviously tell I've been following Keane for a while now and he's very into rocket League I don't know if it's a recent thing but he's been tweeting about it a lot he had like this weird keen stop he's been he's been playing a lot but but not only did he tweet this out which is awesome and then people were like oh follow these pupils well why is John Sandman hey listen listen he doesn't have to we remain low-key I mean we've been doing rocket League forever so what I like I like being stay low-key alright but not only did he tweet out these homies all friends he also said I'm gonna try to do rocket League East sports event in the future for for gaming entertainers and rocket prose the really beautiful thing about this is Kim stars ran a fortnight tournament that was Friday fortnight it was a lot of fun it went really well huge prize pool honestly I bet Kim could get more money for the pros than they make now at our LCS I'm not even kidding with these events and then he says my idea for rocket League a hundred K would be duo's so squishy on one team das doctor disrespect on another and entertainer more and a pro not saying squishy she's not an entertainer he is as well but let you know what I mean pull in from each side having them play on a team the only thing I'll say about that is unfortunately with rocket League it ends up turning into a 1v1 against the pros and the other people are just sitting around standing around so maybe there's some fun things we can figure out what that may be like or not we listen to my I'm not part of it I'm not trying to invite myself alright keen but hit me up but no maybe there's some maybe there's some things we can figure out that he can figure out with it obviously it's just in a developmental stage I just thought this was cool shining some light on rocket League I feel like rocket League is such a original game and you know we've been doing it for what two and a half three years so still loving it somehow alright let's get back to it now what a lot of you could read but maybe choose not to is the update so with the crates with that kiemce of fun little team Twitter we also have the update so we got some new content monstercat has some new music in which is really cool they also added a bunch of flags in for monstercat always fun community flags we got three new community flags why not more I don't know I just there's so many people and communities who do it it's it's beyond understanding alright III don't know where's meet Mike's flag hashtag where is neat might come on guys I know he doesn't play the game but it was he was ready it was ready extra life kind of funny and speedy very very cool changes and updates so this is a big update for Xbox one X if you guys are on the Xbox one X they've enhanced everything to the native 4k HDR supports been added automatically update if your TV so this this the game should look better if you're playing on xbox with like a 4k TV or HD and are is I don't even know what most of the stuff means I'm reading I'm just reading this okay but very cool if you on Xbox progression they changed the progression increase xp second and casual and competitive playlist by 40% they increase the win bonus from 50 to 100 increase weekly win bonus from two matches per day to three per day weekly maximum is increased from 14 to 21 matches so they're just messing around with the progression which is great you earn this scares the crap out of me another one where I'm like why a limited number of points are now awarded for each ball hit you guys thought you had trouble with ball chasers now you get points when you hit it with your car you earn two points per touch points earned per touch limited to one touch per second players who have not met the minimum point threshold need to earn XP will now see a notification to end match screen this is scary this is scary we'll see if it works out just know you get some more points for touching the ball yeah I guess that's uh yeah we'll see write extra modes this is very cool very excited about this one skill leaderboards have been added for each rank two extra mode even though I haven't been playing them I'm sure a lot of you have been and guys now even then there's skill leaderboards each extra mode leaderboard will include MMR data going back to the beginning of season 9 which is so sick because if you hit that grand champion rank that you you know that you wanted to hit guess what now there's an MMR based system where you can be the number one which I think is so important to keep the game flowing and to keep it exciting especially if you're already grand champ what was the point of playing anymore you're already the best but now you can be the actual best at ranked I'm just saying competitive placement match wins now count towards your bronze season reward level awesome crates and keys we talked about please let me know what you think about that general start and end dates have been added to the rocket path screen new item notifications have been removed adjusted how Club colors are displayed in the arena during a Club match beta features so you can now remap controls through Steam while playing big picture mode they did a bunch of bug fixes which you could read right here and known issues tournament creators may not be able to spectate matches they said they're gonna be working on that if you go over I love reading the update from the reddit like maybe an hour after it comes out so if you click on the reddit here Devon are a lot of the people respond back the comment bot so Devon crushes it with responding back to a bunch of questions kori is also on it as well and and a lot of people were asking question rocket past to begins later this month we know that December crate openings coming probably about next week or December crate open the December crates the holiday crates so a lot to be said in this update I mean awesome update all around but at the same time I just here's the thing I've been doing rocket League since it started change is scary but change might need to happen for this FTC thing coming in I really believe it's that and whatever honestly the screen wasn't that bad it's cool to see what color you're gonna get I just loved seeing what items I was about to hit exactly so maybe they'll change it maybe I'm completely wrong and they were just doing it to like speed up the process more crates faster to I don't know but I highly doubt it guys and gals I hope you enjoyed this episode of Sam man news I will see you soon please let me know what you think about the crates about kiemce stepping in possibly for some tournaments and about all the update patch notes I love you guys I hope you have a beautiful beautiful day and I will see you next time happy Monday peace out we're all news any type of news John Salmons here to save the day goodbye from Sandman yes

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