I'm a Silver! – Rocket League Gameplay

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and that's what we went on are you kidding me yes it's been a minute since I play there's something on my glasses what the hell did I spin on my own glasses I can't all I could see is a shit of my Oh I just want to get all the all the eighties pieces ooh nice good hit interesting I'm scored that I've never I've never really played a Final Fantasy game I played a Final Fantasy game like on the ps1 but I never really got into Final Fantasy I've heard there are further great but I just I don't know not really my type of games I asked Vern if you wanted to play some gears tonight chat he hasn't responded yet because I think he's playing League good okay okay this is going so well Oh No what the heck nice nice nice for some reason I thought my teammate was the the bet ah the chat it's fine it's a warm-up game okay oh what a weird hit get up for it that's on net right come on baby oh nice nice oh no I'm shit shit shit i over committed oh I'm gonna say nice shot nice shot fuck dude there's something on my glasses how did he what the hell how did I get my get that on my glasses that I like I don't know shad alright I've scored a goal today you like the heli engine ah alright I've scored a goal we got one that's all right we'll get it back once I warm up it's all good like that like that whoo hey thank you sir thank you very much fluorescent I got it back for us okay busy tacos what's up my man two years hell yeah mr. fizzy y'all a sniper cat thank you for the 43 months how you doing you sexy sexy biatch Oh Chad after we play a little rock league once a little bit more people start rolling into the stream I got something to show you guys for Gigi ba we are probably gonna be able to finalize the roster tonight so no I totally just robbed him I was trying to redirect it I thought they were gonna I thought I'd I thought I was you know being a good teammate I was gonna redirect it but I think I think that was gonna go in by itself and oh my god this dude's insane I did rob his freestyle I thought they were gonna go up and block his head oh my god dude what the fuck Wow then he does that as soon as his teammate steals one of his goals I named it steel and I just fucking saved it because I'm a bad friend I seen waffle lyric playing some broccoli recently Wow that is I didn't even see that dude coming in I'm thinking uh I'm thinking we try to get some duos against against those guys me and daddy Gorbachev verse waffle and and lyric especially when I'm this fucking good at this game yikes I didn't I didn't even leave the wall I tried to jump off the wall and I couldn't my hand stopped working nice nice okay it's a warm-up this guy's been playing all day huh you would roll them nah no no nah I know they are Sobers go to getting carried here I had the first goal and I stole my friends go or my my teammates go like now you're right I'm absolutely getting carried by fluorescent are they actually Silver's I only watch it a little bit oh my god you're right I'm getting carried this guy is not my rank there's no fucking way look at him look at him what a nasty bitch all right he's gonna go up again dude look at him what what am i doing see what I mean I'm like flip the wrong way you know what I needed to do chat I need to switch my my roll button that's what I should be doing right now I should meet I should be learning to play with a new role button that way I can actually start doing proper air rolls imagine being Carrie this hard this isn't even that hard of a Carrie I've been carried way harder than this oh wow dammit dude no I haven't switched my roll man I still play on D I play on default controls I learned how to play on default controls and like it's just my brain I've tried to change it like two other times and I just I always end up switching back because it just it makes me so frustrated that's a terrible hit I'm trying to put some mustard on it Oh God oh no I scored it [Laughter] oh wow come on Oh No fluorescent I thought you were gonna be there Jesus Chad this is bad I think I costed us this game Oh and that's what we went on are you kidding me yes yes whoo gg gg gg hey fluorescent get carried it's fucking toxic thanks to the carry talk or I'm having a stroke thank you for the carry fluorescent I appreciate you okay I got friend on my team and it's against Mount murder yeah well guess what he's my friend now he's my friend now hey thank you thank you friend see you having a friend on your team changes everything no we're not melt murder I'm not your boy try it play that too high oh wait why do I keep saying that Jesus I don't know why I'm saying my fault I wasn't trying to that's sure they were fakes it was all part of the plan okay I was trying to boop it up to him I didn't know how close he was that hole no I didn't think that was going in so I left it it was way closer to the net than I thought no no no no no everything's my fault friend if they ever score it's my fault friend okay what about what else are friends for friend couldn't lift it over him because I'm I'm not a friend wow what a great hit I'm just stellar I know why you guys are here you guys are here just to watch incredible rocket League gameplay don't you hate when you're just shorter than most people expect oh oh I thought friend was back then I saw him over the top be a neoneun and you know you see Henry Tom simple Stark thank you guys so much they loved tonight man I watched it go in yeah well sometimes I watch it because I freeze up cuz I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do maybe I don't have a specific egg for maybe I'm just bad you know maybe not factual information that's an opinion okay I can't prove it can't prove that I suck don't look at my stats don't look at my rank don't watch my gameplay can't prove it why am I getting flashed she trying to do weird flips and shit a legs man my leg itches I swear to God I got a bug on me or something it's eating me and that guy had I had a hundred boost who calculated and a mother calculated calculated this fuck yep I'll take it mm-hmm go go friend go friend I believe in you friend wow that was a terrible hit came in way too hot way too low you little boo P son of a bitch I don't know what I was doing there Bam Bam Bam Bam alright friend come on we're tied up friends can't lose let's go yeah hey thank you guys thank you thank you how's it quickie hey we both did like the exact oh no what would had it Oh friend you hate to see it that was one of the dopest faceoffs ever hmm shit whoo okay okay that'll work get out of your mouth murder I try to pop it up nice nice follow it friend I'm gonna be up for it ah that is not the angle I'm gonna get back six seconds got to defend oh my god please don't go go – chokes today bets yes we won GG oh my god I did something I scored three goals oh yes yes yes I have done it we have done it actually had a decent game still wasn't the highest score

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