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ah guys using Barbie scariest thinking about Oh exploded that was I think there was a bunny it looks like a creeper oh you didn't even leave behind gunpowder come on you lame ladies gentleman today my world has been infested with explosive minecraft mobs I think the best way to avoid these guys is just to sit underwater yeah we should do that wait are there any explosive fish oh jeez oh jeez maybe we shouldn't sit underwater before this video starts I need you guys to click that subscribe button and slap the bell to never miss another video we're gonna go around this Minecraft world and try to find these explosive mobs and hopefully not be exploded in ourselves I just ran into what I think was a bunny back there and that was pretty terrifying let's see if there's anything down in the deep dark depths of the cave systems hello my name is unspeakable and I come in peace I got a bunch of torches and I got him out of creative mode so don't mess with me really it's just a dead end what in Minecraft alright well that's kind of lame hey buddy hey you hey you I'm looking for explosive minecraft mobs you have any idea where I'd see one okay thanks for the help no matter what it takes we're gonna find these mobs I get the high ground advantage here here's something down there's that sheep for you do you explode no you look pretty normal well we're getting into some deep woods this actually gives off more shade so what the fuck is that what is that oh my god what was that was it was that snail okay maybe maybe a silverfish then look like one alright that was that was pretty terrifying I'm not gonna lie oh gosh – it kind of scared there's some scary things in this Minecraft my name is people I come in peace I got fifty five torches out of creative mode so don't mess with me so far we have encountered a creeper like bunny and a creeper like silverfish I can definitely say that this world is contaminated with bad stuff yeah Oh flip the sun's going down oh this is not going to be fun my Sun is going down should be able to find some type of species soon I hear something the Spider Riders hey buddy come here where you go hey Oh flip Oh flip it's one of those sword Michigan back off pickup back up what is that this is it the bunny Wow okay well at least we know the spiders are cool and you know you guys are cool I mean you're chasing me but you're cool what is that oh my gosh what oh okay okay cool I just spawned back into the world and I've been hiding in the streets I'm terrified I got a bunch of warm chocolate chip cookies and I feel like all these explosive mobs want something like that's why they're chasing me we still need to explore and see what's out here so what you've got to be kidding me oh my god there's no what there's no way that's real the thing is giant oh my gosh hey buddy do you explode like normal creepers do you oh I'll take that as a yes after tons of viable research I finally captured all these mobs lastly we encountered the mega creeper this guy's actually pretty friendly once you get to know him he likes coffee on Sunday mornings hates coffee on Tuesday I don't know why maybe it's like a creeper thing this guy's pretty friendly all the other ones are pretty mean but yeah it's the mega creeper and if you compare him to the size of a normal creeper these guys over here are creeper rabbits so they act just like creepers however their explosions are nowhere near the size of creepers it's only about two to one blocks now the mega creepers on the other hand they have massive massive explosions and then we have the creeper spiders and the mini creeper spiders and then we have the silverfish over here so all of these mobs explode the creeper spiders the big ones do about the same damage and explosion radius as a normal creeper the mini ones will do about the same as the solar fish and the silverfish will do about the same as the bunnies with the rabbits my bad and then the mega creeper obviously has the biggest explosion let me show you guys gotta go ahead and spawn in a mega creeper here and OH flip I didn't set my spawn point real quick spawn point just so I spawn back in this location all right buddy come here let it rip alright okay and here is the explosion of our mega creeper so as you can see it's pretty big three maybe four or five times the size of a normal creeper explosion I mean yeah it's absolutely massive we got over a stack of dirts from just all the dirt that exploded that that's pretty good nice you might want to thank you all so much for watching this is about oh I'm sorry I had to do that that's gonna wrap it up for this video hopefully you don't have this explosion infestation problem in your Minecraft world if you did it would be pretty bad but the fact that I have it right now is not too bad don't fish are you guys gonna explode I'm waiting for it there it is see the solar explosions are fairly fairly small but then you have the spider over here which is not bigger more like an actual creeper come here buddy come on let it there you go there you go yeah pretty pretty large but see the big creeper still very very friendly dude very cool all the other ones just want to blow up anyways guys thank you all so much for watching I hope you guys have enjoyed if you guys want to be a creeper like in speakable you can get yourself some green unspeakable merch at www.engvid.com there's always only go over to merchandise in the description if you guys ever want to check out some merchandise we have tons and tons of products for you guys to look at that I'm sure you'll fall in love with thank you guys so much for watching and obviously you guys tomorrow in a brand new video stay safe stay awesome and keep the creepers out of your Minecraft world please

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