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what is going on there welcome to a new video in the first video today I opened 21 Champions League player packs and in the very last pack we got someone amazing yes we just about did it we just about had a video that had hype if it hadn't have been for that last one it was pretty disappointing so check it out we did it in the end 10,000 likes on this video probably not we're probably not gonna hit that actually we hit about seven thousand six thousand five so drop a like if you enjoy it click on subscribe we do two videos a day turn on notifications I was just reading Twitter and Sweden and Estonia are dropping their support for article 13 which is the copyright deal on Monday there's a vote on Monday and yeah those two countries and I believe the Netherlands also do not support it so if you're from the Netherlands Sweden Estonia seriously massive respect to you guys anyway we're not here to talk about that we're here to talk about FIFA and yes okay I I'm gonna open some promos actually first of all so I was saying that we're gonna get best I've got one point six mil so yeah we need to make some money pretty quickly so let's see if we can get a walk out in the first one No so yeah we're gonna get best and that is the goal right now hello and welcome to video number two today we have some you see how to play a patch we've got 20 of them and that's pretty much rinsing my club right now I'm kinda trying to save FIFA points for like the next promo but I am running low in the squad so I might have to inject some promo packs and FIFA points into the squad soon but anyway we just managed to get twenty you see our two player packs and then hopefully out of all of these will be able to craft a premium one we'll see how these go first of all so yeah we've got all 20 of them if you missed the first video make sure you go and check it out and oh yeah UCL two player packs let's open the first pack and let's get a walk out in the first back here let's go No we don't and by the way speaking of UCL their game the other day bar C and I ate it was a great game fantastic game and yeah it was it was a weird game because you know it played well but they didn't really create any chances possibly terrible but they came away with the victory it was a bizarre game it was very bizarre but it was a cracking game that's what you see our nights are all about man that's right all of the UCL man it's just great football love it man love it so yeah I'm gonna start for chumps today and we're essentially gonna try this weekend with best and that's odd in his original position left wing so let's see if we can go 14-0 again with that settle last week of course I was pretty reluctant to change it you know because I went so well at 14-0 when I said I'm not gonna change anything I'm winning games why would I change and I've changed so yeah anyway we're gonna see how we doing let's get a walk outs no walk out these promos I'm afraid are a complete waste of my time a complete waste of your time so let's start our foot champs campaign here against a four-for-one one his team is a lot weaker than mine we should win this we don't win this then I am terrible so then let's show you my setup 4-2-3-1 tre st-pierre and can't a messy sea am best we put there on the right-hand side and cover center cover center stay back on the era stay back on Marcelo stay back on Carvey L that is the setup that I use cracking setup you see a quarter would be nice actually then I could sell the other one all right Portuguese right wing is gonna be a Bernardo silver that's a good one that's really nice 85 rate guys that's sick come on man let's get a walkout come on just one walk ow go on get Leo Messi Oh oh yes here we go we got a walkout the Champions League music let's go oh it's gonna be a racket it's right there all right there it is there it is oh I love it oh yeah so powerful the music it's oh it's great a little bit mad that's decent that's alright eighty-eight racket itch to get our first walk out guys hopefully we can get one more walk out overly fingers crossed but a racket itch is certainly a banging start right here what else we get Romero yeah okay so a rakish nice nice nice nice storming the club 14 packs left so that was in the first six packs a great scare Omri Comrie keep running number eight keep running gone that's it's a really good ball tre I'm breeze through all right ah should have scored should have scored should be one nil guys I'm afraid come on let's get this goal here's cam tape first time in keep running keep running come on keep brought him that's good okay surely we're gonna score this one yes we are good finish it's Leonor messy with the finished of course he had a really good weekend last weekend hopefully we're gonna see some more of the same from Leonor Messi hell of a Lara and God he's gonna score from kickoff isn't he is he gonna score on kickoff oh my god I think he is he is he scored on kickoff that's unbelievable got away with that over the top go on that's a good ball finishes first time good finish from Thierry Omri really nice finish to one Thierry Omri to Messi played over to Messi there good boy what a ball ah we should have finished that Messi what a ball that was that's one of the better passes I've seen in a long time we've not finished it though we've not finished it does he get a score Street after that oh no what oh my god telling you this is awful every password playing every show has gone in I've gotta get out with a shock I've got to get out of it my team is playing awful can't seem to string to pass together it's messy on the ball played to him read Thierry Omri he scored free free here we go cue a beast fresh oh my word SC Benzema man all right okay as the music again buzz it we're getting loose of walkouts a munchies it's it's good it's alright we've just got the SVC Benzema obviously so yeah we won't be using this at all but it's a walk out there ice with about 50k the UCL players with loads man a little bit overpriced I think a little bit overpriced come on that's about walk outs here we go here we go dad no on 10 packs remaining we've already had two workouts which is fantastic we had another workout wow these workouts are crazy right now we're getting loads French again no oh oh it's beachside there it is what's the Champions League music another so disappointing there's no champ it's like the buzzing saw a disco music that's that deserves Champions League music anyway we get a creaseman guys 90 Griezmann the third walk out here we're getting loads of walkouts this is because it's been like this flat for me all week it's just saying that all right now so Sam you get some walk outs my boy that is brilliant Nancy Griezmann best come on let's break through ball quick first time we've got a chance here as hard on the ball as hard we've finished it that's a really good finish I was patient waited for the moment to hit it and it's for free let's put Carver yellow on the corner an absolute beast on corners Carvey else to take it good delivery yeah ramos goal it's a goal what was the same about Carver y'all's corners he's quit the game on 63 minutes so yeah there you go there's the stats it's surprising how close that was on stats actually he was actually pretty good he was one of those players he didn't make many chances but I say that he had the same shots as me but what I'm saying is the chances he had he scored he was very clinical I didn't even think he had six shots on target but yeah so there we go first game to win good start here I maybe is serious he's coming to check up on me if you see what I've got have you opened any premiums no fanny have I got any workouts any premiums no um I've got to open these to be able to get them because I need their players bought got three workouts without Benzema yeah racket itch wait for it Griezmann but no Jake oh no Jake oh no Jake oh no just got Kagawa though I saw a for a it's so out of 20 UCL packs I got Griezmann Benzema and racket ish that is a fantastic return right there but I tell you what he's gonna be a good return Super Sunday when I batter Chris with this seam and it's gonna be insane and he's gonna whack the giveaway 12 K fifa points why not seriousness though it is gonna be a great game I'm really looking forward to this and also tomorrow we're gonna have to make steps to start finishing off this team to make sure you tune in tomorrow oh I'm just so excited for this I really am I I just want to get going with this I want Sunday to come now and I want to play him I want to test out this body Jamie body and Benzema and illicit

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