I Just Opened 100+ APEX PACKS in Apex Legends..

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100+ APEX LEGENDS Apex Pack Opening – I unlocked some intense weapons! Legendary Weapon Variants and Legendary Weapon camos, all look supr cool. This is my first Apex Pack Opening. This is my biggest pack opening

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Video Uploaded By HollowPoiint
all right so I recently just opened 50 apex packs and the video so far it's been about five hours or so of me recording this after that video the videos will be really well and I've had a lot of nice feedback in the comments so I thought I'd finish off opening the remainder of the Alpha packs that I have left and I bought enough like coins to get a hundred and fifty packs so I opened like 50 or so there and now I'm opening the remaining 100 packs in this video I hope you guys enjoy it I just wanted to just take the coins out of my account and just you know use them so why not just buy the packs into a video so without further ado welcome back we're gonna hit another apex pack opening here I hope you guys enjoyed if you guys would like an apex pack giveaway very soon possibly towards the end of the month leave a like on this video and just tell me in the comments I mean I don't know if apex packs are as popular supply jobs but maybe some of you guys would like some for those of you that are not aware there is a no duplicates in these so you're never gonna get the same thing over and over and over again alright so wish me luck boys I want to get some new dope stuff I want to rock out getting them dubs in style so let's do this I have a hundred and nine packs that's because I got some extra fun like leveling off or whatever but I'm only gonna do one hundred I want you to flat alright so 100 packs all right we got a banner pose this see some of these are actually pretty well I like that pistol it's automatic I don't use epistles a lot but I think this is the automatic one yeah it's pretty freakin badass so I'm gonna try to open these a little bit quicker I don't want it be here for too long alright I'm gonna try keep it under 20 minutes we'll see what we get Oh God the wig bed what is that it's at the wing me yes oh I wish you could actually equip them here like I wish you can like look at it and then equipped it right here and there this is another one okay come on let's just keep going do not spend too much time on this Hollow you got to keep it moving bro you got to keep it moving all right ooh pretty cool I like this guy lapa man he's just so frickin big and I don't know all his things are all his outfits just looked kind of weird this is that one weird crazy powerful shocking I think right not to shirt or is it to remember I get confused if that's the longbow or what does it say does it say the name it's The Orchid the Mastiff Mastiff now that's the Mastiff yeah orchid is the name of the actual camel sorry all right let's see what we got here I'm pretty sure we're gonna get some good stuff because we don't really have dupes so it's not like we're not gonna get anything good eventually we're gonna get something good and some people have actually asked me well if there's no dupes what happens when you'll lock everything and the answer to that is I don't know so if you know please let us know in the comments but I would like to say there is enough content in this game right now that you're gonna have to open a lot of packs but it is definitely definitely possible for you to unlock everything if you just compare it to you know some fly packs or whatever alpha packs or apex packs what is this crafting else you get 200 okay nice all right so we're about we're only like in packed number seven or something it's kind of crazy all right let's see hmm nice little shotgun okay what is this by the way lifeline got a legendary baby I love hot common Legendary's are in this game you get Legendary's so many times wow that's a new finisher dude where is it yeah that's the one I was actually hoping I'd get that's freaking badass I like how you can unlock different finishes and I like how there's actually finishes in the game which is pretty frickin cool do you I've just been so and I know when this videos up there's probably gonna be other apex you know legends videos on the channel but so far I'm just enjoying this game very very much okay just just want to say that okay it's just a purple candle i I'd too excited about that alright this is a banner for powder frame so that's just a regular battle frame no particular legend I still feel kind of weird calling in legends she's gonna call them characters I don't know manner of house all right come on come on leave all that BS outside give me some good shit that's right here we go whoa what is this whoa well that is that is creepy man Wraith you know Wraith is borderline psychotic I know there's like one one of her skins are actually like she's bald and she's like kind of like pale looking just kind of crazy which I also want all lock it I don't use her a lot and I know she's one of the best ones but I still think it's really really cool she just looks like a completely different character I can't believe I'm opening on hard to find good packs man I'm only doing it cuz there's no dupes man when there's no dupes I know I'm gonna get new things every single time I open something here so you can watch this whole thing and you will not see something being duplicated out of all the packs that we're gonna open this is kind of cool that bad not that bad okay pull something purple for purple purple whoa another wingman Oh nah it's better nice kinda like a little bit of a matrix type of camel a little bit of a reactive camel what do we got here oh dude what that is so sick even though I can't even see that skin that is sick that is freakin sick you know what I might fuck around and just open a hundred and nine packs my do 100 plus packs all right something like that I don't know mm-hmm this guy's so ugly his is he's such a good character but his his loot is just so ugly and just unnecessary he is too big man I wish she was just a little bit smaller no sure you were so when she was about okay I'm sorry what do we have here what is that that is a banner pose you know trap scanned behold used to customize your legend banners oh you can equip that oh you can equipped okay I feel stupid so you can actually equipped it right here can you do that with the weapon camos I wasn't paying attention let's see yes you can oh my god I'm gonna feel so stupid I know for those of you saw me but never mind I asked earlier in this video if I could equip them from here and apparently you can I need to start getting some legendary shit I mean how many who that is nice oh yeah I mean how many off packs can I open and not get legendary I need to start getting some legendaries here man come on but I don't think he minds a lot of shit but come on let's be realistic oh this is nice I'm gonna equip that too thank God I can equip the premier much easier cuz a lot of times there's so many things and so many different types of menus that I honestly forget let me equip this because that just looks cooler than the one I got so might as well right why not alright so blue don't worry that the green that the yellow and the or and the purple it's good believe me I can feel it they're coming the more we open the closer we get to getting legendaries they're gonna come okay give me all the shit you want right now but we're gonna end it strong all right have faith I have faith in us come on give me something yellow he fucks no okay maybe I should talk nicer to the game and maybe I'd probably get better loot here let's see see there we go what do we have dude that's pretty fucking cool who's this for your altar I do not see Gibraltar in that bike just say you know cool little skin for these characters I like getting skins in this game I don't know why even though I can't even see it but it's not that bad okay Julio Julio still got like 70 packs this is this is the coaches this is atrocious oh that is nice very nice I said this in my last video which throws away where I can kind of skip the cinematic and they just have this right here boom you know just go quicker I think I think it'd be cool I think it'd be very time efficient that is nasty that's nasty okay all right it's the beginning the beginning of the good stuff right here go another legendary that's not bad but I have the yellow one the yellow one's actually really cool it's not bad either I thought it was actually gonna be the yellow one again and I was gonna say I thought there was no duplicates cuz I got the yellow one on the last video earlier but it's okay it's not the same one 70 packs now holy crap I think we are gonna open the hundred and now I don't know we'll see how it goes if my neck starts to hurt that I just stopped at a hundred okay keep on moving come on little robot please give me something good by the way if you see these little robots around the map when you're playing you can actually punch them or give me a shoot them are mainly them but I'd suggest mailing them no bullets they give you pretty good news excuse me all right I really haven't seen a lot of purples here today it's kind of wild tussel wild how all these characters have so many so many things like as far as dialog it's not just about like cosmetics and looks it's they also have like dialogue that you can unlock and that's why you can open a bunch of these things but you also get a lot of dialogue you know sorry sorry I cut you off I'm sorry I can see now that there is literally a lot of stuff to be opened in this game in order to unlock everything I thought I was gonna be like three four hundred packs but I think there's there's probably over a thousand things in this game if you really add everything together there's a lot of stuff to be a lot in this game I don't know if I'll be one of those where I'll lock on and you know everything I'm not sure but what we'll see you will see how the future holds up for this video something purple oh nice hell yeah girl lookin fine alright Rebekah's Monica class just the videogame I'm just kidding holy shit 600 parts I mean I guess I can use that grab something I'll see it at the item shop after or Legendary's what did he just throw them in the port oh that's amazing all right come on come on come on come on open up goddamnit I did it purple I need equip some of those camels aren't getting for some of those like LMGs but Katie somebody parked all this was cool too I just have the yellow one I think that yellow one that half for that skin is probably like dang this one it's the easiest one to spot but it's just so cool like I like it so much look at this guy and finally something gangsta I rock him a lot and I always have like the shittiest Rickon by the way the reason why I had so many counselors also yeah I bought I bought like think about like the ten thousand coins but I also had some from the starter pack tonight that I got it gives you like two thousand points so that also you know helped me get all of the things that I've got it in whoa that is nice so yeah yeah the start effect definitely helped me get get stuff get more on or more apex packs I don't know why I probably said alpha packs a couple times but I'm just an idiot so please don't mind me we have been recorded 15 minutes man down Oh what is that well that's really cool nice and simple simply clean simply clean okay I like it I like it Oh huh oh hell yeah the g-seven Scout which is actually a pretty damn good gun okay if you give it a chance it'll treat you well okay I was like a Galaxy camera of some sort oh whoa hell yeah with that shit I've only used them like once but that was before come on no time to waste so I won a one more outfit packs I mean apex packs come on let's do this new legendaries bunching Purple's treat me nice come on by the way the colors that you just that you see on that when it's spinning that's pretty much a rarity will be getting a purple they're nice sorry god dammit sorry guys another purple oh I saw the clip Darwin I don't have a camel for that SMG okay this is actually cool I don't know I've already had one with that one I'm not sure I've already had a battle for him or whatever I know I flipped it a banner earlier I just know remember for what alleged character it was nice not really those kind of trash but it's okay okay we're gonna get some more Legendary's here I just can't believe there's no dupes in this game and we're still getting so many things like how many cosmetic items are there in this game seriously I got that really cool sniper variant I cannot wait to try it out it's trying to go roll with it I don't want to be lingering around here for 30 hours just discussing every little thing we get we see it or we go up to the next one it was something insane maybe we'll stop we'll talk about a little bit you know fanboy about it and then just keep moving forward all right flatline that flatline flatline they are of you if you like somehow come across it use it it is really good well that's cool little banner but dudes a weirdo by the way dude that that kind of throws Holograms and shit he's he's kind of weird well that's why I like pretty weird by the way let me know in the comments how many alphabets have you guys opened and what is the best item you have gotten in alpha packs you're watching this right now let me know what is the best or at least not the best but your favorite cosmetic or weapon variant that you've received via an alpha pack I mean apex package let me know I don't like your same alpha it's just easier I guess oh that's funny I like that Oh okay not bad not bad it's actually not bad I have a camel for this already but I just all equipped I wouldn't have a really good camel for that gun but alright quick that one just to change it up a little bit what makes you the game cool is a look at spice and crisp crystal clean and and and fresh so I gotta cook different different weapon camels I'm sure you guys want to see me use the same camels over and over again which by the way leads me to that I think the item shop has the best weapon variants they're super expensive I think the apex packs are a good deal but the ones in the item shop are a really expensive man nice I can't believe you've already opened over 70 a pax pax this is this is this is unreal come on man come on give me something one more legendre at least please okay doc that's an epoch that's that's good oh that's pretty cool what is it does it look different or is it just huh well it's got like lightning I think I got one a new variant or a new skin camel for that gun prior to one fire to that one so I'm not gonna quit because I might miss the other one that is really cool but it's super cool I like that that we can't see it there we go told you we'd get another light in there told you we get another left that was a beautiful house beautiful and you get a lot of freaking skins for the wingman another is another weapon that's kind of like a shotgun pistol that looks very similar to the wingman I sometimes said to get them confused nice okay there is so much dialogue in this game like I can't believe we're getting so many dialogue cosmetics okay that purple seems to be following me around today that little purple gradient with the animation in the little more parts yeah I really wanted to fucking part another legendary there we go give it to me more parts fuck Jesus it's okay okay I'm okay very cool oh that one's nice too shit dude very nice but I just equipped the one so I'll play with that one for a little bit and then I'll swap it out and like that last three alpha packs ladies and gentlemen the last three alpha packs come on here we go the last one I can't believe we opened 109 yeah and there it is this one looks very similar to my the process it is after all well tested what a dick so these are the ones that you can buy and are very expensive and even these but but look how cool they look that's just fucking crazy though that was a 100 plus alpha apex pack opening and this this guy's just okay he's kind of weird thank you guys for watching let me know what's been your favorites or best opening that you've gotten personally and if you want to give away maybe I'll give I don't know I'll give a decent amount of Apex packs away leave a like on this video and I wanted to bring gameplay today but I had you know a lot of things I already posted one earlier this is gonna go up later in the week but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed the video and as always catch you later

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