I Found Blue Steve Underwater in Minecraft! (MCPE)

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I Found Blue Steve Underwater in Minecraft! (MCPE) with PrestonMinecraft 👊
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pressive wake up i think i found blue steve no way what's weird dude look look at the mountain over there oh my gosh right what what how I swear we've killed already two Steve's on this world there can not be a third well do you still have your key oh dude do I sell my key I've got my red Steve key hang at home you still have your green key oh that means how many keys you think you're left I couldn't tell ya I mean look at the shape of it it looks like it's a part of a key or something oh I see what you're saying like it only fits in like 1/4 of my huh Oh strange very strange yeah actually here take that okay okay what it looks like maybe you can put your mouse over it or something uh yeah oh shoot Tyler yeah her right we're missing one third one third really well I think we're missing one more key okay there's one thing I've seen is the clouds are normal the water is normal but do we know if it's normal or someone messing with we don't trust it now guys we are gonna have to explore this world some more I think there's some other nonsense going on here hey dude look that's do it well you see why is there a floating green Steve head in the sky where is his body I don't know yep okay fine I won't shoot it I I won't shoot it no he's invulnerable Oh bro look Hey the distance yeah yeah like the big floating purple particles they look sick yeah and I was the phone no oh no dude look at the fish whoa these were not here last time were these drop bones they drop bones wait Tyler speaking of bones dude there's bones of little thing everywhere where look do you hear that do you hear that no wait what is it what is it listen listen wait hold on yeah oh whoa Tyler why is this blob Eric no I did not break that okay now I did miss me I didn't do that okay I'd be careful be careful what is this what is this what okay now I'm scared how these blocks I mean not gonna lie you could probably build a really cool house okay is there gone no Tyler I need to get ready to give her this blog this is bad this is bad go down there it should be going away it's okay wait I can fix it I'm trying to fix it there you go dude work it's you that we're doing it just turned the cobblestone block into look whoa Braille I'm done I'm done I'm scared I'm actually done look there's literally a trail of bones and what is this still whoa drew that looks so cool it's like a whirlwind oh I like it although I don't know when it's mixed it looks like it's got blue pink and what what is it what is it look you see that there's another floating in oh wait I missed it oh my boy is that it right oh it's so on I saw it yeah okay so he keeps like peering disappearing and then all do Tyler why there's so many fish dude those are definitely there's no way those are piranhas Tyler but they're angry fish while they're like cute angry looking fish what's that wait why are the human laying – Tyler this is not good fish are not normally up here on land my guy fish are friends not food tether they're coming from the sky whoa okay yeah I know I'm not kidding there's Lily bluefish coming from the sky and oh my gosh there I'm tiny man something here is really weird I saw something else pop whoa whoa whoa whoa Tyler there's like so many more fish over here what the heck is going on don't like flop in and the wind sail in there like sailfish oh wow I love holes no no no no these are not the good kind of sails and Tyler I just found more of this blue stuff which makes literally no sense dude now you can make a house no I don't want to make a house out of blue blocks I don't even like the color blue that much okay I like red I like orange I like yeah I like this kind of color you know what I'm saying all right my favorite orange is nice I like orange yeah orange yellow red I like the dominant colors not the blue oh I am NOT going down there buddy yeah and we probably shouldn't there's a trail that's me that's a good idea look at all these fish this is the strangest think I think I've ever seen in Pocket Edition Tyler kill them kill them all don't kill them we don't even need anymore bones I have enough bone side that I can literally harvest or not harvest but I could poem you'll so many trees right now literally sky blocks time I'm not even kidding I'm not even kidding dude it's too much man well this seems a little more tame than usual mean the bones kind of creeped me out but all we've seen so far is a nice fish okay you say nice fish Tyler but you jumped in there and they literally attacked you wait do we have to build a cart no I'm not building across this yeah fun sometimes no it's not I am building crosses my mom always said safe rather than sorry Tyler I'm gonna live in abide by that right now okay I don't want anything bad to happen oh you're such a scaredy cat I'm not a scaredy cat I'm a caution cat big difference and if anything I'm a caution dog okay hey look here's the ocean okay everything is nice and blue line whoa this ocean okay why does it look extra blue Tyler I'm telling you it looks almost as blue as these random blue blocks bro it's so creepy things that looks like a very normal color to ocean no dude it literally has okay I'm calm I'm calm I'm just telling you right now that is not normal that it that's not normal Tyler why is there a chest down there why is there a chest down there I did not even want to go down here in the front oh dude there's a red do this right is that red Steve's head I think oh wow how do I figure see red Steve's head don't get it away I don't know no no I'm not Oh what is this weight diving helmets diving helmets release I don't know if there's a note from Sarah Sarah J's that's my neighbor whoa Tyler look at this helmet I look amazing nice you look like you're from baby Jones locker I really like this is crazy okay okay sorry hi if you're reading this it means that you also know so somewhere and here there's a mysterious block that we discovered for some reason some colored guys came and killed every last one of us but spare to me only to write this I'm an adventurer not a fighter but whatever these guys are doing it is bad and someone will stop them eventually these are some breathing helmets you can use underwater to well breathe good luck go get them okay that is way too cryptic for me yeah yes Lee had something wrong with her she was probably a little too shaken up you couldn't you know spell right silent but what if she's on to something I mean this might not wait this might not be one of those fake ghost stories this could be something that's actually real yeah I mean maybe I wouldn't me explain why we got diving helmets would somebody make diving helmets just for a prank I mean I'm just saying this is seeming a little bit too strange to me Tyler you're looking a little too strange to me I know I would be very very strange are we okay man watts oh no dude this is my nightmare this is my nightmare and there's fish no Tyler be very careful of the fish you know what happens wait is your diving helmet working my diving helmet is a very bad diving helmet Tyler I can't even drive you can't honking yeah I can breathe just fine oh that's so weird Hey look another block Oh careful Tyler careful careful careful we're gonna go down here look Dan seek help I'm allergic to it I've got a very Catholic I'm trying to be careful carrying diet well I'm not on a vegetarian diet by any means I'm just trying not to touch any of this kelp well we can kill it all it's fine look okay look you're right you're right the kelp and it like float okay that's creep you're looking that is very look at all the kelp above us I'm gonna be looking me I'm not the biggest fan of salads either it's okay okay I like salads but there's got to be some meat in them you know what I mean oh yeah you just have a meatless salad I need some salmon heck I'll put one of these fish that we found inside of my sound make a little poke ball out of them you know what I mean yeah you like you like bones and your salad Preston no no I don't like okay I don't like bones in my salad but just saying you could have hope bulls and you're sad without bones okay I like balls are yummy man oh go why would you call pokeballs pokeballs no they're called poke hold on I'm gonna do for this path Preston fine okie bone is going to Google this but fine fine fine okay what is this what kind of nonsense are we about the StumbleUpon over here blocks we've seen it all before yeah but this is new Tyler okay that's new that's new that's new no no these are not puffer fish losing a blue puffer fish Tyler that's bad my bad blue puppy yeah blue puffer fish Oh Tyler you're poison dude yeah the puffer fish got me are you gonna be okay in it I don't know because I'm really gonna be VP maybe yeah but these aren't Peas these are Em's yeah but there's something very strange about to happen right now Tyler I feel like we're on the precipice of something very big and very dangerous and very blue yes very very blue almost too blue to be honest with you like right now I feel like I've been seeing nothing about blue on my screen and it's creeping me out you know we are in an ocean these things will happen from time to time it's just even an ocean I mean is this deep enough to be an ocean is this more like a river or a lake Oh maybe is this an ocean Tyler we're going pretty deep right now yeah you spoke too soon yeah I never mind man never mind all right I'm gonna start swimming we're speeding this process up a little bit whatever's down here I'm not losing the trail I think I've been keeping tonight first one I might have lost well I'll find a new trail don't you oh I found the trails Heather got it on me dude come over here yup oh dude looks like little pockets of caves in here too wait what are you taking damage yeah whoa whoa whoa whoa this is on today I'm gonna make it oh my gosh Tyler yeah I made it Tyler were in the middle of an ocean right now we're kind of far away wait dad we gotta go back down on weight I lost my helmet wait what I don't know but I've got another one I picked up a third one just in case wait doubted a knife at your helmet I got you bro hold on how did it get take it off my head I don't know doubt it you got to die for it get it get it get up fast I do it it's done okay that was really scary I don't know why that happened okay mine is still on who took your diving helmet off Tyler no idea oh we've got some blue blocks over here my guy hey it's getting more and more scary by the sec and you like it got darker in here too yeah it's really really spooky in here and I'm not liking it oh no Tyler what is this I see a house I say help me down help me thank you thank you so much oh my gosh kill the turtle kill this turtle I've never seen a turtles this big never are you okay Todd you're gonna die or I got you I'm above the water right now shooting at him run run I got him I got him okay Tyler I don't know what's wrong it's hard to hit him I don't oh I got him I got him he's dead he's dead that was really scary Tyler why are there big giant turtles that is not supposed to happen at bog in addition yeah I'm a little concerned right now look I think I see something no I'm seeing a house that's not good that can never be good Tyler no this is update aquatic this is normal this is just regular world Channel everything seems perfectly fine what who is Gerald or girl and he goes by both what these are Sara's helmet that means she survived but she doesn't know I escaped – what are you waiting for you seem to be the chosen ones take the stuff in my chest and go I heard that blue dude a few moments ago saying he's going to a pirate ship blue dude there's a blue dude is that blue Steve dude it better not be blue Steve I am Steve doubt how many Steve's we've found I don't want to be fun and any more Steve's Steve's bad dude am I am I wait till we get this fishing rod do we need this well I thought there was gonna be another one cuz your lad here is no good but why do you know what I'm taking some of these tridents just in case dude I'm taking extra Trident stridency Andy what is this whoa whoa sharpness for mending one holy cow this thing is amazing I could probably kill me right now Tyler don't do it okay where are we going Tyler should we just keep adventuring he was speaking of about some random balut dude do you even want to find this guy oh no oh no okay keep going oh no no no no no we're getting deeper Tyler if our helmets come off this deep we might die and drown yeah well I'm not gonna be tied oh there's like a ravine down here this can't be it do we go down this way I mean I don't see any blocks this way okay I just want Roos dude I'm scared I'm scared why is this ravine under water I feel like this is not supposed to be like this time look it surfaces right here we're fine okay good good good okay okay okay look I think it's this way yes I'm coming I'm coming hold on gonna find my way out of here bro yeah hey don't throw that I mean outsider don't bow that I mean we got bigger fish to fry here literally okay whoa dude super deep ravine man oh no I'm seeing even more blue blocks the ocean is getting deep homie yeah very deep yeah yeah yeah I saw that okay okay stay away look at the text how do you even know that – stay away it was like so cryptic I could barely even tell what was happening roughness we time we get something planted shitty Tyler I think I see the pirate ship I think I see the pair of ship the pirate ship yeah that's a giant okay now I'm officially freaked out don't get too close okay whoa hey what's happening whoa what do you mean they killed them I just got here to leave him a note who is this thief it's blue ste oh no that's blue Steve that's blue Steve and what is that giant blue octopus I think it's just squid dude that's like in it that's like a Kraken I don't get you closer talking I'm not I'm not I'm just paying attention I'm paying attention I'm going next to them going next to them not too close if they're that powerful I can't fight them right now are these talking about us oh I think he is he's got a run would you even want to let him run away I think I mean I don't want to get you close I mean I know but at the same time I'm really getting scared are you sure my friend who's he talking to he's talking to the squid yeah but why is he talking to the squid I feel like he's Steve he's more powerful than the squid my special event you and my brothers we haven't done anything to the squids why are we getting blamed for this I know they're so innocent usually this is nonsense man I don't know I have no idea now I'm officially freaked out Tyler Oh Preston pres Tyler does he see us with the fight this thing I think so okay what was inking bro its inking be careful I got him I got him I got him I got along III tried it dad be careful be careful I Tyler I'm coming up I'm coming up oh he got me I'm blinded Oh No Oh No okay I've got you I've got you I'm up oh we got him we got him Tyler he's got he's done yeah Manny's gonna wait Tyler who Steve is gone Steve is gone he's not the pirate ship anymore he fled during the fight what yeah I'm checking the boat and everything there's a chest here that fit Tyler look there's a book this is no no what does it say what does it say it says hey Steve in green and Steve in red I've been mining for days now to find that material needed for the portal and we might find any I moved my place here look at this let me see let me see it take it there's some weird coordinates on there 3346 96 are we really gonna go there that is so far away okay yeah what's her coordinates right oh yeah that's actually really far away Tyler I'm looking at her coordinates right now we're at like right 33:46 96 there's no way we're gonna make it over there oh my gosh well I mean I guess we got it we better get started Preston oh okay man long journey let's do this yeah over on my channel guys you're gonna have the subject Tyler's channel if you want to see the next part of this video it's gonna be crazy how's your man hey and there's an excellent bra problems right here blow

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