How To FLY With CARS In Just Cause 4!

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hi guys welcome back to my channel today we're playing more just cards for oh my goodness look at this beautiful world hey guys hello hello how are you Oh nice car inhabitants gonna have a try thanks man wow you guys are loving the series that I have in this game and you know what I gotta say I like it too it's a great game before I continue I want to let you know Square Enix sponsored this video on if you want to get just goes for make sure you get it in the description down below now alright what are we gonna be to today well we're gonna be doing some awesome vehicle songs I mean we can break everything watch it's it's gonna work trust me oh you see now could we actually break this whole bridge I have an idea alright I have an idea we can experiment in this game with like retractors and balloons and stuff like that alright so we got a nice buggy car over here how about we attach some balloons okay how am I gonna do this okay one on this side one on this side oh this is gonna be epic how about two on the front okay I'm on the headlights alright so that should be about it wait this one stuck a little bit that's more like it okay now before we blow the balloons up we're gonna add some some things on the back alright some boosters okay now I just gotta click one button to blow it all up come on oh my god it's actually working but we need more balloons I think guys guys I mean we're flying but the bridges over there I gotta try and fly it into the bridge feel like the boosters are too strong and we need more balloons but we can't land in the water guys that it's not very safe it's very careful this is amazing okay heading for the bridge heading for the bridge come on come on I mean some pieces fell off what am i doing oh wait we need a new plan I want to blow this bridge up it's our destiny I always put in this world there blow up the bridge okay we need a plane planes wait how about we bring this to safety real quick okay I don't want it to drown all we need for that is a retractor can we grab the car and how about towards here okay that's another way we could blow off this bridge we can't just send the car into the bridge but we need to whoa whoa I mean it's falling apart a little bit how about we change the settings of the retractor and we make it stronger okay retract speed fast power yank wait wait wait wait where you all right no get over here okay it's not really working we need a plane okay we need a plane enough chitchat we need a plane sir could you please bring me to the nearest airport thank you water taxi this is going too slow wait are you thinking what I'm thinking okay let's go aiming for the brakes were you thinking what I was thinking guys let me know in the comments I mean this you must be thinking of this right this is what's happening we're gonna trigger the nitros and then we're gonna trigger the balloons three two and one nitros something went wrong oh no we don't have enough balloons oh my goodness this boat is so heavy are you are you kidding me could you not be happy for once boat okay we're gonna try this again but with mm-hmm more balloons oh my god what's happening we did we do more damage did guys I suck at this plane I mean game plane plane huh where's the nearest airfield where can I get myself a nice plane guys want to see a black flip come on do it brick oh do it backflip I'm the best of this game I'm telling you I'm so good all right we made it now we have the option of a couple of things private jets or stunt Jets hmm how about that one right there now this one must go through a bridge you know what I mean I I mean it's kind of big if this one doesn't break the bridge then I wouldn't even know anymore all right let's take off with this crazy plane head back to the bridge let's gets gonna happen it's gonna have to happen okay the bridge is invincible honey something happened hey sir please stop driving fire oh my goodness sir I'm so sorry it was only a plane oh my goodness the bridge is literally falling apart don't fall down all fall down I called in an airliner to land on the bridge and look what happened there's no way he landed here but okay sure I'll take it how am I supposed to take off of this thing wait what how do these even get here technical difficulties technical difficulties no all right ladies and gentlemen thank you so much watching Just Cause for if you enjoyed it leave a like on this video and make sure you go check out this game it's pretty awesome and do a stunt yourself with hashtag stunts quad go ahead I told the competition and let me know if you can manage to break the bridge I mean I did it took me some time which means I am really good at this game right ladies all right it's getting cold in my room so I just put a quick hoodie on okay and at the same time I'm flying around in a plane that I spawned in with quick drop I love quick drop you could just kind of call in anything but I haven't unlocked much yet but wait let's have a look what did i unlock okay so I have unlocked a helicopter but oh my goodness there's so many things so unlock and this is the thing I'm flying right now an ultralight I can I can spawn in an ultralight uh that's fun okay let's actually try that one out but I got a land first but where can I land a plane hello okay whoa look at this it's so beautiful down here I love it okay we've played enough with bridges I'm not gonna try and land on that bridge okay we can just land right here on the beach okay open the wheels that's right come on oh just in time just in time for those wheels okay exit vehicle buy it buy vehicle have a nice day vehicle plane okay in the water plane come on I have a great thanks please so dumb oh hello hello what do we have here it's a little goat how are you doing my little goat friend God where you going whoa what if I put them right over there okay that's the retractor okay let's spawn in our ultra light Oh God my ultra light gets dropped by that massive thing I'd rather want that thing but I think my planes due to slowing oh [Laughter] yeah oh this one's fun oh god I gotta be careful it's actually really fast Oh 250 kilometers an hour this thing's like almost as fast as a real plane geez seems really fast okay let's try and hit a pig or a goat does that mean is that it's only a game I would never do this in real life okay okay we go Oh something happened no oh come on is it really on fire okay maybe if we fly out fast okay garnet where do we go now anyone here hello hello my name is Lee how are you have a nice day lady have a nice day you guys look like twins when I go fly fly into the sky oh god they're way too heavy I could actually kind of like adjust them a little bit I want them to follow me okay they're gonna follow me at 10 meters high let's try that out I mean I guess it worked nice let's let's create an army here you want to join this guy wants to join this guy wants to join you're all a part of the family okay you're a part of the family too I sure you too oh please you can all be a part of the family don't worry about it oh this is kind of mean but I mean it's fun look at him don't worry guys they're all fine they're just flying what if I spawn in the helicopter now okay ladies watch out watch out container coming down hey hey stop it stop it seriously what's your problem what are you scared for I'm not gonna do anything I'm just gonna make you fly lady go fly okay close your eyes if you can't stand this but I'm gonna try a little experiment here okay so we've got a bunch of people above us wait oh my goodness look at this guy hello I'm so sorry sir stop spreading out guys come on let's have some fun together okay are they gonna keep following me if I just go this way I don't see them wait they blew up did you guys see those explosions those were my balloons brewing up well guys I want to thank you for watching Just Cause for if you enjoyed it leave a like on this video and make sure you go check out just cause for I've had such a good time playing this game I love it so much I'm hanging upside down that's true and I'm hanging upside down to tell you that you should probably go subscribe bye check out this new hot merchandise on jelly store calm and if they're feeling mysterious and make sure you have a look at these two awesome miss the gold one is my favorite

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