How to COUNTER LIFESTEALER – Pro Tips to Carry this Meta! | Dota 2 Guide

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In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed covers how you can COUNTER Lifestealer in the current meta using Ursa, good CC and gameplay strats! Speeed will cover tips and tricks for winning vs. Lifestealer! Learn how to carry your games in the current meta!

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hey guys speed here and today I'm gonna be going over how to counter lifestealer yes I understand the heroes broken – is broken life stealers broken just the combination of the two are absolutely insane so I'm gonna be talking about in this video how you should counter the lifestealer obviously I'm coming from Team liquids perspective they are a professional dota 2 team so you might be like hey I'm not a professional dota 2 team I'm not even a player on a professional dota 2 team what can I do counter lifestealer and I'm going to talk about the individual heroes and plays that can be made to counter lifestealer now before we hop into the main content of this video I just want to let you guys know that you can check out guides just like this one made by top tier pros and have over thousands of different options over at game League calm now let's get into the main video so first let's note how Team Liquid counter picks the lifestealer their first two opener to counter it is Ursa and Earth Spirit what I want to note is that you might find this a little weird only because her spirit is a strength hero whose disables aren't that instant but overall it's not particularly good control against lifestealer however what it is good against is killing the people around life's healer and that is one of the main ways you need to play against this hero if you're a position 4 hero up a suit from one hero you should be considering picking heroes that have the ability to get to the back lines right Ursa and her spirit are both very good at that now second I just want to mention that Ursa is one of the best lifestealer counters simply because fury swipes counters them in the laning stage in addition overpower + fury swipes in combination with your ultimate is plenty of damage to kill lifestealer at almost any stage of the game so just having this utility gives you a nice option against lifestealer and it's probably one of the main reasons why they picked Ursa and next up hero that I think is controversial against lifestealer it is dark seer so I've had a couple friends actually tell me that they think lifestealer is a counter to dark seer and to that I would say a little bit right lifestealer will sustain the lane you can't pressure him out of lane however what dark seer does great against lifestealer is what I mentioned previously he runs around and kills the people other than life sealer pretty much he kites out the life sealer that's the main thing kiting lifestealer surge is one of the best abilities and you can ignore him by surging your teammates around and cutting his wave you don't have to approach him in the lane and yes we'll get free farm but Dirk's ear naturally buys piping crimson let's move on first let's check out how they approach the lifestealer lane because this is the lane that is definitely not too easy right it's a hero that naturally has a lot of sustain has built in magic community and dark seer inner spirit are purely magical damage so what we're gonna want to pay attention to is how they approach the lane first off you'll notice that they don't even approach the lane at all right this is important to know right they try to dodge it and is this something you can do in your pubs my answer is yes however in my opinion that actually takes some skill to be able to learn how to communicate effectively to get your team er rotate you notice this is one way you can play against the lifestealer right instead they send the earth´s against him and this is how you can get good lanes right gh is a feeder so as I switch over he feeds that's not what you want to do but what's important to know is they get the matchup you want so if you're picking Ursa as a safe leaner to counter the lifestealer you should ask your team to allow you to go to the top lane or you should mark it and just pick it as an offlaner it works in both ways so what I want to know next in the laning stage is that okay it's around two minutes in and lifestealer is now porting bottom what is he earth to do does he continue csing no he makes its main priority to follow the lifestealer if you're going to pick Ursa and you don't chase the lifestealer around your pick is almost nullified right your hero is not particularly good against lace theater in the mid game right you do have killed potential however with radians you're gonna miss and he has phase boots so he's gonna outrun you it's just it's not that great until you have it like four or five items but at that point lifestealer is gonna have defensive items as well so what I'm saying is you really want to try to get against him in the laning stage and that is one way you can counter lifestealer by putting it here like racer or Ursa against them in the lane now you notice that the lace healer is still farming right and the ER can't do much about it and this might seem problematic however would you want to note is that this matchup gets better as levels go on a lot of matchups against lifestealer are the other way around when lifestealer gets levels he gets more levels and feast is harder to kill and zones out a lot more effectively however this is not one of those matchups it's actually a different matchup in the sense where life sealer can do fine early but not that well as as the lane goes on so what I want to show you guys next is that you can use overpower for a few different ways right I'm gonna pause here people have this misconception that overpower is only a offensive spell where it actually is one of the best denying spells in the game right because you can throw off your opponent's right lifestealer things this is out of deny range or at least you can't get both denies and therefore it gets both and this is great right you increase your attack speed and because it is a long cooldown you actually can't really spam it as much to apply pressure so it's actually quite good at getting the knives of my opinion and for that you should consider using it in that regard so I'm skipping way ahead and that's only because I don't want to go into the laning stage too much pretty much just how the matchup works is if you get a even lane you can zone them out however if you don't you might just get zoned out so I want to move on to the mid game and you're gonna notice a fight going on here right and what's also important to note is that they're taking fights previous to the 20-minute mark at least they were trying to and the purpose of this is you're looking to exploit the timing in which lifestealer is at its weakest point and this is previous to radiance right the hero is very kite able and the main reason you go radiance is simply for the fact that you don't want to get kite it so how do you counter lifestealer in that regard you have to take fights you have to look to pressure towers that's why push strats can be quite effective against lifestealer because they force him his objectives and the hero is complete non-factor completely non factor until he is radiance obviously you might argue that if he gets ahead phase moves is plenty to do damage especially with the sacred relic but as we addressed in the drafting stage they picked heroes where this is not the case right if we click on dark seer he has a mech and maxed out surge right that's plenty he has max rolling Boulder or sets uplink basher miracle August's enough defensive items but once again what's what you just want to note is that they have the items such as mech and these skills to disengage from the air so previous to radians so to make it clear you want to fight previous to the radiance timing okay so now we're skipping once again very far ahead and the purposes I just want to go over the fights and just show off how good liquids team comp is actually at dealing with the other heroes and kind of ignoring the lie sealers so you notice what their team comp has is the ability to burst the enemy and not have the fight dragged out dragged out fights against radiance lifestealer it's a mess right you just get ticked down and he slowly kills all your heroes so you notice here the difference is as we go slow I just want to slowly go through this fight is that they initiate they force the Viper BKB this is actually so important why is this so important because how you want to play against life's healer it's the kill off his teammates so if his teammates die you could deal with them you notice a huge vac wall combo obviously this is liquid just being amazing but right they kill up the support beta BKB they kill the Viper they kill the bat rider then they kill the elder Titan and look who's last light with full HP full Menna full HP full mana lifestealer right and you might argue that this is liquid being a better team and to some extent yes the great play cutting the BKB great vac wall nice Rock good fatal bombs just overall amazing spell casting even miracle right gotta give him some credit well it's important to note is the fact that lifestealer ended the fight with full HP full mana versa did not touch him and Volker did not cast spells on him you ignore him and this is sometimes a harsh reality that you have to ignore the hero I feel like it feels like he's gonna kill your entire team but when you're playing against life's healer you really need to try to kill everyone else first so in this upcoming clip I want to talk about an exception so remember how I stressed about focusing his teammates right this is of course the case however you might have been thinking during that what if there's an exception what if he over extends do I still jump in I want to note that it depends on your heroes right if you have the correct heroes to jump on him do so right if you have an Ursa and he's vastly at a position you can consider jumping in however the majority of time if you jump lifestealer pillar rage open wounds and turn on you so in this fight they actually do end up dumping him why does this work right you have to note the positioning of the two team comps one is completely disengaging and you notice he's at the tier 2 Tower separated in addition he committed rage previously right this is the only time in which you can commit on a lifestealer when his spells are down right but Mitama man is still able to pick up the kill right they kill off the infest carrier and that is the only time in which you should be looking to jump a life sealer right when he's far out of position you have the correct zeros to kill him and his rages down it's sometimes hard to keep track of all these things right or even notice them right you have to pay attention right if he has raged there he can rage disengage and avoid a lot of the magical damage coming out from the invoker and then the kill wouldn't have happened they would have burned their versa BKB and it would have been a lost fight that is why it is so important to keep track of thanks against lifestealer the hero doesn't have a lot of weaknesses when he has Midas radiance and a bunch of armor items however with the right heroes specifically Ursa you can kill him so in this clip here they just killed the Viper and they're going high ground it's much later into the game we pay attention to a helmet till the man takes his fight the fight breaks out he has the option to jump the elder Titan the bat rider or the lifestealer what does he do he doesn't pick any of them he understands how of an important of a kill this dazzle is and because of that he's able to pick up a high priority jumps anyone else they'll get grave they'll get healed and he'll get kite it out so instead he picks the support right this is how you need to play once again against lifestealer but also as an Ursa because often you might be playing Ursa against lifestealer simply because it's a nice counter once again completely ignoring the life stealers picking off everyone this is why Ursa is so good against lifestealer it's not even because you really provide kill potential you notice right here you can't even hit him get a mean hit the guy he has an MK be it's because you can kill everyone else around him and kite him outright if lifestealer goes on you you can just enrage it's so sad that lifestealer is just walking around helpless just watching as his team dies and before we end up this video as liquid tastes thrown gloriously let's look at the lot of the items coming out we have a BKB and it grieves from the dark seer right this makes it very hard for the lifestealer to do any damage next up we have a Lincoln this is for the bat writer kind of a non-factor actually it's not too good against lifestealer what is better is glimmering for staff if your support but clearly Kuroko kuroky preferred the Lincoln's here and then we have another Lincoln's but a blink dagger is the more important one he did heavy you'll earlier which is great item against lifestealer as well you're looking to kite out the range duration and an invoker against life sliver can be really bad if you don't have btv or eul's simply because the rage duration is then plenty to kill you off and finally the last item liquid actually ends up dying is a sheepish guard on the air spirit this does a few things right it gives you vision of the heroes that you want to actually be killing which is not the lice killer and it allows you to kite him out when his rage is up right and when it is down right because it gives you vision of everyone around you that's the more important part so you can pick the correct targets and it actually slows his attack speed when he's out of rage and at that point he actually has really lowered attack speed right only one attack speed item of course he actually does have – so I should say – but this item doesn't give you a particularly large amount of attack speed so with rage down Shiva's nearly negates all of his damage and before I end the video I want to wrap up the best play in the game this is the one way you can counter lice healer if you're not doing this you're gonna lose every single game and it's to buy back and by the words if you're a record player and you do not buy back in immediately by the observer and sentry ward you are doing something wrong I promise you you're going to drop MMR exceedingly faster than you originally thought if you don't make this play in the late game if you ever find yourself passed the 40-minute mark and not by backing to purchase the observe rewards then you're doing something wrong and you're probably losing to lifestealer but thank you guys for watching I was happy to make this video and hopefully give a few helpful tips to counter probably the strongest here of the patch if you enjoy to learn anything at all please do like subscribe to help the channel grow and if you have any questions or just comments about my typical voice cracks let me know down in the comment section below

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