Here’s Why You Never Ask “Where’s Rengar?” In League of Legends… | Funny LoL Series #520

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right there's the rengar wouldn't it be really funny if I stole this can someone in the chat please say yes or no it would be funny if I syllabus was it funny and he would have anyone ever left did anyone have a laugh I know you're there I also made it out he has the Ignite available so the countergank here self-made and Purina are trying to set a trap baiting him in period does the double dash for cap says hey maybe I have the opportunity here does get locked if they're gonna keep going on for a little bit more I think a little bit of damage on the Parkers oh what's so clean I'm going in I'm going in oh shoot that was a nice deal absolutely sadness here it's a tiny answer is that for movement what it mean oh this is wrong is to the teamfights nemesis constantly zoning away what they constantly dissuading him from looking Phoenix Oscar this could be the last dance proper finding a good a game reckless locked up with deep behind a little bit more typing study distant lead to lead at Roxbury mother of a crime trying to find anything set cup to the middle of the team he's just gonna get taken out triple for reckless he wants a little bit more can he get anything else Niepce the Quadra I cannot believe it the fat to kill for reckless he is back ladies and gentlemen taking down row will meet up back with that motherfucker I'll knock his bitch ass out and never start hunters outside the home the barren misfits such a crude coal after losing my friend memento is this the turn are they gonna be able to take this one [Applause] payback one for one piece of meat don't give you auto range we should fight no only plant you all to can't stop me Venus watch apart the multi being flushed there's trap trained I see you should go here fuck I wasted my W there too as I hit come on brah one's own ears to zhonya's you'll get me Bob I'm styling all over the place do all flashed present present i'm santa gragas my god everybody you can't get up kill double Lacanian not the target triple stun for a smoothie cuts back pretty well big damage someday is late Amazonian zoo gotta fuck they've got to get him away they will that shouldn't be a kill but he's gonna be low sorry that was a weird noise flashes away off guard and vitality what it feels bad I used my W holy shit where did she go but online our ranch good job riot good job nice bug oh oh that was satisfying tell you then I've seen you in these Oh holy moly any it wouldn't you be tuna Wow that hump is literally the most bullshit thing I've seen all week okay watch this watch this shit oh shit I can save you war hostage crazy you crazy I got it 16 ankle Oh No Oh should I actually crush that backlight so bad yes I hit him but it's a little awkward to go in without vision is everywhere – HP holy shit is million [Applause] [Applause]

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