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alright watch and learn no pressure no mistakes stay calm pay close attention always worried you were insane and anymore now I know it now do your best that's all we can ask for you good buddy good luck pal you'll need it hey be cool wait here I got this over $2,000,000 has been taken from the Pacific Standard Bank in what is known as the greatest heist in lo Santos history one of the men has been found and the other one it managed to get away despite great efforts from the LSPD if you know who this man is or know where he is please call us immediately as there is a reward yes successful guys well kind of successful I managed to take two million dollars from that the other guy unfortunately was a bit too slow and he was caught of course but look at these guys they're never gonna find me we lost them on the way home and wait can't can I are they sirens can I hear sirens outside yeah Amanda doesn't look too happy she knows she knows something Amanda what is going on why is everyone running away from me it's like they just know what of course it was on the TV but they didn't show my face they didn't show my face and no one knows it was me we'll be okay we'll be okay guys no one knows where this place is I think I did a pretty good job of losing the police as well but hey we're two million dollars up guys for two million dollars up that's time for celebration that is time for celebration if you ask me okay yep damn it damn it we record guys we were caught oh my days dude we almost had them guys we almost had them but how did they find me how did they find out where I was I have no idea but they found my house it looks like we go to jail guys but at least we're gonna meet the person who did the heist with hopefully what a long journey what a long journey that was we've been driving all night whereabouts are we are we in the desert hey buddy you might use work on your driving skills dude just driving into the gates like that yep we're in prison we're in prison guys I've never been in the prison in GTA five like I've never been an actual prisoner so I'm not too sure how things are gonna work around here oh well thanks for the ride dude at least we have some new clothes and they did end up stitching me up but I am NOT glad to be in here guys I want to be back at home in front of my TV I guess it's time to explore this place let's take a look our friend must be in here somewhere though so we have someone yep someone's looking out their window let's just take a look at our cell is there anything around here which we can use to get out of this place you know I don't see anything around to you guys there is this window and we can look out of this window but I can't see too much out there yeah there's nothing out there at all oh man alright let's go and see if we can find our friend you must be around here somewhere let's go and check this out is there anyone around here there's another person looking out the window they have binoculars hey I want to get some of those there's also this guy what's going on man what's going on he tried to talk to me no now he's looking away fine doesn't matter let's keep moving these two look a little bit angry I'm just gonna put it out there they look a little yeah they look a little bit angry let's just stay away from that guy and that guy as well maybe this might be their side up the block or something maybe we're not gonna go around this side this song with a phone how did you get that dude oh we have someone playing the guitar as well they're putting some music let's take a listen you know what guys that's pretty good that's pretty good keep playing keep playing guys keep playing hey buddy have you seen my friend you know the guy from the Pacific bank heist you know that guy no he's nodding his head but he's saying no that's actually really confusing but he hasn't seen my friend bet you can't hit me with a quarter well I don't have any money in here I don't think no I have no money so I can't actually throw it what is going on there can we get inside this place is there like the doors locked but it looks like that looks like an escape route that looks like an escape route let's keep looking for our friends I still can't see him anywhere he must be around here somewhere where is this guy come on come on man where is this guy I don't think he's around here yet I don't think he's here at all actually yeah there's no one around here man but there we go it looks like the prison guards are about to make their way into the prison as well to make a count or something where do these two go let's take a look now they must go onto the courtyard or something let's just explore this place maybe we can find our friends somewhere but we need him to make the escape all right so there's can we get through this gate is this gate where are we where do we go okay this is where the ping-pong tables are very very cool so at least we can play ping pong if we get bored whilst you have around here can we get through this well we can get through this but both of these doors are locked oh no there's a door here there's a gym there's actually a gym all my days alright so we have loads of people in the gym who's this guy that guy's not in an outfit what are you doing there dude he looks like the boss literally he look he looks like someone who's pulled a few strings I'm not gonna mess with him and I think I'm not ready welcome in here right now guys all right where does this go to you about so oh okay so they have a canteen in here is he asleep hey buddy hey come on hey wake up wait I see him I actually see him he's over there he's the guy with the beanie oh my days dude it's good to have your back buddy how is oh you've kept your watch that's pretty good they actually took my watch which I'm very annoyed about but hey how is it going how's it going man I haven't seen you since the heist he's not talking to me hey buddy do you recognize me I know you can hear me I'm going to escape alright let's talk about this escape plan so I know this event in one of the cells in my block I'm not too sure if you're part of that block I think yup he is he is perfect all right so we're gonna use that vent to escape I'm not too sure whose cell that is but we're gonna find out and we're gonna take that cell and use that vent to escape yeah yeah you got me you've got me that's gonna be the plan guys that's gonna be the plan we're going to use the vent and we're going to escape using at that event you don't need to be stealth just yet it's okay don't worry about it it's not like they know we're escaping we just need to find the person and to be honest I think the people trying to escape might be down here I think it's one of these guys I think it is because they're being very quiet I have this feeling that they're up to something so we're just gonna wait and see and follow them and if they go into their cell then we're going to try and stop that door from closing and we're gonna take that vent okay that's gonna be the plan Amanda I'm telling you time and time again I'm gonna get out of prison okay we're gonna get out of prison we're not gonna be here long this all I can say I don't want anyone to find out but we're not gonna be here long okay I'm wait is that Lamar next to you dude Lamar's next to you can you tell them our to say hello to Franklin for me right now it's the moment of truth I've got my friend to stand on the railings just below me and oh hang on someone's walking over to their cell there's someone over there he's walking over to a cell and if you look at this all of the cells have been filled up except for the one with the vent in I think this could be our guy just in case yeah you better go and get him as well he's down there we're gonna go and put our foot in the door because I think he's gonna go into that cell and he may even be escaping tonight hey great job there buddy great job there dude Hey what what did you do this guy what did he do to this guy man he's on the floor come on I thought we were gonna work with this guy anyway it doesn't even look like a vent it looks like he's just covered up the gap I guess you always get backup right we gotta go we gotta go now dude we got to go we got to go we're about sowwy oh it is pitch black it is pitch black guys let's keep looking okay so there's a door around here where does this go to do we walk up here I have no idea where we're going it looks like he's been digging this place for a long time though oh hang on there's something green over there where does that take us to yes guys we made out we made out all my days we actually made our prison all right where's my friend is he still with me I think he might still be with me I'm not too sure but I think we just escaped we just managed to escape from prison oh no we got a five star wanted level come on dude we got a run we got a run come on don't just stand there dude we have a five star want to level the prison where is the prison is it closed I have no idea where we are right now but the prison must be closed I can already see people coming right at us dude we gotta move we gotta move we gotta go now we gotta go now we try and find a vehicle and we need to go is that a tank there's actually a tank on us all right we're gonna go fast we need to go fast this tanks everywhere oh my gosh I think there's a helicopter on us as well all my days okay yep they've definitely caught wind that we have escaped I thought we'd have more time than this but clearly we do not are you still following me oh no I've lost my friends I've lost my friends I've lost my friend oh dear I think that guy's glad he didn't escape now think he's glad we need to lose this guys we have five stars or there's two tanks over there there's actually two tanks over there just keep running oh my days just keep going keep going Michael we've got this dude we've got this man hey give me your vehicle I have nothing on me I just need to get myself a vehicle there's a tank over there as well oh dear there's so many tanks everywhere dude you there I need your vehicle I need your vehicle get out of your vehicle now come on get out of your vehicle oh dude we made it we made it all right just go just go just go just go just go just get out of here man we need to lose this fight so I want to level how are we gonna do this how on earth are we gonna do this guys oh my gosh all right um I think off-road is the way forward but there's helicopters Honor's there's tanks on us there's so many things honest so we must either get a plane or we need to get a boat so we're gonna go for a boat guys because I don't want to go back to the airfields not what it's so open with tanks everywhere let's just go off-road and get this boat come on we can do this Michael we can do this just don't wreck this vehicle whatever you do don't wreck this vehicle oh no there's a tank right in front of me it is right in front of me guys just go just go just go just go just go just go just go dude come on come on just get up this hill no no don't ruin this vehicle whatever you do Michael don't ruin it this vehicle whatever you do we've got this man we've got this we're gonna make it out of here we're going to make it out of here we made it the coast and now we need to find a boat that's all we need to do don't ruin this Michael we've made it this far we've made it this far dude and I don't think tanks are gonna make you out here to be honest because there's really not much land for a tank to drive on but these guys can these guys can totally make it out here Oh a jet ski a jet ski this is someone riding away Auto this one right in front of me there's one right in front of me we are getting so tired right now but look at this we've almost lost our five-star wanta level I have no idea how we've almost lost that but I know we're gonna get that back very very soon so now is our chance to get this jet ski and to get out of here because these guys are gonna find me very very soon guys come on come on get the jet ski get the jet ski we're walking so slowly that's how exhausted we are we'll know he's coming round series coming around to you guys he's coming around here come on Mike we've got this dude just get this jet ski and start sailing away if the tank spots us it's game over now is our chance I can already see people patrolling the water all my days there's someone over there there is someone right over there just go Michel just go dude before they spot us before they find out where we are there is someone right over there there's also a boat over there as well they are patrolling the sea as much as they can there's a boat over there as well we need to be very very careful about this very very careful I think we're good I think we've lost them yes we've actually lost them they're going away they're flying away oh my god we actually lost them guys we lost the five star level and now we can go back home but before we do that I need to get myself some new clothes because we cannot go around those sandals looking like this there's an ATM over there so we're gonna use that and withdraw some money quickly all right how much do we have how much do we have in here Michael let's take it off that's quite a bit of money hey how's it going man he knows something's happened here but I don't think he's gonna say anything he's just judging me very very hard right now all right so I'm gonna need um I'm going to need just something I can keep on me so we'll go for one of these we'll just go for one of these thank you dude thank you that's all I need well just take this vehicle thank you very much hey I just need to get some clothes can I get an outfit do you sell outfits nope she's not selling anything to me that's fine that's that's fine we'll just go around store and grab something and say it's time to go back home Amanda look guess who's back guess who is back and yeah that was a lot of fun to film so if you guys need to enjoy the episode be sure to drop a like on it and of course guys recommend you press that subscribe button just below this video so you don't miss out on awesome stuff like this on a daily basis but guys thank you so much for watching and my name is naught and until next time stay absolutely awesome I'll see you guys in the next video

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