GTA 5 – *INSANE* Thanos Powers!!

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hello ladies and gentlemen you beautiful beautiful people today you and me are taking a look at this absolutely insane thanos mode it is literally just ridiculous there's a couple of things that I want to break down and show you because a lot of people have made videos on the thanos gta5 mod but it's finished now it has all the features and I've been waiting to kind of go through it I didn't want to keep making video after video after video just wanted to make it one video where everything works and it's all great and honestly I've played with this for about three minutes and I'm so excited to just play with this more than show you guys what it does the first thing I want to talk about is if I stand still here Thanos is Thanos Thanos says that was his arm right arm is way longer than his left arm now I don't remember that in the comics or anything like that correct me if I'm wrong but it just looks like Thanos is a little bit king with as well arm if you know what I mean yeah not sure anyway so there are just getting to the video so many powers with this mod so as you can see we've got all these powers here they all do really cool they're all really awesome actually so we've got all of these plus a few extra at the first of which is yes you run really fast so it's just all and as you can hear he has like a running sound like there's so many sounds and additions to this morning's literally insane so let me just show the jump listen to this [Laughter] isoko even the jumping in stuff is awesome and kaboom nice and you have like the landing sound as well it's awesome alright so the first power I want to show you is this it is the meteor throw or light and is literally just ridiculous so what you can do is you can actually just press it and you'll get like a little small one which is still pretty awesome but if you really want to go to town you can do this which is oh god oh no oh I fell off a know what's gonna happen oh oh did you guys see that okay let's do that again just so you guys can get a proper look at it can I just I just want to get this is the only problem with Thanos he doesn't really do steps very well right here we go here we go so hold it down it becomes more powerful is the same of all the powers so there we go whoa yeah oh that's so good so yeah literally it's great it's absolutely fantastic let's just jump down here we can run I want to get on the highway let's go this way and you can kind of run like this my god it's so good it's my I to be a good sport and I just get there we go nice alright let's do it again most powerful meteor oh the vibration made damage all over all of that is so good oh okay cool and you can also like if you want to just target a car I think it works like that so for example let's just throw one on that car there wait wait Oh apparently this car has made out of some incredible stuff because it is still freaking moving despite being hit by a meteor insane what about a guy on a motorbike without work let's just get close enough to it look on Oh God okay the Range Rover Oh yep we killed it that is amazing okay let's check out the next power which still soul which is pretty weird on the sleep so if we go up to this guy here you just levitate them it's insane can we do it to a bar no you do it to the people inside oh that's creepy cool is that one in a minute by the way we're gonna get a wanted level it's gonna be amazing this one's probably one of my favorites honestly so if you find like a rock or a boom a rock if you find a person in a car or something this guy would be pretty good if you aim it they turn into a rock so I literally just turn that car into a rock it's kind of great same with like hey go bar if you find a person just stood around like this guy who was actually in the vehicle who survived he turns into a little rock oh my god is awesome it's so good it's amazing how do they do this by literally just turning someone into stone it's crazy and obviously now we have rocks like laying everywhere which is great oh my god okay let's go oh of course you can ran vehicles and stuff you can run really really fast and just well firstly destroy your framerate but secondly just ramps the by the way which is really cool yeah oh I gotta go down to like 20 frames a second there that was totally worth it so yeah cool power oh my god ouch next power like what am i doing what did I do I think I all I know I did okay the next one is a little bit different it's called the splash and what that does is turn things into water so there you go I killed two cars and a person and they are now water splats on the pavement literally incredible you really pick it a fight with Thanos big mistake buddy no you're dead see yeah I mean that was actually pretty tame for Thanos I'll be honest what can we do let's try the new power I think he's already dead but it's just love them to the side all right here we go so this next one turns anything into an animal you can literally just like we got a shark here that shark I even know what that is yeah it's a shock oh my god this person's in Bali there we go now your dog amazing it's so good how is this GTA 5 right now I just turn that car into a whale into a chicken that's great okay well we've got all this one's actually pretty good this is the car thing so basically all you didn't see that because it was from behind so basically teleports a vehicle into things so let's see if we can get someone so yeah opens up a portal and throws a car at you or at the why're you targeted how alright let's go somewhere where someone stood still hang on I love the little running sound as well it makes a weird clipping noise sorry if you can hear that you might not even notice it but I can tell because I listen up these things here we go where someone just stood still it'll be pretty special if you can as usually people just sit around here where is everyone today police station let's go to the police station we'll get once at level in a minute by way don't you worry about that come on where are people all right all right that mail I may have scared way I'm gonna have to become fan OHS I'm just chilling I'm not I'm not a threat to any of you I'm just an average Joe going to work thanos IRL okay there was literally light oh no no this guy all right here we go this is what you've been waiting for ready all the vehicles a freaking huge military truck oh my word that is incredible okay let's just I love it you can that you just caused so much mayhem okay oh yeah so also there's this like telekinesis thing and you can grab it if you want and then you can throw it but you can actually just pick stuff up so this truck for example if I hold Q and then we can throw it that way it's pretty good it's pretty good Can I grab that no it's obviously a certain range and then the more you hold it the Fossey throat I thought that was pretty brutal hang on hang on hang on all right here we go here we go yeah you can literally just throw things really fast hang on taxi all right this is why everybody now gets an uber ready three two one wait we got to follow that we've got to follow that taxi where did it go it's still going no I don't wanna lose it I'm literally going as fast as I can oh you guys even see any more nice man that went far I'm so glad I didn't lose it here is oh my god that is great okay where we got we still would not even showing you all this stuff all right next up is we've done the car crash okay next stop is black hole and this is actually the best spot for it so basically you charge this up and you're making a black hole and then watches things get sucked into the black hole I mean look at my frame rate it's out 60 frames a second [Laughter] yes seven frames a second okay okay okay okay we got to delete it there we go there we go Oh deleted the black hole there essential all right next up we've got the snap fingers whoo save that for last but this is the power shot thing and this is pretty cool this is very simple you just blow things up free free standard right kaboom what how there we go oh my god amazing absolutely incredible so yeah like I said that's not even everything but to show the other stuff it's probably best if we have a wanted level so let's just give ourselves that Chi actually I think I just turn it off the nan wanted level thing or is it never wanted there we go right let's call some havoc come on that's gotta be and oh it's pretty cool all my god I just turned over a fire truck by throwing a fireman at it bus oh good one there we go now we've got one two level wait where's the police come on here come yes amazing alright we've already got a four star wanted level pretty incredible hey guys but that was cool wait I want to try that again let's do it hang on hopefully the police will accommodate my retake here we go alright okay hey guys please don't arrest me [Laughter] it landed on me what the hell oh my car so good man so good so good right do-do-do-do-do did you get it can we throw on like a helicopter does that work no but it makes a huge explosion I got that circle right so the other thing you can do if I double tap here I can literally freeze time right like next to freezing time and I can run so a frozen time here and I can get all the way like down the highway Lert can eat i can still jump in everything obviously you got this weird like effect as well right now the police doesn't know where I am look at that their ultimate escape now phone officers over here now if that wasn't enough and you need to get away you can press T and make a teleport and teleport yourself which is even better I got this modest so good one thing I really want to do is show you a or is it did it did it did oh we've still got to do the snap fingers alright we'll save that change to car throw I love the fact you've got this noise it's so good what just oh good so no so you don't need a parachute dude ah this is all good all right are we good man I love it okay so we've got a bit of a chopper problem man actually worked ok you guys didn't really see a while we didn't really see that well okay helicopter oh my god you can actually do that that's amazing so if you lock on you can actually still throw cars up things in the air that's amazing all right yeah so if you jump and press are you do like a power slam oh that was awesome okay so the plan is ladies and gentlemen whoa these helicopters are okay oh I always had it then so if I jump up high enough I might be able to land and actually kill this helicopter that is doing insane amount of damage to me like they might actually kill thanos at this rate No right slow down slow down time where are they are they here we go okay cool all right here we go okay look at my health look at my health it's time to jump man it's time to pay all the time to bail all right okay let's try she's ridden like they've nearly killed Thanos let's give the snap fingers thing you try there you go so I snap my fingers and everybody just died the people in the cars you can still hear people moving but everyone in the town and their cars have just stopped there all these cars that were in traffic no longer moving it's kind of ridiculous it's real split we no longer have a wanted level all these people that were in traffic gone now technically there should only be 50% of the people gone but maybe I click my fingers twice I don't know that's not how it works but there everything has been abandoned everything let's go to the highways is there traffic on the highway there is no all this stuff around here yeah come on come on it's really hard to get around us tunnels I'll be real he's so big look at this it's crazy so let's do a black hole there you go we can just do endless black holes there's no limit by the way wait why are they no getting sucked in there we go guys that is the Thanos mod if you want to see more of it let me know in the comment section I think this is a really freaking well-made mod like everything about it is well done drop a like share with a friend everything they find interesting but man this is cool and I'll see you in the next one bye bye so lonely now no one left to play with

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