Grand Theft Auto 5 GTAV – All 3 Gauntlet Locations – Pillbox Hill Rockford Hills and Mission Row

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All 3 hidden Gauntlets in GTAV Grand Theft Auto 5. These Gauntlets need to be found for the Pillbox Hill Gauntlet Challenge, Rockford Hills Gauntlet Challenge, and the Mission Row Gauntlet Challenge.

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GTAV – Gauntlet – Rockford Hill wiki

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so this video is going to show you where all three gamla locations are in grand theft auto 5 for the gauntlet challenges this first one is the pillbox Hill gauntlet location and I should let you know that well each one of these guns is its own separate challenge this one's on the roof of this parking garage you cannot damage the gauntlet on the way to los santos customs if you want to get the gold medal challenge you have to keep that gun in pristine condition before getting to los santos customs or on the way to all those santos customs this is the Rockford hills gauntlet this one's much easier to find then that first one that pillbox hills this one's just out on the street waiting to be stolen and the third and final gauntlet in mission row again is much easier to find in the first one it's just out on the street get it a little Santos customs spend a whole bunch of cash on it getting it upgraded and ready for the heist and you should get three easy gold medals thanks for watching be sure to subscribe for more Grand Theft Auto 5 videos we're producing a ton of them game on

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