Freestyle to Grand Champion EP5 (Rocket League) | JHZER

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Freestyle to Grand Champion EP5 (Rocket League) | JHZER
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Freestyle to Grand Champion episode 5 is here, hopefully you enjoy the competitive 2v2 gameplay and the freestyle goals and fails 🙂

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Oh hold on Thanks dude I guess it wasn't me not him I mean thanks give us yeah thanks as police raise easy of those camera settings all right now we got the lead I just do some old-school flashbacks or something better old school early well I mean one for us and I I just don't get it why you just want wanted I go just not wanted to challenge them because at least it felt for me and I had everything under control middle these banner settings hmm yeah caplets did you get her loose yet pocket other boy if you score that minute Lisa formal nice there you go god damn it I should all go for the oh yeah oh yeah it's good no no no what well then what oh god yes but I I didn't see that he was so close Yeah right just anything yep maybe oh it's confusing I'm sorry how do you want to snipe you yeah the ball he kind of saved it on my screen it's super close at least Oh No yeah II didn't eat it on most screens well Costigan Brooks nice the guy can have an boost just oh you got the boost I guess yeah yeah nice Thanks we'll come back take some beauts octane 50/50 so sometimes so we are like the ball just stops like mmm two trucks go it to each other why you sweet boy okay why I'm going for it no well you you oh yeah I'm not good with something no need money so if you saw that guy could have called me I didn't I didn't hear him no you did it like twice yeah I got these we're sorry am I giving you it's not good he's trying the ball he has missed me three times from the Demery all right they won't language yeah two touches or you swallow the pre jump I just want to be pretty strong thought he's chasing me and ignoring the ball all right I want to see my rank Oh champion free back right and angle is 135 180 oh did I go too high yeah save that again same shot please no really wanted the top corner it's a I mean okay oh yeah I thought he's eating it taking me push I'm not I was kind of scared to go for it and then I'm gonna move it to you yeah the freaking ramp bones no while while there it is yeah what a pass oh my god didn't have them balls to just boom sorry buddy you little yeah are you I got the boost take the meat if you want sugarcoat that I want to play mr. wrong I mean I know they didn't do anything in challenge I know we pre jumped up boom I lose anyway all right there's no booze hodiza oh no oh no no what where did he go I just wanted to change my song okay there we go oh the older guys just know why he tried to get any more getting interesting than I didn't demo well that's just almost boom no I just gonna eat it oh okay take it any problem easy kiddo look man he was difficult at least he 360 in front – OH but seating Ripoff you slipped into me nice cute middle sorry no it's good good shot religious what the freestyle just why I should've come to you some PR person it's fine India knows like should I go for the pin show it's all right I can't wait no no but yeah no I tried to just kind of bait him yeah well I could have just use it earlier I don't know if he really even knew I he's personal what this sort of pinja with you and yet hmm yeah no no I nearly bunk peopIe who started off with that really regna now almost the same again a beautiful get fast you all don't know is okay for the Brazil yeah but we need to finish with a nice top yeah take all I can't pass up the bone hopefully no oh my god Hispanic youth yeah nice with the help of God okay okay all you need to read it for free so grammar rule this is my episode not you

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