Fortnite Fortbyte #68 Location – Found within a snowy town Book Shop

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BYEEE!!!!! ^_^ x
hello everybody I'm in the little wood also known as Martin I had to check whether that was actually going because sometimes it's just like straight up cuts the front of the intro but anyway today is another day which means another fault bike sorry that I look like a hot mess right now I've literally just come back from the gym that's not a weird flex it's just literally the true for the situation I sort of ran over and I realized that I had about three minutes until this thing was releasing so I just like ran home but the book shop as you can see inside a happy Hamlet is in the north western area of the the entire town so on the mini-map that's where you can find it and if you have a little lucky inside I can here I just don't see it maybe it's on the second floor that's some lucky oh yeah there it is then number 68 fantastic stuff you're probably must kill me see this your own oh you'll find you're fine you're fine my friends my friends okay good today's video thank you so much for watching everybody you didn't find it helpful with them be sure to leave a like on it turn on that bell if you want to get these like straight into your inbox the moment that I upload them I've seen a bunch of you guys doing here and it's great for me great for you everybody wins have a wonderful day and I will see you all later bye bye

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