Fortnite Fortbyte #14 Location – Found within an RV Park

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BYEEE!!!!! ^_^ x
hello everybody I'm in the little wood also known as Martin welcome back to the channel and welcome back to fortnight I've recorded like I want to say close to like at 11:00 for bites of some of the data mind ones to prepare for my trip away this weekend turns out it's not any of those which is great so we need to head on over to the RV park or the trailer park basically you can find that over here on the map it's basically a little bit east of the mega mall it's gonna be very busy given that I'm in team rumble and the circles there but let's see if we can find this bad boy now I would assume it would be in the top part of the large red you know I guess what would you call it a Shack or I guess um maybe like a farmhouse but I reckon that's where it's gonna be but it's somewhere around here I've got zero information today on where it's gonna be located so this is gonna be a real a real hunt can I hear anything here that's my pickaxe a knife a fork out where is it okay so it's definitely not there I'm at me to play on like a mouse that's on top of a oh wait huh none is it in there no not there tell you what that'll be good for get away from people where are you buddy oh dude I have no idea where you are friend was it over there did I see it there it is called perfect it's got it all right well there you go there's number 41 dead center in the park is where you can find it I'm gonna try it myself print screen real quick oh do 14 there you go got it all right that should be good thanks watching everybody have an awesome day and I will see you all later bye bye

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