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you aren't they go hey what's going on I welcome back to the oldest in the RTG and you know how we were going through some team changes we got rid of too many a VanDyke and replaced him with Raffy over an as well as unlocking those prime icon moment loan cars as we were needing that driving force I didn't have 400 to 500 thousand to purchase a camera or a winger we needed a squad filler and it's been working at pretty well how we got on it is it just been one of those weekend's where we're grinding out the first 10 to 20 games or is our recorder looking pretty nice we're currently 15 and 1 and the weekend lis gameplay to be film Friday it was pretty decent on Saturday it was very much consistent and sunday is today and we are going to continue this run and hopefully just get some double use I like the way the team has been set out I'm back using the 4-2-3-1 nice and balanced you know nothing too crazy with the custom tactics I was very close to selling one player and I'm glad that I didn't because overall he's really helped us out so I've got some opinions on some of the loans that I've been using as well as Daniele De Rossi he was dropped yesterday and have we done his SPC on the RTG let's find out so the answer to that question is yes we have done him on the main account we're not going to be unlocking him on the RTG is untrainable z– and coins that I just don't have right now and I'm not willing to spend on Daniele De Rossi but how does he play because I was using him on the main account in a 4-2-3-1 and with what he's offering good physicality the defending is fine the passing is good but he has that way about him he's not really that quick and on the ball is not ideal in my opinion for a 4-2-3-1 formation he doesn't really have that pace to carry him over to the wing to mark that if you want to get them outside the Rossi play him as a lone CDM and a 4 1 2 or a 4 3 3 holding something where you've got 2 centimetres either side of him they're gonna offer that pace and support and then you can just get use out of his mark in positioning interceptions and he isn't really required to do as much of that donkey work the Rossi is really solid though I was liking the way he fell and I even came up against someone but was using him in a 4-1-2-1-2 and he was really difficult to get past 250,000 coins though on an untradable it is expensive you get packs back though and he is the best CDM available right now in this area so it's our two boys I would recommend doing him but for me and on the RTG even though I love the Rossi I can't do it boys I need to save for an Aditya but let's go to the team and I'll go over a few more players I've been really enjoying right now this squad is performing so we're currently 15 the one in the weekend League and the loss came on Saturday and it was nothing to do about the gameplay I was dominating the first half I had a chance to go tune it up I didn't take it and then the second my opponent had definitely changed some things with his side he took control and I thought I was about to win but very late on in the 85th minute I pass over to Alex and row down the line to hold possession he ran out of play my opponent scored from that and then in extra time he deserved to win so it was one of those matches that I could have possibly rode my luck even though I had a bad second half but in extra time he took control and that's something that I could accept and the gameplays been really good for some reason on Friday and Saturday so I'll take that hopefully it's the same today but with the first ten games we were using Socrates as our middle cam and I really liked him ten games six goals forces six foot four he scored some really good goals for us and I was liking just that physical cam that's good with his fee this just really fast and yeah just offering height and strength on the track back breaking up the play even though he hasn't got good interceptions or Stantec or nothing to suggest that but you know any big player with strength he's just gonna charge your opponent down so I think he is worth it if you can unlock him for about a million coins or so I think he's gonna sue a lot of play styles and weave and I saw this man 20 game loan with a Nassau and I've got to say he is the best keeper on this game I don't know if the middle version is better than the prime but he performs some of the most ridiculous saves I've ever seen and I miss him I want him back and if I had to spend like 400,000 on an SBC I probably would do it but I think that's all done and dusted now I wonder if he's gonna get a prime icon moments prime icon moments pandas are no they did not break in the card anyway that 91 it is good enough now looking in the defense and we had open Mikado that gave away two penalties this weekend but then you have to look at the positives and what he's been offering an alongside of Iran I've been really happy with that I was very close to selling him mode just for that reason but it it's not the be-all and end-all man he has been playing it very well so bran we've bought him and two smashing it haven't really missed virtual Vanda if anything around is better by just like Van Dyck and the way he feels going into challenges but brands recovery speed and just the way he's been playing awesome nothing really wrong with the defenses Alexandra went out great in sooner Emery Chan star player two of his goals were outside the box really good shots just wonderful strikes 17 games of someone that I wasn't really anticipating to be playing this well swear to God on the ball he doesn't feel amazing feels better than the Rossi though that's one thing I will say he feels a little bit better than de Rossi but just keep it simple passing around he's got good enough pace I'd like if he would feel a little bit quicker but where he's like taking up good positions using his strength and just physical stats to win back the ball for a free card he's been amazing and I can't really complain so Emery Chan Vieira together amazing then I had to go and get ourselves the loan at Del Piero six games two goals five assists four games left are only the two goals as well and then you look at Sokratis six games four goals but then again I haven't played the whole 10 games and we're coming up against bitter opponents now so it's going to be difficult but with Ronaldinho i sub him out for hazard and then I have Neymar as my right tacky mid hazard level sake mid and we've got Del Piero the middle boys we've got go play some games and it's gonna be very very hard right I need to continue this warm let's mash it first game of the day beast FC come on I'm nervous man come on we need to get this damage through is through wad and Lala oh my god no way how I've really got nothing to lose right now so let's go let's take the game to him please Oh has our back post yes Emery Chan could break up the play del Piero lovely ball come on what our name our good ball Del Piero another assist to add to the tally on that over Meccano I don't know what happened man it was a really bad touch Oh what to save areola that was kickoff as well and areolas just help me massively there I cross this in here Go Go Go Go Go is that winning well played near post I should have done it maybe a finesse oh I rush that big time that was a great chance come on where's my composure today oh that's poor I'm not like defending properly I keep rushing in there as a good say once again I'm not defending properly man I can never get Viera though open Meccano and again oh my god off the line well we're riding our luck a little bit she's got a lot of people chasing me down gods blocks upon blocks upon blocks that's a great ball what to say from areola I did move him to the right I thought he was gonna try and slip it near post I am under pressure right now half time it is and I had a really good chance to go to one up and I didn't take it I rushed it and now I'm getting absolutely destroyed what formation is he using man I need to try to hold possession or something in this second half for once 1 2 interesting all right I might go like pressure I might try and change my style in the game if it isn't working then I'll look to maybe change up formation it's a good ball maybe I need to get like a few more players up the pitch a little bit quicker no Piera oh yes come on del Piero his finishing has been really really good for me come on that was against to run a play it's not no ways a pen do you know what though on the edge of the box there I was about to say it's not wanting to look on to me I thought what I was in a good position with Emery Chan to look onto that ball and it just completely avoided me is it going to go down the middle you oh god that's his second penalty save of this weekend all that played ice TriNet we can maybe get ahead of here if I can go 3-1 art that'd be perfect status completely off target I tried to time it though maybe if I didn't time it would have gone in he's gonna have to try and like take the game to me and I need a third goal I'm desperate for a third goal is this the one no I saved from the hair oh wow go every channel across goal I was green as well full-time and that was definitely the hardest game I've had all weekend he was dominating me in the first half I didn't take my chance and I could have gone to one up in the second though there was a switch of momentum I was playing it a little bit slower and making sure I picked out the right pass otherwise I was just getting closed down because he had good pressure but what a result 2-1 come on game two boys and this man is using the left bank melody near center back interesting out wide he's gonna go through the middle my defense is always open though that's a great place to go my defense is always open on counter-attacks and I don't know what to adjust with the tactics I've been overall happy with the way the team feels and my tactics but it's on counters I'm always really really open again like look one ball through acts one mistake there again [Applause] good sage it's a foul take that quickly yes del Piero oh my what a save from the hair come on if that went in maybe I'd have a chance to get back into the game but it's not looking likely right now oh my another one coming off the bar no way I feel like that passes there are a little bit slower in this game touches as well ah see what I mean and again like this guy's for two good goals I mean the second one areolar making mistake but I think he should have probably scored with his first shot anyway but again I can accept that but this stuff here I can tell you that it doesn't feel right building up play and again someone of this quality like he's a good player I think over always better than me anyway with his pressure game it's gonna make it incredibly difficult for me to really do anything I mean the hair make it those kind of saves oh my goodness alright this game I think we're gonna lose but I'll do my best over the top five is fine yes good runs off the ball nema there we go alright we got the first one yes come on I felt like I should have scored a goal before that point anyway his defense is opening up a little bit more come on let's have confidence in yourself I felt like towards the end of the first half we were settling down in the game creating a few more chances I've just been playing really poorly in the first half I will admit though this game compared to the last one it gameplay-wise very very sloppy like the lunging for the board and staff and against this guy who seems pretty decent at the game it's gonna be very difficult in the second half play a switch and I wouldn't give me him I was lucky look at that touches man that cry say yes go go well that's a foul alright we'll take this maybe we can work a chance I don't know if I'm gonna go food go I'm gonna go to go yes still Piero come on Del Piero good finish okay we need one and I don't know where it's gonna come from oh no I didn't lock on to and Bobby was who's the first play their little three ball yes del Piero across go yes come on Adele Piero is carrying us right now I'm gonna make themselves myself I forgot to do that I'm not really concentrating yo I was saving this bad chrissake all right name was coming off Philippe Addison Bel Pierre I think I'm gonna leap on just because he's killing it it feels like quite heavy with the dribble so let's just keep it simple with the passes take your time bait shop even that face shot is I don't know if you guys can tell on screen but the Fate shot itself the animation was very very slow it's not quick enough ah game over we knew it was gonna be a tough game and unfortunately we took the loss a few harsh goals though I'd say and I think that was more to the game play but don't take away anything from the way he was building up his stuff he still created the chance but I just didn't I didn't feel right in the game and it's annoying when it's like that but you know what we're at 16 and two it's a good record so no surprise I've got a loading symbol at the bottom of the screen was it lowered in for it didn't load the game properly that's what happened but I'll take the loss 16 and 2 it's a shame though because those are the matches that I come out of the game feeling hard done by because I knew that I wasn't able to give it my all and the players just didn't really perform for me some questionable goals and I couldn't really take my chances but it is what it is 16 and 2 it's a good record much better than we usually have it's been a long time since I've only taken two losses and I've got two 16 in two you know and again it's still in the new patch I'm starting to adjust a little bit more and we don't have Conti and our side you know it which is surprising we're doing better with the likes of Emery Chan and Patrick Vieira together del piero he did his best he was trying to turn up and help me get back into the game I like him he doesn't really have that real power those like jet pass players but as long as you're playing to his strengths and your playmaking he's gonna be a good card for you two games left though who do I replace him with that is the question because I need a cam for the last ten that I'm gonna be playing on stream so do I go for say it all I think it's a Dorf is more of a cam than who was I thinking of Mateus yeah Mateus is not really gonna work let's be honest as a cam the middle cam like his finishing is there but it's just his dribbling and stuff it's not gonna feel right whereas Sadoff is more of a cam but then again he's got the same finishing but on the ball is he gonna feel a little bit better with his dribbling and stuff I would say so I think we're gonna unlock him for the last ten games so the next episode we have a little bit of a breakdown and we'll see how this beast can perform will he do enough for us to clutch sharp elite three minimum I hope so I want to get into like a leap too but we'll see how it goes down thank you very much for watching boys let me know in the comment section how you're getting on this weekend do you feel like the connection itself feels a little bit better or not leave a like and I will see you on the next one team out peace

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