Fishing Contest *Updated* How to Win – Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

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Colonel Judah Joseph talks about the Hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

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there were so many comments on my fishing video so many Pro tips that I decided to redo it and bring them out because it's helped me be a ton more successful at the fishing contest and the first tips I'll just go over them again kind of quickly his location is key you need to find a location where there's a lot of big fish like we mentioned before you can use the card that extends your Eagle Eye that'll help you see them better I use it constantly when I'm fishing the next thing is to have obviously the right lure some people suggest not using bait so you don't have to waste time pushing triangle to bait it I still use the bait I'm not sure that it makes a big difference either way I do repeatedly throw cast trying to find the big fish and this is why you're kind of want to sit in the eagle eye so you see whatever they're going or direction and try to cast that way I think you get one free a little flip won't scare the fish away though if you do it too often it they'll kind of you know get scared off and you see you can do it even before the match starts you can hook them now the real pro tips that were down in the comment section in the video is when you catch the fish release it and catch it again release and catch releasing catch and if you have multiple big fish in front of you you can release and catch the same fish over and over and over again and during this bonus week this is a really good way to get high XP and that's why I decided to remake the video but I'm not gonna talk through the whole thing somebody said that they wanted to see the whole video so I'll play some elevator music for you like back in the day least a radio jockey late at night on the babymaker 96.9 your home of glass jazz and smooth R&B you

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