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caterer cheap and safe course within ten minutes from the cheapest place on the market follow the link in the description and use the code Krusty for a huge discount and if you wanna buy cheap game codes and prepaid Xbox and PlayStation cars g2a is the place for you check the link down below how's it going guys my name is classy and welcome to another FIFA 1900 to glory episode on my channel it's Saturday guys it's time to play for champions let's go the current situation is very simple guys I haven't played any matches of four champions yet also as you can see I don't have any coins it means that I don't have any coins to make any upgrades for the upcoming weekend League on my road to glory account so we are gonna be using the same squad as in the previous episode but the good news is that in the previous episode I managed to buy a baby I can guys 86 rated Vieira and he's gonna play alongside Pollack as CDM so I expect an even better performance from my squad compared to the previous weekend League guys as you know seven days ago I managed to hit 27 wins out of 30 matches which was a very very good achievement hopefully this weekend we are going to hit edit 1 once again and maybe even top 100 it's time guys it's time for me to hit top 100 and before we get into the upcoming matches let me show you my main game plan guys once again we are gonna count on the 4-2-3-1 narrow formation and I've got a new custom tactic let me show you guys we are gonna be using a new defensive style drop back guys so far I fused balanced but from now on guys I'm gonna change my defensive style and we are gonna count on drop back and the reason it's very simple draw back is very very open tactic to use after the latest title update I saw that defensive style from the pro players guys and honesty every single one of the pro players advised me to use draw back if I want to improve my defending that why this working like I'm gonna be using drop back and hopefully this special key option is gonna bring me over 27 28 wins in four champions with four bars depth three bars offensive style I think I'm gonna use fast builder play guys so we can take the ball in defense and organize quick counter attacks without wasting any time with we are gonna use six bars players in box I'm gonna use seven bars corners three bars and free kicks three bars also let me show you my custom instructions guys we are gonna play stay back while attacking to Marcelo and Danny Elvis also we are gonna play stay back while attacking to Vieira and Pollock one second guys also we are gonna use getting behind apply to Cristiano Ronaldo stay forward also apply to Cristiano Ronaldo and we are gonna use one more custom instruction I'm not gonna touch my left and right wingers but I'm gonna change my instructions for our central attacking midfielder sluttin Ibrahimovic I'm gonna use stay forward I'm gonna use get into the box for crosses and I'm gonna use actually that's all I'm gonna use to custom instructions so without further ado it's time to get straight into the upcoming four champions matches make sure to smash the like button below if you appreciate the daily road to glory content on the channel guys and if you want to watch a new episode tomorrow let's go over 1500 likes all be massively appreciate it so it's time to see the first upcoming opponent in put champions for today's episode he's got so many incredible great informed cars on a Alexandro console man he's got jayjay Okocha in front positions he's got a very very good team I'm sick 90 100 let's see what happens in battle guys let me know your thoughts on the life controller animation on the screen should I keep using the gamepad guys or should I take it down let me know in the comment section down below if it's helpful for you guys I'm gonna leave it on the screen let's go let's go he broke it into the box Ibrahim Oh each come on Slaton mind that Heather locked power all passes good come on me more finally driven finish guys pass the goalkeeper into the bottom left corner and we open the scoring let's go on ahead Rotom come on getting there perfect cross perforator from Slaton ibrahimovic to head guys and not gonna lie to your connection is extremely slow I'm doing my best to not go crazy keep myself focused on the game and show my best it's very difficult guys but honestly somehow I have to show my best swattin I don't know how I scored that guy's he he turned around extremely slow somehow we managed to score three mil sluttin Ibrahimovic with one more beauty guys let's go came over or Vieira is a beast man my best purchase so far but they three even finish let's go for Neal now look at baby Viera look at him and 1.5 million coins but honestly his worth every single penny spent on him and baby here now with a great chance to make it 5 Neal no way Slaton slaughter performs miracles on the field once again guys whoa that was incredible man let's see that beauty one more time man it was going to hit the top left corner how did you save that man Oh fans from distance I haven't scored this type of goals in a while guys five Neal and thus connection lost game over first game first wing let's see the second upcoming opponent so I'm ready guys game number two man of the match 78 rated player in front positions of full gold squad guys I think this is the lowest team with face of 44 champions but it doesn't mean that it gonna be an easy game stone driven finish one kneel in the early stages let's go maybe Vieira nicely done man baby Vieira is an absolute master let's go Clutton ibrahim evades second beauty man within five minutes I tweeted it yesterday Slaven ibrahimovic is my top three foot item after the latest FIFA 19 patch and you know what I got him for free I didn't spend a single penny on slaughter men papa Oh por favor and that was an el tornado cross guys an incredible way to score goals after the latest patch let's go oh that was a beautiful counter-attack but I've no clue how I miss that from inside a penalty box guys huge miss Chris job no way how do you save that man and I thought it was going to be the four gold guys but very unlucky can we score one more perfect Oh nicely done guys nicely done great counter-attack for Neil let's go whoa first time finish finish up guys I didn't expect to hit the frame of the goal from there let's go Ypres oh look at the bro man he's a beast ba-bang let's go let's go drop a like if you haven't left already that was a textbook counter-attack guys five mill rotten Ibrahimovic it was supposed to be a different finish guys but I loaded too much power and the ball went into the top right corner Oh almost with one more maybe now yes Maynard seven Neal what am i doing you're on papa first I finish it it works guys if you get close enough to the penalty box you can score first and finish shots so it's time to see guys the third upcoming foot champions opponent and he's gonna use rush forward in front positions alongside agüero 93 Team of the Year silver guys 92 Modric in the mid line varam plus Van Dyke at the back a very very strong defender – Oh guys let's see what happens Christiano let's go el el tornado cross guys and we scored a header afterwards for a pass is good let's go cristiano dream up driven finish off target man he should have scored that Gautham Gautham Ibrahim meets with the left unstoppable guys into the top left corner let's go we double our advantage Sutton incredible man with his weaker foot perfect finishes execution past the goalkeeper into the back of the net three nil glutton is a beast Slaton is an absolute monster man man look at my defenders I like the drop back option really go and test out drop back defensive style can we score now great counter-attack guys will break down his defense without any problems for Neal connection lost game over three matches three wins so far let's play one more so this is gonna be the last match of today's four champions episode and no no no no no no no we are gonna face up against an incredible team man whoa I need to focus guys otherwise I'm gonna lose that match no man Christiano he moved the goalkeeper big chance guy is a very big chance for one meal let's go Cristiano the drug back made all the difference guys 1 Neil rotten him or the goalkeeper again and I hate playing against people who count on the goalkeeper to not concede goes a hated man Cristiano will keep in mind what he offside let's go let's go it was a matter of time guys to score more we've been dominating the match from minute one to minute 60 connection lost gained over at tony'll so far so good guys we've managed to record four ways out of four matches so far in four champions hope you enjoy the video if you did make sure to hit the like button below for another incredible Road to Glory episode coming up on my channel this time tomorrow also a strong advice every single one of you to try out my new custom tactics the draw back option guys is a key option to use after the latest FIFA night in patch X so I scored plenty of goals but besides scoring a lot of goals I also defined it really really well I think I considered zero goes guys because I be faded very very well and honestly the drop back option made all the difference so make sure to apply it thank you all for watching one more time guys also let me know in the comment section down below your thoughts on my new incredible start in 11 squad what do you think about baby VR guys let me know in the comment section down below and as always your boy Krusty will catch you later buh buh

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