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TWO AND A HALF MILLION COINS!!! 2.5 MILION… This is the most expensive Squad Builder Showdown of the year so far! Cristiano Ronaldo’s 95 rated first inform! #Fifa19 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Ronaldo

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what everybody I'm welcome to an absolutely massive Schofield a showdown we heard doing it on no other than inform Cristiano Ronaldo it is first inform of the year is now 95 rated and it's actually the first Ronaldo on this FIFA but I have owned so if this disappears after be aware of 2.5 million coins I don't know what I do to beat you guys it's gonna be an absolutely crazy or we're joined by Jack how you doing mate I'm doing very well thanks are you scared nobody I should be less scared than you because I've still got coins and reserve after sell my entire Club I know this is like every coin in your I literally I currently have 553 coins in my club so I mean I feel kinda buzzed because I've still got two point five mil yeah but I still don't want to lose two and half mil as believed that be the biggest discards I think ever loss of what something is one of like what's the current top biggest discards team of the year can't a last year agates the tiny bass dies what's that a couple of milk at least once what console me I think guitar let me list garden for a milk I think that was his minimum price so I you may have been turn off mill and I lost like a 1.5 and Atari sniped it and sold for one and a half million profit oh I would have just done it as soon as night before before it even been able to get there it was horrendous so hopefully we can make you discard your L though and you can atleast scar them followed me because he goes for a minimum okay right anyway we're gonna do another one of these overruns action on of course you guys are this way it's all the stuff down inscription let's just jump in I start cracking on with this because this is going to be in a crazy episode and what formation would you like Jack okay so the formation I would like to use is the 4-3-3 third variation or threes before they finally even if I guessed it you could have other you aware of that new rule where I could took an extra trump card instead ah I see okay see you see I'm a self I've been playing a lot of different formations recently because of the do much but I've actually gone back to it after the rush table show done against hiring he said he still plays fall to 31 so I'm gonna give it a well I've been trying out to get on the road to glory quite a bit better now that I moved back I down the full one two and two second variation but you feel like nobody use anymore nobody uses or I could just be wrong I don't think so it's not all the prohibition is 4-2-3-1 and I've been using four three three four so that's about as far as my knowledge goes what does that mean you have got a left wing and a right wing and I've got yeah three comes for the first guest should we do it like that yeah let's do that in we go then Jack trying to go fast trying to go second one I'll give you the owners may have gone first Oh so CAD what you think I never FIFA cover as well actually I should ask get seen is how we are doing it on Ronaldo is very topical it's interesting I why do you think they've taken one out off all of the contra multiple legal controversies yeah I was gonna say no but you know no name I was know that but now isn't this so yeah exactly so I haven't even got my top on to stake my own claim so you know if you're not put me on the front CA I've got the outfit already feel free but yeah it's really cuz when you look at it here in the little logo to start the game he's still on that but then if you go to it in the store it's like cut within the completely new graphics with Neymar de Bruyne and die baller instead so it's an interesting one yeah is to be fair but it just cut all ties with him then or is it no they haven't done a very good job of it because underneath the picture of de bruyne Neymar dibala is the little FIFA 18 I can't have Rimmel though with love they only put the best of jobs but never mind we shall jump in and we shall put some players around actually underneath that as well was the UFC 3 game and that's got McGregor on the front after all of his legal controversies that are true they are not on the best of times with their cover star something anyway Chuck what formation would you like faith nor formation what players ok so not mental what play is drawn in your formation that you've already got cuz he's done that it was you I said beauty I first a mark you're all over the place mate I am mate you are all over the place it was actually a guy's name already in my little search thing cuz I was checking if I've got these foot miss cards that I'm gonna use even though it don't and I'm gonna go from rumor oh okay here's absolutely horrendous family it's really hard luck I'll use them at the start the game it's got a 92 pace I might put a sniper on to give them like better shooting a platinum maybe you'll be okay probably not right anyway a fault in for a penny in for a pound I love you say be oh wow okay how many wives did you up as in said angered of a fee go though Oh interest very nice so I just completely mad because God disregarded them when I was the CEO with which he's cam dinner what I did was that set your up to play against one of the best players on the game as well over a lose their board and then we just brought it down a little bit and now you don't feel so bad we got plating it tonight Jack wasn't really nice was really nice and if you feelings mate and then on the other side I'm thinking cross and meta let's go for Ilic he's got a second thing 487 shooting unnies six-foot-three very nice the as only got 36 jumping but I think he'll be right I think he can still head of the ball in the back of the goal and that is the aim broom is gonna sprint down the line and cross it to Ilic and Rinaldo that's very nice indeed I put down dibala Bruno Fernandez and Pizzey nice I was tempted by penticoff yeah he like bigger self but I thought cause of the UVA you might have written it down yeah okay who would you like um so I've got my I know my two players that I want but I'm just increasingly worried in regards to whether you obviously would have written down or not suppose the game isn't it is squabble to show that in a nutshell me well it is that's a bit of a mic low and quote wasn't it my cologne Philip what my players but you might be on your way oh good right okay um let's see I want to go for Bernardo silver I just feel like it's such an obvious option I I'm kind of tempted to just go jogging hello and just like wipeout right now – straight away then it's anymore LinkedIn and make my life incredibly easy I don't know how many coins his car he's gonna cut a hundred K it's not too bad having the right wingers maybe it has high medium so he's gonna do well and it's got four touch skill moves we're gonna go for junk and cello I'm mixing it up why leave me up I'm going I'm just mixed now and then left wing we are gonna go for a completely random player I think let's go for Cuttino five are you actually so annoying might as soon as you pick the formation my brain went can't shave because my what my browser came as a sentiment from people hyper linking him to the right back vision of country oh really and getting for chem and then obviously setting up a custom tactic yeah I looked around what she costs he's ninety nine thousand five hundred more coins than you have jack why have you picked them I've got a few players on the on the transfer list selling over my so I didn't put code rather with Douglas coughs drink a shot then normal car just eating love you know going anyway I put down by first initial option was Bernardo silver and then Muriel the left women inform you know that okay I'm real guy back in a day but yeah now I've just sort of that one out I wish some crappy that is extremely annoying well please remove it all know jack this time it is your turn to go first me anything got three this time okay sent me to /t the ends so first things first we will start with the fish we start we're gonna start over on the right hand side so my right CDM is gonna be actually someone from the Syria and I'm hoping I'm kind of bluff doing away so right CDM we're gonna go for a man by the name of Duncan and then yeah and then the middle cinemates I'm gonna go for a man by the name of part a party hmm and then let's see the M I'm gonna go for Boateng so I was just saying to jackoff come up he took me so long to work out who I want for myself like boarder Nandu Jack said in deciding which players want and the reason for it was I kept trying to find a meta player that would be like really good for one of the side comes and I kept forgetting who it was whilst I searched for the one for the other side and the one that I forgot Jack and knew that I'd found someone and I couldn't for the life of me remember who it was and I've seen him while I was searching for strong leads to Coutinho it was flashback kevin-prince Boateng I really wanted them instead the Ilic and I just couldn't think of him so that's why as a rope I would hang on my white bud I was like ah I knew that that's who I wanted yeah you can't have him so some Goods come over us to pose oh so annoying don't look sick May what is it Senegalese no garnet honor yeah Ghanaian but they start this dong curtain for something it's a swale oh he's actually explicit like a really good card to be fair he looks like a tank which is pretty funny yeah Tomic party says always called Thomas as well divulge got first names yeah well my card it says Thomas I mean party sorry I would sit okay maybe it's just bin then yeah because I suppose his name is Thomas party whereas this guy is called something Duncan anyway that is completely irrelevant Jack no Boateng for you sir dammit that is nice would you like to know what I want before I give you a credit there's a lot of align animation I think I might have to just drop your little trump card in there just in case I'm getting all cuz I need every advantage I could possibly get to not to discover it all day I keep forgetting that like I'm getting caught up in looking for plays and stuff I keep forgetting that there's a two and a half million coin right now although just sitting here yeah okay right for that reason and that reason alone I'm pitting so on begin and going for the pun Atari wishes least allowed this cars the now upgraded 87 Milankovitch Savitch upgraded he did upgrades it was 87 he hasn't been upgraded that's just his weight no got fro did me he's an 85 rate card normally yes then his road to the final one was an 86 when it come out and now he's an 87 yeah yeah yeah we make d'italia Scotty wants cobbler showing it anyway and then over on the other side I'm actually kinda tempted to go for Kevin brains now we're talking about because of remember that I've got him and he kind of a CV ever and he's kind of a said to me and he's kind of us said to attack amid all in one go I'm just checking to see if he's actually got any decent strong links to get him in the chemistry he doesn't really which is a little bit sad now we'll go from anyway I'm gonna just put my link of its average on the left I'm a low power thing on the right okay you can have an iPad down bends occur a man I Sanchez okay as we're artists I just got one of them rogue to the something cards or lucio live that's the one is so good right I need a Presidium from athletic arm injuries that I think well Felipe Louise oh there is mate is another Brazilian from Atletico Madrid don't worry oh my god Alex dos Santos Wow that's like a double trump card right there oh well it gets me links but Isis after God's sake Wow praise thousand four hundred coins he's gonna cost me bargain absolute bargain in we go to the full axis this is where it starts to get scary make these are the people that are marking around their while he's trying to score at this yeah these are the people that are gonna save you get this guard so you don't after this guard Ronaldo oh I'm scared my stead is it to go first it's yours in mine oh yeah okay so I need a strong link to Malik image sammich and I can even get it now at left-back or I can get it next at centre-back my dilemma is that left back of this – so it's a 50/50 if you've guessed one of them you might obviously you might – just guess like Alexandra or something like that there is that option is up but then if I don't go for it now I've got to get it center back and there's quite a few more but if you do manage to get it because you've got two guesses on it it's a lot more dangerous and not having a letter Center so I'm gonna go for left back and I'm gonna go for derm Z optimi see however he's called the strong link Darius the me see okay it's not very good but it's better than a bronze hopefully or a Goldy interesting and then on the other side there's no good – garne and right backs so I'm just gonna pick a Syria right back Oh with this calabria looks so good will you've written him down so many options jack I'm gonna go want to watch Cantrell up or down calabria mate but it redundant missus oh oh oh so close to get that Daily Double right well I'm rubbing my hands together now because you gave me that the pin runs goalkeeper so I'm gonna get this out of the way now I'm gonna give you a right so you need a lats your link really don't need oh there's somebody look shall we we are gonna give you Gary oh no we're gonna give you a damn onus any particular reason why add the monitor as opposed to GUI re and because we Ares where is Italian maybe you could have like maybe use him no it doesn't really matter actually I'm just talking about it waffle um but I'll give you put where I'll give you career me oh that's good because I was just about to say yeah Adam honest doesn't exist it doesn't my theory was that like if you used an Italian player at your left back then you could have got an Italian pair at your Center back and maybe turn it into a horizontal realize you've got cereal right side as well so it's just irrelevant basically who would you like no Jack okay so for the left back spot I can basically do anything I want on this left hand side table choose not to I am gonna go for a left back bad place bad let's go Madrid that it's gonna be just seen him now only go 401 from kidding me up or fully fed Louise I got so excited I was gonna go into the Hernandez anyway so tough and then right back I can go for any Syria right back in like there's a few good ones there is a good one obviously I can't look over can see I already got on my team I don't have loads of coins and I feel like you've probably put that into your guests high SADS looks like one that I just think you would have written down and also the Sal Co I just don't trust over them do I play it safe I feel like I need to we're gonna go for card sort cars doors that's right okay who did you hide down fresh elk oh yeah there we go alright I was right very close my team was looking so Bruma maybe not so much for everyone else looking absolutely sick dear yeah we should they go for Penta corner we should have remembered is it bent o'clock yeah yeah you very one instead a leech and another rainbow squad result but I did right man though but not feel carelessly you could have gotten that cam yeah but whether you wanted to it's been an interesting one I've put in really good players it to try not to lose my Ronaldo we have a really good team but live at the same time now all of our really good players are also home full-time so do you actually ideally soak up quite a lot of good players mm-hmm okay let's do it here we go then I'm scared I believe Jack it's your turn to go first mate it is it is okay right so for my burst player I'm gonna go for my right center back we are gonna go for Casarez okay and then for the left center back we are gonna go for Jimenez and they're gonna go for struck or sure okay okay Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack nobody choke I don't want to say a new all three of them but I did know all three of them luckily for you mate I didn't write all three of them on the whiteboard because I wanted to cover multiple options okay but in hindsight I probably should've and that was my good feelin Tom did it against me in his video the other day I was actually I used that Casarez against Tom – and I'm tempted to use it in this video but I'm not gonna lie to ya so it was just that was immediately what my brain went to Casarez him and his stroke asha luckily for you I mean I say luckily it's marginally better I didn't pop him in s I covered another base but I didn't Casarez it's true Kashi you have been dirty – hold on the center of I khinkali this is so bad mate I even bought structure beforehand because I was that confident husband no joke I've gotten I've literally just bought the transfer market mate right okay did you buy him in this but he's for chemistry is me because of the double strong link yeah so I just need to give you a Syria center back and goalkeeper strong link so frustrating is in the Serie B that's gonna give you cut birds I see four cards that's a million all right let me see what else you got see I was going nice as well there see that is silver I'm just such a nice guy Jack such a nice guy that you may have polyphonic whole Barney it's compacted to face oh my days my Infiniti paper is the lowest reason I just said the higher you go oh my god smelly called malli but he stinks I've used this guy before I've gotten much love bye bye oh I got it this is gonna go well Kamel this could have a field day I'm good he could be done there's like like the chance of him actually getting discarded now has gone from like maybe like 20 percent or ten percent to a solid 80 like it's almost inevitable I'll be by first though yeah I've already got pretty decided who I'm gonna get so I can't change my mind because it usually screws me up I also want that kessaris okay so I'm gonna pop him in the street did you going for screen Casarez because that's what I usually and that's all I want thank you on defendant yeah okay on the left-hand side I just want someone actually I mean cutter is is these violent stories like proper big group ta player not to mental or pretty good and going form analyst okay and then it in goal I've already decided my goal is also called change reminds in Dili Valley and second-guess myself this Sorrentino guy God's sake man come oh yeah yes benattia when hey Zeus and shiz me I've been well and truly done staying fair [Laughter] no no no this could be really really bad Oh Jack it's not the six ace not gone well for you mate mmm it could be about to get a lot worse yeah shall we get into the game let's do it mine oh baby Jack no words my no mate come on don't turn get back Oh Papa lon you've never intercepted the pass in your life that was Coutinho now who's in the box Oh go on I can challenge a bidet know what Eugenio oh my god oh my god are you kidding me how is that I Belen out whoa I thought no way there is that how is mental Santos how is your de Santos four years in for second inform elicit freaking colleagues they actually can't be awesome alive Oh Mary get out look okay you've got a crop going I just need to shoot Ocoee oh ha ha ha I say I just need to shoot at they'll go in he's just missed from in the box as you know this game has been bizarre it has been about a single shot uncle Apatow played so far to be fair of him you've been hard to actually create a decent chance I forgot that you've got a bronze goalie I'm not gonna lie I probably could just shoot from anywhere I think my um my formation but also my midfielders are all pretty defensive so it kind of helps quite a bit at the outside I honestly can't be I always come on literary icon it feels like I'm playing with about eight players was that party yeah amazing oh my god how are you barking all over the place all at once and still closing the ball down its how is hitman is there what's going on if I pass that to Renault that you would remark by Jimenez that's a go we go away Oh God please Ronaldo oh my god mate how of your place look after stamina they're literally everywhere finish the walls oh I'm lazy sever flashlights on stuff enlightening tiny stamina so we shot Carlos door he's quite you're not friends with attractive football player man you'd be on them are you actually taking the piss [Laughter] no no oh my golly Tenet's go away that's how minutes again honest to god how is that man still alive please Renaldo golly may I'm Lizzy just got players everyone but me insane what is going on Jesus honestly Duncan part a and I can only imagine berating in that mid field in three together would be absolutely insane of sculpin Albert then three ghanians are incredible only I couldn't do anything I literally couldn't even pass the ball around because you player just all over me all of the time and every time the ball went near your fade of the pitch he managed just tackled me straight away yeah no matter what it could have been on the left wing it could have been on the right wing it could have been in the middle commit CDM doesn't matter he managed just takes the ball they just they didn't it's like I need to see how much fitness they've got left because it just seemed like they didn't lose any fitness like the whole game they just wouldn't stop running did you have constant pressure no I didn't change a single thing with that formation so I didn't change from like balance to attacking I didn't do any custom tactics nothing at all so yeah I'm thinking it's a secular how it would probably helped my I literally had three pretty defense well two very defensive players in my midfield but they've all got well part Thomas has got 92 fitness left Duncan's 94 Mike but my goalkeeper was making six saves sick attackers well yeah forget Alex to Santos with these calls yeah Mike Christ Rhys Jones just put me up my misery Chris we make so just please please pick a position that isn't this one okay what formation was it again I'm gonna go for your CDM I leave the positives lose it it's not Ronaldo it's not Figo it's not cat baked assembly expensive lace not cone shape I can't whine titania penny more I've discard this really can be savage because it's mine I've got I've got I've gotten back the attorney don't mean is he for I was convinced you were gonna lose someone like what much bigger that you just that whole game everything win against you the sport it might bowled over but I mean the chance of me getting renowed or fee guys some of that it's quite high isn't it I mean we've actually done pretty well from getting milling if it's average has to be said you've done pretty well I'm looking at my team now I've got a bloody 52 weight bronze goalkeepers 60 rated bronze cinepak and a 61 red goalkeeper in left CDO I mean I'm kinda happy yeah you're yeah with you away even though I lost my lead to be savage but I'm also cognitive embarrassed that my Ronaldo he Scott make my goal so bad and usually if he has another pic where would you go um I was I would whenever I do these I always try and look at like if I've got one guess I probably try and look at like the one single position so like obviously there's like two CDMS of there's like one set amid or like one strike I usually try and go for that bites fit job today I probably would have gone Fiverr a striker a goalkeeper well yeah they're they're like the other two that I'd probably would have gone for cuz they're like a single positions German there's not that two last always in golf shut up no why did I change up my theory today it's I tell you what whose focus is oakley's full he does my brain in a big night every time there's discards a message of my brain so that though is very gonna leave this video you're one lucky man I hope you guys have enjoyed it thank you very much for watching peace

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