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hi guys welcome to the first episode of fatal the series where we are gonna be taking our team of the year and bappy hopefully to glory this is a team we've got built around him and obviously we've yet to play him in the field series wouldn't God drive straight into the online single matches and see how we do surround it with some decent players will be interesting to see how I find these players how I get on with these players and at the end of the day and what I want from to hopefully get from you guys is good choices but for me to get good choices I need to get good results and get good money which turns into something nice obviously we have well not obviously but I have seen a few things to do one in terms of SBC cards which could mean for 100k and Dom Belly I think could be one of them maybe in the composition dropping it down to sender mid or even flash back down the Alba's your but then again this team is open up to a lot of changes because the main nation and mainly the map it has got now if you guys new to channel make sure you subscribe leave a like rating on the video as well and feel free to hit the bell bow and sniffer mr. Lord next episode this will be on Tuesday so if you guys want to go and check out the voice you know that's down below and if you like that go on check out all you youtubers involved in the series as well as that's gonna be pretty nice and seeing a lot of people how they get on with the series gonna be interesting but hopefully with today we can get a bit of money and get some decent or grades into the team itself it looks like it should be a pretty easy thing to do but FIFA me silver players if you guys use silver plate or not it could be pretty difficult fingers crossed we can do all right start off pretty nicely and Corp again some reason the average players are so we can get this ball rolling but hopefully and bappy is enough for us to carry in these first two games so here we are guys game number one okey-dokey what a random team but it's a reasonably even team I didn't even realize it was 74 sure looked at the ratings and to be honest but goal players it's not very good choice is it when it comes to sub well we shall be looking into that anyway but this is gonna be the first game I'm hoping he sticks it out we're gonna go straight onto onto defensive and hopefully get him back here moved into the straight position and get some doors now this guy's could be a star team we don't want to stay under ten minutes or do want to start I don't know yeah I could stay I could do was starting I don't know what I went for then but I'm it'll give him the ball I don't know if he's gonna be good caliber player or not and I'm gonna repeatedly talk about the rules and stuff but I just want to get the win and I want to stab couldn't literally be getting the girls now on BAP is there as well but we're not got a goal yet still a few more minutes left and we're gonna go down that way yep oh my god we hasn't waited till 10 minutes I'd die a dominant oh my god so we're minus 40 K this moment now we need to get firing he's on side as well eyes off side Franco for that keeper saved it but literally would run the bit of a back for the moment this guys pulling the ball out nicely and doing some nice work with it but we just need to get the ball to this man because he can do stuff like that and get earns a free-kick decent opportunity we're gonna smack it at the neighbors any good at free kicks but we're gonna see no he's not like your hand quite but we've got corner and he's taking it about don't mind header bat pause right – VII care guys need to push on we gained on the inside past my defenses not in I can't tell him i defence in the right place honor but the lair feels like he's a left back right back sorry he's not there he's in the middle but felt strange up until that point hopefully I can just catch the one to S&L one fair shot nice nice nice hit the post didn't want that oh if that's a goal oh that was a really good girl right well twenty thousand coins I was not expecting a bap here to get a vote Matt the offside there but he wasn't here in the post of a nice bit of play and he's absolutely dangerous inside the area which was nice but that return pass there think from Timothy way F selves the game nicest or we're plus twenty thousand coins I want to push towards a ragequit though this guy does feel Compton but I reckon my and BAP it could be the difference was hoping he would go down he never BAP is there bang he's caught in the 'post we're up eighty thousand coins now that was a nice pass a nice shot on the inside and we've got a first half Ridge quit as well hey hey so eighty thousand coins I love literally forgot what the rules were was it a hundred K he's not 100 milli K where the Bulls out rules a friend sure that was 100 and I just made seems a lot of nurse yeah literally first half rate equipment ending game minutes and it was a map a he got hungry care – the face oh actually no 170 yeah at 170 I lied guys 170 thousand coins after the first game and that was in a matter of 23 minutes and then bappy did the work there the first goal was very nice sauce still wanna watch out back again pass twice one two I don't know how he stayed on side but he doesn't have brilliant first time finish so I'm back egg getting them to goals 7,500 care – well we conceded which is take 70 K and in the first half we educate 100,000 coins what is that let's hopefully continue that moving on into the second game but a nice basis hopefully we can grab a win in the next unit and here we are in the second game guys where we are up against another random team in online singles bronze Butland again bronze silver well the sub Tracy is not going to be good for this episode guys but I suppose it's a good position for me to get the get a chance to upgrade the team itself I wasn't expecting to come against these lower rated teams just happens on it just happens well a good stay away a good start in terms of wanting to get money on the board voting Origen 70k we can definitely extend now if we can grab a win against this guy um we've done it from this go away until you guessed it guys the 10-minute mark and we actually let the guys Scott earlier on us in the wedding lane he scored earlier on us and it and got the early opportunity and scored but hopefully we can there maybe start a little bit faster I don't want this guy to rage quit because even though it is a lot of 1800 even even if even trying nice waste of four minutes this guy's panicking if I can get a little bit liked one goal two goals then in average great that'd be fantastic to bring in players into team and especially because I'm recording this on Thursday so ABA do release anything into the daily objectives where they do sorry the weekly objectives Oh how's that not giving an appellate and then we've obviously got a good chance with gold players in the next game I like messing around guys at all on this ball to go over we're still gonna hold on to it need to pass it out this team feels very comfortable but Dunham it's because we've not been put into a test and I still got one minute left we're gonna scar as soon as we get this guy's BAM oh no it's coming on player that would be the perfect ending but ten minutes now right been waiting for it's come and someone's list had the head of another keeper was doing even but the name is chasing it down he's who from the ball up nice where is my man man there we are there's 50 K so that's two hundred and twenty thousand coins and bappy with a goal there a little bit after the ten minute mark but still a very very nice finish right I see him up here making one has actually dropped back there like ah as I say drop back nice it we see that ball they lose it this does feel like it's gonna be a very easy game and I think as easy as this yeah straight for him and again I don't never got there we are there's 100k two hundred and seventy thousand coins perfect even get the rage quit as well that would be brilliant can we get it up can we get it he's being is he thinking about it is he thinking about is he staying a cartel he's staying maybe a hat-trick about nesland Murphree 150 K and this pest our sky bluefin could be our via guys and BAP here so dangerous for the lock ok so dangerous with his like the way he sidesteps players and his finishing is fantastic and is he gonna be is it gonna be or is he staying if he goes 100,000 coins which we 250 from this game but it seems as always staying unless he doesn't know how to read with his redeeming okay guys gone look at that speed oh then I've turned inside in like an idiot oh that was really nice a so tricky in it I've done again off the bar and Bobby's getting close I mean class or in class or yeah there he is again and another shot that simple scoop turn shot and could be number four so we've got 200 care if this is the rage screen this would be one took 300 care does not quit he's gone free hundred K plus I've did my down here 300 K + 170 K 470 fouls and coins for the first episode and this was a good one even though the players weren't that good in terms of rate in which clump against we have come up against people with Laura e-teens before which which actually have been like bronze mention and about stupid really good teams but it's gonna be interesting to see what happens going forward but we should have some decent or grids to offer for you guys today hopefully we can bring in some fantastic players time will tell I'm gonna make the choices now and get into it but guys perfect episode perfect start decent amount of money yeah let's go take a look at the pigs so the choice screen this is where you guys get to vote on which choice you want to come on into the team choice number one is gonna be dani alves the flashback SBC and goostman Dembele they had Virginie sixth-grade Dahle Albers valued at 100,000 times and Dembele about 260 or something like that so well within the budget of 470 and option two is gonna be the headliners Lala 87-minute right back and and on belly which is a future stars but thankfully this one was an SBC as well so only a hundred thousand coins of that total for about that one is about probably maybe 400 thereabouts as well and but two decent pics two decent votes for you guys to decide who comes on in obviously we've Daniel visit makes us switch you up for a different league and with the Lala and option two it makes us maybe potentially stay within leaguer and trying to build a decent team around there but guys leave a vote option one or option two and in the description below a comment section below and we'll get this out of the next episode of guys leave a like rating screwed up today time bye-bye

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