Emulators on The Xbox One Using RetriX – Dev Mode

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This method requires your Xbox one to be in Dev Mode!
In this video, I take a look at Retrix on the Xbox One! It allows you to play your favorite Retro GAmes using Emulators for GBA GB SNES NES DS PS1 Sega Genesis PC ENgine and MAny More. I also talk about the upcoming release of RetroArch for the Xbox One.

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what's going on guy is the CTA Prime back here again today I want to show you some retro emulators running on the Xbox one now this does come with a pretty big catch you need to be in development mode and win your Xbox is in development mode you cannot play retail games and you're also gonna need to purchase a Microsoft developer account it's about nineteen dollars for the personal account and that's in the US I don't know what that translates to in other countries so I haven't used my xbox in a long time ever since Microsoft announced that their first party games are gonna be coming to PC like for me Forza was really the only reason I own an Xbox and now it's all on PC and I play the games there but I've had this sit in for a little while and I wanted to go ahead and do something with it recently retroarch announced that they're going to be supporting the Xbox one and I do have retroarch installed it's a very early build and for some reason I cannot access external storage and there's a few issues that have been having with the build so I opted to use an application called rhe tricks for this video now they're still using labret ro cores so it's kind of retro arch here but I did get retroarch installed like I mention I can't access external storage and my course directory is completely missing here I had to do this in Visual Studio and then send it over to the Xbox it's a little bit of a job but it can be done and in time the libretto guys are gonna get this working flawlessly I'm sure of it and they're gonna streamline the installation process so it's gonna be just as easy as installing ret tricks so if you're interested in seeing how to install this when everything's ready definitely keep an eye on the channel because I have a close eye on the project right now as soon as everything's working I'll have a tutorial up so what I'm here to show you today is Rhett tricks I'm gonna go ahead and start it up here from the development dashboard a lot of systems are supported right now and some don't work well like DS and PlayStation but we have NES Super Nintendo Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance game gear Master System sg-1000 Mega Drive mega CD 32x PlayStation wonderswan color PC FX pc engine arcade Neo Geo pocket Neo Geo I'll leave a link to the rhetorics website if you're interested in installing this there's a full tutorial over there and if you guys are really really interested I can make a tutorial sometime next week you can access external storage I have a 32 gigabyte USB 3.0 drive with all my biases and games and all that's plugged right into the Xbox one like I mentioned PlayStation 1 and DSR very slow right now it has nothing to do with the hardware it's all in the software the Xbox is more than capable of emulating both at full speed I just wanted to start a PlayStation 1 game real quick to show you how slow it is we're not even going to get into gameplay because it's really bad gret ryx does support save states and load states you can press Start and select we have a little bit of filtering here linear and none and we can also head all the way over to the left hand side we can load or save a state and to get back into rat tricks just press Start and select highlight the stop button and press a now I'm going to test out a few emulators here PlayStation and DSR slow but everything else that I tested works really well on the Xbox one I'm gonna start out with something simple here we'll do Super Nintendo I also tested NES and it works fine I'm gonna jump cut right into some gameplay and I already have a save spot I'll go to slot 1 load right where I left off so Super Nintendo isn't that hard to emulate and the Xbox 1s definitely has the power to do it it has the power to even do PSP and hopefully that's added into the real retroarch build when it becomes available [Applause] so I'm just gonna skip around to some other emulators here's Game Boy Advance got some Genesis / Megadrive my favorite game altered beast I tested a bunch of these Genesis games and they work fine on here so it's definitely not going to be practical to go out and buy an Xbox one just to emulate old-school games on it you can do it on your laptop you can do it on your Android phone you can do it on your Raspberry Pi but if you have an Xbox one laying around that you don't use anymore you can get some more life out of it this way I'm just gonna let a few more systems play out and be back at the end the system name will be listed on screen so overall everything that I've tested so far works really well except for Playstation one Nintendo DS and PC FX now I had some sound issues the games seem playable but there's a lot of sound glitching going on with that one also personally I think this is really cool but you do have to have your xbox in dev mode so you can't play retail games anymore but it's easy to switch back and forth between dev mode and retail mode if you need to plus you'll have to fork out that $19 to get a Windows developer account in order to sideload everything over like you saw at the beginning of the video retroarch is available for the Xbox one but it's just not ready yet as soon as some updates come out maybe as soon as I can get access to external storage I'll start doing videos on that but until then I'll be messing around with rat tracks and if you guys know of any other emulators that have been ported to the Xbox one besides ppsspp cuz I do know about that one let me know in the comments below because I'd really like to mess around with some more side loadable apps on the Xbox one I want to see really what I can do with this I've been searching around a little bit found a couple things here and there but nothing that's really piqued my interest like retroarch if you want to see anything else running in ret tracks just let me know down below and like always thanks for watching

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